Friday, March 31, 2006

I am posting again...

I am sitting here, trying to stay awake. I had a cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino from McDonalds and it made me sleepy. I think I am going to go sit on my bed and scrapbook. And find something to watch. Let's see if I can fall I have some stuff to upload but too lazy to do it right now.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do I know you?

I'm here, have had a messed up couple of weeks. First off, it started a week ago Monday, this last monday, I kept rubbing my eye. Felt like there was something in it. It would hurt, would tear up and burn. I thought the eye....YUCK!!! Luckily it wasn't. I think that is gross. Well, I found out with several eye tests I had a scratch on my cornea. I had to have special eye drops to heal it. They said it would heal up within 24 hours, well it didn't. Took 48 I had went to the doc on a Wednesday cause I finally got tired of itching and so forth. Well here comes friday. OMG, I woke up feeling sick. I threw up, felt better just enough to go to the store and get some medicine, Mike's kids then back home again. OMG. I went to bed and slept, threw up, slept, threw up. Finally about 930 at night felt better. But stayed in bed and slept all night. On Saturday, I felt so much better. I washed all the bedding cause I didn't want the germs to spread. Well this past week, My Son went to his Grandma's since Tuesday and I've been relaxing and getting ready for a yard sale. I am having one here real soon and whatever don't sell is going to the GoodWill or the DAV. I started my little garden a couple of weeks ago. I have 6 Sunflowers that are about 8 inches high...whooot. I have three trays of misc. flowers. When I worked at the Nursery last summer, I asked to deadhead some flowers that had the seeds in them and if I could keep them. They said sure no problem. Well would you believe I have some Hybrid Daylillies growing. I can't wait. I planted some and they are about 3-4 inches tall. I also have some in a baggie in some seed starter mix under the kitchen light. I learned so much in gardening last year that I made a point to actually grow everything on my own. I will take pics tomorrow of my trays. I am so proud of myself. Since I am not working this summer, I am going to make my yard look so pretty. Hopefully we don't get hit with hot humid and dry weather again. That would so suck. Well its thunder and lightning outside, I live in Tornado Valley, oh yay. Scares me sometimes. We get tornadoes here but they are not as common as they are in the south. And when we do get hit...they are usually bad and do alot of damage. Well I am off to finish my Mom's Scrapbooks. I have 3 of the 4 kids done. I have Jonathans, My Brother and his girlfriends, their kids, and Dustys done. I just have to finish Stacey's. I had them done a couple of weeks ago and just forgot about doing it. I want to get my shelf space I am also going to be making my Son's Birthday Invitations, I need to start them now....his birthday will be here before I know it. Hope everyone stays dry tonight, nasty weather I swear.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I got sumthin in my eye.

And it hurt for three days decided to go to the doc, he saw something in my eye....granted usually when one gets something in their works itself out. Not mine. They did the eye test of the orange strip to check for scratches on the eye itself. There were none. They put the numbing stuff in and let me tell you...I have never seen a light so bright in my life. And burn...omg. I felt like I was going to die. He finally die a eye test to check my cornea....yah...cornea and guess what I have a scratch on it. Nice uh? Being blinded in one eye sucks. I have to rest my good eye to help the bad eye. Which means, I have to lay down and sleep. In which I don't have a problem but both of my Sisters seem to think its ok for me to babysit their kids. I finally told the one that I can't do it. My eye is still bothering me. They said if its not better by friday then I have to be seen again. Well shit on me. I give up you know. Never can anything go right for me. So here I am going back to laying down. Hope all is well with everyone. I've been checking on everyone, just have a hard time focusing.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok first off, I have to get this off my chest. Something happened today while at McDonalds Playland. I had my niece and nephew and my Son there. Granted they were perfect kids. Until this asshat comes in, chasing after his very young Son. Constantly following him, every move. I thought wow, what a good Dad. Boy did I have another one coming. This ASSHAT comes up to me and tells me that my Son hit his Son 6 times in his face. I said, "What?". SO I get up go over to where my Nephew was playing with a ball trying to get it into the basket and it kept hitting himself as well. This ASSHAT has the nerve to fucking tell me that he is a parent is who is involved with his child bullshit. My Son and my niece and nephew were playing quietly with no problems til' this asshole came in. He had the nerve to also say, that he doesn't need an explanation why I am not watching the kids. All these people looked at him when he said that. What an asshole, he left 5 minutes later. I am glad he did as I was about to walk back up to him and give him a piece of my MIND. Cause NO person in their right mind would make a comment like that to anyone. His child was under the age of 2 and very small. First off I would NEVER take my Child that young into an environment where there are lots of older children. First DUH for him. Second, why the hell did he let him hit him 6 times in the face? Duh, first time would of been enough for me. Thirdly, obviously if my nephew did hit him, where the hell were the marks and him crying? I actually thought about what had happened, and actually questioned my parenting skills. Wondering if I am doing the wrong thing. Then reality checked in, when I saw all three of the kids with smiles on their faces running about being KIDS. Fuck that asshole as I don't need him to tell me how to raise and watch my kids. I will go there again next Tuesday, hopefully he's there...cause I am gonna be a bitch. My poor little nephew actually sat down and cried over what this man did and said to him. I have never seen him cry over anything besides not getting his way which is very rare he does that. All three of the kids were absolutely wonderful today as I had no problems leaving. We were there for over 2 hours....they love that place. One thing parents need to understand, kids will be kids. Kids love to run about. Kids love to play basketball. This Man's child SHOULD NOT of been in that room anyway, it says on the door. HELLLLLO...idiot. Well, I was a potty mouth and looked at Kyle, and said...Man, he was a JERK UH. He laughed. I told my nephew it was ok, to not let this man bother him as he is nothing to me or him. I am still irritated at how I handled it, I so wished I spoke my mind as I probably would of gotten arrested. So this post goes out to the asshole... hope you rot in hell you evil bastard and I hope your kid grows up to hate you for being so overprotective. *note* that last sentence was to the asshat at McDonalds. Not intended for anyone online or my friends online. I am really not a hateful person, nor do I actually mean what I typed...well maybe, so please don't think less of me as it really pissed me off. Well I am off to bed as I am actually tired and worn out myself.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Do you remember me?

Sorry for the long time hardly posting tid bit. I've felt like crap for the past week or so and not wanting to do anything whatsoever. I mean, today is my laundry day and I totally forgot about it. I went and picked my Son up from his Dad's this mornin, went to the store and got me some sinus meds. Boy that was a trip. With the trouble with people making meth and shit, you have to go thru this whole ordeal just to get relief from a simple fucking sinus infection/pressure. Anyhow, came home, ate then sat on the couch waiting for the race to start. Well that never happened cause it got rained out. No biggie. Anyhow, I crashed hard on the floor. Non-drowsy medicine kicked my ass. Finally woke up and watched Extreme Home Makeover. I love that show. Makes me feel good to see others helping others. After that was over, I had a energy burst. I cleaned out my file cabinet and my drawers under my desk. Yay. I love it. Now if only I could get more motivated and get rid of all my shit that is not needed. (Like that will ever happen). Well, I am now finally tired again. I am going to get settled into my nice warm cozy bed. My Son only has school til Thursday this week and that's a half day. So...whoo hooo. I get to go crazy for a week.

Oh and for all the people in this world who work hard and raise their families. And especially the Single Mommies. You are strong, you are loved, you are the kids' lights. No matter how bad you feel in a day, make sure you look at your child/children and tell them you love them. Our kids deserve this. Our children are our future. They are what keeps are families and traditions going. I also firmly believe in teaching the kids that alcohol and smoking are bad. Some parents disagree but I have been teaching my Son since he was able to understand me. I can't help but worry about my Son. His Father is a alcoholic and it will be over my dead body if he ends up like that. I heard a commercial today on the effects of drinking on children. I know this last paragraph is nothing that I would really talk about but it is dear to my heart.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Still here.

Just Night.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ok so I am not sorry.

Way too much stuff has happened in the past 3 weeks for me to stop post everyday. I think I reached my stress point today. Hearing people argue, seeing loved ones hurting, leaky roofs, so much stuff. I haven't cried not once though. How could that be? I am the emotional one. I think the one thing that pissed me off the most was the leaky roof. Am I not supposed to be upset that my Son's bed got soaked? That I had to wash all the bedding? That now I had to move his TV out of his room cause I found water on the back of it? I swear, I am going to snap. And its not going to be pretty. Then this fucking computer is running super fucking slow. I am going to finish saving my pictures to a cd, and reformatting the bastard. That is my goal tomorrow. Then, then. I hit my wrist on the door knocker bruised my wrist. And now my right ear is hurting. Shit. Never fails. I think what gets me the most are the people who call me up asking me for help. For instance, can't get their computer to reboot. Or someone to watch their kids. Not talking about anyone in my family either. I am not pointing fingers, I think I am getting fed up of people taking advantage of me not working. Yes, I have a life too. I might not work, but I do work at home. For every single working Mom who work and take care of their kids, I applaud you. I wish I could do that but I can't. I just want to get the message across, I am not always available. I have things to do too. I enjoy going places with my Son. I can't always sit at home and wait for someone to call. If anyone takes this wrong, then oh well. I am going to bed now before anything else happens. Going to watch Sex in the City.