Thursday, April 24, 2008

Its Thursday!!!

And my Show is on. I love my ER. I've been watching it now for over 10 years. How sad is that? I simply love it, some of the characters are the same. Even though the more "popular" have since left the show.

Well, I still have to finish packing here for our camping trip tomorrow evening. I am nervous.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Of going where we went last time to Missouri, I think we should stay in one of the Branson resorts. To find a new place that we haven't been to. That is my goal this Summer after I am done with work. I guess I need to make it thru this weekend to survive. I am so not ready for this at all. I am nervous, and afraid of having a panic attack. I tried to reassure myself and to my boss that it will be ok. But after the issue with my battery going kaput on me today, I think my anxiety level was severely tested. Nobody knows what I went thru today, and what was worse. The person I depend on the most wasn't there for me cause he started his new job today as well. Its not his fault my battery died, I was aware that it was going bad. I guess I shouldn't push important stuff like that.

Wish I could..

Turn back time. When I lived up in Rockford back in 1995 I had one of the best jobs ever. Even though it was a trucking company I simply loved the job. I wish I could find a job like that around here. It was a dream job, good pay, benefits, vacations, and everything else that people take for granted. While at that job I met some wonderful people, there was one person who had a heart of gold. I can't remember her name but she sat next to me in our desks. She suffered from fibromyalgia and I could tell the pain she suffered every day. But she would always have a smile on her face. She told me once, "if I lived every day and went along with the pain my life would be worthless...I choose live thru the pain and love life." I often wonder where she's at in her life, among the other wonderful people I met.

Next time...

We go to Missouri, I would like to find some of the great tourist sites. I love looking at nature and enjoying life. I had so much fun while down in Missouri a couple of years ago, especially while we were showing the kids the hills and some of the attractions we visited while we were there alone. My boyfriend had mentioned in finding some real estate Branson. I did a double take on what he said, he had actually meant to say real estate in Branson. I think it was the medicine that he rubbed on his skin because his arm was sore or something it really was a strong

I wish I could share the scent but it will knock everyone

While I am ...

Shopping for a new mattress for my Son's bed I may find one for myself. We don't have a bed frame for our bed, as it just sits on the floor. I am tired of having my bed so close to the floor and want a normal bed. Please. For once. The cats seem to enjoy using our bed as a racetrack in the mornings. I have physical proof on my side. Evil kitties. I love them though. They are my babies, two of which helped be born into this world.

Anyhow, I am sitting here now arguing with my Son to go take his bath. But I think he's afraid since he burned his hand tonight. I do need to go check it and make sure there are no blisters or anything. I do know the soup was extremely hot when he was pouring it, he spilled some on the floor. Of course first thing out of my mouth was. Are you alright? I think he's alright but going to double check.

Shopping for a new tv.

Awhile back, we had a nice Sony Bravia, big flat screen but the money situation is touch and go so we let it go back. We may get it back in the near future now that the financial situation will improve slightly. We tend to live paycheck to paycheck. I thank goodness we didn't chose the other tv, otherwise we would of had a plasma mount still mounted on the wall. We rearranged the living room so it would of looked funny now. Now we have to figure out where we are going to put the Tv when we get one again. Cause the TV is in the corner. And we have this huge window that takes up the whole wall.

Ahh, I am getting aggravated right now. The same commercial keeps playing every 10 minutes.

New shoes?

I noticed today that my shoes are starting to get ruined. I need a pair of shoes for work that are at least waterproof. Or I will end up getting a new pair of shoes sometime this Summer. My boyfriend needs a new pair as well, so does my Son. I think my Son will get his first. Why? because I love my Son so much and would do anything for my baby. I like to find a pair of Dansko shoes, they seem to be really comfortable. But who knows, I have to watch my money this Summer. I plan on making a couple of car payments so I can get ahead of the game since I don't know about child support as usual. Anyone else play that game?

Thought about.

Getting a new bed for my Son's room. The bed he has is in not the best of shape. And my Son deserves a half way decent bed so he can get a good nights sleep for school. Maybe I should get a memory foam mattress for him. It comes with a base with it as well and the best part its all part of a bed that comes in the box. Well enough said, no frames to mess with...nothing.

I do have to find my Son a new dresser, the one he has is falling apart. I may buy him one in Sept. when I receive some money. I mean that is what Child Support is for right? I will be glad when the day comes that my Ex is caught up, and doesn't get behind. Makes no sense ya know?

I was thinking..

A couple weeks ago my Sister and her Husband went up to Schaumburg for my Niece's cheer competition, they should of went online to get some hotel deals because the place they stayed at overcharged their account and was basically a end to their weekend. It happened the time before that when I went to Chicago with them. I don't trust too many hotels nowadays. Even though when we went to St.Louis a couple of years ago, we paid cash and that was it. Deal done, stayed two nights which was a blast. I want to do it again. Because it was a nice getaway from the kids, life, work and everything else with it.

I am nervous...

I have some medical appts. coming up and I am nervous about it. I have to get a MRI done on my chest as they found a lump. I am scared but I can't let it get to me. I just may head to Pigeon Forge cabins in the Smokey Mountains to just get away from all the chaos. Especially after this weekend and how busy my work is going to be. A vacation will be much needed. We have spent the last three days busting our behinds to get the work, tables set up, plants out and all the good stuff to make the store look good. I've only worked about 5 hours a day, and its the first time since Sept./Oct. since I have worked really hard. So my body isn't used to working so hard.

After my appt...

Today I had thought about a few things. The nurse asked if I was pregnant, you know the regular questions they ask you. I told her I wished I was but that isn't going to happen anytime soon so I guess I won't be needing any maternity clothes anytime soon. I was so embarrassed though while the doctor was examining me. I am proud of the surgery I had, and would do it again in a heartbeat but after the surgery I noticed more of my body than ever and I am extremely self-conscience about my body.

I love this scenery, I love the park its just beautiful!!!

Guess what?

I started in on my tanning today. Yep. Sure did. Actually I started two days ago, and for anyone's information. If your outside, and its still Spring you DO BURN. Yes, I have proof. The back of my neck, my arms and my face. All a pretty color of red. Right now I am sitting here in the house, temp. reads 70 degrees on the house. And I am burning up. Sucks!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just got a phone call.

From this wonderful lady named Rose. She is my Field Rep. for the temp. job I have. I am so excited. She wants me to start tomorrow. So guess what? I am going to earn some money tomorrow. I am determined to earn some extra money, and save it for over the winter. I would like to get my car payments ahead a few months.

Oh my goodness, I am watching NBC news and see that the Pope is coming for a visit. And how they are training the Secret Service for his visit. Its amazing at how people think.

Did you have fun last weekend?

I did, and if I could do it over again...I would. I spent most of Saturday alone, which by the way is fabulous. I love my family, and my Son. But whoa. Its nice to be alone, get some thinking time in. I spent some money at the scrapbooking store though. I can't help it. I am addicted. I love scrapbooking and I am hoping to get involved with it here over the summer. I need to set a goal to do that. But right now, not too sure.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Excuse me Ms Mother Nature, why must you be such a awful person this year. Please control your wind as it is being a pain in the rear. You knocked over my swing, in which could of torn the top of the swing itself. But it didn't. I am afraid to go buy any outdoor lawn furniture especially teak outdoor furniture. I am honestly trying to take care of what I have and with Mother Nature being so completely unruly. I cannot put anything out in the yard just yet. I am glad I kept my gazing ball inside. The place I bought it from is no longer in business so its like one of a kind.

I still need to go find some stakes and put the chicken wire fencing up to stop the little rabbits from eating my plants. They have done ruined a few of my perennials. Evil little monsters.

First thing in the morning.

I need to do some online research, as I let my auto insurance lapse. I had forgotten about it. Its completely my fault so I need to find some car insurance online quickly and at a good rate. The one place I had was charging me over $100 a month for coverage. I couldn't see paying that much for insurance. Maybe paying around $60-$70 but not that much. My boyfriend also needs insurance for his vehicle, and since his Son is now 16 and in the process of getting his license. Its required that he put him on his insurance. Thankfully my boyfriend got a better job that pays more so now he will be able to afford that. He pays child support every single week, is never late. But yet, his ex complains. I can't speak for her but she should be grateful. There are some Moms who don't receive crap.

You know what I noticed..

While sitting in the tub this afternoon? Was the bathroom faucets need to be replaced. They drip constantly if you don't turn them as tight as possible. Plus they got some lime build up. I have tried every possible cleaning solution to clean it. I should go buy some fish tank aquarium stuff and try that. It usually cleans the one tank I have quite well. Should try it in the bathroom on the faucets.

We had a mishap today. Well a flashback to a flooding issue that happened last year, the emotions came rolling back. The roof is leaking right above my hot water heater. I may have to call the landlord tomorrow, because I don't want to be responsible for anything that happens. I do my best to keep this house in shape, clean and taken care of. I do need to replace some trim around the doorway. I would like to do that before I call the landlord.

Update on doc appt.

Not sure if I mentioned it or not. But I went for my annual checkup which included the lovely girly appt. The one I hate with a passion just like every other woman. But of course we had the weigh in. I haven't gained nor lost any weight. Frustrated here because I am trying to lose weight. I should of mentioned Alli but didn't. As some concerns were raised, and that further treatment is now being needed upon the situation. So I have that appt. next Thursday. And frankly, I am so frightened over it. I know its going to be alright but there is always that little what if sitting there on my shoulder.

The best thing is all my blood tests turned out great, like thyroid, diabetes, and cholestral. All were perfect according to my doctor. That was a relief. I think she checked for anemia too.

I need to start planning..

Now for a birthday party in June for my Son. He is going to be 11 on June 11th. At the same time around his birthday he is crossing over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. So I am going to throw him a double party. I could always order Kentucky Derby Party Invitations to get a kick out of everybody and cheer people up. But not sure yet. He definitely needs invitations, but I need to figure a date yet. Since his Father and I share him every other weekend, I will make sure its on my weekend. I found some decorations too to use. I am excited for him this year. I want to make sure its a special time for him. So with the money I am making online I am going to buy him something really special and that he really wants. I need to get it out of him what he wants. He's always afraid to tell me what he really wants. Sweet kid, he knows we don't have much money. I so love him.

My beautiful Niece.

I love her smile, her eyes and her personality. She has a wonderful heart of gold, she is so blessed but don't realize it just yet.

I got scared the other night.

We had finally opened our back door for the first time since spring arrived. The door itself is hard to close, you have to slam it. Well the kids were helping me with the garage getting it organized and all. They did a great job helping me. Well we came in the front door while one went in the back door. About an hour later, I hear screaming and its someone saying the back door was wide open. First thought the cats ran out. And we have dogs on both sides of us. Not just regular dogs but pit bulls. So panic set in, and we all went on search mode. Fortunately they were all asleep in my bed. I think maybe the landlord needs to put new Schlage door handles on and we will not have this problem again in the future.

Gonna be a long night.

With the storms that are going to be passing thru tonight. I may need to rethink a few things. For one having a succession plan just may be the smartest thing I have yet to do. If you can't succeed in life then what are you doing here. Some people may say taking up space, others say just having fun. I figure I was doing both.

Like I have mentioned earlier the storms that are passing thru are producing some tornadoes. They are more south of me but that is where my Son's Father lives. Out in the middle of the country in a area between two hills. Last June there was a tornado that hit down in his town, totally devastated one town in particular so this weather scares me.

I watch too many shows.

I am anxious to get back to work. I miss working so much. Don't get me wrong, I love staying at home and everything. I love getting that check that will be enough to make a couple of car payments. I have been thinking about items that are needed here besides a new microwave. I don't think we have room for any wine racks just yet. Someday when the kids are grown and not around it, we will have one. My boyfriend loves wine...I think its gross but people change. I still have memories of the first time I drank wine. Never had it since. It was dry after taste so I kept drinking it cause I was so thirsty. Sure learned that lesson the hard way.

Movie night on Friday.

We were out looking at popcorn machines last weekend because the kids love popcorn and feel it would be easier to make popcorn that way instead of the microwave. I miss the old fashion way to make popcorn from the movie theaters. Back in the day when I worked at movie theater I think I weighed only 102lbs. Cause all I ate was popcorn. It was an amazing diet. I loved how I felt, but then everyone said I looked sick. I didn't think so, now I think I look sick. I need a new diet, just may stick with the popcorn diet. It worked for me once...just may need it again.

You know what?

Life is too short nowadays. And just recently I learned a valueable lesson from a 10 year old that wasn't my Son. It made me think about my own parenting skills and if I am doing things right. I have tried to teach my Son positive roles, not to be prejudice, treat everyone equal, and love himself. My biggest fear is my Son ending up in drug rehab because I have done poor parenting. This boy that taught me a lesson was about eating at certain fast food places or not eating there because this place supports certain people. I was blown away. It would confuse me if I was that age as well. Anyhow, parents these days really don't realize the impact they have on their children.

Wanted to share.

Look at my little his handsome soccer uniform.

Sitting here thinking.

We are having a storm here tonight, and its causing some anxiety issues with myself. I am hearing a roaring sound outside. And with the tornado warnings going on, I just may need alcohol rehab by the time this storm is said and done. I just spoke with my Mom and down by her job, its dark. The building across the street is all dark. And its a very large building with people who are dependent on oxygen and such. I sure hope those people are alright. The storm came in really quick, when I say quick. I wasn't kidding. One minute it was calm, next minute you couldn't see outside the window. I have the window on my left open to watch the roads. Hope it don't get too bad.

I have..

Over the holidays and right before income tax time I was searching for different coffee makers. I wanted a certain one too. And of course the one I wanted sold out immediately and I was out. I was so bummed about it. A while back we went to a discount store and came across one on clearance that had a grinder in it and it was from a brand that I trust. So we bought it. I like it but don't like the color of the machine itself. Someday, I will get the color I want.

One of these days.

I am going to have a savings accounts with money in it. I know your probably thinking, uh? Well see, my Son has a savings account. I don't. I have a checking account. And having my debit card makes it hard for me to save. I have a issue knowing if I have money in the back. I will spend it, yes I am that weak. Like right now, I know I have money in the bank but I am honestly trying not to spend it. There isn't anything I need at the moment. What I want is something that comes out on the 15th of April. So I am honestly trying to save the money for it. I will tell you what I am waiting for. There is a new expansion pack for The Sims 2, and it should be a good one. At least that is what I am hoping anyway.

I don't have much time on the computer this morning as its a short day of school, conferences and kids. I feel cheated. But at least there is peace and quiet right now, as I enjoy my breakfast burrito and sweet tea. There is something about this Tea that keeps me coming back for more and more.

I need to go...

Shopping for my Son's 11th Birthday here very soon. Within two months he will be 11...on June 11th. Yes, they say that's their golden birthday or something like that. So we are going to make it a special one this year. He simply loves video
games so much that he got upset over my boyfriend going to 3rd shift. And made it a point that he said. Now we can't play anymore. I've never seen him get upset like that. But then he reassured that they would still play. I thought it was kinda cute.

But another thing too, my Son is crossing over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts around the same time of his birthday. So I thought about celebrating that as well. My Son only has one more requirement for his Arrow of Light Badge. Yay...and that's camping at the end of the month.

Good Morning...

Only a half day today because of teacher conferences. I am glad mine is kinda early. And not like 4-5 o'clock tonight. I think I have my niece and nephew today too, but not sure on the time they are going to be here. My luck it will be during the time of my conference. And of course the weather has to be a pain in the butt today where they can't play outside while I am in the conference.

I also found that some little evil rabbits are eating my perennials. So now I need to go purchase some fencing and stakes. The done ate my Purple Coral Bells.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Guess what?

I found the other day my invite to SocialSpark in my email. You simply cannot imagine my excitement. Granted I've been not working from home as much as I have been wanting too, but now I have more opportunity to work from home, make money and spend more time with my Son. It is my goal to be able to work from home full time, and be able to make my bills as well. Well anyway, back when I signed up with Social Spark I didn't know it would only take a short amount of time. And knowing too that some of my fellow online bloggers from all over the states and other places are also apart of the Social Spark. I have been apart of PPP for a long time, which we all know that Social Spark is apart of that. Like a baby. So its still in the beginning stages and your kind of attached. Like with any other place, I respect and follow rules. So with me being a Mom to a 10 year old, who desires alot of my attention. It feels great to be able to stay home with him and be a Mom. He understands that sometimes I am busy on the computer for a short amount of time. So he joins me, and he goes on to play some kid orientated websites. I am very protective when it comes to him and the internet.

I enjoy working at home, and certain wouldn't want it any other way. Some Mommy bloggers enjoy it probably a little more than I do, and that's cool. I support all Mommy bloggers because that time you spend with your young kids, is priceless and you can never replace lost time with your kids. I am grateful that nowadays how technology has really come a long way.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

I forgot.

To mention that my boyfriend was let go of his job a couple weeks ago, well he's applied at a few places. What he didn't expect was to be offered a job at every place he's applied. So now he is sitting back, enjoying the game of picking what job he wants. I think he is taking the 3rd shift job because of the pay. I don't mind...I get to sleep alone....YAY!!!

Very long day.

But I am home now, and relaxing on the couch with my laptop. My life is slowly changing. I see good things in my future. I just started a seasonal job today, its a very short time but its going to earn me enough money to make a couple extra car payments so I don't get behind. While I am off for the winter. I simply love working outside in the garden along with my Son he loves it as well. We are going to work on a vegetable garden this year together. I already started my seeds, might buy some plants from my job because I know they are all grown by my field manager. Its a cool setup. I can't wait to explain more about it later.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Two more days.

Then I start training, I enjoy gardening so much. That I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in the gardening field. I just hope I am able to stick with it for a long time to come. My last job taught me so much in learning the different plants, and shrubbery. I sure hope that I can only gain more knowledge from this job.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A day in review.

Last night we went to a dept. store to buy some curtains and a curtain rod. Because we have had a window that had just a mini blind hanging up and the afternoon sun was because a tad too much. While we were shopping we came across some designer jewelry that we were looking at. Some earrings, bracelets and other items. I guess I never really noticed them before. Tells you how much I pay attention to jewelry. My boyfriends daughter was really eyeballing this watch, her eyes were glowing and the smile was priceless.

Well its been a really busy day so far. We went and ran a few errands, then to the hardware store for mulch and back home again. I then decided today was the day for the garage to be organized. So that is what the kids and I did today. Its looking better as we got the swing out and in the yard. Then I was blessed with a visit from my Sister Stacey. I got to straighten her hair out...again. Oh yay.