Saturday, March 31, 2007

Its fun to be at the Y...M....C...A..

Especially after a long hard days work. Let me tell you, plants are going to make me nuts. All the racks coming in everyday, is a bit overwhelming right now. I am taking tomorrow off as, I really need a day of relaxing. Don't think that will happen either as I have tons and tons of laundry to do. The race is on tomorrow, at Martinsville so I gotta watch my short track race.

We just had a weather scare here with some "possible" tornadoes. Here you see everyone going into their basements then there is Me...grabbing my camera and hopping in the van to check out the beautiful As you seen in the picture above, it was a beautiful serene moment for me. Well, the time has come for me to go sit on the couch and veg.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well I finally went and got some shampoo and conditioner that I can actually use and will work with my thick hair. My friend at work was telling me what her friend uses for her long, thick curly hair so I decided to go and get some. I am going to take a hot bath before bed and relax. I also bought me some lotion because my legs are so dry from being outside.

I am watching a program on A&E, and it makes me so sad. Something about SWAT on how some people who hold themselves and family members hostage then take their own lives. Even after the SWAT team sits there for hours on end not knowing whether they are alive or dead. Then when they finally get in it, they are passed on. Its so heartbreaking.

Hello Thursday.

Spring Break officially begun for my wonderful Son. He deserves a break. He is raising his grades except for one but were working on that. His Teacher said he is starting to apply himself more, which is what we have been working on. I am so proud of my Son.

Right now I am listening to Robby aka Big Block howl for our girl kitty who is in heat. Grrrrr. Its so annoying.

Well gotta run to Wally world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guess what I've been playing?

Someone bought me the last expansion pack for the Sims 2, its called Sims 2 Seasons. OMG. I love it. Its so cool how you can grow tomatoes in the middle of winter in your own I am not one to have all kinds of hacks in my game as it messes up your graphics and stuff, so I just install the The Sims 2 Objects. I am so enjoying this game and now I see there is another one coming out too just with Objects for Celebration. I am so excited.

Well not much going on, I have a conference here at the school in 15 minutes so gotta run.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I am here, butttttt.....

Been way too busy for anything it seems. Work is overwhelming, not to mention the aches and pains. It seems I have a old injury that is flaring up, from like oh say....13 years ago. Yep. I lose feeling in both of my hands, I can't wash my hair, drive, type, brush my hair, do dishes....basically anything that deals with your hands. If you know that feeling of when your foot falls asleep, I get it in both my hands, wrist and up to my elbow. I went to the chiro on friday, had my x-rays, and today the results. It seems my neck is showing signs of wear and tear. no seriously, the curve in my neck is not curved in fact its straight. Its pinching a nerve in my neck, soooooo getting popped in places that I didn't know popped is pretty cool. And my tail bone, is twisted out of porportion. I had one treatment tonight, and wow....let me tell you I am going to bring my chiro home with me. He's awesome, with his magic fingers. I had one treatment for my wrist on the machine that pulls your arm out of your socket in your elbow. I can feel the difference already. In the one arm cause I didn't have time for the other one so tomorrow I will have both done and will go from there.

I am hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight. I am praying ya know. Well, I am off for the night. Gonna watch TV and relax, wait for the clothes in the washer to get done. Then sleepy time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I see you.

I just wanted to point out, I don't mind people reading my blog. The only ones that irritate me are the ones who are reading my blog to see if I wrote crap about another person. I know who you are, and just a little won't find anything here. That's just a mental note for next time.

Now onto other things, I am proud to say my fave driver won on Sunday... GOOO Jimmie. Whoot!!!! I don't know what to expect out of that team this year. But surprised to see he won again....I just wish Kasey Kahne would step up. All the bad luck he's been having, its time for his luck to change. Its nice to see Mark Martin leading the points but we know that will change this weekend since he's not racing. Oh well, I guess its racing for ya.

This weekend is a Food Drive for our Boy Scout Den, the boys will be walking the neighborhood in specified areas only. They keep the drive to a local and immediate area for the boys. My Son is doing great, he will be earning a Pin for his colors for First Aid.....its awesome.

Work is going ok....very, very tiring. For it being a physical job, its wearing me out completely. Not too many people could handle this job. Its definitely not a priss job. When your handling concrete, dirt and precious flowers....that was just an extra.. my hands have blisters. My feet have blisters. I know I have lost some weight as for one I can feel it. I love my job. I mean where else can you work and get paid to build muscles, get a tan and lose weight??? Besides being a trainer in a Well this little girl is off to bed, even though its only 8:30, early morning comes way too fast. Can't wait til' summer. I plan my own hours, when ever I want so I am going in early and working as much as I can so I can have my weekends off to enjoy life. I love being my own boss....its perfect!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nascar Sunday.

I live for Sundays when the race is on. I love it...I love it. I have a couple favorite drivers, I don't have one in particular just the cute Not much else goin' on today., already got all my housework done. I shampooed my Son's room, thanks to my friend Alysia...she rocks!!! Got all the dishes done, fridge cleaned out, and phew...all done. Time to relax.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Every other weekend is too quiet.

So tonight I decided to head over to my friend Dawn's house and help her out by painting. Her new house is absolutely wonderful. As I was walking down her steps, I realized that her daughter is going to be walking down them very steps to her prom. There is so much work to be done as it set empty for 2 years and it needs alot of paint. I am working a couple of hours tomorrow then going to help her out some more. BUT I am sleeping in, I don't care. Its my only day to sleep in. I don't get but 4 days a month to myself, and I am not asking alot but a little time to sleep in would be wonderful. My idea of sleeping in is like...8:30ish. I have to get up and take a shower, even though I took a bath tonight, I have to shower to finish getting the paint out of my hair. Ughhh, I need Well I hope everyone has some sweet dreams cause this little girl is going to bed.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So my doc. appt is tomorrow ...

For my results. I am excited. NOT. Its also my weekend for Jonathan to go to his Dads. I think now that he is older he appreciates spending time with his Dad. Its also nice to get that little break, its only a couple of days but it means alot to me. As having Jonathan with me all the time, sometimes I enjoy the peace and quiet. But too, I miss him the minute he's gone. I have to get his bag ready tonight cause I know I won't have time tomorrow to get everything together. Spring Break is coming up too, so I am going to call his Grandma to see if she would like him for a couple of days. He's the only Grandchild around here so its good for him to spend time with her as well. Since my Mom works all the time, I can't ask her. I feel it would be disrespectful. Common Sense also is a factor, she works hard and I can't expect her to watch my Child. Duh. For some reason I can't beat it into my one Sister's head that Mom can't always be in two places at once. Having a child means responsibility, and finding daycare outside of the family is what I feel is best. Expecting family to always help out isn't good, sometimes people get burnt out from having kids all the time, no matter how much they love the kids. My Sister doesn't seem to realize that. And with my Job now also getting busier, and having more hours, Spring Break actually isn't a break for me its finding that daycare. The Summer I am ok cause he is already enrolled in a Summer Program thru a local daycare. It will be his third year. It will cost me more money this year but that is ok. As the year before I was getting state assistance, well since having this job I no longer qualify. It was hard to get off, but I feel better that I am earning MY money. That is so ok, I make enough to support me and my Son. And with my other online jobs, all that money is play money. The good news, I was waiting to talk about or at least part of it, is we are going to be moving.....YAY!!!!! We are searching to buy a house. Finally, the final step into freedom. I love my landlord but paying this much rent, I feel I am throwing it out the window. Over $600 a month is a big chunk of change. Well off to lala land.

Sore and tired.

I've been lifting heavy cinder blocks for the past couple of days to get the tables set for the flowers and stuff to arrive at the store. Thank goodness we hired another gal to help out. I could no way be able to lift the tables myself. I am paying for it now. We are starting to get flowering bushes and trees in. I love it soooo much. Well the pizza should be here soon, so I gotta run.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Don't have time at the moment.

I am wanting to get the back porch cleaned off and get some of the brush that I didn't pick up last fall cleaned up out of the yard. SO I will be outside doing some early spring cleaning. I am enjoying the nice warm weather we are having and taking advantage. I will update later on a few things.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yay, its gone.

I had the most terrible night last night, I laid in bed all night with this nasty tube down my nose. It was a pH monitoring test, to measure how much acid is coming up in my throat. I had surgery in 2003 to fix my heartburn, well a year and a half later, I was in a car accident that totaled my car. Well it left me with a twisted spine and constant pain between my shoulders. But it doesn't stop me from working, anyhow, I had to have this test again to see how much is coming back. The doctor seems to think the Nissan has slipped. If that is the case he will have to repair the Nissan. I done wonderful with the surgery, was losing weight, eating healthy, and so on. Well, after the accident it left me in a emotional state of depression. I managed to get thru it though. It took alot of courage to get myself back on my feet. I did thanks to my friend Dawn, she was right there with me. If I have to have the surgery again, I will take it with a grain of salt. Anyone knows when one has surgery, if its a non-muscle type of surgery its not so bad. BUT if it deals with muscles, which is what a Nissan Fundolipcation is, I know it freakin' hurts like all get out. I will know the results on Friday. My Doctor is awesome. If I do have to have it done, I am going to see about having it done while Jonathan is on Spring Break from school. So I don't have to worry about him while in the hospital. The last time, my exMother In Law took Jonathan for me and my Mom stayed with me the first night. I remember crying like a little baby, and sleeping on the couch was the only comfortable position. I am grateful my Mom was there for me, she is the best. But she only stayed one They tried to give me morphine but it did nothing for the pain. Only Vicodin helped...weird uh? Yet I only took like 3 pills out of the entire bottle of 30. I hate taking pills. Which brings me back to why I had this test done again. Taking Prevacid every day, and it wearing off before its supposed too....I am tired of taking pills. Its not something I do. Also with me going back to work, I also need to know about the days I will have off. I want to get it done before all the pretty flowers start coming in.

Well, I am sitting here. My face got a little sun today because it was so beautiful outside and I am warm. I am excited, I know my yard will be pretty this year. I am growing most of my flowers from seeds, thanks to my little greenhouse. I know I am growing extra flowers, so to my friends whom I love dearly....guess what??? I am growing some for you. Well....enough ribs hurt so bad from yesterday. The first test they did, made my gag reflex kick in and it hurts to vomit, and when I do its painful. So when I cough, my lungs and ribs hurt.

Just wanted to post about some of the various posts I have posted here, if you see one that says Sponsored at the bottom, that means its a sponsored post. Its a cool opportunity, easy money. All you have to do is have writing skills, have a active blog, and not have any breaks of 30 days or more in the blog. If anyone is interested please email me at the link on my main page.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I am like gagging here.

I am so uncomfortable right now, its not even funny. I am sitting here trying not to gag. I can't sit up for some reason, it makes me wanna gag. Having this tube shoved down my nose into my stomach is very uncomfortable. So here I go, back to the couch to not think about the stupid tube. I soooo can't wait til' 11:15am tomorrow. Relief, man Relief.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Have you started your seed plantings yet?

I did. I picked most of my seeds from my flowers last year. I didn't want to have to spend alot of money on plants this year. So I deadheaded most of my flowers, for their seeds. I have two trays started of Purple Fountain Grass, Butterfly Weed, Sweet Peas, Teddy Bear Sunflowers, Snapdragons, and a few more. I have a couple more trays out in the garage, I am making sure I am on top of it this year. And I have my mini greenhouse. I have to remind myself in the morning to go get my Calla Lilly Bulbs in the basement and start watering them. They didn't bloom last year so I am going to start asap. So much is going to be happening in the next couple of months I won't have time to think about my plants. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day high around 57. I am estatic. And Tuesday...75 degrees!!!!!! Then cold for a little bit. That is ok, I am ready for some warm spring weather. I am off to bed, I am soooo tired.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Tired, Tired.

I wore myself out today. Phewwww. And Mike's kids are here and I can't have my usual self time. I have to turn out the lights and everything here very soon. Sucks. I usually stay up and work online. But not tonight. I need rest though. I am so tired. I've been extremely busy. I sure wish I could spill the beans on my shocker of news but I can't. No I am NOT pregnant. No I didn't win the lottery but its even better. There are some things that money cannot buy, and satisfaction is one of them. Oh and But I won't get in that. I remember the time I saw someone breaking into Pop machines, and I ID'd them it ended up going to court to testify. But once they found out there was a witness, they immediately admitted their guilt. Yay, justice served. That is what I mean by there are things that money can't buy.

Gosh, I wish I could say. I know its something I have been working for. Mom, I will tell you personally. You are going to be proud of me.

I am soaked to the bone.

I've out in the rain setting up tables. Yay. I am so proud of myself. I am proud of myself I have come along way in a short amount of time. I can't say yet what is going on, its a secret. Its definitely a shocker, right now I have to run to a friends house to see how she's doing. She was my co-worker last year with a company I worked for a short amount of time. Then coming back home to get my greenhouse set up in the basement. I have tons of trays to start my seeds but no dirt mix. So I bought some of that today, and some tray covers, might need more though. I am having a herb garden again this year. I loved it so much last year. I bought seeds for Chives and Cilantro, I love Chives on my baked potatoes and I use the Cilantro for Salsa. I ordered the Burpee catalog awhile back and found the cutest Sunflower, its called a Teddy Bear Sunflower so that is the extent of my night. I also have other seeds I saved from some of my flowers last year. Alot of work to do right now. But off to see my friend Christine I so miss her.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I made my first car payment today.

Yay. I am so excited. I love having my Van its my baby. Its nice making more money than before without having to leave Well I have errands to run today, will definitely update later.

Oh in Boy Scouts the boys are learning about first aid, that is something I learned while on the Fire Dept. while I was pregnant. I loved it and so miss it. Someday,

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boy Scouts here we come.

Tonight is picture night for the boys in our Cub Scouts. We have our Den pictures hopefully all the boys are there tonight. It makes me sad to see some boys missing out cause they have no transportation. I've been there and done that with no vehicle. I know I am asking the Den Leader on working on his belt loops for math. I know he can do it. But we have to work on his Webelos Badge, the year is half over and we still have tons to do. Yah!! I love it.

Are you shopping for a new Digital Camera?

I am a picture person, I am always looking for that next digital cameras I want. I of course am always shopping for the best deal, well I found website that has e-bates for your purchases. My latest purchase was for a Sony camera, in which I love with a passion. I just wish I would of known about this site when I had purchased it. I could of saved me some more money. Signing up with Ebates is a great way to save money, the membership is free and if you refer someone you both get $5.00. How cool is that? After you sign up the coolest download is called Moe Money Maker, if you happen to visit a site without coming to Ebates first, it reminds you of a possible discount or coupon for that site. Even Walmart is on that list. Yay!! The download is spyware and adware free so that makes it even better. SO go on and check out Ebates and have some fun shopping in the comfort of your own home. Enjoying a cup of coffee and saving money!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

I hate heartburn.

I made a appt. for the doc today for my heartburn, my regular gastro. isn't listening to me about my heartburn. Since my car accident in 8/04, I have had heartburn. But the problem was I had surgery to fix it. Well, I personally think it came undone. Well today, I went in and I have to wear this machine for 24 hours to measure how much acid reflux I have in my stomach. But the worst part is I can't take my heartburn meds for a week. Grrrrr. Its already killing me and its been 24 hours since my last medicine. I think the one thing that is evil about this procedure is having to spray that crap up my nose to numb it for the tube to go into my stomach. Blah!!! It burns sooooooo bad. I am so not looking forward to this, but from what the doc said, it sounds like my Nissan did come undone only because it was a partial one. They might have to do the full wrap. Well anyway, I have tons to do before bed. So have a good night!

My Niece is sick.

So she is here with me today while her Mama works. They had a busy weekend up in Chicago for my Nieces Cheerleading Competition. But it wasn't the best weekend, lets just say for someone to take advantage of a family who works hard for their money and to have someone just come in and take it away. I feel bad but not as bad as the person who did this to my family. This person is going to pay big time, we are talking jail time/prison time whatever you want to call it. Anyhow, Ms. Kel is here watching TV and laying down. No stress nothing. I sure hope she gets better fast. She doesn't need to be sick, she is too little.

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, her name is Alysia, she just started up her own blog. Trying to show her different ways of earning money using your own blogging. So go check her out, she's got alot to say. Oh and she says she can't sing....BUT I will have to say, She can sing, and its beautiful!!!!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Congratulations Dawn!!

One of my Bestest Friends is going to be a HomeOwner. Yes, she is buying a house all on her own. She is one of the most deserving Person who so deserves this. She has three beautiful Children, raising them on her own is a difficult thing to do. Being her friend I have seen her Ups and Downs. And let me tell you she is one of the most Caring and Loving people I know, and for that I am greatful to even be her friend. I am so excited, this is something she has been working towards and I can't wait to see her in her new Home. I love you Girlie!!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Funky Friday!

Can I say how much I love my online friends? Some of them are like the greatest people with the biggest hearts. I thank goodness for the ones who listen to my moodiness, my happiness, and my craziness. For those people you know who you are. Especially on GuidesHQ forum. Which is a "Non official" forum for ChaCha. I love it there, been there from almost the beginning and don't plan on leaving anytime soon.

For my day today has been NUTS. I made a big BOOBOO with my bank and I had to get it right. I had no choice to get it right asap. It was able too, but I am dealing with my stress headache. Which means, one crappy night of sleep. I took a pill, so hopefully it will help. I am definitely getting some opps. in tomorrow with PPP. I don't want to do any writing with my head hurting, I like to keep my thoughts free and clear!!!

Our weather has been absolutely horrendous. Its been so windy, the power has been on and off again. I cant' wait til' spring. I can't wait til' I can plant my flowers and play in the dirt.

Have a good ONE!!!