Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

What a day today has been....

Alot has changed since yesterday. I really don't want to talk about it cause I don't want to give my hopes up and find myself breaking down. So I have to be strong...and be shhh about things. Until the right time, I will be quiet. I won't answer emails or phone calls about it either.

Well I am off to clean house, as its a mess and I need to get on the ball and clean. Even after a 8 hour day at work, I still have to be a Mom and work at home.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Having second thoughts.

I am sitting here thinking about my life, and how the direction its heading isn't what I am wanting. I am the only one that can change that. I am stuck in this rut and its really pissing me off that I am letting myself be stupid. I personally think that there is no one out there for ME. I am too picky of a person to just let them run over me. And I let it go on for too long. I got married too young, and when I finally realized what a mistake it was I got divorced. My Son was never a mistake or accident, he is my miracle. But I remained single for a long, long time. Then I decided to take a chance, I did love him....but I do not know when it stopped. I feel like I argue with him all the time now and it hurts me constantly. I do not know how much longer I can take this. I know, I can make my situation better but I do have a heart somewhere and I feel awful. I guess I don't know how I feel about just misplacing one.

One other thing, I refuse to marry again. Due to the fact, I have no trust in men. I personally think they are all pigs in general....except my Daddy. I don't compare anyone I date to my Dad but to my ex-husband. Why? I don't know...and I now see I shouldn't as no one compares to a PIG. He called me complaining about his passport. My first remark was, do you think its fair that you go on a cruise while you owe X amount of child support? I mean seriously, is it fair to the child? Don't get behind and the state won't take your taxes, passport and drivers license. Duh. Can you tell this is a moan post? Sorry, I guess its been building up again. I just wanted to say, that this ex-hubby of mine thinks I got pregnant on purpose/accident and all I wanted was his money. What he doesn't realize still, that I didn't marry him for his money. If that was the case, then I would of never of dated him. I mean, we waited 5 years for our Son to be born. Seriously folks, is that what a gold digger does? I think the breaking point for me was when I was staying at home with our Son and I asked for money for underwear and he straight up told me. That I didn't need to go anywhere so I don't need them. NO MAN will tell me that ever again.

Well onto a better note, Happy Birthday to a very good friend of mine Dave from work. Your a wonderful person with a great personality and lots to give to the world yet. Don't ever stop being you like family!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Weather Sucks Asphalt....

Today was like really, really hot and for once, being at work was the pits. Being in direct sunlight isn't very nice either so today we took a nice long lunch and went swimming now that I am free from my bandages. Whoot! After swimming for about an hour we went back to work of course and sweated our patooteys off. Now I am home and just friggin' tired and hungry. Ready for a nap or two. I am enjoying some good old-fashion iced tea and cooking some chicken breasts along with Kraft Mac N Cheese. Gotta find a veggie to go with it. I am actually freezing in my house. My fingers on both hands are frozen. I will probably end up sicker than a dog from being in the heat then freezing temps in my house. I love central air, god forbid it ever goes out. I will die.....literally. Well I hear my chicken sizzling. I better tend to the stove.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Still in that roller coaster.

Its something with listening to Tim McGraw's songs that just makes me melt. I by far am not a country music fan but with his music, it has meaning and heart. Like I just got done listening to My Little Girl and reading the lyrics. I want to know exactly what he is saying as with most song and lyrics there are story lines to the lyrics. And of course with that song itself, it brought me to tears as I do not have a daughter and it breaks my heart. I do have a wonderful Son and everyday I wish I could have a brother or sister for him but I know that isn't going to happen with this relationship.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I have been a roller coaster of emotions today.

Last night I stayed out pretty late, no biggie but when I came home I was full of energy....but at 1 in the one else is. So by the time 3am came around I finally fell asleep but then woke up early. I had a blast last night with my friend Dawn....ended up getting chlorine in my stitches and it totally burned. But then waking up and reading my Mom's blog it really irritated me on how selfish my Sister is being. One day she will realize the world isn't just about her and her selfishness. So I went and found that video from Tim McGraw, Live like you Were Dying and to me that was my reality check. We all can't live for everyone else but for ourselves. We have to please ourself and be happy with ones self. I truly believe it will come to my Sister one day, I just hope it won't be too late. I pray she will realize there is more to life than the materialistic things, new house, new car, name brand clothes, being extra picky when the kids get dirty. I mean all those things you can replace but the one thing you can't replace is ones mind, body and soul. Its within ourselves to be happy and to not let anyone make you feel stressed or unhappy. Find your happiness, and don't let anyone else bring you down. After last night coming home, I of course got yelled at for coming home late. I calmly reminded him, that he has done it...I never go out. I am a human being that deserves fun as well. I don't have my Son every other weekend and sometimes a little girl fun is needed to bring one to a happy medium. Granted it wasn't the most positive experience but it was nice to get away. Spending time with Dawn was awesome. She is one of the people in my life that brings me to my happy medium, and I am glad to get to spend some time with her.

Now for Alysia, I am sure she is upset with me. As my phone wasn't getting any reception where I was at. Oh well, I can't anyone bring me down anymore.

Two more days and the stitches come out...WHOOOOOTTTTT!!! I can't frucking wait.

This is for my Mom.

Mom, I just want you know how much I love you. I found this for you.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am posting from the Isle of Capri.

I am with my friend Dawn at the Isle just spending some time with her and Levi. Its not everyday that I get to spend time with her. Its been since May 24th since I've seen her. With our schedules and working its almost impossible to make time for our kids to hang out anymore. Someday it will happen again. We were gonna go to the hot tub but it seems half the Quad Cities is here swimming or in the hot tub. OH well, theres more to life than the pool or hot I can hear Levi playing with the other two kids that are here waiting to go swimmin'

I really wish I could speak my mind on here but I know its limited. Blah. Hitch is on TV on TBS...I like Will Smith as an actor. But anyhoo, I better get off here but then again everyone is playing with games on their cell phones. Mine

Well Dawn is telling a story about I gotta go listen.

Time for ME time.

I love these times, I don't get them very often but when I do its very much needed. Sometimes I wish had the extra money, I would go to a spa and just relax but that will never happen. I am not that lucky. Its a good day to just stay home and enjoy the company of yourself and alot of cats/kittens. LOL.

Jonathan is at his Dads as its his weekend so that means NO KIDS. I know my Sister Stacey hates it when she calls and asks for me to watch the kids and I say NO. That is something my Mom needs to learn to say more often, just trust me it totally works. Call me selfish...that is ok. I don't

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I love playing in the sand but...

Sandcastles are so much fun to make while on the beach and I am looking forward to actually making it to the beach for the first time in my life sometime soon here. But until then you can go online and build your own little sandle castle without the sandy mess. You know the kind you get when your all wet and the sand sticks to every crease of your body. Which reminds me, I need to ask my Son today if he built any while he was at the lake. Where they went swimming is a cool lake and lots and lots of sand.

When I was little we would go to our local camping grounds and oh our Vacation we went on, was the greatest. I would build sandcastles allllll the time. I couldn't help myself in building them. When I was little I would dream of building my own houses and using sand because it was the most easily to destroy and start type of thing to use. But seriously, when I was building my Virtual Sandcastle I took my time of course because its something that some of us take to heart on designing and building our own little "Sand Castles". And it was so easy to make it, and I sent one to my friend so she can go and play with her sandcastle.

I have to get up early.

My Son's Father decided that he wants to come and get our Son around 2am..that is when he gets off work. Ok..but will I be up??? Who knows, if so I am sleeping in then going to My Bad.

Life is

Just kidding, its just life. Oh well. Oh and yeah its gettin' hot again. BLAHHH!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The weather is getting hot again.

And tomorrow my Son is suppose to go swimming with his daycare. I heard something about storms come Thursday/Friday but I am hoping it waits til' after the swimming thing cause they are going to Galesburg. And with the way the weather has been lately, I am very eery. Gonna make sure I have plenty of gas in case I need to run and get my baby.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One week post surgery.

And for some reason in which I know I am a total duh. I used my left hand today. So now...I am sitting here feeling uncomfortable. I have this sharp pain in my hand at the surgical site. Right where my life line is. I also have swelling in my hand by my thumb area. Right now I have the wrap and bandage off for some air cause it was really hurting with it on. I can't wait til' the stitches come out next Tuesday. Most injuries which are minor the stitches stay in for about a week or so. Mine was deep enough for 2 weeks. Also found the site where they stuck me with the freakin' needle to numb my hand. Its sore at that site as well. Well, not much else goin' on going to rest for a bit. Its been a busy day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My brain totally went blank.

I really want to thank my dearest friend Alysia for last Tuesday. Her and Mike went with me to my surgery. She didn't have too but I think she just wanted to be off with the weather being such a pain in the beeehind. Right after we got home, I went into the bedroom grabbed my pillows and blanket and went to the couch. I laid down, and woke up to them cooking. The messed up part is they could of went into the bedroom and did whatever and I didn't give a rats butt onto what went off after my lying down. Anyway, Ms. Alysia made arrachera meat on tacos. OMG. It was awesome. I've been craving it now since I had it. Soooo tomorrow, I might end up buying some meat and making some tomorrow night. It sounds sooo delicious right now. I think I convinced myself to make it Yep gonna cook it on the grill. With corn taco shells and flour of course.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't judge for what I have done but for what I will become.

And that is the moral of my story. I have done some awful things in my past that I am so ashamed of. I wish I could change the past but it has shaped my future. I have regained some friendships in which I thought I would never find again. For instance my friend Amy and Colleen. We all went to Jordan Catholic School together and lost contact after school. By fate, I lost my drivers license and went to the facility and Amy just so happen to be the one to be there. I am glad to of been at her wedding and see two of the most special people in my life and spending her most precious time with her. But sitting there and watching these two look into each others eyes. I know I will never be in that position. Why? Cause to me that is commitment and that is something I don't want. Sucks to be me uh?

Well onto other things, just took my bath in which wears me out. For my surgery if you don't understand what I am going thru I will simply put it like this. Take your hand...wrap it up and tape it to your side where you cannot use it. Let's see how frustrated you get while trying to do something simple like brushing your hair. Or eating a taco, ( haven't done that myself but a hamburger is just as hard) its amazing how much you use both of your hands until the moment comes and your stuck with just one. I still can't open a can of pop. Which is good cause I don't need Here is a pic of my hand as of yesterday. Its beginning to bruise, today is worse cause I did something. But the incision is in the lifeline itself and only about 2 inches long. Compared to surgeries in the past.....for this type I got lucky.

Yep...that's it.

I am just sitting here and chilling like a ....Mom usually does on her day off with her kid/kids. Went hiking....if you wanna call it that. I really can't do too much still. We went to Wild Cat Den to check out the park and the Mill. I didn't know you could actually go swimming in the river/creek by the Mill. I posted pics on my Flickr because it was really cool. I also posted a bunch of pics of my flowers and stuff for a friend as well. I work with him and he has a beautiful yard as well. Soo, now I am waiting for Mike's kids to leave. Obviously their Mother doesn't listen as Mike said to come and get them about 430 and she took it as when ever she wanted. I am the type of person, its my house and its invading my time. I don't want to share my life anymore with anyone. I much rather have it be just Jonathan and me. I don't know why I am feeling this way, maybe just tired of having to share MY stuff period? Am I being selfish? Right now...I don't care anymore. Just tired of it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Remind me not to eat things I crave.

As it tends to be greasy foods and my tummy isn't up for greasy foods yet.

The kittens are gettin' big, they are 5 weeks tomorrow. They are already using the potty and eating real kitty food. I am proud of these little munchkins. They just love the kitty box, like a sandbox for kids.

My garden....needs lots of water but I did see that one of my Calla Lillies that didn't bloom last year is blooming. Whoot!!!!!! So excited. Didn't think it would ever bloom again. I killed my Canna...oh well. An excuse for a new one?

My hand is still attached, I haven't removed it yet due to the numbness. But it will go away...I am reassuring myself. Also been doing Physical Therapy as during the surgery they did cut a main muscle/tendon whatever they cut that actually limits your hand usuage. I will however regain all hand functions. They say there is a chance of losing hand function well, I will be the one that won't. I was told today that I am a Strong Woman. Yah ok....

Well, its not my weekend of choice as the kids are going to be here. I am not really up for having kids here. So hopefully I am not the biggest witch this weekend.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am soooo forgetful.

I have lost so many things in the past couple of days its not even funny. I totally misplaced my money, debit cards and keys. Too much medicine maybe???? My tummy is still acting up. I am trying to eat foods that are easy to eat and with one hand. Its amazing how much you use both of your hands for eating.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Is something to think about thoroughly. I am glad I did because it has taught me patience, stretching your fingers is important...some don't think so. Right before the surgery, the nurse pointed out how bad my hand actually was. My palm of my left hand was completely flat. And how fast all this went, two doctors visits, one testing visit and one surgery later its all done. He did say though it was severe in my left hand. Today the numbness is still there but not as bad but now I can feel the pain, like a burning sensation.

Last night my boyfriend wanted to go out to eat. Of course with a MAN thinking they want to eat what they want. Well, I can't eat a huge Fuddrucker Burger or Tacos or anything that deals with your hands. So we went to Olive Garden where I got my Fettucine Chicken Alfredo. My appetite is like zilch let me remind you. I ate about 6 bites and was full. I am eating leftovers right at this moment....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feelin ucky!!!

My hand is bumming today. Don't know if I am going to make it to work or not with the pain and pressure. I know I am overdoing myself. So I need to take time and just relax.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Someone once told me too...

Stop living in the past as its not gonna change. But see I have a hard time letting things go. I guess once you been burned you have a hard time trusting again. Or loving someone so much and find out in the end it was all a "crush" thing and not true love. Or that you ended up pregnant and stuck with that person for the child. I see that one happen alot. Thank goodness, it never happened to me.

One thing I have learned is, that life is what you make of it and if you choose that road of depression and sadness then that is what YOU chose. Only you can make the choices in your life to change what you want. There is alot I want to change but at the moment I can't. I am not perfect, and neither is anyone else. And I refuse to live with hate in my life. I am choosing not to hate anyone for who they are, what they are or where they live or how they live. Hate will get you no where. I guess what I am saying is on some of the forums I've been reading and all the bashing on people. What good does it do to voice your anger? You might feel better while typing it but in the end, the people who read it can actually see the view from both sides and it really doesn't get you anywhere. That is why I am choosing to not return to a place of such anger and hatred, because I CHOOSE not to be apart of such childish acts. Life is too short for such BS.

This post all ties together into what had happened at my Son's B-day party. For one when its a party, please DO NOT bring your negative attitude to my Son's party. One of my Sisters had a complete attitude over our Grandparents NOT showing up at her daughters recital. She was told that they weren't coming. For one simple reason. They drove up from Muscatine/Illinois City,IL. to her house and she wasn't home. I am sorry but gas prices and being elderly isn't a good combination. But yet she seems to think that everyone should cater to her and oh whatever about them driving all that way to her house that it was no big deal. If anyone knows my Grandpa, then you screw him once...that's it. I am not sticking up for anybody or either side. Just stating the point that you don't come to a party and start fighting. And yet she wonders why I don't go to her house or visit her???? Its always a fight with her and this girl is tired of the crap she pulls and lies. Yes she is my Sister but I see right thru her and the stuff she does. And I am sorry, I don't believe in it. I guess I am just too old for games and name calling because that is sooooo 3rd Grade.

Ok...enough with the b*tching. I have laundry to finish.

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!!

You are 10 years old today...finally a double digit. Couple more years til' teenager and yes this Mama can wait. I am in no hurry here. He came into my room this morning at 3:58am and goes... "Pst...Mom...its almost my birthday and I am thirsty. What can I have?" I go...UMM. Water and yes honey ten more minutes now go back to bed and get some sleep. I love you!!! Such a sweetie pie. Gotta love him.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Having a Party.

Yep, Jonathan is going to be 10 years old tomorrow morning at 4:09am Exactly 10 years ago on this date I was sitting on the Rock River in Rockford,IL. eating a egg salad sandwich with tuna. While my Son's Father was fishing with his buddy. I was uncomfortable with this agonizing back pain and the pains of having to go bathroom. Little did I know I was actually in labor. I didn't know, had too many false alarms. Well, about 1:30 in the morning I had pressure and felt like I had to go number 2. SO I went and woke up his Dad to take me to the hospital. He started rubbing my back and said to go back to bed. I said ummm no it don't feel right. SO he got up, took his time and I grabbed my bag. He brought the extra sandwiches he made....thank god he did cause I was hungry later. So I walked up to L&D, the lady goes..lets go into a room. I got up on the bed, she went to check me and said..oh wow. Here goes your bag of waters...It felt soooo good and I was like..I can go home. She goes um...NO, your dialated to 9 and your gonna have a baby. Well at 2:17 my water broke and at 4:09am he was born. I called my Mom and she was like, come you sound soo good. Well after pushing a 9lb. 7oz baby out you would too.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mother Nature sucks.

Yes she does and right now...stupid people upset me the most. Actually I have a short temper at the moment and what is bothering me are the people who get a attitude with me. Like at work, I was explaining how we had fixed the tables that the stocking crew messed up and I get a response...Oh we will just hit the tables again. me a favor. Shut the F*ck up and be nice that at least we are trying to make the store look nice.

Wicked weather last night.

Some parts of our viewing 3 miles from where I live got hit really hard by what they suspected as microbursts....others are calling it a tornado. This storm that hit us last night came on so fast and left so fast it left a huge mess here. What is with Mother Nature lately?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am tired.

Yes, pooped tired. Been working like a fiend for the past couple of days. But then its expected due to what is going on next week. Well not really much else to say other than we are due some horrible weather here. Lets hope it just passes us tonight.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Working for that moneyyyy.

Yep I sure am. I working so hard that since Jonathan is at his Dad's I am trying my darnest to work as much as possible. I have some major bills coming up and would like to be able to pay them ya know? I can't believe I worked from 6:30am to 3:30 today and came home. Did all the dishes...and yes I had alot because we weren't home to do them all week. And yes Mike is lazy when it comes to dishes. I got my desk all straightened up, now comes time to get all around the desk picked up. But I have clothes to get folded right quick here. See, I am working on getting my house all spic and span before Tuesday. With my surgery coming up, I will not be able to use my hand for 6 that is gonna be tough. So I need to make sure all the big and pain the as$ stuff is done, put away. I don't plan on having a day off til' my surgery. CAAAAAUUUSSSSE...I really really want one but don't see a reason til. I scrubbed the counter top...(thanks peanut) and disinfected it with some antibacterial soap. Cleaned the stove better than before. Tomorrow night is the bathroom and the rest of the laundry. I am working on the living room here in a minute.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Really eeery.

Today was a bad day as usual. I had to run to Muscatine to get Jonathan and take him to his physical appt. then back to his Dad's....of course no help with gas money. $45 down the drain...sure. No problem. Well on the way back Jonathan told me to turn down a street and it was total devastation. It was where the tornado struck. I felt sooooo bad for these people. I am greatful we were ok here. So now I found out that Fruitland, IA. is a town no more. It was completely leveled.

Monday, June 04, 2007

It hurts.

I bought my washer and dryer about 6 years ago....I think. Well, I didn't use my dryer for 3 of those years due to my being homeless. Well just now I was down in the dungeon and turned the pretty baby on and its making noises. MAN OH MAN. I was hoping to buy a new set come income tax time next year but its looking grim. I am due my Ex's income tax for past due child support anytime now. So I was thinking I could use part of that for a new dryer. I mean it is for our Son's clothes so I guess it passes on what I can use Child Support for. Next to buying him a actual dresser too in which he so badly needs. I also thought about getting him a new bed, I mean everything brand new mattress too cause the set he has now is getting old, stained and My Son deserves nice stuff too. His Dad said he could use the set he has now for his place and I might as well keep it with my Son. Right now he is sleeping on a Futon bed and we all know those are uncomfortable as heck.

Well, I am off to bed....I have a busy day tomorrow. Too much to complain about on here.

Alright, I am fine.

I will be ok. I decided tonight that I was going to go ahead and get Jonathan's gift for his Birthday. Its not much but more that what he is expecting. Just gonna have a little party for him this Sunday, I still have to let people know. Was gonna have it the following weekend but not sure on how I am going to be feeling. I figure around 5pm on Sunday June 10th, just a small party with Cake and Ice Cream here at my house outside in the back. I might get some chips and hot dogs nothing big as I am not rich so I can't afford more stuff. For what he wants for his birthday is hard to say because he doesn't ask for much and for what I got him he is going to love. But I got him this for his Birthday. I had earned just enough from my PayPerPost to buy this from the posting I've done and gotten paid for this past week. I can honestly say, its free money for a short amount of time posting on my blog. Makes me happy, using unexpected money for a MUST have for my wonderful Son.

How much more can I take?

I guess you can say I am stupid. I mean seriously. I am at the point of being tired of being taken advantage of. I can't go into detail but will say major changes are happening as I speak here. I give people chances and almost always get burned. Well this is the final straw, when it involves f*cking with my Son's Birthday then you done messed with fire. I am searching for boxes now because honestly. I can't help but really hate someone right now. Grrrrrr.

It hurts.

I bought my washer and dryer about 6 years ago....I think. Well, I didn't use my dryer for 3 of those years due to my being homeless. Well just now I was down in the dungeon and turned the pretty baby on and its making noises. MAN OH MAN. I was hoping to buy a new set come income tax time next year but its looking grim. I am due my Ex's income tax for past due child support anytime now. So I was thinking I could use part of that for a new dryer. I mean it is for our Son's clothes so I guess it passes on what I can use Child Support for. Next to buying him a actual dresser too in which he so badly needs. I also thought about getting him a new bed, I mean everything brand new mattress too cause the set he has now is getting old, stained and My Son deserves nice stuff too. His Dad said he could use the set he has now for his place and I might as well keep it with my Son. Right now he is sleeping on a Futon bed and we all know those are uncomfortable as heck.

Well, I am off to bed....I have a busy day tomorrow. Too much to complain about on here.

Feeling like an outcast!

You know how it is when you have a weekend extremely busy, well Fri and Sat. and you get a phone call from a family member on Sun. saying they are all out to dinner with everyone but yourself and one other person? Yeah I was kinda irritated about it, but it happens all the time. Then people ask why I didn't do this or go to this. Yes I am upset by the fact that I never go out to eat with anyone in my family. Well for one I don't always have money either but last night I did. Honestly how would you feel? I am serious if your family always went out to eat. It broke my heart to hear my two nieces saying my name and who they were with.

And right now it doesn't matter who gets mad at me for writing this because it really irritates me. But when I hung up the phone, Jonathan asked who it was. I told him and he asked what they were doing. Any child will ask. So I told him. The first words out of his mouth is. "Mamaw and Papaw always spend time with Kelcee. I am the oldest and its not fair!" Words from a 9 year old who has figured life out already. I reminded him that the other kids were there too and he still got upset and asked why we weren't there too. I told him that we wasn't invited. He asked why...I told him they probably thought we didn't have money. He then goes...but Mom we do I saw the $25 in your pocket. Little stinker. There is no excuse on why you shouldn't spend time with ALL your family.

Ok enough griping I have a busy day, Jonathan's last day of school and first day of DayCare.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reflecting on the Quad City AirShow.

I can actually say it was the best year yet. The show itself wasn't the greatest because of the weather persay but it made an impact on my Son's life. I volunteer every year at the airshow and always get into the Chalet areas. In other words, unless you work for a major company, know the pilots, or have a lot of money you can get in there. I have known of these but volunteering gets you involved with the Chalet tents and they always have a tent for the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels and Snowbirds. Well this year was the year for the Thunderbirds. Yay! And guess what Chalet I was put in too??? Yep you got it the Thunderbirds. Awesome because their crew comes to the Chalet for food and drinks. I am their Chaperone while they are there. I make sure they are taken care of. But this year was extra special. I had my Son with me gentleman in particular TSgt. Rob Thompson NCOIC, Communications went and sat down with my Son and had a one on one with him. It brought me to tears. To see my Son shake his hand and talk with him. It was absolutely amazing. Now granted my Son isn't a picture person he was mad I made him take his picture with him.

He was mad at me....but in this photo he was fine. He got to hang out with SSgt. Joshua Gray and TSgt. Justin Pyle. He thought that was even better.

So as you can see, we had a great weekend. I will forever cherish this weekend as my Son got to meet our Congressman as well. I know lots of blah blah. Oh well, tomorrow is his last hour of school. He's excited and so am I. Means I can work more. Whoot!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Umm. Weather being bad???

Actually it is. Right now not knowing what is going on is what is making it worse. My Son's Father lives in the area of where the tornado hit earlier today. No answer on his phone. And that scares me. I don't know what to do. No matter how much I dislike the man and his woman, I DO NOT want anything to happen to them. ***UPDATE** He's ok, he is at the hospital cutting up firewood. They just showed the hospital in Muscatine on TV and my Son goes...MOM MOM that's where his girlfriend works. Talk about your heart dropping. Ok so I am doing ok right now.

On another Happy note going to finish getting ready for my friends wedding.

Its Friday!!!!

Yep, the day before the air show and I am stoked. Last night my Son and I went out to the Airport and watched the Thunderbirds unload the big Air Force Jet. OMG, it was huge. I love the jets like the F-16's F-15's and of course Fat Albert from the Blue Angels. I can't get enough of these things.

And tonight is a very special night for me. My Best Friend from junior high/high school is getting married. I am so excited for her. Even though we had talked about being in each other's weddings, we had lost contact and she had tried to find me but I have changed my number due to personal reasons. So tonight, she asked me to be there and that it would mean the world to her if I was there. And I have to be there as another member of our little group just got divorced last fall and is having a rough time handling it. So with me already gone thru both the wedding and divorce, I will be there for two of my bestest friends. I can't wait. I am excited as can be. I will be posting pictures as well. Oh and I forgot to mention my friend who is getting married her Dad is our CongressMan Phil Hare. Its weird saying that as I've known him for 20 years. Its amazing its been that long and how far he has come in his Profession. I did a search on him the other day and it totally freaked me out to see my friend Amy's name in the wikipedia search page. Wow!!!! I love it. I have to go to the HallMark store sometime today and get her a card. I know there is nothing in this world that I can buy her for their marriage tonight to show my appreciation and friendship on how much she means to me. Our friendship will forever be PRICELESS!