Monday, December 31, 2007

Forgot to say..

It snowed again today. Enough already. We were only to get an inch at that, we ended up with at least 4 more inches. Ughhh!!!

Anyhoo, I want to wish my online friends a Happy New Years, be stay safe and be responsible where ever you are tonight. And if you choose to drink, call a cab or have a designated driver. Its better to be safe, than sorry.

Irritated at the moment.

Is not something I want to be right now. I am craving sleep, cause I haven't had any and having someone come home and start bitch'n at me is not something anyone wants to do. I've been sick since Friday afternoon, been dealing with sinus pressure, headaches, body aches, sneezing, know all the good stuff. Well today I went to the store to find something that will help me sleep tonight. Please!!! So I found a deal with dayquil and nyquil, not bad for both $10.97. Well said Boyfriend comes home, starts bitch'n and tells me to suffer with being sick? OH HELL NO!!! I spent my entire weekend holed up in my bed, so I would not be around his children to get them sick. While he enjoys playing video games and just plain being lazy. Not lifting one finger to do shit around here. We had dishes piled sky high, that irritates the crap out of me. So finally he goes, and whines about shoveling the driveway. Awww poor baby, might have to do something afterall I went out and shoveled WHILE I was sick on Friday. In fact I have shoveled every time its snowed around here. I told him he had no right to tell me to suffer when its me holding this place together around here. I was that upset at him for saying that. Then I asked him before walking out the door. Why are you so moody? And why don't you go back to work and come home in a better mood. He walked out the door while I shivered on the couch freezing my ass off with the heat turned up. Its the kind of shivers that hurt your body when you get them. So when he came back, he was nice and asked if I needed any more meds or anything to help me feel better.

I guess you can say, I was not going to put up with anyone's crap. I can't. So now, I am about to throw dinner in the oven because he's now sitting on the couch. yah, what a New's Year's Eve for me to remember!!!!!

Have you made a New Years Resolution?

I spent most of last night awake due to my head cold. Yah its still kicking my ass. Well, almost every year I have made the same one over and over again. This is going to be different. I am making one that I know I will stick with, and will be happy with. Are you ready?

2008 will be the year that I make change, make better choices, not spending money on foolish things, and to be the best Mom I can be.

I simply cannot see how I missed all of 2007, and only remember a few months of it. I think alot has to do with my basement flooding, losing so much and living in a little box in which I called my life. I simply cannot change my past, I can only change my future.

Onto other things, I recently written down all my earnings online for my income tax reasons. I earned quite a bit, too bad I still didn't have it

I noticed the other day.

On my van that I had to clean off the front of my grill, it was packed with all that nice snow we just recently accumulated. When speaking to my boyfriend at that time he told me at the dealership where he works, they have these Cadillacs that have a billet grille on the front of it. He told me it helps eliminate build up of snow and also helps in preventing things flying into your engine compartment while driving. It would have to be something pretty small in order to get into your engine. I thought that was pretty cool. I guess I never paid that much attention to stuff like that before. Then again, who really would unless you had debris actually fly into your engine compartment. I've seen it happen. And yes I watch way too much race car driving. Where even a piece of tape flying off gets stuff and prevents air flow therefore heating the engine up causing overheating. That isn't good. No matter what.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I have not forgot about blogging..

I've just been dealing with what everyone else has either had or has. Stupid cold, Sinus, backaches, my throat feels like its swelling shut, runny nose and a sporatic cough that makes me wanna throw up. And I know its all drainage. I was fine until I took the kids outside on Friday, enjoyed Mother Nature at her best and built a snowman and a wall with my Son and my Nephew. It was a total blast with them. I had so much fun. Then we came in and we ate, I sat down to watch Days, a within a half hour it hit me. I don't remember the end of days all. And what's amazing is, only TEA is making me feel better. Oh and generic Advil brand from Walgreens. I kid you not, I take it and within an hour I feel awesome. I sure hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed their families. I miss my family right now but I choose not go around them and get them sick. I sure hope my Son doesn't catch this, it totally sucks!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Weather Advisory!!

Yep another one, it seems every single weekend for a month now we have gotten Snow on a Saturday, but it came a day early this week. So now tomorrow we should have Sunshine. But for today, we have snow coming down all day til' tonight. We are expecting anywhere between 2-4 inches. BUT its already snowed 2 inches here. Since 9am, that's about a hours time. Its so heavy out there its not even funny. But I love the calmness of snow and I am going to enjoy it today!!!! I am taking pictures of how beautiful Mother Nature can be.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

So what's up with Walllllmart these days?

It seems they are screwing everyone around and not protecting their customers either. Yesterday of all days, I went to Walllllmart to buy a few things for lunch for my Son and my Niece and Nephew ok? Well, walking down one of the aisles we notice little cans of Spiderman Pop on sale for 50cents for a twelve pack. Hey not a bad deal right? Kids love the little pops. Well sitting RIGHTNEXT and on top of the little pops were 3 bottles of that Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice, you know the PURPLE kind. Sitting on top, one bottle of kinda hanging off the side. SO I reminded the kids, please do not knock it over even though it should of been there to begin with as it was a different display and you could tell that someone had just stocked the end cap. And it was full, so whoever did the display DID NOT put the remaining three bottles away, and just left them there. Therefore, A ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN. Well low, and behold they got knocked over. Thank goodness they didn't break...that time. But they were rolling all over the place so the kids and I tried to pick them up before some old lady walked along and didn't see them and fall. I was going to pick them up, and take them to the nearest employee because of them being glass and falling. I am sorry, I would not buy them cause who knows is glass broke off inside right?

Well during the process of picking the bottles of, my Son...poor kid is still crushed about it. Dropped one. Between my legs, directly so I got the brunt of the glass up my pant leg, down my socks and inside my shoes. Oh and I have Barney shoes too now, they were pretty white. Not no more. My Son's shoes also got hit, and they are brand new Heely's. But what makes the whole matter worse and pissed me off, is how they handled it. This is exactly what they said to me: " Ma'am we are so sorry but here's a bench you can wipe off the glass over there and have a good day!" WTF just happened to common courtesy, and them like. Oh here is some paper towels so you don't cut yourself? Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself? Are the kids ok? Is there anything we can do because it was our mistake? NOT ONE of these were asked of me.

During the process of trying to get the glass off my pants, which by the way I couldn't use the bathroom to get paper towels because AGAIN its always out of order. I got slivers of glass in my fingers, yes I was bleeding all over the place. I also got slivers up my sleeves on my coat because I tried to catch it before it fell. I still have glass in my shoes!!!! I had to cut my day short because of the glass in my clothes and the staining of the PURPLE grape juice ruined my shoes and my socks/shoes. Did I mention I have a WHITE coat? Just when I thought I was ok with the glass slivers, it never fails. I have a couple in my leg that I cannot get out and I tossed and turned all night. Because of the pain.

I simply refuse to let Wallllmart get away with this type of behavior and treat the people who keep their jobs going for them. I am making a phone call to corporate and I am filing a complaint against that store manager because all they tried to do is sweep me out the door. I am ONE person who doesn't like to complain unless its bad food or something. I am ONE person who does work in retail, understands safety and goes by the rules when it comes to safety. I do not leave things where I know people can get hurt. Obviously someone wasn't paying attention and was being negligent. Well there negligence cost me two pairs of shoes, socks, my pants and sleep from the slivers of glass in my leg. Is that fair to me? No, so that is why I am calling this morning and filing a complaint. I don't want Barney colored shoes, I have Skechers that are white with blue trim. I bought them just in Sept. for $55. Not too happy that I have to replace them already when my shoes last me about a year. I wear Skechers because they don't hurt my feet, and fit me right. Yes I am picky.

So tell me in your honest opinion, what would you do if this happened to you? Oh and did I mention my skin is purple on my ankles? I didn't know that grape juice stains whatever it touches. Bitches..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tree is down.

Yay, yay, yay. All cleaned up and ready for normalcy. Can ya tell I am ready for Summer???

By the way..

Happy Holidays to all my Online Friends and Family!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

One more day..

And the tree comes down. I've lost the spirit already and am anxious to get the annoying thing down. The cats just destroyed it, and all the branches are bent. But it seems someone really wanted a tree this year. Grrrr.

I rec'd my Christmas cards from Gina, Kat and Jill. Thank you ladies, it means so much to me!!!!

And it seems my power cords to my printers have totally vanished. They are not in this house. I am so upset right now. I have a expensive photo printer that I can't even use. Grrrr!!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

They got First Place again.

I forgot to mention that my Son's Cub Scout troop placed First again in the design and decoration of their Halloween Float, they handed out trophies to the winners. Which I might say it was a BIG one. The boys were so proud of it!!! My Son helped build but didn't get to walk in the parade, I think I was too tired or something. Not sure, can't remember too much of my life back then. I lived in a hole in the ground for so long, I never saw daylight. I admit I slept alot over there especially while my Son was at school. Now I am wide awake all day long, with the wonderful Sun shining in all the time. I love it!!!

If we have to ever move again...

I may have to look into hiring movers next time around, a online friend recently moved and if I remember right New York movers were hired and got her and her family all moved. Which seems nice not having to do all that hard work of packing, organizing, and basically doing what I did this last time around. I really hate moving with a passion and it makes my life so hectic. I moved, and moved, and moved all week long when we finally decided it was time to go. I made countless trips back and forth using my van. I was so exhausted afterwards. I am just glad its all done...FINALLY. I am still unpacking stuff and searching for stuff. I need to find my printer cables. They are somewhere in this house. I seen them. Now they are gone!!!

I am getting there.

It seems I've been very busy and gone from home. I so miss home. I am wore out from helping my friend Alysia, and she knows too. So I've been trying to stick it out at home this weekend. I have one stop I need to make tonight before this crappy snowstorm comes....AGAIN on ANOTHER Saturday. Third Saturday in a row here folks. We are expecting 4-6 inches, so Gina and may be affected by this one too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OK...She's here...

I won't go into detail yet but here's a little update on my friend. She delivered a healthy 6lb. 3oz. little girl at 10:11pm last night. She is 19 inches long and just beautiful. I got to see her born, she had a little difficulty breathing at first but she perked right up. Tomorrow her Momma is getting fixed so she wants me there to keep an eye on her little girl since I was in the room I got to have the special bracelet where I can get her from the nursery while she's in surgery. Here's a little picture, or tease of a picture for you all!! All I have to say is, it was beautiful. And just amazing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Kinda upset right now.

Can it be January 26th yet?

I hate this time of year, it seems nothing is going right this year...and I am pretty much fed up.

As usual one of my Sisters will get her way...again. And I won't be there!!! ON MY OWN WILL.

Never again.

I simply refuse to celebrate without my Son. Its not going to happen.

My head seriously blows.

I've been waking up with headaches, its not to the point that I am getting worried. Today was ok, no headache. But when I got home from picking up my Son from school it hit me. So I laid down for a bit on the couch and made sure I was in the same room as my Son. He finished his homework, and watched his Animal Planet. He loves, loves that channel. I am about to eat something here real quick and borrow my Son's heater in his room and take it to the back room and clean up my table a bit. It got cluttered from Saturday and the kids being here.

Maybe, just maybe.

My headache will go away, we were watching Jeff Corwin just a little bit ago and while he was riding the horse, he was with two other riders and they hopped off while wearing their horse riding apparel. They did the little dance off the Three Amigos. It was cute cause my Son goes. UH? What does that mean? Why did they do that? I told him it was off a movie from a long, long time ago. He's getting to that age where he notices more things and questions it. I am nervous on what to say, or to come about saying things. Actually I remember back to that age, and all the stuff I "knew" about. I am so not ready for this

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Worn out.

Here it is almost 9pm, and its still snowing. We got alot more than what we were supposed to but still not as much as a friend of mine is supposed to get tomorrow. I am hoping she doesn't get pounded but I guess we will see. I've been checking the weather off and on all day. I keep hoping it will miss her.

I am sending out all my cards on Monday, it took longer than usual cause of what's going on with my friend but at least they are done.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is my Mom's Birthday, she is....21 ....again!!! So jealous of her. She has had a wonderful birthday this year and so deserves it. She got a ZUNE and a New "Used" Car for her Birthday. And my Sister is taking her out to eat tonight. I invited her over for dinner here today because we had spiral ham, mashed taters, green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls and apple pie. We had a Christmas gathering with my Boyfriend's Parents but also invited my Parents to enjoy some food as well. So Happy Birthday Mom..I love you soooo much!!!

Need some ideas?

For Christmas shopping is something I don't like to do really. It frustrates me beyond belief. But at least I got almost everyone done except for my Dad. OOPS. Oh well, Jonathan got him something for Christmas. I just ran out of money, with my bills and all. I know when I saw my Ex Sister In law she was discussing getting her husband some really cool Nike golf clubs because that is all he's been talking about. He's an avid golfer, and any free time he gets he spends on the golf course. When he's up here from Virginia he goes to the clubs here too. I will never understand a thing about golf. What fun is it hitting a little ball into a hall far away? Granted it would be fun to do but not all the

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guess what?

I got a phone call this morning at 2am, my friend Alysia is about to have her baby. Well she goes, "I need you, can you take me to the hospital?" I said sure, give me a few minutes. I get over there and she is just miserable as can be. So we get over to the hospital, we walk up to labor and delivery. She gets all hooked up, and they first checked her at 3ish, and she's dialated to 4. Ok cool, sounding good right? Well at 4:30 she had only dialated to 4.5, so when I left her at almost 6 she was still the same. I had to come home and get my Son up and ready for school. Now I am just sitting here waiting to take him to school. I am going to leave here about 730 and go to the school and explain to them and ask if my Son can go a lil' bit early. As some of the questions asked this morning, I must be there. The admitting nurse asked if I wanted to cut the cord....omg. Not too many people are asked outside of the Daddy being in there but he isn't going to be there so with me being her Birthing Coach. I get too. It is a priviledge to be able to do something of this magnitude and to be apart of her little girls first moments of life. I am in tears right now, time is going so slow. But at least I got in another shower this morning and I am going to eat before going back. Because from past experience, I will need it. I will be taking pictures but due to the nature of what is happening, I simply cannot post the photos. I will ask to post only one. I want to get a good photo for her birth announcements.

Kat, I am so excited over this as I've only sat in a tiny little bathroom and watched my nephew born, which by the way makes me love him even more. It was a bond that I have with him to this day.

I definitely will post when she finally delivers with all the details. I am anxious to meet this little girl. Finally.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Home and tired.

A friend of mine is about to have her baby, today we went walking around some different stores. She just called me a little while ago to tell me that she is having a hard time going bathroom and and and that she more show than usual. We know what that means. I give it a couple of days. Sure hope she waits til' the weekend. I am her birth coach, and I have my Son. So he will be going to the hospital with me if she goes during the week. They have a area for the kids there. So hopefully it will be ok. Scares me though. I am nervous for her because she has high blood pressure. Well I am going to sit for a bit, and relax. Mike should be home soon.

Got some stuff to do.

But I am scared to do With the ice and stuff it scares me. But I can't be scared all the time. Basically I have some things I need to buy and get taken care of. I need to find my power cords to my printers, I am so lost without them. Gah!!!!

Did I mention how much I hate cold weather? And my Van does too, she hates it and doesn't want to do anything in the coldness.

Maybe I should have a truck!!

For all this nasty weather we've been having here, it would of been nice to have a some type of awning to protect my van from all the ice and I know my Dad would of loved to had a a tonneau cover for the back of his truck because it sits outside and collects everything in the bed of the truck. I am afraid of that tree they park next too and all the ice hanging. I sure hope my Mom makes ok to work today without any problems. School was out yesterday basically to protect the kids from potential weather issues, which turned out to happen over last night. It rained all day because the weather hovered at 33 all day, and with all the icicles hanging prior they only got longer. I am going and taking pictures today because not only is it beautiful but amazing. That Mother Nature can be so evil yet beautiful at the same time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not much going on.

Its been a long, and very wearing day. It rained for most of the day, thank heavens for that. Cause my GrandFather was to have surgery today and he had to drive into town about 45 minutes. It stayed rainy the entire time, I came home...had a massive headache. Layed down, still had a headache. Went out took a pic of our bush right outside our front door...

This isn't the whole trifecta thing going on, right now we have had above freezing temps like 33 alllll day and until a couple hours ago it dropped below freezing which means now all that rain we had today. Yep...all ice. Tonight is the night we are being warned about with the ice on the power lines as during the day today it would drip well on every power line is about 3 inches of icicles hanging. I am getting more worried just thinking about it. We have had power outages and so much more.

I am good, will be better oh umm....NEXT SPRING. I hate winter.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Calm before the storm...I guess.

I am sitting here thinking about the "What Ifs" about the impending storm we are about to have tonight. Frankly it scares the nitty wits out of me because of all the damage its already caused. I keep hoping that maybe they are just over warning us about it, because of what happened last year. I remember earlier this year my Cousin lost their power and didn't have any for a week. My Mom didn't have power, My Sister didn't have power. Actually I am going to search my archives for it cause I know I posted about the power outages and links somewhere. Ha Ha found it, here is the ICE STORM back in February. Since I am in a new neighborhood that is prone for its power to go out, I am even more worried. Earlier tonight I went down and brought my Mom some much needed food cause she didn't have time for dinner before she went to the place where she volunteers and my Most Favorite Sister called and said she was all worried, and that all her laundry is done and her bag is packed in case the power goes out again. I told her, I don't blame her and I had done the same thing already. I am not taking any chances, the only thing I didn't get at the store was water. I bought the basics, as we have a ton of food here in the cupboard incase of an emergency. I know its crazy, I bought ICE I can't live without it. Well if I have power in the morning and everything is ok, I will be posting....So wish me luck. I am going to find my blankie and cover my whole city for the night so we don't get hit too hard. BUT I know its coming.


Ok folks, here's the lowdown. We are to get a bad ice storm. NOT happy here. We just got over one a little over a week ago. Not ready for another one. When I head out to grab my Son, I have to stop at the store and grab a few items. The necessities anyways. Milk, Bread, Water, and whatever else I can grab. I am scared of this one.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday....and its borning.

Just sitting here chatting with my Mom on instant messenger, about someone we know and her cousin passing away, then the weather. Now about how Josh had to scrape off some ice on his car windows. And how I hate wrapping presents.

I know bitch, moan, complain....yaddda dadda. Not too much going on today, had a argument with my boyfriend earlier and it basically was the truth. I woke up late, wanted to get to the store before it got busy to buy wrapping paper well. We get back home and we had to tear the tree apart...AGAIN. So I started that, and I pulled the tree out and complained about all the speaker wires making it look so ghetto in here. Well, he goes and what do you want me to do....I said I could careless just don't make it so ghetto looking. Well he started taking them down. I asked why and he said all you do is complain. Well yah!! Anyway. He goes its about compromising since its our house. I said, until you start helping with the bills. ITS MY HOUSE. And that I am tired of paying all the bills and shit. Boy let me tell you. No words were exchanged after that. He went and did the dishes, all by himself. And that was it. He threw in our pizzas, decorated the tree and while I was wrapping the gifts earlier. So now, I am sitting here thinking about taking a nap. Why? Cause I don't feel like listening to video games.

Friday, December 07, 2007


I want to say THANK YOU to Christine..I rec'd my package today and opened it up to all the goodies inside from her contest. I feel so bad cause she feels so bad for being sick and all. What she doesn't realize is, that it is OK. It happens and sometimes happens to the best of us. Don't worry about it Christine, I am actually relieved you had waited because of my move and I was worried about that and it getting stolen. I still can't get over how cute the Tag A Long is, OMGoodness its adorable. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and share with everyone. I love, LOVE it!!! Again Thank you Christine!!!!

Maybe they should of had.

Some software that helped them when handling their job tasks at one of my old jobs. It seemed that the supervisors didn't have any clue on their job titles. Being in the business performance management they should of had some clue on how to schedule, who did what, how much one was paid on their experience and basically everything needed to know in their position. We never knew day to day how much one would balance in, or where the paperwork went. It was always a mess. Til' the day came when the entire company moved into a new and more efficient building. The old place was cramped and dark and dingy. The new place, was spacious with lots of lighting and we had our own cubicles. I didn't get to spend much time as I was 6 months pregnant and had injured myself beyond repair. I slipped and fell while trying to stop the dogs from fighting in the basement. We kept them inside during the winter cause it was too cold for them. So they would fight all the time. Anyway back to the job, they learned and took notes from all of us who had issues and wanted things to work differently. And from what I have heard, its working great!!!

I should of had my Ex Mother In Law.

Look over the assisted living software to find out the information that she was looking for when she decided to sell her house and move into a assisted living facility. She isn't exactly getting any younger here and having to take care of 5 add'l apartments it just got too much for her to handle. When I saw her the other day, she looked at me with such joy and said to me. I can finally sit down and relax and not worry about having to get this fixed, or that fixed. Replacing the hot water heaters or filters, basically stuff a landlord does. She's been doing that for a very long time and she's due for a break. She is looking forward to baking cookies and breads with my Son. She looked so happy when she said that to Jonathan. I know its hard for her to leave a place that she's called home for at least 30 some years.

Someday, I will go to...

Las Vegas to see the lights, the shows, the action and most of all...NOT to gamble. Maybe I will stay in a hotel in Vegas
and enjoy the scenery. I've been wanting to go back since I was a young teenager. My Dad and I, along with my two sisters and brother went on a road trip out to Vegas because of family, my Mom and My Grandpa. It was a somber time when we came back home but needless to say, it was a interesting trip. I remember not eating french fries for a long time after that trip and what's funny is, every time I eat at a certain fast food place....I think of that trip. No matter what. I also remember my Dad saying that I needed to stay awake to keep him awake during that trip. And I didn't...I I am looking forward to a trip to Vegas now that I am older and am able to get into casinos. They kinda look down on you if your a teenager. Except at one casino in particular but you can only spend so long in one place.

Not much to say, just that its cold outside.

Really cold and going to get worse. We got dumped on about 3 inches of snow last night, no biggie. Nothing I can't handle. Actually I love driving in the snow, its the ice I hate. Which is suppose to hit us this weekend. And we have a company dinner tomorrow evening to attend in Iowa City, IA. I need to check the weather for tomorrow up there and the interstate weather as well. I really want to go!!! Its nice to get out of town and enjoy life. But we are coming back home right afterwards. I got too much to do around here as I have a scrapbooking party on Sunday. That I really don't want to have....with this coldness. I just wanna snuggle into bed and watch TV.

The Omaha shooting has hit one of our own.

As in the youngest victim Maggie Webb was a graduate of the High School just a block away from me. She was about to turn 25 and was just a sweet outgoing student while attending Moline High School. I guess you don't think about when something so tragic happens how close to home it can get. Its too close for me. Now it scares me to go shopping anymore that someone who isn't in control of their destiny chooses to take lives.

I honestly have to say, yes we need to pray for the victims because they were innocent. But what about the shooter, pray for his soul, and as most people will he will go to hell right? How do we know where we go? How do we know what is hell or heaven?

I pray for all who were involved....sometimes people who do call out for help...are overlooked and misjudged. I say if you know someone who is looking for help, help them. Talk to them. Listen to them.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow, Snow and more Snow.

I am not looking forward to more snow tonight. Its not on my favorite list. But its life here in the MidWest. Someday I will live in a warmer climate all year round. It just goes to show you, that no matter where you live Mother Nature has plans for everyone. You know California has Earthquakes, Florida has Hurricanes, same for Texas, other states have And we get...Snow. Funny uh?

Well, I kept little man home today for one...the snow Two. He was running a small fever last night. And he cannot attend school if they run a fever, for at least 24 hours. Since of infection. But I often wonder if its because he's missing his kitty Sassy. He told me last night that he was sad, that he's afraid he's not going to wake up because of his bad dreams. That Sassy was his protector of his bad dreams. I kid you not, she would sit right next to him and sleep with him. So today, we are going to make up a Scrap Page entirely of Sassy. And we are going to hang it on the wall over his bed. So he can see her every single night. I sure miss her too, she had a very sweet meow. So if I am not on today, its because I am spending some much needed time with my Son. I told him last night, that I am going to do more listening than talking to him. Because someday, you just never know.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ole' Man Winter is about to arrive...yet again!

I know some people have been hit with snow already. But for here, we got our first inch or less over night, maybe a little more. And wasn't too bad but just now watching the news we are expecting 2-4inches starting around 3pm tomorrow...Thursday. Well, that is when we get home from school so hopefully it will wait til' we make it home.

I came home after picking up my Son and he did his homework without a fight...yay. And for some reason, I just felt the urge to lay down. I sure hope I am not coming down with anything. I just felt tired. And lately, I've been going to sleep alot earlier than normal. And not posting as much either. I know that stems from my internet being slow, but at least I have access and that's all that counts...right?

Well about my court hearing today, I enjoyed it. It was great. I made my Ex feel like an ass...oh wait...look like one. Because I learned something about a week ago. I seen this saying on a Church sign and I am not a religious person but it was so true.

He who angers you, controls you.

How true is that? I told myself, I am no longer going to let my ex anger me. I am going to kill him with kindness. Which is something I did today as well. I could of had my new child support amount raised starting Oct. 16. But I chose for it to start this Friday. And that he wantd the custody changed to joint instead of me having Sole Custody. I did not have a problem with that at all but made it a point to say that the reason why it was that, was because he did not show up at our divorce hearing because he had prior engagements. His lawyer thanked me for clarifying that. I just wanted his new wife to know that, if it ever came down to a divorce...that he wouldn't show I did however tell his Father that his Son has been sick since he's came home from his house. He said, oh we have been sick too. Well, that Jonathan has missed a few days since his house. I have to remind him on Friday that he is to not take him outside as I nor our Son can't afford to miss anymore days of school.

Well, nuff said. I am pooped. Worn out. Mike should be home soon. Its Wednesday. I would like to go out to eat. He's buying. I want......Ruby Tuesday. I luvvvvvvvvvvv their food. But would like to try Noodles & Company. Its a new restaurant in town that specializes in Pasta dishes. MMMMMMMMMM.

Oh and this is not a sponsored post, its from my own experience.

Ok done...

Done with court, it got raised....I am happy.

Court again today.

Let's see how today turns out, it seems my Ex got a lawyer to fight raising child support. Ok no problem its the states attorney on my side of the situation. It seems he thinks he shouldn't have to pay any higher amount because he's now married. Well whoopty ding dong. I haven't raised the amount in 7 years, 7 years of the same amount and for him to not even be able to pay that amount because he's a lazy fucker who thinks he shouldn't have to pay when he gets laid off...did I mention when he's laid off he gets a nice chunk of unemployment. BY USING OUR CHILD for his deduction. Well, since I'm laid and my Son lives with me. I have all rights to claim him since he lives with me. He by law has no right to claim him, but only to his years of income tax time. So I got him into trouble over that. OH well don't mess with my money. Then when I went to court last time, I sat there for over 2 hours all for them to tell me that his lawyer, had a conflict of time so he wasn't able to make it. I was so freakin' pissed. But I will not let him know, I am going to be nice as pie. I know they are going to raise, but I really don't care how much because whatever the difference is my rent will go up. We all know the saying, what comes around...goes around. All of this stemmed when earlier this year, I was to get all his income tax refund because of non-payment of child support. Well they only took a portion, and the rest he got. He told me to his face, well since they didn't take it all...its going to be used on my honeymoon. OK, for one. Don't say that to me. For two...BIG mistake. And for three...married or not, I really could give a rats ass on his bills. I have bills too but when I have to use my money for necessities on our Son, I make sure my Son is taken care of. Sometimes my bills are late but what am I to do when he doesn't pay his child support all the time? He is now $1195 usual. That's 18 weeks behind. The man thinks its ok to be laid and not pay a dime. He loves to do this around Christmas time too. So actually today I see him, being laid off and my child support going down. If that's the case, I am going to snap and I am going to inform the judge. The reason he's behind already is him getting laid off, getting paid over 300 a week for unemployment and not paying a dime. He makes twenty some an hour, no excuse to be behind. I can't wait. If it gets lowered today, I am going to request the judge to put a hold on his drivers license since he's so behind. I will make that fucker think about messing with me. All you have to do is look at my court record, and you will see how many times he has changed jobs. Not exactly pretty. And every time he changes jobs, I have to call into the Child Support office, sit on the phone for an hour. He's supposed to do that. But in his mind, he's above that. Man, I am just irritated right now just thinking about today. I swear I am going to snap on him. I think too, I might see how having restrictions placed when he is at his Dad's. I don't think I like the idea of him going hunting with his Dad. For one he's took young, and two....there have been alot of people get shot. If something happens to our Son, I will go to prison for murder.

Oh and did I mention that our Son came home sick from there, and his wife never told my Ex that he was sick. What kind of person is that? I don't trust her. And I will let him know, if she can't inform him of our Son being sick then I don't know if he should be allowed there. Its now a week and a half later and we are still dealing with it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dread Tuesday.

Here I sit, miserable. I am not sick but my Son is. I am also miserable because we are finding homes for the kittens today. I knew this day was coming and I try to prepare myself for the heartache. But one can never prepare enough. What I am afraid of is, my Son waking up and seeing that they are gone and he will stay sick. He's been thru a rough day considering what happened yesterday morning with the small fire, me yelling at him and him losing his kitty Sassy. I think that in itself is going to be the hardest for him. See, you probably think why can't we keep her and let one of the others go? Well, I wouldn't see a problem with it but we made a promise to our friends who the two original kittys came from that we would never get rid of them. That they will die old with us. And I have to keep that promise. I know he's my Son and he should be first. The thing is, his kitty don't like any other cats here. So that would mean getting rid of all but one cat. Its funny because Gidget the Momma kitty used to be his favorite. As of this moment we are 5 kittens less. So now we have 3 kittens and 2 older cats to be gone today. Our house will be so quiet again, and that is what I am going to miss the most. All the terrorizing they do. I have to redo our Christmas tree...yet again. Evil monsters.

Here it is almost 9am and my Son is still sleeping. My Son don't sleep in....ever. I am worried about him. I know its the Flu, he's not eating or drinking anything for fear of it coming back up. I can't blame him. He tried some Cola Syrup last night but only a tiny sip.

As for what happened yesterday, I think my yelling at him was more than enough punishment. It probably sent him into his sickness even faster and now I feel so awful. Its not a good day. I just want to kick myself.

Now three more kitties are gone.....

Someone ...please shoot me now. My heart hurts so bad.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Not in the best of moods right now.

As my Son decided to light a fire cracker...INSIDE my house this morning all the while I was taking a quick shower. Here I thought I was all safe within my home and he decides to do that. I really thought he was old enough to understand the dangers of fireworks and stuff. But I guess not, and its my fault for not throwing them away when I should of. But its also my boyfriends fault in the first place he brought them bitches home and boy oh boy...he will hate me after today. Because not only is beer not allowed in my home but neither will fireworks. I simply cannot handle this crap right now. I have enough on my plate, along with brakes on my van are GONE and I have to get them replaced ASAP. So much paying bills ya know? Anyways, I have to take him to school now and think about his punishment. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, as I refuse to physically punish him but I think a good take away something, no tv or something. Not sure. I already told him that I am not getting him anything for Christmas that he threw that out the door.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I've been gone...and I am sorry.

I've been so busy these last couple of days, its not even funny. Yesterday was my nephews Birthday party and of course we had this massive Ice Storm that went on and on...and on and on. I could swear someone kept feeding this storm and the ice build on the cars was amazing and fast. We went to the store after scraping off about a inch of ice, and after we came back out it was thick again. I was done with scraping yesterday but from what the news said we had some power outages from the ice. It wasn't a pretty sight. In my bathroom I have this window on the top that is clear pane that you can see out well, it had ice on it and I saw that it was starting to melt, so I snapped a pic of it.