Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bummed for now.

It seems that when everything happened over the Summer, how all my holiday stuff got ruined it ruined my spirit. Well, I usually decorate all up for Halloween and hand out candy. Not this year. It seems I could not get into the holiday mode. I guess I am holding out for a Better Christmas. Because at this new place, its finally a house..NOT a duplex. I don't have to share the yard with anyone. I don't have to share anything whatsoever. Same with parking. I've had to share parking lots and the road with others for a long, long time. I don't like to share...can you tell? I mean I do but I have issues when it comes to my vehicle. Back in 1993 while living in Rockford, IL. I parked my car in the driveway while my then Husband parked on the road. We were going to leave and go out to dinner, (back then no kids, more money) and we got in and realized that someone broke in stole the radio and other personal items. So if anyone has ever been robbed, knows how it feels. Like being violated. If I can't see my Van...I feel like I have no control. So now with this new place...I have my own driveway.....YAY!!!!!!!!! And the yard is huge. My Son is going to be so happy there. Its up in my old neighborhood and my Friend Alysia lives up in the apartments right up there. So its like she's living next door again.

The contest ends tonight.....

The Best contest Everthat I have ever entered is ending tonight, in which I am relieved because after this weekend...I am hoping, I won't have access to a computer. Gah!!!! Until either A. I get a land lind or B. My Wireless is hooked up to the Wimax. Which ever comes first. It shouldn't be too long for the Wimax, its a new service my internet provider is offering. So Yay!!!!

Speaking of the Contest, if I do win. I will make my own Christmas Cards and who would like one, I will send you a personal Christmas Card to show you my appreciation if you would like. Which is something I would like to do anyway for all who have voted for me, even if I don't win. If so, if anyone would like a homemade Christmas card from me. Please email me at, let me know what you like whether it be snowflakes, snowman, Santas, anything in particular, also your address (no I won't come and stalk you) and that way I have time to make my cards and such. For myself, its something I don't like to rush into as I enjoy making cards. All information will be used for mailing the cards and then removed from my computer. As I respect others privacy as well. Thank you guys as well so much!!! And Thank You Christine...for having this contest. I got my ONE vote in today....yay!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

True Cat Lovers only Post.

I "stumbled upon" this site just a second ago and just loved it. And its written by a true cat lover, as anyone who has cats...knows that each and everyone of these are true.


The other day we were at the store...and you know your never to go when your hungry right? Well, I was in "snack" mode...yah something sweet I tell ya. But I kept avoiding the "FAT" aisles. You know where all the cookies, candies and brownie mixes are and stuff. But I needed bread and that is where the stupid cookies are., well I grabbed the bread and kept my head facing towards the bread. UNTIL THAT IS, I saw these Caramel Corn Rice Cakes. My Boyfriend made the weird look of something that was just sour. I oh man. Not up for trying something healthy for once? Cause these things don't have no fat, no trans fat but 13g of sugar. I don't care the calorie count was low...I tried them and oh my gosh. Tastes just like caramel corn. I can only eat three because they are sooo sweet. And just perfect for easing my sweet itch. I just wanted to share my Rice Cake adventure....I know I am a dork but I don't care.

So now I am sitting here, just lit some candles and taping up boxes. I have a goal to get my Son's room done as he needs to step up and learn to pack himself. I shouldn't always have to do EVERYTHING!!!!! So he's heading into the torture chamber at this very moment...and starting. Whoot!!! He can be a good kid...when he wants to be.

I was a bad, bad girl today. I killed my vacuum awhile back, and frankly I can't stand to see my floors dirty. Makes me crazy. And I am not about to borrow someone's vacuum because I have cats and what if that person is allergic to cat hair or dander. Yes I do care about general...sometimes...maybe. I know my Boyfriend is getting paid tomorrow, too bad he doesn't know he's paying for the vacuum I just bought today. Its just a cheapy but hey, it works and works good. Its a Bissel Powerforce with Hepa Filter. I had to empty the thing like 4 times. All the freak'n cat hairs. Ugh!!!!!! My floors look pretty again....swoooon! I have a new love...sorry Mike but this thing sucks alot better.

Right now I am headed into the kitchen to start packing up the "plastic china". I have so many mismatched plates and stuff...Its not even funny. And I don't use it.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Its coming to an end...

The contest that I entered over at Christine's. Its been fun, and I want to thank every one who has kept up with the voting. I so appreciate it. I don't see myself winning though, not with everything going on this week and moving...possibly this weekend. Unless my friends can pull a miracle for me. If I win, cool. If I don't..oh well. Its fun to play. I know I haven't blogged too much about the contest, like I said I've been so busy. So if you all get a chance, please go over and Vote For Christie, but if you know someone else on the list and feel they deserve your vote that is also cool. Thank you all again!! VOTE FOR CHRISTIE.

Things have totally changed from this morning.

Meaning....Went and looked at the house. Very small but you know what? Beggars can't be choosers right? So having to eliminate the dressers in the bedroom will be ok. Only enough room for a bed and two night stands...NOT KIDDING. As for Jonathan's room...yep its still small. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance at a half way decent sized room for nothing. I would rather find another sized house because, its not big enough for all of us.

AND THEN. I just got a phone call. A couple weeks ago I had a knock at the door, it was the director of the daycare my Son attends over the summer. She stopped by on a Sunday night, totally took me by surprise. Well, she said she wanted to nominate my family to get help this Holiday after encoutering a unfortunate situation. Which was out of my control is how they word it. Ok cool. Chances are I wouldn't get it as I know there are other families in more dire need than myself. Well, I guess it wasn't the case as the phone call was the company saying they wanted to help me and my family...meaning me and my Son. I can't go into details just yet but will say. I will be getting a new washer and dryer set. Let me tell you, that took off so much stress and load off my shoulder ...I think I am still in shock. As for the business deal with the flood, it will be settled by weeks end. That is all I can say anymore.

Times of the changes.

Is when your Child is smarter than you in a game of Lottso off of Pogo. Yah. My little man is playing a game and has won I don't know how many games. Makes me feel old. I am going to surprise him for lunch today, cause we have to go look at a house at 2pm. Just got off the phone. OMG, I am sooooo excited. People just don't realize how excited I am to get out of the deep freeze. to see the wizard!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting...anxious now.

Over at Christine's site she did a review of the Cricut machine, and she is pleased with it. She also got it for a good deal $129...not too shabby. Well I went online to where she bought, only to find out I can buy it online for the same price and really low shipping. Ok, cool. Then I totally forget about it and I check my email just a little bit ago and found out, I can get free shipping on my first order. OMFG.....I am so excited. You cannot buy that machine anywhere around for less than $184.00. I've been pointing it out to my Boyfriend that this is what I want for Christmas....and basically he is asking. Now what would you use this for, and can you eat it? OMG. Took me back to a conversation we had with my Sister who bought a $165 PURSE. Both Mike and I asked the same question. Can you eat you purse if you get hungry? I guess this is what you get when your a penny pincher. Wow. Anyhoo, I just got up to check and see if I had gotten paid yet...and of course NO. But I did from another company even though I wasn't expecting it for another week. Yay...I love you. You saved me from stressing over NOT having a phone in the morning.

I sure hope.

That I finally get my settlement from the insurance thing this week. Waking up in a house when the temps get down around 32 isn't my idea of living. She still hasn't gotten the furnace yet. She gave me two heaters for inside here but, in reality it doesn't cut it. Imagine taking a shower in a cold house, when you get freeze before you get dried. Well, my head is pounding for some reason. I am gonna head to bed as, its going to be a long week I think.

You know what's annoying?

Is when your supposed to be paid for doing a job, and you have to wait 2 sometimes 3 days for payment. I mean come on, it happens all the time and I don't care what day it is, it always happens. I depend on that money especially Sundays. My Phone expires tonight at midnight and I have money..sitting there waiting for me. And I have to wait until Monday Morning to be paid. I am also expecting important phone calls too. But do you think I could get paid on time for ONCE?

The comeback they have for us is, on the 30th day at the end you will be paid. Today is my 31st Day..and still no money. I can honestly say I am getting frustrated. Its all business, and if a advertiser was to get paid on a certain day. I am sure they would get it, just because we are the people helping these people doesn't mean we shouldn't get paid as soon as we are suppose too. I will say too, a glitch, short people isn't a excuse. Because it happens ALL THE TIME. If the company just so happens to read this, please take note and do something about it. Alot of people are very unhappy with this. We take the time out of our day to do this for you and the advertiser, you need to take the time and make sure all the posties are taken care of. Please.
Tim McGraw - Sing Me Home

Happy Sunday Morning to you.

Yep, not happy here though. Got rudely awaken by some type of saw upstairs. I understand the work has to get why so freakin' early in the morning? Not much going on today besides wanting to watch the race and veg. I am allowed to do that once in awhile. Meaning it might be the last night I get to veg. for awhile do to the fact we will probably be moving here within a week or so. I hope. Still no FURNACE. Its 32 degrees out right now. And I sure hope who ever is upstairs is freezing their hineys off because there is absolutely no type of heating surface up there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nice day today.

I spent most of the day with My Mom, Sister, her kiddos and my Boyfriend. Well at least an hour with my Sister and kids. Went to Walllllmart and Loweeees with my Mom. Then after that we decided to head to Hobby Lobby to walk around but decided we wanted Ice we went to Lagomarcino's..and I got this...........

Please don't hate me...because it was so delish. And no kids to worry about...just Mike and I. He got the Hot Caramel Sundae. I love there Hot Fudge. Its to die for. So after LagoMarcinos we went to Hobby Lobby, then Michaels. Stopped at Borders books to walk around, then HyVee for something for dinner. Now we are home watching Halloween H20..Yay! Fun. I think I am going to bed early tonight. I am actually worn out for some reason.

By the way, this isn't a sponsored post or review. I do sponsored posts but will tag those in which are sponsored.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Anyone got any Tylenol?

For some reason, I feel like I've have rode a horse all day long. The inside of my legs are cramping up on me and it hurts to walk. I know that sounds weird(NOT perverted) but it feels and hurts like a you know what. All I did today was clean the house a little bit and do laundry, after going to Wallllllmart and buying my Son some jeans. My Son is still growing and growing out of his pants. And socks!!! I already have to go buy him some more socks. He's getting to the point of being sooo picky on his socks and underwear. I am so not ready for this pre-teen stuff.

Well, I am back to watching one of my fave shows...Trauma:Life in the ER....I love this stuff.


Is wrong with people these days? Maybe I need to throw this person off the balcony like he did that poor puppy. I believe that animals need to be treated equally and in way that is just how we want to be treated. That poor puppy!!!!

I'm here but barely.

I feel like a hermit sitting inside my house for most of the day then when the (*&^%$ ) landlord leaves I can come out of hiding. I am afraid to face her, as I might snap on her and really let her know how much of a ungrateful biatch she is. Excuse the language, as its all built up frustration. What people don't realize, is on July 4th. We had a rain storm. No biggie. Never had a problem before. Well certain projects were being done on the main road, the guys were in a hurry to leave as it was a holiday. Well, things didn't get done or covered and it flooded alot of homes. I lost alot of my stuff including my washer and dryer. I will continue to tell my story as it has a good ending. Well at least finding out now, it is a good ending. I know what I heard, I know what I saw. Me and 30 of my neighbors went up against the city and the Mayor. The Mayor being a a$$hat bowed down and said it wasn't their fault...blah, blah, blah. Well I explained to the Landlord what had happened and what I was doing, that it was going to be a good fight. I had my basement published not once but twice in the newspaper and on the TV news once. She never stepped up to calling or asking any questions on her furnace and hot water heater. She said all along it will never come thru, that the construction company won't take the blame, etc. Well, this past Tuesday. I found out that yes...They took the blame. My Landlord called me a LIAR. OMG. I bout snapped. The thing with that is, she told me it was my fight and that if it came thru then good for me. Well what this ungrateful bitch doesn't realize is, I fought for her. I proved myself, and she still doesn't believe me. I have been one of the best tenants she has ever had...per the neighbors. I took excellent care of the yard, added perennials and tons more stuff. But since July 4th, I have been severely depressed...not that anyone cares but I have. People think. Oh get over it, get on with your life. And so on. Well, my opinion to these people. Go f*ck yourself because your not in my shoes.
You didn't just lose all your Christmas stuff that you have had for the past 10 years of your Son's ornaments that can't be replaced.

You didn't just lose your washer and dryer, you know the one that you worked hard for and saved up for, all the while being a single parent?

You didn't just lose the clothes that got ruined by the muddy water and stained them clothes now did you?

You didn't just miss so many hours of work that it messed up your budget because you had to clean up what you could?

You didn't just have your landlord start throwing your stuff in the garbage without your knowledge now did you?

You didn't have an argument that resulted in a Police coming into your house because the Landlord was throwing away your stuff, and her being told she can't do that...

My life has been rough as sh*t for the past 10 years, I love my Son...and I have raised him on my own. I have worked hard for what I have bought, and to lose it all in one night...and to have this feeling of being lost without your stuff. Not only did I lose my most sentimental items but I lost a part of me. I lost my sense of self. I lost respect for myself. I lost weight too because of the stress. Which was the best part of all this. This Winter, I am promising myself to do more for myself. I lost some of my scrapbooking stuff too. Now that would devastate anyone in my book. I've been scrapbooking for years, and just lately I've been buying stuff to replace what I lost. Anyone who does scrapbook knows exactly how expensive of a hobby this is. I am a sucker for stickers though. And scrapbooking has been my outlet in the past to let me be creative and expressing myself to my family. I have made them little scrap books and they just adore them.

I apologize for this long post, its been sitting on my chest for awhile now. And I really would like to smack this into my Landlords head of how she is acting and treating me. But one question for you before I go. Would you pay rent on a house, that does NOT have a working Furnace? And it gets down in the 30s at night? Honestly do tell.

This post is not to put anyone down, just to vent my emotions and feelings. All in all, she can be a good person but I don't know which days the good landlord is available.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Before I forget.

Today is my Sister's Actual Birthday. 30 years ago today, my Twin Sisters were born in Peoria...after my Mom spent a few months there. So that means, 30 years ago today...I was a new Big Sister to two beautiful baby girls. Little did we know the chaos, fun, and everything else that came with them. I love my Sisters with all my heart, and wish them lots of happiness, and of course many more years to come. I love you Girls!!!!

Like my life couldn't get any worse today.

With all said earlier today, my Boyfriend comes "WALKING" home from work. It seems his car wanted a rest and overheated. There seems to be a leak somewhere. So now here I am stressed about that, the landlord, NO FOOD, and just everything else happening. GEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

I am fuming....

I can honestly say, my Landlord has not given any care in the world of this place in the three years I have lived here. She is here mowing the lawn and cutting down all my flowers that I have put so much hard work into. I am so irritated its not even funny. As soon as she leaves, I am going to my work and buying some top soil, digging up "MY" pond, filling it in and digging up my perennials that I care so much for, putting them into pots, going to put away my stuff on the back porch, meaning my table too. I am going to be a selfish person at this moment. I know its a duplex which means we share the yard and such. Well I have invested alot of blood and sweat, tears and whatnots into this yard. And for her to just ruin all my hard work, really blows. I am going to look at a house Monday, and get out of here. I am done. This woman has no respect for anyone else but herself. I am not bad mouthing anyone but this woman has not done one thing for me here. But made my life a pure living hell experience. Its the end of October ok? Well, its 40 some degrees outside and we still have no furnace. Her lame excuse is, I gave you some heaters. And that she has bids on new furnaces. I really don't care anymore, no more excuses. The weather isn't waiting on a bid here folks. Its been since July 4th since the flood. That's 3 WHOLE MONTHS of waiting around and not doing a dang thing about the furnace. I walked outside to see what was going on, she's using MY lawnmower on a yard that doesn't need to be mowed. So I am sitting here, listening to them work. Let her charge me for any of this work. She can kiss my patooties. Because for one, my flowers are still blooming and she's cutting them down.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I love you, sooooooooooo much!

Is something my niece says and I love it. And its how I feel when the people who are voting for me in the contest....everyone is awesome. I highly doubt I will be online much for the rest of the week. So much stuff is happening, I won't have time to be online. So my online friends....keep on voting, your awesome!!!!!!!!!! And you can vote once a day, everyday til' NOV 1.

Tonight is a busy night at Cub Scouts, its my Son's RainGutter Regatta. My Son and his wonderful Father built a boat and they get to race it in a Gutter. Its so much fun to watch the boys blow their boats with straws. They have so much fun. I will post pictures when I get home. I am off for now, I have to find something for dinner for us before we go.


Its final, and that's all I can say now legally. What I initially thought was confirmed, and now I feel like so much pressure has been lifted.

I've been cleaning house, trying to get my mind off things and to get things settled. After the last couple of conversations with my landlord, I am irritated. If I get a new set of washer and dryer, I am sorry I am not allowing anyone else to use it. I can't. Its MINE. And when I move, I am taking the old washer with me. She can kiss my butt. I am going to make a payment on my light bill here too. I have something wrong with my tire...gah. Why so much happening to me?


Phone call made. Things are looking up here. Not gonna talk too much about it just yet. Not going to count my chickens before they they say. But I will have some good news before the end of the day. Crap I can't keep it in...its making me nuts.

This is funny.

The former tenant moved out over a week ago upstairs. The landlord made a comment that it was clean as can be. That he left it in immaculate condition. Ok, thats cool. She should of been able to get it rented right away right? This is the funny part, she's been cleaning now every single day for a week up there. If it was so clean, then why is she here every single day cleaning????? Honestly, it irritates the crap out of me on how she is. I can't wait to turn in my 30 day notice, my ass is gone. Speaking of, I have to make a phone call.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Bathroom here is awful.

Why? Because when you go and wash your hands, they hit the back of the sink. It seems who ever put the faucet, also know as Taps in. They bought the wrong ones. Its so irritating!!! Another thing that bothers me is when you turn, they turn the opposite way. So when you turn it on, it actually turns off on a normal sink. I really think the Modern Taps would look so much better and actually make the bathroom a little bit more usable. And since the bathroom is blue, I think the ones with blue on them would be so perfect for the bathroom here. But then again, I don't see the landlord changing anything to make our lives easier. I can't even get her to put a new furnace in.

Some new cabinetry would do the place some good too. Its a huge vanity that takes up way too much space. I like spaces, nice and simple. Maybe a little more updated to my taste, I would add a smaller vanity and definitely, add some style to the smallest room in my house. I wonder if she had to replace the one upstairs due to the water damage from the roof leaking about a month ago. If so I hope she picked something half way decent.

Brought to you by

I have been gone..again.

Just as soon as my Son got home we went immediately to my Mom's cause my Brother should of been getting home. Well, it didn't happen. That was around 3ish. He got home after 5pm. OMG. The stress my Mom is going thru right now, is really scaring me. I just got home a little while ago, got my Son in the shower and I am so totally beat. I don't have much time to do anything anymore. The story with my Brother is so much more, it was just my Brother In Law, it was also my Sister he was protecting. The funny thing was, the Judge asked my Brother if he was Mad. Well no shit sherlock. Don't mess with family, and you will be fine.

Very eventful weekend.

It was the party Saturday night and then getting a call on Sunday that something bad has happened isn't what I wanted to hear but I am glad I did. It seems people in this messed up world have no clue or respect. My Brother is the type of person, don't mess with his family. He will have your back if someone picks on you and starts fighting, he is right there like SuperMan. It seems we are going to have a battle on our hands with what happened. All my Brother did was help out my Sister's Husband by getting this guy off of our Brother In Law and yet...My Brother is sitting in jail. These people attacked my Brother in Law and my Brother saw what was going on, saw this Man get ready to attack my Brother in Law and my Brother stepped in...well Flew in is what we gather. He might have a broken finger as well, we don't know yet. He is in court at 1pm today. I am not saying fighting is a good thing, and nor do I promote it. But I think if anyone, saw someone going after a loved one...wouldn't you step in? I didn't want to post this, but its all I have thought about yesterday. I love my Brother more than anything, some of the stuff he does is just plain stupid but this one. No. This one wasn't. I don't care what anyone says, he doesn't deserve this. Its not a anger management issue either, he was just protecting his family. I am so f*cking irritated now. And these people are very loud and rude people too. We are talking in a rich neighborhood, and loud music at 10pm at night and cars parked all up and down the street where you can't drive. I can't wait to hear from my Mom or Dad about today. I just want to run and hug my Brother. I know there is nothing but moral support is all I can do for him.

Mom, if you get mad over me posting this, I am sorry. Its been sitting on my chest. I am just so mad over these other people. I sure hope justice is going to be served, and that my BIL gets his glasses fixed, she should not of ever of slapped him across the face for how drunk she was. And his bruises.....dear god.

London reminds me of...

The Spice Girls for some reason. But another thing London reminds me of is the beauty of the city as we see in movies and such. But I would love to go to London but I would have to book a London Accomodation so I could enjoy a nice stay at a nice hotel. Either at the Abbey Court, or the Abba Queens or even the Baglioni Hotel. Being in another country would be a great experience but also getting to see the attractions that bring Tourists to the city is my ultimate goal of actually making it to London.

I am a huge Garden fanatic and that is a place I visit everytime I go to another city. I want to see what type of plants grow in that region. So maybe when I go to the Royal Botanic Gardens, I can get some really great photos. Yes I take lots of pictures of my flowers and plants. Its just beautiful. Some pictures turn out ok, some don't. I don't care, I just enjoy sightseeing and taking photos. And most definitely...I have to visit the London Bridge. If I remember right there is the London Eye. Its a huge, huge Ferris Wheel. I saw it on a movie...and it looked awesome.

I love Fall!!

And I love fall colors, its such a warm fuzzy feeling. This is the time of year we usually take the kids to the State Park and walk around taking pictures of the colors. Mother Nature "can" be a beautiful thing. When she's not so vicious. The only reason I am saying this is because its starting to get cold, and we still have no furnace. Our Landlord made the statement, well if my tenants would pay their rent we would have a furnace. That kinda irritated me because my rent wouldn't make a dent in what a new furnace costs. She's just mad that the guy upstairs just up and moved out without paying $1800 in back rent. That is not my fault. I am not paying my rent because why should I pay for something, and not have heat? I mean, come on. I have a 10 year old that I have to protect. Give me heat and I will give you money. We have suffered a few freezing nights already.

ONTO other things, I really want to thank the people who have been voting for me in the contest. Being gone all day Saturday, I was in shock to see my total had gone up. I know I've some great friends here in the QC helping, and in California, and a few all over the USA. You guys rock. I don't see myself winning though just because. Its not me to ever win. I could care less at this moment, I just want heat in my house. That flood took away alot more than just my personal belongings. It tooks a piece of me with it, like trust in people like my landlord.

Something of note, per our conversation yesterday. All my stuff. She considered junk and shouldn't get anything for it. And she laughed about it. It hurt me all over again. That stuff was my Son's toys, baby clothes, clothes in the dryer now ruined, my washer/dryer, scrapbooking supplies,Christmas Tree, Ornaments,all my Christmas Stuff, Cherished Teddies, and of course Beanie Babies. I had other stuff too, as it was an entire list of items that I could only pick out in pictures. It doesn't include unknown stuff. So my list was a partial list, and I was told to find the prices online of my stuff. So including my Lost Wages it came up to almost $4000. Which is not very much considering some people who lost their finished basements. Those people could not wait for the insurance and have since taken out loans to fix their basements or borrowed against their 401k's. My Landlord told me, it was my fight and she wasn't going to do anything about it. That really ticked me off because she lost a Furnace and a Hot Water Heater. And this was in JULY, its not October...and getting cold. Her excuse for the tenants not paying rent is a cop out. Maybe if she would of stood up for her stuff, things would be different. But I guess not.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I was totally MIA yesterday.

I had a busy day yesterday. I had some errands to run yesterday then came home and worked on some poster boards for a Surprise Party for my Twin Sisters, I put some pics up on my Flickr lots of family pictures. It took alot of preparation of this party, like months. And it was all kept a secret. WOW. My Sisters are the nosiest people in the world let me tell you. But yeah I was gone all day yesterday and when I got home last night at 11ish, I uploaded the pictures and crashed. I was soooo tired. And my legs hurt from all the walking around we did. So today, there is a parade the Halloween Parade but I honestly don't feel like walking again today. I am still sore from last night. I might of had some sips of some alcohol but that was it....wanna see?

It was suppose to be a Alabama Slammer...well it didn't taste like it.

The photo above is a pic of part of the poster board I made as a collage for my Sisters, I love that picture and the wonderful wording, was picture perfect for them. My Sisters are priceless, and I would never trade them in for anything. Well...maybe peace and quiet!!! They turn 30 on Oct. 24. So this is a big milestone for them. That they haven't killed each other yet. Believe me...I've been a referee for 30 years with these guys...I should know. These two would fight tooth and nail, along with butter knives and hot wheels too. Well, I am going to relax today as I am quite worn out still. Its been a rough weekend to start off with.

On Friday, my Mom told me some news about my Dad. His foot was really painful and he couldn't walk. Well, we had to take him to the hospital because he was in alot of pain...and he cried. So we got him there, I had to leave to go pick up Mike's Son and when I got back. The doctor says it sounds like Gout. Which anyone knows its very painful. So now he is home resting. Makes me happy knowing he is home and safe. I sure hope the medicine is helping him.

During the party last night, I was talking to my Aunt Cookie and I can rent the hall for my wedding reception. I am estatic because it has a built in bar....YAY. Its going to be a small reception but that is ok. It will be nice to have my family to celebrate the day with me and include my family as well. I am talking all my nieces and nephews. And as I told my nieces, they are all going to by princesses. Its going to be wonderful. Unless something happens between Mike and I. I think I might buy him a hearing aid...because he never listens to me. And always asks the same questions over and over again.

I got me some bunnie ears.

I got me some bunnie ears.
Originally uploaded by ChristieFritsch.

I really had to post this on my blog as it was a great picture....with a few additions. Turned out perfect!!!!! I love it..

Friday, October 19, 2007


Today, I won't be online but a very little tonight. I have way too much to do today and so much cleaning. My kitchen is clean, clean, clean and finally. BUT I was vacuuming and something happened to the sucker upper. I took it apart to find the belt was broken. Gah. So I run to the store buy a new belt(s) get home and put it one. I procrasinate and clean the microwave instead. Then finally go back to vacuuming and realize something is wrong...YET AGAIN. Its an old vacuum so when I put the belt back on it broke the small plastic piece that is very important and so now. I am without a vacuum. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am very upset at this moment and told myself to just stay away from bad things today. So at 12:30 I have to go pick up Sean, then Makayla and have them get their clothes. Come home, my Mom is suppose to be here to help me with something. Then its off to cleaning again. I've been cleaning out cupboards and stuff. I have a box of stuff for GoodWill. They are going to love me next week!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do you know what happens with you eat too much salad?

I hate too much salad for lunch. So now I am paying the price. But it was so yummy. And I am not a salad eater either....I hate lettuce with a passion on tacos and stuff. But give me Romaine lettuce, garlic dressing and croutons....and I am all yours. Had an interesting day today, spent most of the day with my Sister Dusty. And WOW. She's got a busy weekend, my niece has a competition and she has a dinner Saturday Night. Yay!!!! Boy she's in for a surprise, I sure hope they make the dinner. For Stacey, had lunch with her too. She's funny. She is questioning Dusty's Dinner plans and I asked her why she was so worried about it. She really had no explanation, so I told her to leave it alone. If Josh's work has a dinner planned then oh well. Then I found out my Mom is taking three of the kids, yay. Good for She will enjoy them, they are good kids all around. We were suppose to go to Macomb this weekend for Sean's Competition but something came up just a few minutes ago that I am not sure if that will happen. We will see.

Oh also wanted to say again....Please go vote for me. Or at least one of your favorite blogs on the list. I am having a blast, I have some friends all over the states that are voting for me, so head on over and VOTE. And you can vote once a day

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still got time to vote..

The contest runs until Nov.1. And you can vote once a day I want to wish. JILL a very, very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you rock and you are a wonderful person and friend!!! And I just want to wish a Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kind of mad at myself right now.

I made a booboo with a post I did, and now I am smacking myself for it. I frankly remember that evening when I took the post. I swore I had written a post that was non sponsored. But with all the commotion. I didn't. CRAPOLA!!!! Oh well. We all live and learn. And this one cost me too.

On another note, I contacted our local tv station and asked the reporter who took on our case with our Flood. She was happy to hear from me and excited that things may be coming to a close. I guess we will see.

Don't forget to go vote for me...

That is if you think I should win, you can vote once everyday. Again it would be a awesome to win, even if I didn't win, being in the contest is still a wonderful thing. And I want to thank Christine for having me in. She does not know how much I appreciate it. For everyone in the contest, we all deserve to win, and I wish everyone Luck!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

In for a shock here.

On my way to the store, I stopped at my neighbors house because she was outside putting up more decorations for Halloween. Well her Hubby came out and said that he talked to the insurance company today and we should have an answer by Friday about out claims for our losses. I also found out the school got a Lawyer because it was obviously the construction companies fault and its about time that something is getting done. I am hoping for the best come friday, but preparing to hire a lawyer just in case. If it turns out for the better for me then things will be ok. Stress will be lifted off of me and my shoulders, and I can finally begin to heal. Because for one, I have no washer and dryer, we lost clothes, personal items and so much more stuff.


I can't believe this, I actually made it into a Contest to be voted on. I am so excited, so now I have to say....please go VOTE for would be awesome if I did win this exciting prize. As stated in my post about the contest, I lost so much in July due to the water backup damage/FLOOD in my basement and losing some of my scrapbooking stuff this would be a great Christmas present to me. I never win anything except for the silly Mcd's Monopoly game...I always win fries....but still it would be a help to get my back into my scrapbooking. As in my post, I posted a few of my layouts to prove that I love scrapbooking with a passion. But lost my passion due to the flood and losing so much. I lost my sense of self, and believed it was a test of how strong I was to endure losing so much. Here it is a couple months later, the effects of the flood still lingers. I also thought to myself, I could not imagine what the Katrina Victims went thru, and how I lost so little compared to them losing so much. I actually donated alot of clothes to the shelters in Houston. It felt so good to help those in need. So please, go vote for me...Christie. My story isn't a feel sorry for me either as, in my archives back on July 4th and on. There are pictures of my flooded basement and how upset I was.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This has been bothering me.

Ever since I read it in the paper, its been on my mind. I read online that Andrea Zinga, a former newcaster who has ran against our former congressman Lane Evans...and LOST. And also ran against our congressman Phil Hare..and LOST. Is trying to get onto our School Board here in Moline. I honestly despise that woman. She put down a man who had Parkinsons Disease, stating how can we trust someone who is sick with our issues and such. The thing is, Lane Evans was a wonderful CongressMan and did a Excellent job. She used her Television status and popularity to kick a Man down while he was sick. No matter what Lane Evans continued to do a excellent job as our Congressman. His health was never an issue. He was in every parade, no matter what. He did his Job. And this woman Andrea Zinga, just eats me away. Her self confidence put her at an all time low. Now she wants to be apart of my Child's School Board. It will not happen. If it does. I am moving out of this city. I do not want this type of woman anywhere near my Son's education. I feel that the way she handled her TV ads of putting Lane Evans down, and the name calling. How can we trust her with our children? Is she teaching them that its ok to name call? And to put someone down who has a health issue? I mean seriously. Am I wrong about this? I just wish she would go away. Far away from here.

Late night, sleeping late...

I didn't go out or anything but I did end up watching the end of the race, boo for Jeff Gordon winning. Never fails. Well, at least they ended without running out of gas. Then after that we watched 28 weeks Later. All I can say is...omg. For how fast they turn into Zombie freaks is amazing. And what is it with that husband going all postal on his wife by gauging her eyes out? That is just beyond me. And for one, I am never going to Then this morning we watched 1408, and yes I cried during the one scene. Because it is amazing the power of the mind on what you can see in your dream and hallucinations. Wow. Well, I am trying to get motivated here and I just feel like being lazy today. Not doing a dang thing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Had a busy, busy day...


Started out ok, took Sean to his Band Camp and got him picked up. Then came home and played around and cleaned a bit. Then went and got Nicole and Andrew...and my niece and nephew. Came back, my Sister took Kelcee to get her fitted for her uniform. My Son, Nicole, Andrew, Kyle, Sean and Makayla all walked up to the parade...Yay! Watched it for a few minutes, say 35 minutes. Came home and fixed Kelcee's hair for her wedding she was attending tonight, she looked amazing as usual.

So irritated right now.

So freaking irritated. See on our street for the past two years, we pretty much have our own parking spots. Well for the past two nights in a row, our NEIGHBOR decides he's going to park his freakin' Lincoln Zephyr in front of MY FRONT DOOR. So when I look out, I see his car. I am so irritated, I did something I normally don't do. I won't But still, maybe he will learn to park his vehicle in HIS OWN DRIVEWAY OR HIS GARAGE. Duh, he is only asking for trouble.

Happy Birthday Eva!!

Originally uploaded by BenSpark.

And congratulations to the new parents Drew and Allison had their baby girl on Wednesday, such a beautiful baby too. And I know with Drew he will take lots and lots of pictures, which is the most precious thing ever. They change every single day in the first year. So go on over and congratulate Drew on his new arrival over at the !!!!

Its Friday already?

And its homecoming so that means a half day of school, almost. We have a parade today at 2pm. We have never missed one....yet. And yet today, I have so much to do today. I want my house cleaned before the weekend. So I will be doing that this morning, then I get to get my friend Dawn's Kiddos...Nicole and Andrew so they can go to the parade...I am excited I get to spend time with them. Then after the parade, my Sister will be here with my niece so I can do her hair. Yay! I will have lots of kids here....wth am I thinking???? Absolutely nothing, I love them all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am so excited...

Finding a site that I can actually do a virtual makeover on myself and see what I can look Its so cool. I am actually working on my very own virtual makeover. I am getting excited as because when I was little I would dream about how beautiful I would be all dolled up. Well that has never happened. As I am allergic to certain make-ups and foundations. Found that out a couple years ago. I am so addicted to this virtual game....loving it folks. I am just having a rough time picking out a hairstyle for my oddly shaped triangle shape face. Sure found that This is helping me out in deciding for my wedding on what colors to choose...whoot!!! As soon as I am done and we get back from getting Sean, I am going to let Mike's daughter play with her own picture and let her have some fun already. I love finding these sites were the kids can have fun too. Under Parental Supervision of course. I think she will enjoy picking out her own hair styles, color, the make-up, and of course the accessories when it comes to dressing yourself up. I think this is more safe than her putting make-up on at this point. Her Mom would kill me if I let her do No way, will I do that.

Brought to you by Virtual Makeovers!!!

Woke up tired.

I had a rough night for some reason. I think its a lack of sleep, the building stress and basically worried about being cold in our house. Is what scares me. Right now its about 60 in here and its chilly. But its not like we can turn the furnace on ya know. It doesn't even work. I am calling the insurance company today and basically going to snap. Then I am calling the media and informing them that is a bunch of crap that we are having to wait months for an outcome. In my case, I can't wait. Either they buy a furnace asap or I have to move and both of them require MONEY. That is something I don't have. I lost my paddle somewhere up sh*t creek when the flood came in. All I know is, someone will pay for what has happened. It was not an act of god, it was negligence on the construction companies end. Basically laziness because it was a holiday and the construction workers wanted to leave early for July 4th. That is what one of the guys said too. But sure enough they were out on July 4th fixing the repairs. HRMMMM. Makes me wonder still, and with my photos with proof. I am about to snap. If their insurance denies our claims...all 31 of us up here that were affected all on one road and in one area. Major class action lawsuit. That is all I have to say. Because it was wrong, and just too coincidental. Know what I mean?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fed up.

Tired, cranky, and just plain fed up. Not at anyone on here, just fed up....with myself. Having stuff come back and haunt you for a stupid mistake back in 2003. I really need to win the lottery.

The Motherlode of all contests....

Is happening right now especially if your a scrapbooking fanatic like I am. Christine is having a contest where you could win some of the most needed items in a scrapbookers me. I know. Some of the items include a

Tag-A-Long Starter Kit, from Sizzix/Ellison Design( a must have and list below in the kit)
pair of cutting pads
a Thin Cuts die
Easy Emboss folder
a paper pack

Add'l items she is throwing in:

4-pack of Sizzlits dies, the small tag set(a great idea for x-mas gifts)
Cat Face Thin Cuts die from Ellison Design (I NEED
couple of Sizzix Adapters
cutting pads for the machine
a wood-mounted rubber stamp of my choice (maybe a kitty??????)

She also has prizes for second and third place!!

Over the Summer July 4th, my house was flooded and I lost half of my scrapbooking stuff. I was totally devastated as it was most of my stamping supplies and punch cuts along with my Sizzix machine. I bet I had at least 25 different stamps. As a result of losing my stuff, I lost my passion for scrapbooking. What this would do for me to get started back into something I truly love. Its that time of year where I am able to sit down and relax. I would love to win this as not only would it boost my spirits but everything else. I would like to say, good luck to the winners who ever they may be.

***Editted***Thank you to all who vote for me, it is greatly appreciated!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Hi...How are you? I am fine, its going good. Life is good. Right now things are looking up. I think. It seems the guy upstairs is moving out like as we speak due to the harassment of the landlord. She doesn't want to ever fix anything and all she wants is our money. The apartment upstairs had a massive leak in his bathroom, where the ceiling fell down and you can see the wood of the roof. Now let me remind you this is in his bathroom. Winter is coming, leaky roof equals coldness, then means shrinkage for a man. Not to mention the guy upstairs is really sick to begin with. We are talking he doesn't have long to live. So with the leaky roof, his daughter told me there is mold growing. Not the black mold but mold. So that leaves me worried about health issues for us. Right now we are without a furnace for winter. And sorry, we are not allowed to stay in a home without proper heat. That is why we are moving out. PLUS with her trying to sell the place. I actually feel sorry for her because of all the repairs that have to be made. The funny thing is, we have tried to tell her about these repairs and what has happened. But the only time she shows up is when she wants her money...THEN LEAVES. I cannot wait to get out of here. I so cannot wait. To be done and clean of her will make it all the better. I would like to have a landlord that cares for the tenants health. I know there are alot out there who are slumlords but come on people. She better be lucky the guy upstairs isn't pursuing a lawsuit. Actually what may happen is the house might be condemned, someone might turn her in. It won't be me of course but I am just saying.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Woke up to a baby kitten screaming.

Well, yesterday our one Prego Mama was walking around trying to pick up her baby that was born in July...yes, she's a nympho. Well. I thought that she had tried to pick up one of Callie's babies. No I walk out in the living room to find Gidget had done delivered one of her own. That was at 12:50am. Come 2:04am she all four babies. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I am about to go sit with her for a few minutes and head off to bed.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I think Mama is going to have...

Her babies as well this week. But I think she only has maybe 2-3 babies. She only had two last time, one survived. We still have her, she is such a meatball. The reason why I am saying she might is, she is being affectionate towards the other kitties and her baby from the second time around. I do want to say, we no longer have the male kitty that has gotten these guys pregnant again. He's now living on a farm somewhere all the while being FIXED....thank goodness he sure spread his love in our home. I miss him though. He was such a lover....literally.

Whogets what?

I love playing on and have been addicted since I signed up months ago. I have yet to win anything, but right now they are having a free sweepstakes because who wins is ultimately up to us. So when you go and sign in, browse over the final prizes. People put up why they would like to win, some have good reasons. Some don't. Some people make up stories, and and some don't. Its so much fun though, so head on over and play already!!!

Going to Michaels real quick.

Then I am heading out to pick up the kids, they are out of school for two weeks. YIKES!!!! So we get them for a week, just so they aren't home alone. I decided that it would be good for their Mom to have some time away and be able to relax. Not sure how I will react. Sean has band camp so he will be gone from 9-12 everyday and see he would have to take the bus there everyday. I hated riding the bus so this will be good for him.

Well my boyfriend Mike came home last night and brought Jonathan something he found in a vehicle. At his job they get these cars as trade ins well sometimes they don't always clean their cars out as good as they think. He found $10 and a GameBoy game. Good for him...

I went and paid my bills this morning and had to buy cat food. I used the coupons I had and saved over $8.00 on cat food and kitten food, which we feed to our new mommy. It has more nutrients in it and better for the babies she's nursing.

Crapola, we are heading over to Michaels real quick too...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Still needing some cash fast...

I just realized that I am short a little cash, so hopefully I can find a cash advance that can help me thru this mini crisis. I know and realize its not a permanent fix but its something to help out til' I get more money. I am hoping that things come thru with the insurance company and things get settled. I sure can use a new washer and dryer. I sorta can't live with out them. I hate doing laundry at the laundry mat every single week. And not being able to wash my clothes when I want either. So maybe getting a cash advance, in which I know is safe with the company I know I feel better knowing its safe. I remember using the cash advance place awhile back and I remembered how good it felt to be able to pay a bill without being harassed by the people. I never let it get that far...which reminds me I have to make my car payment tomorrow. Grrr. I hate that. I so can't wait for that to be paid off and ALL MINE. Soon, very soon.

Wow....I am getting close.

I just noticed on my blog, that I am 3 posts shy of having 500 posts. Wow, since when did I talk so much? I mean, I know I talk alot but WOW.

Well, I hate paydays cause its always ...ok here goes nothing. And I pay my bills and I am left with little or nothing. I spent the last two weeks with NOTHING. And with doing that. We had no food, I mean we did but nothing we could make anything out of. So I wrote a check...and guess what happened? Yep. It bounced last night. Crapola.

Tomorrow...I am so totally cleaning house. I've been lazy for the past couple of days and not wanting to do anything. So hope everyone has a wonderful night!!!!

Trip to Iowa City Today was...

Good but not as great. It seems my paperwork wasn't faxed yet...YIKES. So now its the waiting game. We are going back up Sunday Morning to look at the place we went and drove by today. So I am hoping..HOPING that it all works out. Cause its a really cool place with a HUGE church right across the street. So I guess we will see how things go.

Who likes to play online games?

Well I do, and I am always looking for new and interesting games to bet on like Nascar or other sport betting . I am not much of a better but sometimes I get the itch to play at Bet365 and maybe find some good bets. I know a few people who actually bet on their favorite teams and they have actually won some money. I was surprised. The only drawback I have is, is to know your limits when it comes to betting. Its better to be safe than sorry. Having fun is important too. Just know when to stop. I always tell my friends that who like to go on one of our casino boats here. But when you win big, its so much fun to actually win something that you didn't have like 15 minutes At Bet365, all of your transactions are safe and secure. Which is a great thing to know. One can never be too safe with your money. I am usually worriesome about putting any type of my money online for anything.

Brought to you by Bet365

Going to Iowa City, TODAY!!!

Yep, going up there to look at a house and to talk to housing. I am nervous but I will get over it ya know. I have a friend riding with me, so MOM if you read this. If anything happens for an emergency for Jonathan....THEY WILL CALL YOU!!!! Just wanted to let you Love you. Everything should be alright though, anything happens I will turn right back around. Well gotta get going here and get Jonathan to school and find out where my friend is.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I have to say THANK YOU to a dear special friend.

My Special friend Dave, bought me a PRO account on Flickr. If anyone knows about Flickr, they know its a great site and you can post all your pictures. Having a free account you are only allowed to see 200 photos, but with PRO you get unlimited. Its awesome. I found 1741 of my photos on there. I really would like to order every single one of them because some of them. I no longer have. So sad. So, again. THANK YOU are my very special angel friend.

Maybe on our honeymoon??

We can head over to the United Kingdom. Growing up and listening to one of my fave bands, they are from there and I have always dreamed of going there to see where they came from. I would love to check out some of the British Gardens....on the internet they are beautiful I can't imagine what they would be like in person. Maybe at one of the Hotels in London they could send me in the right direction.

I would also like to see some Museums since we are limited here, it would be nice to see Britains history. I will definitely stay of one of the Hotels in Manchester so I can be close to the Museums. A friend of mine told me too that I should stay at one of the Hotels in Birmingham because that is one of the places that my fave band had lived in that city. So it would be cool in live in their shoes for a few days. So now that I am searching for a Honeymoon destination and getting some really good ideas, I need to narrow it down a bit.

Brought to you by CheaperThanHotels.

Got my Laundry all done.

I decided to get it done this morning due to my being out of town tomorrow after I drop my Son off at school. Went and stopped by Hobby Lobby, found out some stuff was on sale...I need I've been painting these little houses for at Christmas time and just love painting them so much, I bet you I have painted about 13 of them in a months time. It totally relaxes me. Ok...looks like I need to relax now. My Son gets home in an hour, and now is the time I take a small nap before he gets home so I can help him with his homework....Whoot!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Its about time.

I am not one for having kids being taken from their Mother, but in this case it was only a matter of time. Even though we really don't know what is going on with Britney and her battles with whatever is going on whether its drugs, alcohol or other issues. Keeping your kids safe is the most important thing in the world. Your children should be your first priority above everything else. My Mother taught me that my Child is my responsibility and I took it seriously. I never, well maybe once or twice had my Mom watch my Son while I went to the grocery store or a doctors appt. when he was little. I always took him with me. I gave up going out and having fun with my friends, I gave up alot of things. I went without alot of things too. Its amazing what $$$$$ does to a person and how they tend to ruin their lives. Honestly if I had money, I am not sure what I would do but I do know. My Son comes first. He will always come first. I just hope that getting a proper intervention will help Britney in getting her kids back. But them kids do not need to be around the negativity. I read somewhere that someone made a point about the boys' Father Kevin. How he is never photographed with the boys in public, that he keeps their lives private. And its funny because its true. I honestly can't remember seeing a picture of him and his boys in public. And boy, Britney sure makes it a point to be seen with them. I know it can go either way, that maybe she is just a outgoing Mom and that loves to show off her boys. But seriously? Her track record isn't the greatest with her driving. Britney has alot to learn on being a Parent. Smoking, Drinking and doing drugs isn't something your suppose to teach them....teach them to be responsible. Show them love and nourishment. Don't drop them. Don't drive with them on your lap. I guess it has bothered me more than what I thought....and we all know she could be so much more. Talking about being more of a star, being smart and showing everybody that yes, even famous people can handle the stress of kids and their stardom. Maybe this is something she can learn.


For some reason I got so tired today that I just laid down and rested. And woke up to our cat Ben meowing for Jonathan. WHOA !!! What time is it? 3pm? Crap. So I got up, stirred the Chili I am making for dinner in the crock pot. Gonna tell my Boyfriend I slaved all day over a hot Just kidding but yeah I did cook today. And I got my Son what he wanted as well.

Great Start to my day.

Last week Kat started a new thing on her blog about guessing the movie screen shot. The first one if I had been home, I know I would of gotten it cause you know. I loved that first one to pieces...Stand By Me is the one movie I want to buy just to watch over and over again. Its amazing how we grow up with certain movies. Well over the weekend she posted another movie shot, and for the life of me...I could not remember that movie. I know I had just seen it too. Well she put up a clue and thats all it took for me. Whoot. I guess Dark Water with Jennifer Connelly. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be because the ending was sad for me. And yes...I cried.

Anyway for the game she is playing with us, she is going to be putting up 10 screenshots of movies til' the end of the month. And whoever guesses the most correct movies out of 10 per month will win a $25 Gift Certificate to or $25 to Paypal, the winners choice. The first person to guess gets 1 point, now here's a kicker for all you movie fans out there, I think she said that if you guess the lead actor its an extra point...if I am wrong, please let me know.

For me, I am not the type of accept money from someone, I would put it good use in which something like the Boobiethon which is going to be starting here but it only ends 10/8/2007, I think today? Yep. just checked it it runs from today til the 8th. I am for the first time going to participate. I am nervous but its for a good cause. Because one can never know about the evil dragon that come and take away your girls for you.

Alrighty, I am starving food in the house..gotta go.