Monday, January 28, 2008

Something to think about.

Every year I do taxes well, a couple of years ago a friend of mine asked me to do their taxes. They always done items like clothes and furniture. I think the most significent thing that impressed me the most was their car donation. To me that showed me their true inner self and how the world isn't perfect. There are people who truly need items that are donated. These people always kept a smile on their faces throughtout their time donating items. They do it all year long. Of course its a great tax break too. Yes believe it or not it does help to keep all receipts of all items that you donate. Why? Because it actually adds up. I like to see the refunds go up with all the receipts of items donated. If anyone is interested in donating items. Please look up your local shelters, and or other charities. Sometimes the item being donated it can put to good use like teaching purposes. Like which has given out over 2.4 million cars so far. I think that is amazing!!! Its a great way for our kids and people to learn. For example check out this video and see what you think. I hate to sound selfish and like I am trying to sell something. Honestly you cannot sell being a caring and giving person without the benefit of profit. It feels good to give from the heart.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm here

I am here just been behind and extremely busy. My Son was sick for most of last week, ending up with bronchitis. He's on antibiotics now so its helping a bit. Right now I am about to head to bed. I am exhausted. I have added a few pics to my flickr so if your a friend and on my list you can check em' out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I never do this.

But I wanted to ask for your thoughts and prayers for a dear, dear friend of my Moms. His name is Kim, he has Stage 4 Gastric Cancer that has spread to his liver. He has suffered a stroke just recently and tomorrow he is being transported to the hospice as its now the time. I knew Kim from going into my Mom's work as the one who has always worked on computers. He has helped my Mom build computers time and time again. He's the computer genius at my Mom's work. Right now my Mom is devastated, as her and Kim were best buds at work. There are other things going on right now in our lives that it has left my Mom so stressed its not even funny. But I told her, the other things will work themselves out but Kim is the lucky one. He gets to live free of pain and worries. No matter what he will be missed greatly by his loving wife and all his adopted kids. He's a good man. If you click on his link you will see his beautiful kids.

Bored out of my mind.

I am irritated at the moment. I was looking forward to a day of spending some more time with my Son. But NOOOOO, someone else had to stay home because of the snow. Poor excuse I say. I really wanted my time alone. Call me selfish, I don't care.

Well the Pinewood Derby race went really well, he beat the snot out of his entire den of Webelos 2, it was awesome he did so well. But overall finished fourth. That is just awesome. I am so proud of that boy.

On another front. I bought myself a new coffee pot. It was on clearance but it had a built in coffee grinder. So I can use either ground coffee or grind my own. Sweet! My next thing will be a new microwave. The paint is peeling off the bottom of my microwave and I don't feel safe anymore. I am sure someone can find use for it. I've had it now for about 8 years and I think its time for a new one. Well I need to find something for dinner. We need some type of meat.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting excited.

Tomorrow night is my Son's Pinewood Derby, it will be his Second one. He is so excited. And so am I. Him and his Father have been working on a car. I saw it today for the first time. Its pretty cool. I will be taking pictures tomorrow night, and the best part. For how bad he would love to win, I remind him that even if he don't win. He still has the best trophy there. He looked at me kinda funny when I said that. I told him, the Pinewood Derby car is a trophy, that its a one of a kind and something to be treasured forever.

Its gonna be a early night, tonight. I am beat and tired.

Getting the word out.

Someday when I finally own my own business. Yes, I said that. I would love to be my own boss someday and have all my own stress. I absolutely love Scrapbooking. Its my vice and a way for me to create. But I am always on the lookout for the next new item. While visiting one of my fave stores, they had some really cool stuff with the stores name on some items of interest. When you use imprinted promotional products it actually promotes and spreads the word about your business. I love every time I go to the bank, I always ask to have one of their pens. Why? Because I don't remember their number half the time and all I got to do is pick the pen up out of my console. See bright idea huh? I hate phone books. They are heavy and in my way. LOL. With that in mind, I will have my own business and have classes to teach people who would like to learn but don't have the first clue on what to do. I have so many friends who are interested in it.'s a little secret. I have so much crap, its not even funny. I can teach people out of my own home if I wanted to. Maybe this Summer I can figure something out and use my garage. It can be cleaned

We had chinese.

It was ok, Mexican would of been a better choice but with the cold weather here and its freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing its not even funny. We ran to Wallllllllmart and got some laundry soap, fabric softener and paper towels, oh and two candy bars...I need chocolate tonight. I am good to go on my laundry.

While we were...

On our way to take my Son to his Dad's. We went to one of our local dams and watched the Eagles. Then as we were turning around because I noticed it was a government land and it freaked me out. I know it wasn't the Swiss Army or anything but kinda freaked me out to see people walking out. Not sure if they were coming out to talk to us or anything. SO we left in a hurry. Then we took some pictures, and out of the blue two cars showed up. Passed us...only cause they noticed us taking pictures of the birds. Which by they way are just beautiful this time of year. My Son was counting how many Eagles he saw and he lost count after 40 some.

I got an awesome picture today.

Of a Bald Eagle. It was sitting on top of a tree along the river. He was just sitting there. Then all of a sudden it pooped right in front of us. Whoaaaa. I didn't see it but my Son did.

I am so evil right now, my Sister just pulled up...UNANNOUNCED and asks if I would watch my nephew. She never got out of the car, she honked...I open the door. She asks that. I told her NO and shut my door. How evil is that? She only calls when she wants something or needs someone to watch her kids. Just like last weekend, she called me while I was in Iowa City...wanting to watch her kids. After spending most of the day up there, I was dead tired and she had the balls to ask that. She goes, call me when you get back. I said its going to be late, she goes. It don't matter. I said to me it does.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gawd I feel like a tard...

Here I was enjoying my afternoon after picking up my Son, took a nice HOT,HOT bath to relax. I try a new soap, just going about my business as the phone rang...not too sure who it was...either Dawn, Nicole or Andrew...not sure. Well it looks like I can't use dial soap anymore. Its the first time in a long time I did, and now I know why I stopped using it.

Anyhow, tomorrow my Son has a half day and no school on Monday. Man..why?

Well at least my hair is washed. Feels good. I hate washing my hair...its a friggin' pig stye half the time always up in a bun. I hate it touching my neck...reminds me of spiders. I have it in a pony tail now, and I will sit here twirling it in my fingers. And I will soon have Shirley Temple curls. Not kidding you.

The Son is on a mission to find a "bowl" for water for his caterpillar he found in the laundry room. Not sure what it is going to be, I think I will go online and find out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hi..Hello there.

I am sorry, I didn't blog this morning. Where was I? Oh yeah I was with my Grandma having her Stress test. She said it was different this time. The first time she said it felt like she was going to blow up. It scared the crap out of her. But see the first time is when they found blockage and that she needed surgery right away. So I know this time is different because I know she is ok, I feel it in my heart. The last time I was doubtful and scared. Its amazing how close you can feel to one, as my Grandma I am very, very close. To know our history is almost like any other family. We went thru a time period where we didn't talk and it broke my heart every day we didn't talk. Then one day she called me and begged for my forgiveness and was sorry for not listening to me. Ever since then, I have told her no matter what I love them more than anything. No matter what, nothing will keep us apart. I am trying to spend as much time as I can with them and I spend them like there is no tomorrow. I wish I could spend the same time with my other Grandma but it seems, hope no one in particular takes this wrong. But My Other Grandma has battled cancer and won. She just can't handle kids, and I am sorry I don't leave home without my Son. So you put two and two together, I don't go over there as per my Mom she can't handle kids jumping around being normal kids as I see it. Maybe its her age but the way I see it, how is my Son ever gonna get to know her if he doesn't ever go over there? I really didn't know my Grandpa all that well and I now wish I did. I hear all these great stories about what kind of Dad he was, and I really don't remember him. And now My Son will have the same memories of his one Grandma of not really knowing her. And that hurts me to no end.

I just hope when I am old, that my Grandkids and great grandkids come around me. And want to spend time with me, after all....I want them memories taken to the grave with me.

Well I better get to cookin' some supper. I am hungry.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Maybe I should..

Into some term life insurance quotes now that I am getting older. I know my boyfriend did last year, and got a great quote. I need to think about it though because of my Son. I don't want something to happen and he be without. I want him to be able to live life without worries even if its just for a short time. I shouldn't be saying stuff like this. Who knows what may happen to any of us at any time.

For instance of a friend of my Mom's who has Stage 4 Gastric Cancer which has gone to his liver. We know that life throws us curves and we learn to deal with it. I was reading his blog earlier and yes it made me cry. He mentioned all the paperwork and stuff and how pressed he is for time. One would never think that in a moments notice, our life is over before it really started.

I remember..

When I was little and I would go out to my Grandparents house, I would sit at their table and draw, write and do whatever. Well I noticed that they had pens with their names on it. They would pass out advertising pens
to all their customers that way they would always have their information on it and if they needed them, their number was at their finger tips. I think they still have some of them too. If I remember right, I thought I saw some the last time I was at their house. I will have to ask them tomorrow morning when I see them. My Grandma has a stress test in the morning, her blood pressure isn't right and she's been getting tired too easily. I worry about her and my other Grandma. It seems she isn't doing well either. Scares me.

Time for a change.

I've been wanting to lose a few pounds here and there. But as we all know that most diet supplements and aids don't work. Its what you eat and how you eat is what helps you in the end. Maybe I should try some hoodia to help suppress my appetite. I can't get over the name though for some reason. But still have heard a few people I work with have tried it and have lost weight, but its not just a diet fix. You have to be willing to change your entire eating and lifestyle. SO who knows what I may do.

Is it Monday already?

Gah...why oh why? I am glad its Monday. I will be taking my Son to school then I have a few errands to run. Not that I want to or anything but I know its something that my Boyfriend cannot get done while working in Iowa City all the time. See we moved and he has a few temp. places that he needs to update his address for. Otherwise no W-2's. See where I am going with this?

Speaking of, I honestly cannot wait. I am making a purchase that I've been wanting for a few years now. I am getting a LapTop. Not an expensive one or anything just a laptop that I can take into the bedroom with me or sit on the couch. Or play with while driving down the road. I probably won't use the battery often even while driving, with me being passenger of course. I have an adapter that you can plug into your cigarette lighter. I love it. But anyway its something I've wanted and everyone else around me has gotten so its my turn. After all I earned my money for it. I need to start doing my research now on a laptop. I know what brand I want and will always stick with and that is HP. I have had nothing but two good computers that are both HP's. My keyboard and mouse on my old one finally went kaput but its only been 4 years since I bought it. So with all the time I spent on it and everyone else, it was only a matter of time of their slow deaths. Now I have a wireless mouse and keyboard on it. Almost a new

Well I got to get the Son motivated to finish his morning here.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Low down Sunday.

Woke up at or around 10am this morning. It seems the older I get the more I sleep in. Its now 1:09 and it seems earlier. Tells me I shouldn't sleep in. But I could go lay down now and be out for an hour. Usually on Sundays I do rest, I get the much needed rest. After all I was sick for over a week, with hardly any sleep. So I need the catching up on my sleep

We went to Iowa City, IA. yesterday and took some pics of Kinnick Stadium. If anyone is a Iowa Hawkeye fan would know what that place is. Besides being HUGE its beautiful. I, myself am not a HawkEye Fan. In fact I am not into sports. Unless its Nascar then were talking. Which by the way we have a little over a MONTH then its back to racing baby.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I think we are going too..

Iowa City, IA. today for a road trip and to get away from the area. It seems we had some hoodlums out and about last night and they got our neighbors garage. But yet it faces my house, so I look out my window and I see LRK. With a pitch fork on top of it. It stands for Low Rider Killers per the Police Officer and it was put up there by a rival gang called the Bishops. It never fails. Why can't I live in a safe neighborhood?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Can't wait til' Summer.

I told Mike last night that I want to go back to Missouri, it was so beautiful when we went. I would like to visit Branson Missouri as well. I know I have family that bought some land down there and have a couple of acres to roam. I basically want to go just to get out of the house and visit another state and enjoy. I love sightseeing from the comfort of my vehicle though. I get nervous going to other states and walking around. Must be too many crime shows I watch about tourists and such.

I have a mission today...

And that is to clean my house from top to bottom. I started last night. I noticed a smell in the laundry room, I removed all the carpets because obviously they had a smell and threw them away. I brought out the Pine-Sol, scrubbed the floors out there, then the bathroom and kitchen floors. So now they are all clean. I have a very bad habit of making piles of stuff. Can you guess what I have to the left and right of me at this moment? Piles of junk and stuff. It makes my house look crowded. I have ALLLL day to get this place in order. I also started yesterday organizing my scrapbooking materials, since I have way too much now. When you have it scattered you just don't realize how much you really have. SO now that I bought more photo boxes which I love, love...I use them and stack them on the top shelf in my craft room. It looks so much better in them boxes and they are on sale at Michaels. They are regularly $3.99 a piece well this week they are 3 for $5.00. Not bad price. I might run back over there today and grab three more. I have a ton of pictures I want to get organized. I didn't mention I sent a letter to the head of Michaels about not having stuff in stock 99% of the time and its ridiculous they have sales but NO stuff on their shelves. And that they sell stuff but none of the accessories to go with it. They sent back a reply that they sent a letter to the store in question will look into it and will notify me of a response. I also said I was a former employee of the store and its still the same way now as when I was there. Irritating ain't it?

Update on the shoe situation from Walllllmart. I had to go buy, show receipt and they gave me cash for my new shoes. I told the dude that they weren't cheap shoes, told him that they were $55 when I bought them. They only had two pairs left, so I got the one pair and I just love my shoes. This is now my third pair of these shoes. And see I use to buy Nikes but for some reason I don't like the way they fit my feet. But now I only wear Skechers as they fit and feel good on my feet. If you click on the link you will see what they look like, and yes that's the price I paid for them babies. I am going to get another pair when I get my income tax but a cheaper pair of skechers for work. I don't want to ruin these.

Well off to the evil store, I need some blank cd's I downloaded a few new songs and want to listen to them in the van. I need a transmitter for my iPod.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Is it that a cat thinks its ok to jump on your lap...fall down and take half your leg with him? I have perfect paw marks on one side of my thigh...outside of it. And just now...the little shit decided to jump up...and since I am not wearing my jeans....he jumps...misses and gashes out the inside of my thigh...Its bad enough I have a scratch on the top of my hand that is in the shape of a V. My friend Alysia keeps saying... V is for

I've been spending some time with the new baby in these last couple of days, and enjoying it. She is such a sweet baby and she growls like a bear. She'd be in a total sleep phase, and grrrrrrrr. Scares you. But she is just so beautiful and loving. I still yet to call her by her name though. I call her pumpkin, princess, snuggle bug and sweet lips.

Well today I have to go buy a new pair of shoes, take the receipt, take my old shoes over to Wallllmart to get a reimbursement. I think its a bunch of BS that I have to do all the running around and waste gas I don't have. But at least I will be getting a new pair of shoes, which is all I asked for to begin with. I will make a note for them, and remind them. It wasn't my fault that THEY messed up and didn't finish their job. I tried my hardest NOT to knock it over, in which they should not of been there to begin with. I told the Store Manager, GO FIND THE VIDEO tape of the incident and review it. And then tell me I did wrong. He said Ma'am, I said NO. YOUR EMPLOYEE who didn't finish his job, left the stuff ON TOP of another display with the box hanging off. Is that safe? NO. I told that man to go read the safety rules and read over how your NOT suppose to leave stuff on top of other displays especially when its glass. THEN we will talk. He apologized. I also told him that it felt like I was being treated like a second class citizen and being pushed under the rug. And that if it wasn't for people like me, he wouldn't have a job. It doesn't take much to shut a store manager up.

I guess after the year I had in 2007, I am not about to put up with any more crap and not be pushed around. After all with the flooding that happened in my basement, and my first initial thought of who was at fault. And after 5 months of pushing the matter, I won. I won, because I saw what happened, heard what happened, took pictures and I think the insurance company wasn't expecting it. Don't mess with me and my family. The power of digital camera is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait for income tax time, I am buying a new camera and this time its going to be a nice one. Its time to take that step and fullfil my dream of photography. I have to begin new memories, and might as well start off right this time.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Have you heard of Big Fish Games?

If so, have you seen the Hidden Object Games that they have on there. I am so addicted to them games its not even funny. I play them all the time, always wanting to beat my scores. My Son loves playing them as well. It actually helps with his concentration, and he is so good with figuring the games out. So let me know if anyone is interested in a free game, I belong to the club and on the 15th I will have a credit, so if I get alot of people interested we can have a drawing or something.

Had a fun night.

Had my Son's doc. appt. Thats another story within itself. Then a field trip with the cub scouts. We went and got to meet a Hall of Famer Hershel Roberts who has raced at our local dirt tracks, and other dirt tracks. This man is battling Stage 4 Stomach cancer and broke my heart has he is still dealing with it, and still having chemo. But he still races. I have pictures, just got no time to upload them just yet. We have to leave here shortly for the short drive to school. I hate the traffic that's in between.

And for some reason, I am really tired. I mean tired I am falling asleep in the van while waiting for him to get out of school. Its like I am not getting enough sleep. But I am that's the problem. Hmmmm.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The weather sucks!

I missed my show yesterday and I always feel lost when I do, so now that Days is on...where am I at? I am still working on getting all the bedding washed, my Son's room/bedding is done...Thank goodness.

Now I have just one more comforter to do. I am going back to my show, before it ends.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Want to win a contest for a gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond?

Head on over to Kat's for her Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card giveaway for $25 bucks. Hey thats a pretty good chance at winning some easy money to treat yourself at B,B & B. I love that store, I love all the gadgets and all the pretty bedding. I am in need of a new coffee pot but not sure if they have it there but it was at another store. I really wanted this one certain coffee pot and now I can't find it.

Too weird.

Last night I had one of the most weirdest dreams ever. Here's how it started. I was in a house/trailer couldn't make it out but there was a tornado warning going off and people were scrambling all over the place and they were frantic. Well I had my Son, which for some reason was only a toddler and I had found a safe place. Well as I was looking out this window I see the twister right in front of me going to the right. It was going to hit some place. Well then my phone I answer it and for some ungodly reason its Jeff Gordon from the #24 Dupont Nascar. Why would he call me? Well it seems I was dating a Nascar driver and he wanted to let us know he was ok but that his Step Son's father was injured. That a Soccer shoe with the cleats went into his head and got stuck...he laughed about it. I was like, ok crazy....I proceed to hang up the phone and I turn around and its my boyfriend...Jimmie Johnson...yah figure that one out too. He looked at me and smiled and said... Good Morning. WTF? I woke up and was like wow. That was eery.

Ok now catch this, we were just issued a Tornado watch for our area. Now was that my inner self telling me to be prepared or something? I don't understand my premonitions sometimes but the thing is, they always come true. Not kidding you, ask my Mom. Ask my Grandma. In fact she was telling me of one when I was little. That I yelled out my Papaw's name at the same time he was in a accident. Whoa...I just got the chills.

I need to focus on the task at hand here, I am making homemade enchiladas. Anyone want some? I might save ya

Dupid weather....

I swear Mother Nature has it out for us people in the Midwest. One day the temp is minus 7, then just a very few short days later its 63 degrees. Gah!!!!

I am feeling 98% better than a week ago. The only thing that got me today is this little headache and a cough. Not to mention all the drainage but I won't go into that. I have so much to do around here its not even funny. But haven't been able to get anything done do to me being sick. Kinda sucks.

But I am making a commitment to my blog, I plan on blogging every single day this year. Just a little something to keep me motivated.

Well I have to put three boxes of food away from my Grandma. She's been holding out on me here folks. She goes to food pantries and stuff, and there are certain things she can eat and I get all the good fattening Gotta love the Grandma! We have enough peanut butter and jelly now, that we are set. Oh and pancake

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Long day, warm too.

Ok today I got woke up by a transformer blowing somewhere on my street as it shut my fan off. Grrr. I hate being woke up. Oh wait it was 10am...and only lately I've been getting to sleep in lately. So this morning, I played around online then went to the store got some groceries then I noticed the temperature was hovering around 60 degrees....just three days ago it was below 0. Makes me crazy. My weekend was really boring, so I guess there isn't much else to talk about. All I know is, I have a extremely busy week cleaning that is. My Grandma gave me tons of food, boxed and canned so I have to make room. And the laundry. I have my bedding to do this week. I want all germies gone. So every piece of bedding is getting washed. Yay!!! Love my April Freshness smell!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

It came up in our...

Conversation tonight over dinner again. My horrible Summer I encountered when we had that terrible flood in my basement. I remind people every single day of it, because I basically found out tonight that I did have a nervous breakdown. My friend Alysia said I was making some negative comments on myself, that I blamed myself for something that definitely wasn't my fault. If my Landlord had better home owners insurance with the added clause of "water back-up" that all my stuff would of been covered along with her precious furnace which was supposely a $5000 furnace. Now that was funny, the furnace guys said it was only a $1500 furnace. I asked why would she say that, and the guys were like. I don't know ma' My old Landlord had changed her stories so many times on everything. I was devious though when I moved out, I never told her I was moving. Her Daughter came up to me and asked why I didn't inform her Mom of moving out. I told her Daugther, that I simply could not take another one of her crazy moments of flipping out on people and calling them liars all the time. And that I needed no more abuse from her. And her Daughter smiled, agreed and walked away. It was a moment that I was like. I am not the only one who sees that. I only wish the best for my old Landlord and that all her dreams and wishes comes true. I can't help but feel negative thoughts about her, but deep down inside I know she is battling these demons within herself. She would have these Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde moments and it would scare me.

I think my breaking point of NOT liking that woman was when we were arguing in the garage, and she was throwing MY stuff away in the garbage. I wanted to throw something at her and hurt her really bad. I really did. But come to realize, she wasn't worth throwing my life away for.

And my Son didn't deserve the treatment he got either. To this day, my Son misses his BeanBag chair. He lost all his toys but would prefer a bean bag chair for his video games.

I am ranting on and on here. Can you tell I am feeling a little bit better? Let's just say, when I take my medicine on time everything works out better for me. If I am late...then I am in trouble.

Thinking about my past.

There is alot that I haven't talked about, some stuff that I felt people didn't need to know. Its a personal choice right? And some people put their entire life online, and I give them people kudos and guts for being outspoken. I really don't know if I could do it or not.

For instance I remember when I was married and we lived in a trailer...yes I said TRAILER. It was ok, big enough for three of us. Except when my then husband decided to get a bar set and bar stools that I told him were completely unsafe for a small toddler. We never had a kitchen table...we had a bar. And I know were suppose to compromise when your married, live with each other and their flaws. I guess my breaking point was when he bought that without my permission and wanted to have it in our dining area. I hated that thing so much. Its really the little things that breaks up marriages, or at least in my opinion.

I belong to a Mommy group and..

There were these younger Moms wanting certain moon boots or Emu Australia boots. For me, I thought back in the day when I was a kid when they made these HUGE boots that when you walked you felt like you were walking on air. I know all the "popular" kids had them. So I asked a really stupid question because I didn't know what they were. I am slowly coming back out of my hole I hid in because of feeling so out of date. The Moms told me to think of certain socialites in Hollywood who wear those nice hot weather. I am not sure I could ever wear those things as I don't have the model body to wear

Can't wait til' income tax time.

I know most people avoid it but not me. I know I get a return because I plan ahead. All year long, I have extra money taken out so I know in the end I will get it all back and in a nice chunk of change. This year, my boyfriend and I decided to make a nice investment into a new tv. Not one that he chose awhile back that I hated with a passion. For one you couldn't see if you were at an angle. And the best picture was sitting directly in front of the TV, dead center. Having 5 people in here every other weekend it got too crowded on the couch. Yes, I am selfish. So we want to get a newer TV, preferably flat screen because I love my monitor to pieces. We will have to get a stereo cabinet to hold all our stereo equipment, satellite receiver and our game systems. Yes, in this house we have a couple different systems. We have kids ages 10 and now 16, and of course the video games rule this house on the weekends they are here. I go sit in my room with the door closed because I can only handle so many sounds of guns, crickets and duck

We were picking out some flowers.

Awhile back, trying to find some and some that I like for when I get married again. I really don't want to pay the outrageous prices of flowers because afterall they eventually die. So a wedding planner I know told me to look into wholesale flowers that I can actually get at a cheaper rate and where I won't feel as bad when they do die. I am a tight wad when it comes to my money. If I know or feel its going to die soon. Then nope. Not gonna do it. I work in the plant business and can tell almost immediately when something is gonna die before we even get it off the racks at work. So many times have I mentioned to the ladies about our plants, perennials and annuals. That they are gonna die. And not kidding within 2 days they would be brown and dead.

Me and a Friend went to a craft store yesterday.

And enjoyed some time, looking at our scrapbooking stuff as I know she is wanting to get started back into it again. She's a single Mom with 3 kids and works full time. She's a strong person. Well when we were looking around we saw this cutter tool that cut out shapes and made designs onto metal sheeting, the thin stuff well we thought it said plasma cutting on the packaging. Boy I felt silly. It actually said plate cutting, I still didn't understand what that meant but the pictures pretty explained. Being a Mom nowadays and being forgetful go hand in hand. Lately, I've been more patient with my Son and talking more calmly to him instead of my usual...ahem...Yelling. (eyes rolling) He gets pretty darn fiesty like his Mom. And boy he loves to argue. I wonder where he got that from....oh not me. Never.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I wish..

Click for bigger picture.
That I was more intuned to what today's world is like. I have read so many blogs about New Moms, Young Moms and Mom's with little ones to teenagers. I enjoy reading all of them. But I wished I'd kept a blog about how my life was back in the day of when my Son was younger. I have a wonderful picture to share with you that happened last Friday. I finally feel well enough to sit here long enough to wait for the slow upload, (hate dial-up) but its of the enormous snowball my Son decided to throw on my Nephews Head....NOT KIDDING YOU. The First picture, I just love his expression. He nailed my Son with a snowball and it was payback...I so love this picture.
Click to Bigger Picture

Then my his revenge and my Nephew just loved it. He had a blast. I have more pictures but not enough

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Attention: Cricut Users.

I just have a quick question for you.

Has anyone used the Cricut Design Studio that you can use on your computer with your Cricut hooked up using your USB?

If so, how has it worked for you?

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I haven't felt up to posting til' now, took a hot bath, slept good last night thanks to my good friend NyQuil. Yepper, he was sweet and gentle. Didn't move too fast and made my transition into sleep so much better than the nights before. I purposely waited on taking the NyQuil so I could watch the ball drop, not once but twice. I cried, like every year. I kissed my honey when it was our time for midnight, then I called my Mom to wish her a Happy New Year. As long as I get to talk to her, it makes a world of difference and I got lucky. I was the first kid to call her and wish her a Happy New Years.. HA HA to my Sisters and Well I am off to bed, yet again. Whatever this crapola is, its sticking around and just hanging out here. I am about to spray Lysol around the house. I tried eating but before that I actually got sick, and it hurt to throw up, as usual. With my prior surgery for my heartburn it makes it difficult to throw up. So of course I pop all kinds of blood vessels under my eyes and my face hurts for about an hour. Oh did I mention I now have this nasty ass cough that is quite painful in the chest area. If I am not better by tomorrow, this little girl is going to the express care. Something is amiss here, but then again I am probably stuck with whatever I have and it will have to work itself out. Oh well. Happy New Years to me.

I do want to mention on that story about the Tiger that was killed in San Francisco Zoo, it irritates the shit out of that this poor animal was only doing what he would do on instinct. And with the new evidence coming out about a Slingshot and Liquor being in the vehicle. Like a friend said, sounds funny to me and to torment a innocent animal is just beyond me. I sure hope the truth comes out, and soon. But then again they boys aren't speaking. Hmmmm. I am sorry, if I had survived a vicious attack from a tiger I would want my story out unless I had something to hide.