Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I bought a new toy...

But its my Christmas present to either myself or from Mike. I don't care which one, but I bought myself a Cricut the other day. If you are a die hard scrapbooker then you know that this machine itself is a god send. I mean, its great because now you can save your hands from the scissors. See this would of came in handy months ago before my surgery for carpal tunnal. But the kit itself came with two fonts in the box. It came with George and Basic Shapes and Cricut Keystone. I also got the Cricut Spatula and extra replacement blades. Let me tell you this little beauty is one for the books. Boy is it heavy though. And and it looks so neat on my new table that I built for my scrapbooking. I am not set to get started on my Christmas cards. Lovin' IT!!!!

All in all today was a good day. I had two appts this morning one in Rapids City and one in Rock Island, two towns that are 21 miles apart and spread out for a while. And of course I was late to the second appt. by one minute. Oh well, the guy was late too. Whoot!

I had something else happen today, not allowed to discuss the matters but its a good thing. Then I got a call from the school. Here I go again thinking its my Son being sick still. Nope. They had a opening for Shop with a Cop, and he gets to go shopping on Monday with a cop for the family. Its a great thing for the kids.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guess who stayed home today?

If you can guess, I will give you a cookie. Ok..did you guess? Wasn't was my Son. Yes, he stayed home today after a fun, fun night of up crying and just plain miserable. So what did Mommy do? Mommy ran to the store last night, around 11ish and got him some medicine. He got some throat spray and some Tylennol. He sat up crying for about 20 minutes, when I got back home his face was as white as a ghost and had red spots by his eyes. That is how I know he's sick. So here's the kicker, within minutes of spraying his throat with that miracle spray and taking his medicine. He was out like a light within oh...umm. thirty seconds. Yep only 30 measly little seconds. I sat there rubbing his head, kissed him goodnight. He did not cough once during the night. When he woke up this morning you can definitely tell he has a chest cold, sore throat and all the goodies that come with a cold. So today, while we stayed home. We ran to the store...I know bad Mom. I got some material to build a table...I mean craft table for my scrapbooking. It took me all day but I just got it done. Yay!!!! We also stopped at Panera bread and I got him some chicken noodle soup. It hit the spot of our lunch. I had broccoli and cheese and he had his. So now, he's playing with his cars...and I am on here. I am about to finish cleaning the house up before Mike comes home.

I want spaghetti for dinner!!!!! We might have to run to the store real quick when he gets home. I have a busy day tomorrow. I have a energy assistance appt. tomorrow at 9am, then I have to run to another town for a Rent class. So aren't I special....NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Yes, I hate that word. It seems the time of year is upon us and sharing its joy, joy, joy....My Son came home coughing and sneezing from his Dad's. Seems they went HUNTING on Saturday. I might vent here a little as I am irritated. His Father doesn't seem to realize that he doesn't have to deal with him when he's sick. So the next time he goes to his Father's house I am going to ask nicely that he NOT take him out hunting unless he can take a day off work to stay home with him. And when I say HIM, meaning that his FATHER take a day off of work from his twenty something dollar an hour job. Just to take care of his child that he took outside to get sick to begin with. And I already know his excuse, oh I will have this person do it or this person. And my comeback will be. NOPE. He is your Son, take responsibility and do not pawn him off onto someone else. I hate that shit.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Okay, here it is late at night and I just noticed that I made Blog of the Day for a certain paid for posting site. WOW. What a day and now I feel like a E-Tard. I haven't been on alllll day and look at what I missed. My day has been wonderful and this just made the best part of my day. Thanks!!!

Here it is...

The article that was written today, and my Sister just called and told me it was the first article on the FRONT page. That's twice now I've made the front page of the newspaper. And then, the photographer, she was the one that took my picture the first time too. So weird but then again I felt comfortable. Oh and you can new hair cut. I actually wore it down and push my hair behind my ear...oops. We were talking, the photographer and I....she made me laugh about something and snapped my picture. First time in a long time I've seen that smile. But you can also see my new washer and dryer too. I left the blue sticker on there....only cause its Well, not much else to say. I am frustrated about something but not gonna vent here about it. I just feel like I did something for nothing and maybe it was all a hoax or scam. Still not sure but when the time comes...I will definitely say something.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I got the itch...

No not "THE ITCH" but the urge to start scrapbooking again over the holidays. I took some really great pictures of the kids and the family. A couple of the pictures are of my nieces all dressed up in their princess dresses. And I just got some really cute Princess papers too. About a month ago I was in that contest over at Christine's and I won but with her being sick and all, I know she hasn't sent it out yet. Which is no problem. I mean when your sick, your sick and you don't feel like doing crap. I've been there done that. After the photographer leaves here today, I have a few errands to run over to Michaels maybe. I am looking for a specific color of blue paper/cardstock. I am very picky in my colors. I know as soon as we return home, I am so starting up again in my card making for Christmas. And Jill...your my very first one that I am making....oh and yah...when you get the chance, please send me your new addy to the new place so I don't send the card to your old place.

If anyone else would like to exchange cards with me, just comment me and we can exchange information thru the email. I refuse to give out any information on anyone, so anything personal is kept in confidence. I refuse to let any of my friends down, I am honest and up front.

Fore Warning this is a rant.

I am totally p*ssed off at the United States Postal Service, it seems that when your regular carrier is on vacation and you have moved from his route. That the SUB person doesn't realize that ALL mail is to be forwarded. We just so happen to stop by the old place last night and we had this huge stack of mail in the box. OMG, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO upset as I had court papers in there. Now it scares me that I am not getting my mail. So we went down to the USPS and they said, oh we have it on file. I asked, why our stuff is still being delivered. And she said, well the carrier might be on vacation, I said. HOW MANY VACATIONS does he take in a year? I mean seriously, he has had at least 4 this year alone. And we are talking weeks at a time here folks. So now..I sit here and have to wait til' almost 5pm for my mail here at the new house to find out if stuff is being forwarded.

Rant done.

I am going to finish watching my CSI....yay. love my Satellite!!!

Stuffed to the brim...

Is what my day was yesterday, I am still feeling the effects of all that delicious Turkey, Mashed Taters, Cauliflower w/cheese, stuffing, ham, green bean casserole, corn, and of course my favorite French Silk Pie. I forgot about the Pumpkin It was a nice time, especially with the Whipped Cream fight. Something like that happens every year. Its payback time ya know?

And of course my Son went with his Father even though our Family got together late, so as usual I felt like odd man out without him there. He didn't want to go anyway as he says, Logan always picks on . I remind him..he is only a small child just walk away.

Not much going on today, I have DirecTv here now installing our stuff then at 3pm today the photographer is coming to take my picture...(Mug Shot) for the article on the paper. I feel like a dork you know? Well, I am cold for some reason going to check the thermostat real quick.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stuff done already...yay.

I started out today with a small goal to get a few things done and so far here's what's done already.

***Removed Bathroom Border, washed the walls and ready for new border

***Got one load of laundry done---jeans, I swear...

***Took books upstairs into spider heaven.

***Got plastic up on the windows.

***Managed to get $200 by redoing a loan for my van!!!! (Christmas Shopping)

***Gave the kitties a bunch of love.

I am getting there, I need to go grab the camera out of the van and take pictures again of how its looking in here.

I wanted to mention a few things of how my Christmas is going to be this year. It will be the first time I will not have to scrap to buy presents for my Son. I rec'd a phone call from my Son's school saying my Son was chosen to be apart of the Share Joys Program thru the High School. Only certain kids are chosen to be apart of the program, the ones chosen will recieve a new coat, boots, shoes, pants, shirts, underwear, socks and a toy. The gifts are picked out by the High Schoolers, and delivered by the High Schoolers themselves. Its a very touching event to see the joy the kids bring to the children chosen. This will happen here on December 15th, which is my Mom's birthday. How sweet huh? Well before I found out about this, our family was chosen as well for a local newspaper gift program, only a handful of people are chosen for these wonderful awards. The recipient recieves up to a $1000 worth of gifts, to be chosen a unfortunate event must of happened to them. Which was the flood of my basement where I lost everything. Including my washer and dryer. So with my gift of choice, was a new washer and dryer. And the funny thing is, I was going to buy myself a new set come income tax time no matter what. Well, because of such wonderful people I do not have too. I rec'd them last week and its been a complete blessing. One of the things I have to do is give a interview about recieving my washer and dryer, oh and I will also recieve $200 in merchandise vouchers and $90 in food vouchers for a grocery store. So this is how my Christmas will be. Now to figure out what to buy is the fun part.

I want to thank the people who have helped me this Holiday Season....

I can't believe I am actually doing laundry.

In my own home, and not worrying about bringing little critters home with me from the laundromat. The weekend was a mess, I was on edge all weekend. Then on Saturday my friend Lori calling me and telling me about her Dad. Pretty much put a damper on my weekend. But what can I do or anybody else do about it? Nothing, when its your time its your time. Better to have your family there with you when you go right?

With the laundry situation, I got my new washer and dryer last week. BUT there were water issues, like no hot water line hooked up. Totally sucked. THEN, there is or was no proper drain pipe for the water to exit after the load empties. SOOOOO, we took a picture of the the drain itself and went down to Lowe's Blows store. The appliance guy used to work in plumbing so I knew who to talked to when I got down there. He told us what to do, and some cheats that plumbers do. Note for you, Plumbers use ELECTRICAL tape for alot of things when it comes to your pipes. JUST A HINT. I know not what people wanted to hear but it works. It stopped this massive leak we had. But now the only complaint is, I can't use my SUPER load because the water backs up into my kitchen sink. Make any sense here? So not only do I have to make sure my dishes are done before laundry, but I have to make sure nothing is in my sink.

I have been sleeping so good for the past two nights for some reason. I mean, I lay down and I am out til' 6am. We have changed out sleeping patterns and times to adjust to over here. No longer have a TV on in the bedroom. And see I am the type of person that I can't just lay down and fall asleep right away. My mind has to slow down to sleep speed, because its a constant go, go , go mindset.

So now, I am sitting here thinking about removing the border thats in the bathroom...GAHHHH. Its fugly. I hate seashells with a passion....WITH A PASSION I SAY!!!! The border that's in there has been painted on and looks tacky. So I am going to remove it today and make it look purty!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Long day tomorrow.

I have visitation tomorrow evening at 4pm. I promised my friend Lori I will be there for her. I know she is going to lose it when she sees me. I will be there for her, and be strong as well. I know I am going to cry, as I am in mourning as well. I keep thinking about the closeness with her daughter and her Dad.

I just got home from a Creative Memories party...yay...that was fun. It was interesting to see what this company had to offer for their scrapbooking supplies and how EXPENSIVE it is. I ordered some papers and something else, can't remember. I really didn't want to go overboard as I am short on money as it is. But I will be having my own party next month. I just like the free Plus its nice to see family, and this basically is something I invite family too. So Mom guess what...your invited, look for your invite soon in your email. A nice day to relax, and you can buy me some scrapbooking stuff for Christmas so I can make you more (HINT HINT **wink**)

Well...its late. I'm tired....


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Congratulations Jimmie Johnson!

For the second year in a row, my Favorite Nascar Driver Jimmie Johnson has taken the Title and winning!!! I am so estatic about that.

Then watching the AMA's tonight, Congratulations to Daughtry, Carrie UnderWood, Justin Timberlake, and to all the winners!!!! Everyone involved was actually all winners in my book. But the one that brought tears to my eyes was Beyonce'. You go Girl!!!!

Still not up to talking yet, still dealing with my loss of a great person in my life. I will update when I talk to her again.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let me See.

If I can make it thru this without crying for once.

My friend Lori said to me this morning. She was talking to her Dad, just thinking about the past and the vacations they went on when they were little. She was telling him of the time they were traveling and Lori and her Sister Cheryl were fighting over something. And her Dad said to them, just stop and enjoy the scenery and life for once. She said it brought a tear to his eye. He was struggling to breathe she said but was told he's been doing that for awhile. Hospice was there with them so it wasn't like they weren't watching him. But back to the story. She said, that while sitting there and watching her Dad. He looked up and was staring at something.

Lori asked, "What is it Dad? What do you see?"

She asked at least two more times.

She finally said., "Dad....if Jesus is calling you, then go. Go be with him.!"

She paused and realized what she said.

She said again, "Dad, we will be ok. If Jesus wants you then go and be pain free and we all love you so very much!"

She said, he turned and looked at her...she paused as she saw a tear go down his face.

He gasped for air.

She called her Mom into the room.

He gasped one last time, and went to sleep.


After she told me this, my heart broke for her little girl Emma. Emma was the apple of her Grandpa's Eye. Emma doesn't understand this, she thinks that Grandpa is sleeping, but still insists he get better so they can go outside and play. Now for Cody, Lori's oldest. His Grandpa was more like a Father Figure in his life, Cody was so close to his Grandpa and is totally, I mean totally devastated. I can't wait to see them, and just hold them. There is nothing I can do or say to make things better. I know, I just need to hold them.


If I am not around as much, I am sorry. Death is something that we all encounter but for me. I do not know how to handle it very well. Especially being so close to Thanksgiving. It makes me hate, hate the evil beast called Cancer even more. And what scares me the most is. I am lucky enough to have my Grandparents and my Grandma on the one side still alive...and very well. Most people do not around the age of 34. My Boyfriend's Grandparents have been gone awhile and tells me everyday how lucky I am. I do not look forward to losing any of my family, but....I say but. Because things happen in 3's for me.

I am so very sorry for ever being moody and bitchy on here. Actually, my mindset has changed. I do not know if I should stay here anymore. Maybe taking a few days off and away will help. Who knows. My heart hurts.

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R.I.P-----L. Ingram.....we loved you!!!!

Just a heads up, I haven't been in the mood to talk. One of my Best Friends called me today to tell me that her Father passed away this morning. I am completely devastated right now. He was like a Father to me growing up. I've known him since Lori and I were in Kindergarten together. And I will post about what she told me this morning on his passing. It broke my heart, but I cannot imagine how she is feeling at this moment. She woke up with her Father alive, and is going to bed with him now gone. I can't imagine losing my Father right now. So losing like losing a family member.

To my friend Lori- I will be there for you as I know the shock as not set in yet. You were strong on the phone with me, but I know you better than that. I love you!!!!

R.I.P----L.Ingram, my heart goes out to your family. As we know you are no longer suffering from this evil beast called Cancer.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Just a quickie.

OMG, I was at a hardware store this morning and something told me not to go there. Well my little guardian angel was right. EVIL EXlandlady was there. She stopped and looked right at me. She didn't say not ONE word. Now what does that tell you? Honestly, what does it tell you? That she totally messed up with me and lost a honet tenant. Karma baby, Karma...its a bitch and trust me. What comes around, goes around.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Putting down my FootPrint.

I decided to try something totally different and off the wall tonight. I saw this website called FootPrints its where you can give some information about yourself and some history. Basically like a biography. Its very nice to have a site where its not a meat market and you can give some information about yourself, so your family members can read about it. You can also have a Secret Diary, no one reads it. There is also a option for choose your Trusted Keyholder, basically its an area where your Last Wishes are placed and only certain trusted people can read, up to 3 people that is. I know its sounds kinda morbid thinking about Last Wishes, Last email, and your Last Video. In a spooky kind of way it lets the people know who you might be able to speak with know that you really do love them or not. Not sure how many people are like that but still. But here check out the video on it and see what you can get from it.

Brought to you by

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I had a bad, bad day.

My day didn't start off so well, cause I had a court this morning at 10:30am. I sat there until 12noon. I get called in and the judge tells me, oh...your court date had a continous. In other words, to another date because my Ex's Lawyer had a conflict. What a bunch of shit. First off, I didn't know he had a lawyer til' today. Second, I could care less if my child support gets raised. I just want him to pay it on time when he's supposed to. My Last payment was rec'd 10/26 and the previous one was in Sept. Right now, I am just aggravated that I wasted half my day on nothing. THEN, I was suppose to have my washer and dryer delivered at 3pm. Its now 5:40pm and will be here in about a half hour...hopefully. ***EDITED*** They are here now. Yay. So much for getting stuff done ya know. I should of known my day was going to be bad. I am just so upset that I sat in that stupid court house for two hours. But now I am curious on why he had gotten a lawyer, is he going to try and take MY Son away from me? I mean if so, he better get shit and back it up. It don't matter if he's married or not, I have provided a home for our Son since the day he was born. I can't say that for him, he kicked me out with Our Son in tow I think around Thanksgiving time....YEAH KICKED ME OUT. Oh and when he gets laid off, he doesn't pay a dime in child support. Even though he gets paid thru his nose. Oh yeah and he makes more than $20 an hour but yet thinks that the amount he's already ordered to pay is too high. WTF? Does he not realize that children are not cheap? That they aren't something you can store on the shelf and feed when your ready too feed them. I so can't wait til that court date, I am personally getting a official copy of his payments and his track record of NOT paying. And I will make sure the judge sees that crap. I have no choice, when something has to be paid...I am the one paying for it most of the time. And what's really funny is, he makes sure his NEW wife is always with him when he picks up Jonathan. I wonder what he's afraid of. That I might snap on him? I think I have a right too, but I won't. I am not going to say a word about anything that happened today but when its his weekend. I am going to remind him that he won't get him whenever he wants anymore. That he has his weekends and that's it. I have catered too much to that man. Well, this is about to get evil as I am not catering NO MORE. I am sure my Mom would love to spend more time with him anyways. Oh and I am going to remind him, that if I need to. I will get the order modified that if he takes him shooting again with a gun that he can get into trouble. I am also contacting the Driver's License Bureau. I will get his DL suspended. He is currently 126 days past due, and it says that if they are 90 days past due

Busy Day ahead!

First thing this morning, getting little man to School. Then I have to leave here around 9:30am to head to the courthouse as there is a court hearing this morning on modifying my Child Support. Do you realize how happy I'd be if they finally raised it after 7 years? If it goes like I am thinking, I will not have to work. But I will because I cannot just sit at home. I cannot be like that. Unless its working online. Then this afternoon after I pick my Son up from school....I have a surprise coming to my house. I already know its a New Washer and Dryer but what they look like is going to be a total surprise. I sure hope they are a good brand, my old one was a Kenmore and had a deep washing bin. Heavy Duty, so I am hoping these are too!!!

Well off to ruin my Just kidding!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Total freak out on the last post.

And I want to apologize to anyone that I know, and offended them. Its a smart thing to do to protect yourself to a certain extent. I am honestly ok here. Just a bad day I guess.

Jill, I don't blame you one bit if you did!!! I have a question for you I will email you here in a

Its Cub Scout night, and I am not in the mood to go but I know he needs to go. So I am going to light the fire under his butt and get him ready. I am ordering a pizza online as we speak...yay for online ordering. Almost done here, just got to click on send!!!!

Going solo here.

I am going to put all my pictures that I have on my Flickr account on Private, only my current friends/family will be able to see the pictures. Why you ask? Maybe I have something to hide? Maybe, but anyway its something I should of done a long time ago. For the one and only reason, people are stealing photos and I don't appreciate it. So unless your already on my friends list in Flickr, I am sorry. You can send a request and I have no problem adding you. I have blocked two people who will never see anything of mine ever, because honestly. I hate liars and backstabbers. If you can't be honest with yourself then your life is a complete lie. Sorry, lost my train of thought there. This isn't directed at any of my current friends or favorite bloggers. This is fuming from a couple years ago....and I am tired of holding it in. As it was ok for my have my pics available but not theirs, then having this person talk crap about another person. It don't happen with me and I should of spoke up a long, long time ago.

I am lovin' it!!!!

Ever since a couple of my online friends have introduced me to blog advertising and doing paid posts, I've had so much fun doing it. For some people it works for them, like me....I love it. I do it on the side to earn a little extra cash for myself. And its come in handy for me as well. For instance when my phone is about to be shut off, for some reason...I always have money to pay for it. If I didn't have this extra cash. I would totally be stuck and would have gone without stuff. Like yesterday I went and bought a light for my craft room. It looks awesome back there now. I think I am going to buy some stuff to weatherize the back laundry room a little warmer. I see light coming thru the door so, with that little extra cash. I can go buy it. I only get paid every two weeks with my other money. Well yesterday I said I was going to buy myself a certain drink from a certain coffee store. I decided I wanted something else. So it was nice to use my extra cash. And the Boyfriend hates it when I say I have a secret stash. He gets all huffy about it, but hey...its my money I earn. And what I like best about Smorty is I don't have to wait the full 30 days like other paid to blog sites. And I have had so many opps. with Smorty lately its unbelievable. So head on over, check out the site and sign up already and start earning some money for yourself. And go buy yourself something nice!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

ok, I took the pictures of the old place.

I went ahead and took pictures just in case my crazy ex-landlord decides to get nasty like she did with the guy who moved out upstairs. My Boyfriend Mike and I got there at 8am Sunday Morning. He did the garage and I did the house. Well of course I had more to do so he helped me inside the house. He made the comment it would be different if we were getting a deposit back, but I didn't have to pay one. But I felt it was my duty to clean it better than before. So I took pictures of everything that is important, well at least to me. We scrubbed the stove, it obviously wasn't cleaned before we moved in. Down the side of the stove is what I am talking about. It was stuff that was caked on, so disgusting. OMG gross. But between Mike and I we got it cleaned. I pulled the fridge out, vacuumed the grill because you know I have cats...and that is just gross in itself. In this picture here you can see both the stove and fridge.

I noticed a spot we missed as I was leaving today. OOps. Oh well, can't expect it to be perfect. But I also took pictures of the broken TILES in the kitchen that we were forced to walk upon for almost 3 years and that rug is her solution to fixing the broke tiles. I am not shittin' you. She honestly needs to replace the tiles before anyone else moves in. And I also took pictures of the ceiling tiles in my Son's room. This one is the one that soaked my Son's bed and that he couldn't sleep on for a week due to it being wet and I dried it with a fan. She refused to replace it even though it was her house that leaked. I had no control over it. I am going to post them over at my Flickr so if your my friends/family you will be able to see them if not, just add me or request to be my friend. I have no problem with that. Well, I am going to finish up some things here. Its looking like a home again.

Got so much done already.

I am going to reward myself with a Starbucks. Sorry, I can't physically share with you all but at least I can try right? I have a couple of errands to run right now, I can't sit around and wait for someone to show up today. Especially after they said they would be here early. Well its 11am, and I have stuff to do. I have ONE more blind to purchase for my bedroom. Then I am done with mini blinds. Then the next thing we need are curtains for the living room. its making me nuts. Its a 80 inch window so I need to buy a couple packs of curtains. And a really, really long curtain rod.

I also got some pictures hung, my shelf hung and a few boxes up in the attic. I cleanout like 8 boxes...that's alot in this little house.

Wake up call for Men here.

Last night while surfing, I came across Kat's blog and was catching up on what I missed. Well, she had a post on there about how Single Mom's Survive and how Married Women ask questions like, How do you do it alone? And how one person complains their other half is gone for the weekend. And how stressed they are having to do everything. This post isn't directed at anyone or anything, just a point of saying to you the ones who are with their significant others that you are stronger than you think and can do anything while being a Single Parent if that ever anything unforseen ever happens to you.

What Most people don't think about is, what if something happens to them they think how will they survive. What is the best part, you find something within you and you do it. You don't ask questions, its a natural thing. Whether your Single or Not. Its apart of life. Its amazing. I thought the same thing when I first had my Son but then within 6 months of him being born I was living on my own in a different city from his Father. I had so many responsiblities. Diapers, clothes, energy bills, gas for my car, insurance and I didn't have a job or any money. But I managed, I look back now and ask myself how in the world did I do it. And I couldn't tell you.

Anyway, I comment back to Kat and told her something too to hopefully cheer her up. That is amazing was a Single Mom can do. Over the weekend is my perfect example. The pilot light went out on our stove. And my "boyfriend" was searching for matches. I said good luck!! So I picked up a piece of paper, light it from the pilot light that was still light and lit the other one. My Boyfriend Wow. I guess your a great asset, I might keep you. I told him, ummm. NO. Its called getting the damn thing lit. THEN he couldn't get my desk apart....this is funny. He tried his drill and a philips screwdriver. NO LUCK. I went and grabbed a butter knife and VOILA...came undone. He goes, you don't use kitchen utensils. I told him....When you need to get shit done sometimes you need to use a butterknife. It fits 99% of the time better than some screwdriver.
I pride myself on what I have accomplished as a Single Mom, and learn from it all. In the end, I remind my Boyfriend....I did it alone for 7 years....being alone doesn't bother me.

Where there's a will....there's a way ----This is motto!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I missed it.

The first 7 laps of the race...grrrrr. I was sitting on the loveseat and totally fell asleep. Gah. First I was freezing, then I fell asleep...I woke up wondering where I was at. Must be getting sick. I found out some news on the old place today. That a woman had died in the kitchen there. She was electrocuted with the wiring in the house. AND that the Landlord covered up 4 inches of Black Mold with the new siding/boards. YAH....glad to find out now uh? It would explain how sick I have gotten while living there. So I think I am going to make a call to the city inspector because I cannot let someone else move in there, and take the risk of getting sick or possible die. It would be on my conscience. My Boyfriend has asthma so he would wake up having attacks during the night. But one thing I have noticed is, some mornings I would wake up and smell this awful smell. NOT cat smell either this was mold smell like something was rotting. I would run around the house to see if I could find what it was. I have never found anything. I am talking I took out the garbage, wiped things down, just to see if that helped. It never did.

Onto better things this week I should be getting my new washer and dryer. YAY!!!!!!! I honestly cannot wait to do laundry in my OWN HOUSE. No more roach infested laundromats. Its not the laundromats fault...its the nasty people who come in there. Or they have a million kids and bring in bags...(YES BAGS) of clothes. And them little critters love to travel. I always kept my stuff off the carts themselves...never leaves my basket. Makes my skin crawl. Literally.

I so missed being online this weekend, dial up makes me crazy. But at least I am online. Well gotta go find something for dinner.

Finally all moved.

OMG, the feeling is overwhelming at the moment. But we are totally moved, the old place is so clean that I am proud of myself. We wiped everything down, we turned the fridge off and opened the doors. Let it warm up a little bit. I made sure every little corner was cleaned. The fridge, looks better than it did when we first moved in there. We pulled the stove out, OMG. What a mess. All kinds of hot wheels, beer bottle lids, and the cat hair was sooooo gross. By the time I emptied my vacuum out. We had two more cats in the house....NOT really but enough hair for at least two more cats. I also dug up some plants I planted that are perennials. Well not much else to do or say, I am so tired. Its not even funny...AT ALL anymore. I have one busy week ahead. I still have to set my Son's bed up.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I have to do this.

With that massive fire last night that affected 46 people, the number went up. I had a talk with the director of the daycare my Son attends over the Summer. She and I both decided to donate some items of need to the families affected. Its MY way of giving back to a community who has helped me in my time of need....more recently that is. I have a couple of boxes at the new house that I am going to take up there. She said I might have to contact the Red Cross first to verify on where to take the items to. I mean I feel so awful that these people lost their homes, everything of value, pictures, and clothes. They showed the apartment on TV where the fire started, it showed how where the remote was sitting...all melted. The noodles in the pantry all blackened. A wheelchair, all burnt. It actually affected me alot more seeing the apartment then seeing I know someone who was affected. I really want to do something to help these families but I have no clue what to do. I would like to start donation site, set up a fund and have it go directly to the families. One of the people affected used to live by me and she was crying that her little boy wanted his toys. I would like to make a difference in that little boy. So if anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bad News.

I was sitting here getting frustrated over my internet NOT wanting to work due to the new Internet service coming up. Well my friend Alysia called to tell me that the apartments I went and looked at a couple years ago had a massive fire. OMG. I was like what? No way. Well it took over 200 firefighters to fight this fire, and for some reason I am grateful I didn't move there. I feel sorry for all 31 people affected, at least 12 apartments/townhomes. I wish there was something I could do. Maybe I will take the clothes I was going to take to GoodWill up to the Apartment Manager of those apartments. I know there were some young kids affected. My heart goes out to them.

Not so great news.

I found a couple weeks ago that my Son's Step Grandma is in a nursing home. They are not sure exactly why she is there. But I will find out sometime this week. And she is such a stubborn woman its not even funny. It seems when something bad happens it happens for a reason. But if its what I think its her stomach. Its why I will never take diet pills or fiber pills, its not the reason why she is there but it makes me think about what she used to do while I lived up in Rockford. I sure hope she is going to be ok.

My Son's GrandFather is lost without her. He doesn't know what to do, as they have a business and she ran it. I guess its going kaput from what I hear. I think they need to sell the business because of not only their age but their health.

I am so emotional right now.

Every little thing sets me off. No I am not pregnant just emotional. Watching certain TV shows, like the CMA's last night... I freakin' cried over the fact that Brad Paisley won with his wife on the show as well. Then I cried because Kelly Pickler cried. Then...THEN. I cried watching Kenny Chesney sing...only because he wasn't in his tight as$ jeans. And the song he sang was just beautiful. Don't Blink. What the heck is wrong with me? Everything I look at, I cry.

My Wonderful Mother sent me this...she must of known I needed a good laugh.

I hate my band to my watch.

I bought this cute little watch a couple of years ago and I just it. But hate the strap. So I've been search for Watch Straps that will go with my watch itself. Its silver and it pinches. Not the kind your thinking of but a little different. I know its a cheapy but its MINE and purty. So while searching for Watch Straps its been difficult because its such a small band. I already had to take it down a size as it was too big. big for my fat hand? Makes no sense but hey I will take it. I have noticed that too lately my ring is the same way. Starting to slide down my finger. That could only mean one thing....yeah....I need a smaller Watch Strap too!!!! I remember growing up, my one Grandma used to wear a watch and of course it came in handy when we went yard sellin'. We were always on a schedule. Hers was just a plain jane watch with one of those skin pinching bands, now that's the one your thinking of. I don't think I could ever own another one. I want one that will be ok while walking and not pinching or pulling your little hairs. Gah!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot I have a important phone call to make right now at 8am. And I know the lines are going to be busy. And its going to make me nuts not to get thru right away. But its something I have to do. I also need to go put my watch on today because I felt lost without it yesterday at the house.

Did I forget?

To tell you I forgot to do laundry yesterday? Yah...totally overlooked the two huge baskets in the back of my van. How you ask? I have no clue. But I do have some great news. I called the place that is helping me with my new washer and dryer. He told me it was picked out and ready to be paid for, and DELIVERED. Sometime this week or early next week. OMG. I am so freakin' excited. My story will be in the newspaper again...unfortunately but its part of the deal. Well the first part of Dec. I will also receive a $200 merchandise voucher for one of our stores here and a $90 Food voucher. I am so excited right now. I am jumping like a mexican jumping bean.

I can tell when I am sick.

My body usually tells me that. Like right now, my lip is swollen due to the fact they got chapped two days ago well that right there is my indication that I am about to get a cold sore. SO I am sitting here with this big fat freakin' lip. Not happy can you tell? It sucks cause my medicine is at the new house, packed away somewhere. So I will have to run to the store and buy a small tube. The stuff I use is very expensive but it works. I love my lips for some reason. So much to do today, so little time. Its a half day of school due to conferences and no school tomorrow. GEZZZZ, they just had a week off of school for "Fall Break". I like to know what they are teaching the kids...I mean seriously.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Working with my Son on his chores.

Has honestly been a good experience for him. He's been doing great. He comes home and gets his homework done. I am so happy for him. So yes Jill its working so far for him. He loves the idea.

Tonight me, and my Sisters all went out to eat at a local restaurant. We were supposed to celebrate my BIL birthday. Well I guess he was crabby and didn't come. Oh we were so upset. It was the whole general idea of going out. Well, I ended up with all the kids of course at my end of the table. Mr.Kyle had a splinter and Mommy couldn't get it out so his favorite aunty got it out for him. And Ms. Kel was tired and upset cause Josh kept picking on her. So I ended up with all the kids. Yeah. Guess how fast my food went. I don't care, as long as it got ate is what matters. Jonathan was starting to act up, so we left and stopped at Starbucks...(Yes Gina...Starbucks...I love it too!!! So now I am sitting here...wired for sound. No more Mocha Frapps.

I forgot..

I was downloading a game, and it took four hours to download. Makes no sense its suppose to be fast speed internet. Its been wonky anyway. I don't understand it. But yeah got up to check it and its finally done. I downloaded a few songs earlier, and they went quickly. I have no clue what's up with the internet.
Good Night....I hear my bed calling me.

What time is it again?

I keep looking at the clock thinking its 8:39am but its not its only 7:39am and I already got the van packed. Most of its furniture like two bookshelves and a small dresser. Stuff I can handle and that can fit in the van. I knew I got a Van for more than one reason besides I have a few places to stop before I get to the house, then going to be there for a few hours. Because I have tons, and tons of laundry to do and I don't want to miss my show at 1pm today. I sure hope the maintenance guy hurries up and is there early.

I wish I had more money, I would go buy the items needed. Like mini blinds, two end tables, coffee table, curtains, especially curtains because of the huge front window...its all wide open and people can look in. I feel Well, got lots to do and I promise to take my camera over today and start taking pictures....since I keep forgetting to do so.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Going to bed now.

The time change has definitely left its mark on me, I've been a total zombie in between this stupid cold and the time difference. I don't know whether I am coming or going. So for now, I am going to bed. Yes I said bed, before 10pm. I have to be at the new place tomorrow so the maintenance guy can fix some things that need to be fixed before I can actually move in. See I didn't want to get the new landlord in trouble so I decided to wait til the repairs were done. So tomorrow, I have my radio there and my cleaning supplies. I am going to wash the floors and get it all nice and tidy. Especially before this weekends move. Up until then, I am moving small stuff over all week. Hopefully Mike can get a truck from work, that would be nice, to move the rest of our stuff. I think tomorrow I am going to go thru the boxes in the house there, pack stuff away that can go into the garage or the attic. I have so much junk its not even funny. And to think I lost half my stuff in the basement is even worse.

Hope everyone has a uneventful night!!

Had our conference last night.

For my Son, he is doing better but not as well as they are expecting. But at least his grades were better than mid-term or however they call it. He managed to get a A in spelling. That is a big deal for him, he had a B but not so good grades in Reading and Written Language. Those two were my worst subjects in school.

Anyone watch Oprah today? It was all about YouTube, and the successes that have come from being noticed. One teenager was noticed and got signed by Justin lucky. Then the Wedding Couple who actually danced to the Dirty Dancing ending between Johnny and Baby at the end of the movie and Patrick Swayze comes walking out onto stage. Totally brought tears to my face. I get chills every single time I watch that part of the movie. OMG, you just don't realize. I loved that movie and still do. I would do anything for a copy of that movie, better yet I want to buy it. When that movie came out it was the beginning of my teens years and when I became hooked onto the band Def Leppard. Don't ask me how or why those two were coincided together but they did. I guess I am going to have to go to eBay and see if I can't find me a copy of Dirty Dancing, just watching the dance...makes me all tingly inside now.

Pretty Soon!

We will be purchasing a new Television because of the situation with Analog televisions being no longer available. So everytime we go to the store, we always go and compare pioneer HDTV and other HDTV's too. I do my homework when purchasing products and more on technical items. Like TV's, Computers, Kitchen Appliances and other etc. I search online, then I will take a day and shop in stores. But I also like to find out exactly where I can find the exact items I am searching for. When the time is here for our new Television, I want to see the quality of the TV itself. I remember when Mike went on impulse on a big screen and I hated the quality of screen. It was all blurry from the side and if you weren't directly in front of the TV, it totally sucked. So I told him the next time we get a TV, I am picking it out as I want quality and a good value. He just tends to spend and not pay attention to the details.

Brought to you by Krillion

That was quick.

Ok, back. Took a load over and made it back in time to watch my Show. Even though I have DirecTv I still haven't watched Passions since it switched from local channels to Directv. Now while watching Days, I sit and relax. I miss watching it over the Summer.

Crap, just realized its Tuesday and its Cub Scout night. And poor Jonathan didn't do anything he was supposed to. We lost the Cub Scout book, so I bought another one. Misplaced it over the weekend, well while moving some stuff I found the other book. ACK!!!!!


Your a great friend, don't worry about not commenting as much. I am just as guilty. You, Jill and a few others have been such great online friends. I don't think I have Thanked everyone for helping me win over at Christine's.

I am anxiously awaiting to get all moved, so I can finally sit down and scrapbook in my new little room/closet that I have decided would make a great craft area. I've been purchasing Christmasy items with Snowmen, and Peguins and stuff. I have so much to go thru when I finally get settled with all my scrapbooking tuff, cause I know its all spread throughout the boxes and stuff. So right now, I have my cabinet loaded in my van, and taking some awkward stuff over to try and get as much over as possible. The closets are almost cleaned out, thank goodness we got the garage pretty cleaned out. That was a mess. But what made that happen sooner was, The Landlord decided to have someone move all MY STUFF over to one side of the garage without notifying me. So that meant stuff being moved and put into places without my knowledge. I was sooooo pissed about that. For one I don't appreciate people touching my stuff, two I don't like people using my stuff. I paid for the stuff, and to have someone touch it...and possibly break it. Who would actually get stuck with having to pay to get it fixed? ME. So no I don't appreciate this. Well, my show is on in a half hour. Gonna run this load over and come back.

Would love to go to Hawaii!!!

Last year, my Landlord...not my new but the old one went on vacation to Hawaii. She came back all tanned and looked completely relaxed. Not sure where she said she stayed but I think she mentioned something aboutKona vacation rentals. Because of the beautiful scenary its good to get deals to be able to check everything out. You can go read the Kona Travel Blog to see what information and updates are available. The beauty of the island itself is what has drawn me to Hawaii. I am sure you all remember Fantasy Island....back in the day. If you remember Tattoo would yell. De Plane, De Plane. Even though this show wasn't portrayed in Hawaii it still reminds me of it. Not sure why.

So with that in mind, I would love to have my Honeymoon in Hawaii. Its one of the only places where total isolation and still within the United States is allowed besides Alaska. That's too cold for me. I want warmth, beauty and a beach. And definitely got to check out the volcanos as I am a sightseer that it would a beautiful site.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Monday Morning to you.

I have a appt. this morning at 10am with a place to help me with my deposit since I have to move and of course at a time when I have no money. It bites. So I will go and get that taken care of, then come back home here at the old place. The Furnace guys are suppose to be here and install a new Furnace. I find it funny that it comes at a time when its too late. I loved living here but I am excited about moving into a place different from this. Alot more noise, which I am used to cause I used to live about 100 feet from this house and just having a place that is ALL mine. House wise that is. No sharing the garage, the yard and driveway. Well I have to run out to the van and find my paperwork. Gah I hate paperwork.

Hey Jill, I keep thinking about your post. I still want to say.... YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Boring but Exciting Day.

I look forward to Sundays during the early spring to early Fall. Because Nascar is on. And I will say I am a diehard Jimmie Johnson fan. I can't help it. I became a fan back in 2004 and have been addicted ever since. And today he won again. For the third week in a row. And I have to say he totally deserved it today. Gooooo JIMMIE!!! Congratulations, and lets do a repeat of last year. You so deserve it!!!

Still moving, the landlord did a complete 360 today on me, she's all nicey pie and apologizing up and down. But what am I to do when the damage has been done. Absolutely nothing at this point. I am absolutely worn out right now, I have a cold. Only because its been really cold in here in the mornings. My head is hurting, I have a headache coming on. So much to do, so little time. I need a miracle right now.

Then, I lose my checkbook. Yes I still have one. Well, I decided to call the last place I was with it and its there. Man I feel stupid. I am about to run down there now. I know its late too.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Landlord Rant 2,583,958

Ok, here's the witch did today. Its 7:42am and she is outside painting the friggin house. OH wait she torn down some more vines woke up the kids. As for the painting its 32 degrees outside. WTH? I almost called the cops because it woke us up. She has done this for the past two weekends in a row. I think she thinks she is waking us up to piss me off. What she doesn't realize is she done that a very long time ago. Why I stayed here this long? I really don't know at the moment and frankly. I am slapping myself. Over and Over again. So what we are going to do this morning is finish packing everything up, I mean everything. Dishes, food, and all the bathroom stuff. That way when we get my BIL truck later, and with my van. We can get it all done. Before bed tonight. I simply cannot take another night here. She has ruined so much for me and my life. Well, I will update before I move my computer tonight. To check emails and stuff. Then I won't have internet til' Tuesday sometime. Two days without internet is like a year without internet for me.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Here's the lowdown.

I woke up at 6am, took a nice long hot bath...relaxed. Did my lady know shave, shower, wash the mop head and soak in bubble bath. Had to wake my little guy up. I so didn't want to do that. But we got up, were at McDonalds by 8am. Got my free sandwich. Got Jonathan his Egg McMuffin, and off we went to get his meds, get all the laundry done. Then my Most WONDERFUL friend Dawn called just as I was leaving the laundromat.. Asking if I needed boxes. So we went down there loaded up some boxes. I asked if she had any more but said wait, let me call other place. Sure enough they had tons and tons. THANK YOU MARSHA for helping me. My Van was completely full. So we stopped by the new place dropped off the clothes, I had to potty...oh god did I have to potty. So we stopped at the store, grabbed some Pizza Rolls and Hot pockets for lunch, with of course some pop for me... and juice for the kids. Now I am back at the old place, putting boxes together and would you believe my Son is again, packing his room up. I am so proud of him. He is really wanting to earn money today. I did tell him if he works really hard, I will give him a little extra allowance. He is really trying here. I am actually thinking of taking a load up before I go and get the make room in here. Its actually packed. I am in my little corner here....gah!!! I have my own room. The walls might be boxes but that is Well, nothing is getting done with me just sitting here. Gonna go take progress pictures....

Happy Friday to you!!!!

Today is the day. I told my Boyfriend that with the help of the kids today we will have most of the boxes moved before he gets home. And all my little boxes of scrapbooking stuff. That's going first and I have most of the boxes marked where they go. So that is cool. I didn't realize all the hair stuff I had stuffed in the closet. I am always looking for stuff to tame my frizzy hair. I could have a salon...!!!

Oh and I found all of my Halloween decorations. A day late that is. Oh well. At least for Christmas my exMIL is giving me one of those trees that is white spiral shaped that goes outside in your yard. I am like so freakin' excited about that. I've had no front yard just a boulevard here. Because the front of my house sits so close to the road.

I've come to the realization that when I inform the landlord I am moving, alot sooner than she expected that she is going to happy yet pissed about me going. She thinks she is getting paid this month from housing. Nope sorry. So its my goal to be out of here by Saturday Evening. So on Sunday I can work on getting it cleaned up for her. Do what I need to do. My Landlord made the comment because he knows my current one. Oh she is gonna be pisssssssed. I said, I know but its her own fault for not replacing the furnace. He goes, exactly and there is nothing she can do about it now. Once housing says we are not paying, the won't. Even though she is getting a furnace some time next week. Its still too late for me. My health is way too important. Oh yeah forgot to mention, my chest has been hurting. I swear I get sick. I am having my doctor bill the landlord. Because its her fault.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I got my keys, I got my keys.

Yay, whooo hoooo. Jill, thank you so much for the comment....I actually thought about you tonight. Thinking when you get to finally move back to where you want to move and how excited your going to be. And the thought of making me excited and all giddy. I know sounds crazy. But its true. I've been packing since I got home. I went into my room and starting packing while watching ER. Its my only time of the week I get to watch my show. I am going to go nuts without no satellite over the weekend but thats ok. As long as I can watch the race is all that matters.

I just have to say, I love my new Landlord. He rocks. He's very very polite and nice. He made the time to come and see me, you know fill out the lease and such. I filled up some boxes. I am going to empty them over there tomorrow. I am also taking some of the boxes with my scrapbooking stuff in them. I think too once I get all situated. Of having a contest myself to eliminate some of my stickers/paper packs and stuff. Or something, I would like to do something nice. I just feel so giddy right now.

Which reminds me, I am getting the curtains out for my kitchen so they don't get packed away where I can't find them. I want them up right away. IN MY KITCHEN!!!!! I promise to take pictures, realize this. I am not crazy. Just excited about windows.

I just noticed.

The other day while I was at the library, I noticed someone was playing some online casinos and I didn't know you could. But I guess you can. It actually caught my eye, and lost track of what I was doing up there. Oh, yah...I was looking for Wedding stuff to see about organizing my own.

I know my Boyfriend used to love playing the online casino games when we first got internet. For some reason he can't get enough of the slot games. Granted they are fun and cool, I am just not one for losing money. But he would sit there for hours and hours just playing slots. His friend was the same way, totally cracks me up!!!


Well the contest that Christine ran is finally over, wow. And I can't believe that I won. All my online friends who have voted for me are awesome. Even the ones that voted every single day for me. But the sad news is Christine isn't feeling good at all, so head on over and send her some Get Well Wishes as I know she's looking forward to going to Las Vegas, NV. Please get well Soon, I want to see pictures!!!!!

On another note, I am so excited and squirming in my pants at this very moment. I get the keys to my house at 8pm. OMG, I am just so excited its all working out. I just can't believe all of this. Its like a dream. One of my Bestests Friends Dawn is getting me some boxes. So tomorrow. Me and the kids are going to bust as$$$$ and get this shipped all packed up. And who cares, I am going to start moving tomorrow night using my van. F this crap on waiting. I am getting internet hooked up on Tuesday. Right now I cannot get the Wireless I am using at moment because its just not possible. Until the new internet is up and going I have to wait. Well this little girl is going to go without internet for 3 days and is going to be nuts. NUTS I TELL YOU. I will check it up at the library though since it will be right down the road. I have to go into my email and make sure nothing important is in there that I can't live without. I am hoping I can keep my email with my current provider until the new internet comes so I don't have to change. I am going to ask my Mom about that. Well I gotta finish eating supper as I have so much to do its not even funny. I have to pack up this entire house in one day. The sad thing is I've been packing for a month now. And with not having any heat. Your darn right I will do anything to protect my Son.

I can't sleep!!!

I honestly cannot sleep. I have so much on my mind. I want to get moved out of this refrigerator. The temperature outside is a beautiful sunshiney 28 degrees. 28 degrees and can you imagine the temperature in here? Wait, I took a picture. I have to provide proof of why I have to move. Nevermind the old thermostat...

This is how my morning is, cold every single day. Yet the landlord seems to think that she doesn't turn her heat on til' December. I am sorry but I know that is a lie. I try to wait til' the last minute to turn mine on but when it gets below freezing. I turn it on. This place underground mostly and in the summer it gets really hot because there is only two windows in front of the place. No windows in the kitchen or bathroom. I feel like I've been living in a cave. I am just estatic over the fact that I have windows in my kitchen. I have beautiful curtains for the kitchen which has not seen daylight for about 5 years. WTH is wrong with me? I sure hope whoever moves here doesn't put up with the LL complete BS. Because no one needs to endure this type of abuse. I haven't posted about everything. But after last night, she told the neighbors after she was confronted about moving some stuff of their property. That the people downstairs don't care about the yard. What she doesn't realize is, I took tons of pictures of my yard this year. I planted so many perennials in the yard. I made it look really nice. Yet...The people downstairs don't care? And another thing that really makes me angry is the fact that after what went down with the basement and water damage. She told me, it was MY fight that she doesn't have time. I knew all along what was wrong and in my heart knew who was at fault. She said she didn't care. Well, I fought for her and I WON. She never once called anyone, she never once did a darn thing about it. Yet she is getting something out of the deal. I spent hours, emotions, embarassment and so much more. Yet she talks crap about me? Its like giving a baby a bottle then taking it away saying too bad go hungry. Karma is a awful thing, what comes around...goes around. Then FOUR months go by and she doesn't replace the Furnace? Oh hell no. Its not my problem to begin with and I can't help she is being a ungrateful BITCH. I will never tell that to her face, as I have respect issues but I will make the comment if she wants to push the issue. That I will have my housing come after her for back payment of the rent. BECAUSE I found out if the building is not up to code. They will not pay. That she had four months to fix the problem, and that its not my problem that she doesn't care. Call me a sour person, I will agree. But its only to the LL.

After I move from here. I will be a better person. I will take more time to be a better person. I will not be so bitter. I guess she took away alot more than what I lost in the flood. Once I get moved, I am going to write on my other blog about the stuff she said and did to make my life a living hell while living here.

Oh and here is what I DON'T care about either. We added this little feature to the yard...Yet I don't care.