Friday, March 28, 2008


Thinking about getting myself in tip top know. Got to be able to look like a super model come summer time. I may have to find some top diet pills to help edge me along. Oh wait, I guess I need to slap myself awake here. Its all a dream to me. I've been on the chunky side since I had my Son. But I do think here when I go back to the doctor I am going to see about getting back on the medicine to help me with my PCOS. Maybe then it will help me lose that extra weight, and possibly be able to have at least one more child. If it don't happen then I know its fate not to have anymore. But I would love to have one more. I would love to have a little girl but having a boy would be just as great. Because I just have a better connection with boys. I think. I do enjoy doing my Niece's hair when they are here and we play make-up. You know the girly stuff.

Well I hear my boyfriend mentioning food. So I hear dinner bells a ringing..


I didn't forget about posting here, its been one long and very hectic week. I've had kids off and on. Not enough time for me to share my thoughts

Friday, March 21, 2008


I may need to go get some help here, we had to get a couple of payday loans awhile back. We got them paid back but now we may need to use them again. We simply cannot afford certain items right now. We have a flat screen tv that we cannot afford the payments on so its going back til' we can afford it again. With my boyfriend being let go at his job...and finding a job the next day. We need to think about what is important right now. Like rent and stuff. We hardly have enough food half the time. You know its bad when you split a pound of hamburger into three pieces for meals. Or split a chicken breast between you and your Son. Someday...we will have that extra money for the good things in life.

A friend of mine asked about those payday loans and since she wasn't working I told her she had to have a job to qualify and earn enough money. Some people just seem to think that they can go and get these. Then I had another friend who does work and asked. And since I knew her history of paying bills wasn't too good. I tried to sway her cause I was trying to be a friend for one and help her make a smart decision.

Wow that was quick.

I rec'd a letter a couple of weeks ago asking that I make an appt. to have the gas company install a new gas meter. See we had a company come in, and actually make life easier for the meter readers. In other words, they still walk around but now they can stand at the end of the driveway and it reads the amount used. The price of gas is extremely high. I am worried about it being so high right now. But anyway I have a ton of stuff to do today.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watching tv tonight.

I realized that while watching one of my favorite shows, they were discussing investor relations. I thought it was kinda ironic, that I came across the word on the internet. When I really wasn't looking for it, but I did want to understand the meaning of the word. I am always wanting to learn new things. I learned one thing today. To never stop. Keep trying. Early this morning my boyfriend, went on a mission to find a job. He was let go yesterday for a stupid reason but I understand. Well he came home today, with a new job. Same line of work. He is excited and another thing too. Its close to home. No more worrying about his driving thru ice/snow/traffic backups. It was heartwrenching to hear him call home asking what's going on, on the highway. Then find out it was an accident. Or to hear of an accident and not be able to get ahold of him. It really makes you worry about things.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So tired.

I am so freakin' tired right now its not even funny. Too many things are happening. I am extremely frustrated right now. I need to figure things out and work from there. I have bills to pay, no money to pay them with. I am sure I will lose my internet here soon. The money isn't coming in. My life really sucks right now.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

You know what?

I think I am going to be doing a lot of exercise this Summer, I may needs some weight loss pills to help aid the weight loss. I am tired of being tired. Tired of not having the energy to go places. I just want my normal life back. I have already started my daily walking routine. I figure while I am waiting at the school for my Son I can walk around the block a few times or just walk a few blocks around the school and head back to my vehicle. And that can be my exercise for the day.

I've been getting ideas on how to do things this summer, and I think it would be a great idea for me to Stay home and watch kids this summer. Then start work in the fall. I figure I would charge a set amount, must be prepaid before the start of the week to be watched. That way I can purchase the food needed, and other stuff. But I am still in the thinking process.


I am sitting here, at home on a Saturday...BORED. BORED I tell ya. So might sit here and play Sims 2 for a little bit. I figure Mike is playing his xbox 360...I can play my Sims 2. I bought a expansion pack last weekend. Of the Sims2 Free Time. It has hobbies and stuff the Sims can now enjoy. There are only a few expansion packs left for me to purchase. I just wait til it goes on sale or something.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We are watchin some movies.

We just watched Bee Movie and soon it will be UnderDog. My Son has Cub Scouts tonight, so its gonna be a long night. The time change has really got me. My friend Alysia is here with her two princesses. Its nice to spend some time with her and them. My BIL was just here to get to the kids, and everyday me and Kyle practice a word. Usually I catch a word that I hear we work on it. Today the word was

Friday, March 07, 2008

A friend of mine.

Had asked me a couple of weeks ago if I new of any places that did laptop rental. She is interested for her business that she needed to be able to take her information with her when she meets up with clients. Being in her business, its a necessity to have a laptop. I simply enjoy my laptop which I am currently working on right now. I love being mobile and to take my laptop with me anywhere.

While we were up in Chicago I took my laptop to chat with my Boyfriend back home. It was cheaper than using my phone. I couldn't see myself paying 35cents a minute calling home. I wasn't in my phone calling area., so that meant roaming and long distance. And now that money is going to be a issue here at home. I need to start pinching my pennies even more. Its going to get rough. I am not prepared for it either.

It kinda caught me off guard. Anyways, I am sitting here watching some TV shows some of my favorites anyways. I have certain shows I watch every night.

Do you have freckles?

I do and it seems every time I go out in the sun during the summertime, I end up looking like one huge freckle. I hate it. I bought some skin lightening stuff and have never used it. I keep asking myself why did I buy it? I think a lot has to do with what happened back when my Son was a couple years old and we went swimming. I was on antibiotics and didn't realize that it made my skin super sensitive and now I have permanent marks on my shoulders of where my Swimsuit was. I have freckles all over but then you see these two white marks on my shoulders. It looks totally ridiculous. Someday I will get the nerve to try the lotion, which is what it is. If it works, then great but see I love go out swimming and often forget to put sun protection on.

Back in the day of having no kids, I used to go tanning. Those were the days of being skinny and wearing what I want. Nice fitting clothes and such. I had a great tan too. I think that is what I need to do again.

Bad things happen to good people.

And it seems to keep happening to me. Why oh why? I am going to be a whiner for awhile til' I find out the reason on why I am not returning back to work. At a company I've been with now for 3 years. I sent a email, if I don't hear anything back I am calling corporate and demanding reason on my dismissal. They gave no reason for my not returning, is that legal?

What are you doing this weekend?

I think this weekend we are going to chill at home with the kids. My first weekend seeing all the kids, since I've been gone basically the whole weekend two weeks ago. I haven't seen the kids in a months time. WOW. Its been that long.

Well not much else is what were doing, I do want to go and take a lot of pictures. I also found the flyer on when I bought my camera and there are some items I need to purchase for my camera. There are filters, and lenses I would like to purchase.

Well off to watch reruns of Melrose Place.

I am eating leftover...

And its simply better today. Uh My gosh...I hate to say it but from a certain value food store their spaghetti sauce is simply the bomb. And its cheaper too than the brand name stuff. My Boyfriend adds in secret stuff to make it even better. I prefer to shop at this store for certain items only. I am very picky on my foods.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Now I wish ..

I would of bought the other thing of laptop memory. It seems to work excellent until I am working for a long period of time and certain applications shut down on me or just plain freeze. I do know that Vista is a powerful program that requires alot of memory. Which I made sure it had plenty when I bought my laptop. I did notice on the laptop that I am able to play my Sims 2 game more freely. On my desktop, it slows everything down to a crawl. I have to close all other application including my antivirus program to help speed it up. Found out I had the minimal amount of memory available for that program. So now I play it on my laptop all the time.

I noticed too.

While we were visiting Chicago, while sightseeing I was taking pictures of all the famous signs and especially the baseball diamond. The famous one Wrigley Field. Well I also read too that the name rights were sold, so now I wonder if they are going to get digital signage for whatever the new name is going to be? It was all over the highways, the new digital signs. We don't have too many here but what I noticed coming home due to it being becoming dusk, I noticed more signs being digital. Its a great idea but to me, it sounds expensive. What if the lights go out, or is there a lifetime on changing them? Or what? Those would be my questions.

At our local place where bands, hockey games and other shows being preformed they also have that digital signage going around the place. I remember when it first was installed. Great idea!!! More bright, easily to read. Brilliant.


When we went on our trip to Chicago. I was worried about my car insurance. I questioned myself about getting travel insurance just in case something happened or adding my Brother In Law since he was the brave one to drive in Chicago. If anyone knows how terrible the traffic is, you would definitely understand. I think I bout had a anxiety attack when we first got there. My Brother in Law kepting rolling the window down to ask people where stuff was. All I thought about were people robbing us. How funny is that? I have my hand on the lock of the door at all times, and had a pen or pencil in my hand just in case somebody reached in to grab something I would stab them. I watch too many crime shows that are true. They always say be on your guard. Boy I sure was. I was getting mad too. The taxi cabs...uh mee gosh. TERRIBLE.

My tummy..

Is rumbling right now. I am not hungry, I just hate mornings. I think I need a good colon cleanse right now and maybe it wouldn't hurt every morning. I know too much info. Sorry.

Its just amazing how every single morning, I wake up and feel like someone is standing on my tummy. I watch everything I eat..and no ...I don't watch it all go in my mouth. But I pay attention and lately we have been avoiding certain restaurants because I know I will be in the bathroom literally within minutes of eating. I have a doc. appt next week and I am going to ask for suggestions. Or what would be a good choice for me to help me every morning. It totally sucks.

I might have a photo job.

Yes you read that correctly. A friend of mine who is a Wedding Planner asked for a price quote on what I would charge in the event of a wedding. I for one have never done it so I am doing my research on it as we speak. Checking out different prices, packages, artistic effect and other etc. I am amazed how much people charge just for pictures. It blows my mind. But then again this is what I want to do. I figure I would charge the base amount of what printing costs, which all receipts would be showed, and my charge. I wouldn't charge an arm and a leg. I am not a professional so it would be something minimal. Oh no is almost 7am and I have tons to do yet.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

We are in trouble.

We had a very warm day today and my Grandparents bridge to their house got washed away and it was just replaced last summer. And as my parents were coming home they called and told me that the road was completely covered in water. My Mom goes, thank goodness for the two cops that were there. One on each side to let them know there was water on the road.

The worst part about all this flooding is, it happens every year. But this year we are thinking is going to be the worst yet. Why? Because back in 99...I think we had a really bad flood. It was so bad, that I would miss my classes to go help fill sandbags for local businesses on the rivers. I never got in trouble as I was helping the community.

UPDATE----water levels has risen 7 feet in the past 6 hours. NOT GOOD. I am definitely going to be out taking pictures because the last time this happened my Son was little and vaguely remembers the last flood.

I am on top of a hill, NO ROAD construction so we are good up here.

My heart...

Is in my stomach right now, watchin' the race and watched Gordon nail the wall. And Edwards won....blah blah blah. I really dislike Carl Edwards. For some reason. Not Well, its late now and we still haven't