Thursday, May 31, 2007

She made my day so much better.

The video down below from Mollie, I have talked with her off and on for the past couple of years. I met her online, sure wish I knew when but a very good friend of hers online Andrea had just passed away and she was very young and I remember her being so upset but see. I looked passed the age thing and saw a young woman who had grown up very fast and seeing death at such a tender age. Me being a kind person, I could not just ignore someone because of their age, grade or gender. She needed a shoulder and I just so happen to be there. So enjoy this video as it brought tears to my eyes seeing this person grow up in front of me and being so far away from where I live. Mollie, you have got a very bright future ahead of you.

The last nail in the coffin for me.

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Has been pushed today. I come home from getting my Son's medicines and realize my backyard...the one that I work sooooooooo hard in to make look nice has been turned into a f*cking store aka garbage sale from the neighbors upstairs. OH I AM SOOOOOO P*SSED. I don't care about my language at the moment. Frankly it sent me over the edge, my heart started beating fast, I got sweaty and started to hyperventilate. The part that makes me the maddest is its not just part of the yard of where they said, but my ENTIRE BACKYARD. I swear to GOD that if anything gets broken I will seriously hurt someone. I removed my gazing ball and some lawn ornaments but I couldn't get to my other stuff. I will remind them to remove everything by Saturday Night because its my yard too and I don't want f*cking garbage in my yard AT ALL. I hope all works out with this house that M is looking into. If so, three bedroom farm betcha. And in the middle of Iowa somewhere. I am out of this fucking hole. I've enjoyed it here, I've enjoyed the school being so close. But this is what I can't enjoy. Its one thing to share a backyard, but to share MY STUFF is not my way of living. I am going to take a picture of it just to show everyone how gross this stuff is. I can't help but worry about my yard. Most people say, its only a yard blah blah blah. Ummm NO...its my yard too and I've worked sooo hard to plant my perennials and other pretties in the yard. Stuff that only blooms once every other year is also blooming this year and OMG...if some little brat f*cks with my stuff. I am going to have a major fit. I am having a hard enough time just sitting in here thinking about MY stuff I have outside.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm up.

Kinda, sorta, maybe. I woke up to a instant message on my computer from a friend. She had asked me if I remembered Sandee. Right then and there I went immediately to her site. What is it with all the cancer crap going around like a rabid disease? I really hate it. Its affected so many people in my life that its making me cry. So if you can, go give her your thoughts and prayers. The news isn't good for her, and for my friend who sent the message has the biggest heart that I know. She has been a inspiration to me, she just graduated and is a great photographer. I want her to know to remain strong for Sandee and her self. And two, Ms Mollie please be positive don't let yourself get down. No one plans these sicknesses and sometimes it takes more than doctors medicines and hands to heal.

So this also goes towards my Grandma, she has so far beat this evil demon with two types of cancers. I think she's too stubborn to let anything get her down. I love you Grandma.

And for Kim, my Mom's are a Strong Man. You might not feel it now but you have been an angel in my eye even though I don't really know you like my Momma. For the babies and kids you have fostered, it takes a real Dad to do that. You have so much support behind so remain strong for yourself.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Can't get into the mood.

Too clean my house that is, I mean its clean but not to where I want it. My whole right side feels as if someone beat the crap out of me. Kinda like a pulled muscle or something. I've been doing lil' bits here and there around the house. I am waiting for M to come home, make him make I am stressing again...I need to stop.

At this time...I would like to...

be on a beach somewhere getting some real sun, and burned like really bad...NOT. I am getting excited this weekend is our Air Show...I volunteer every year there. I mean for a free show, free food, and free sunburn.. Sure why not.

Right now I am eating leftovers from last night. Yummy steak. I am enjoying the peace and quiet before my little man gets home from school.

Happy Monday Morning to you on a Tuesday Morning!!!

Well maybe happy for you...not me though. We are short two people at work. One says she's tired and the other is pregnancy related. I can understand the pregnancy one. I guess I am having a hard time dealing with people and their excuses. I am going to start talking to my boss and ask him for advice on how to handle it. Or I just might inform them that this is just like any other job and that it isn't fair to the people who do show up that they end up with all the work. I can't even take a day off without something happening. I did inform the one girl that it is necessary to show up on the days scheduled as its the actual company that is wanting the people. Also too, that they should take advantage of the time offered because we are over our hours allowed and that it won't last very long. I am nervous about going in today because I have not been there for two days. I know its going to be a mess and alot of fixing things. I can't stress myself...I really can't. Its soooo not worth it. I think this is how its going to work today. Assign the girls the easy stuff and I will deal with the shrubs. Honestly, I am a nice person and I can't have someone messing with the Barberry with the thorns at work. Unless I am mad at them...then guess what. You betcha I am. No I am just

On another note, I found out that I am sweating alot at work. Which is cool, which means losing weight and that is really cool. BUT that I am having a allergic reaction. It seems no matter how many times a day I change clothes, or shower. That my body doesn't like sweat. I am on three different meds. for the skin irritations...and the medicated powder is some pretty strong stuff.

My goal is to lose weight, get better body tone and fight whatever this is. Cause its sucks!!!!

I sure hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and remembered our soldiers that have fought and died for our country....and also the ones that are still fighting for our freedom. I will never remember Bush has he is the one putting us on backburner and not thinking about our families with the troops. Let's enlist Bush to go to Iraq and see how long he lasts, and see how his family likes to sit at home and wait to receive that "one" phone call.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Its Sunday, and I am supposed to be at work. BUT I didn't feel like going in today. I really wanted a day to clean my house. WHICH I never get. And I am wanting to get it done before June 12th. Yeah. I know its a couple weeks away but I am trying to think ahead here. My house has been neglected for a week or so. I finally got ALL the laundry out of my room and in their proper baskets. Some to be put away and some to be washed. Then I am going to go outside and get the rest of my flowers to be planted...planted. I might also go buy some more. I just have this need to buy flowers. I am still trying to figure out where I got this from in my family. I know not my Mom or Dad. I will say, I do have a awesome green thumb. Well, just sittinghere isn't getting anything done....blech!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Rainy Morning to you too!!!

Yes, RAIN. I love it. We sooooo need it. My plants are happy, I am happy. Work is happy. Not much else going on, gonna go do a little shopping today. Its one of those things of getting a little bit of money owed to you from unemployment, getting the bills caught and actually having a bit to play with. I am hoping for a new pair of shoes....wish me luck!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Kelcee Girl!!!!

Happy 8th Birthday miss Kelcee Girl!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Son is a Second Year Webelo.

Whoot!!! I am so proud of my little man. We had a blast last night at the ceremony, they had a ice cream social for the kids and then the Crossover. We have a ton of "New" Webelos in addition to our Webelos. Only half our boys were there cause they put sports over Boy Scouts.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I would like to start another blog.

Specifically for gardening. Why? Well I don't want to overload this blog with my pictures and stuff. It would suck to just have alot of photos. But also too, maybe if anyone is interested in joining the blog group as well. The guidelines would be only about our gardening and photos. No personal life stuff, or what would be considered personal outside of gardening. What do you think? If anyone is interested please email me at

We have a Boy Scout Ceremony tonight..

Its our annual Boy Scout Ceremony and Crossover. My Son is in his first year Webelo and will be going into his second year this fall. He has enjoyed his first year and I am glad he joined too. He loved his Raingutter Regatta and the Pinewood Derby that he participated in two different events. Granted he didn't win, he enjoyed building the boat and car. So tonight, he will be receiving two or three belt loops, and two pins or his Sportsmanship and Naturalists too. I am excited here, I can't wait for 6:30 to come. LOL.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just a note.

I just want some of the new people who are reading my blog that are not aware of this easy new way of making money online. If you have a established blog, have blogged at least 4-5 times a week for the past 90 days, and love to blog. Over at PayPerPost its alot of fun and a easy way to earn some extra cash/gas I enjoy writing posts, and have learned alot of new things and found some great sites. Also too you have to make sure your blog has been indexed by google and other search engines. It takes a little while to get established, but in the end its all good. So far I am proud of how far my blog has come within a short amount of time. I went from a NO ranking blog to having a PageRank of 2. The better ranked your blog, the more money you can make. I do know there are some single Mom's out there who are looking for that extra money to help you out. And by sitting at home with your kids, you can be earning some money too. I know of a few other sites as well, so if anyone is interested in me and I will forward you the information.

Cancer is a evil demon.

I have to say, my hearts and prayers are with Kim Ellis right now. He works with my Mom at her job. They have been friends since my Mom's first day of work. I guess working in that business of internet and computers, when you have something in common. Its nice to have a friend who might know something that you don't and vice versa. Kim had been battling this evil demon and he's totally different from the last time I saw him. But he is still Kim. To me no matter what changes on the outside, he is still Kim on the inside. Go read his amazing story, leave him a comment or two and show your support.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ohhhh a Contest...

I gotta enter cause ya know me...always that chance that I might win. Over at Kat's Site she is having this contest for a Book or a Movie. I feel as if I am running late for work on this contest. So here I go wishing myself some luck here but I have a feeling that ummm, its gonna be one lucky chance to win. And who ever wins, I am happy for them as its all in fun and a good thing for Kat as well.

Good Luck everyone and hope everyone has a great, great weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cause ya had a bad day!!

I think I had the roughest day of my life at my job. I am overstressing myself and I shouldn't. See I work as a vendor thru one of our hardware stores, which is a major store nationwide. Well, there were only three of us to begin with and had three new people starting. The District Manager comes in and starts lying about what we are doing, for instance that we ALL take breaks together and go smoke. First off....we don't smoke. That is the funny part. He felt stupid. Secondly, the three new people JUST started as well. So that was something else that was funny, cause to begin with it was only the three of us and only two of us would be left working. I need to get myself focused on a new outlook on work and just focus on the job itself, forget the people who try to make it hard on us and do the best we can. I am going to make a up task list for each of my employees to work on so we can work together but also work and get ALOT more done at once.

There was a ***** employee that started to whine about how she had to work on Mother's Day and that someone should of been there. You can't explain to someone who doesn't want to listen that I make my own hours of when I want to work. Why??? Cause she's jealous. OH WELL. Then trying to explain to her that I have to drive half way across the state of Iowa to go pick up my Son from his Fathers on Mother's Day isn't my ideal of fun. OH and I did work the day before so she can go blow a big one for all that I care. Can ya tell I am stressing here??

Ok....I am going to go eat and relax and think about the coming weekend. I am NOT working. They can kiss my tutu.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I can't believe its almost 10 o'clock at night and I am so not ready for bed. I've been running all over, getting kitty food, kitty milk, Jonathan's Neckerchif clip and belt for cub scouts. I went to the cell phone place today and talked about my phone and why its not working properly...I guess its a defect well the phone is no longer covered by warranty so. I sat down and tried to figure out the cheapest way out of buying a new phone and a new number. Not sure if I can even do it.

I did make it to Targeeet to get some laundry soap, fabric softener, and some body powder. A friend suggested that since we get soooo hot at work that there is some body powder that helps keep you dry. Well, I need that. I work up such a sweat that I am tired of looking like a wet rag doll everyday. So if it works...then I'd be happy.

Alright enough is enough...I need to hit the sack my butt is tired. I have a busy day tomorrow. We have 2 new people starting and I get to train the new ladies. So now we have Alysia, Nicole, Mike, Kelly and Sherry working under me. We are going to kick butt and get alot of work done tomorrow. I am so excited. We now have enough people to spread out, and we are going to work as teams...It works better for some reason. And gonna get most of the shrubs on the tables. Organize them out in front for the customers...and voila'.....

I forgot to mention, today while at work. We had a customer who didn't see a cart behind her and she went to turn around and she trip. She hit her head right by her eye and split it open. OMG, I bout died. I took off running over to her, she sat up but I told her to go slow and if she felt dizzy to let me know. She was crying, she got her shin...ouch. and her knee in which she has an implant. I am still worried about her. I sure hope she went to the doctor because I still think he needed stitches by her eye. The funny part was, I was telling someone what to do when it happened. I stopped, ran to the person in need and my co-worker turned around and I was gone. She goes...where is Christie??? I guess its the First Aid classes I took and training I had that I knew it was needed.

Well I have too.

Change my number. I am sooo tired of people calling my phone and asking for Mike/other people. Granted I am a resource list person for him, I have to change my number. So I have to head to Iwireless to see how much its going to cost me. THEN my phone decided to die on me. Doesn't want to charge, my 0 button doesn't work. So I am up sh*t creek without my phone....hate that feeling. I can accept calls but can't dial out. The phone isn't new but a dinosaur so its time for something lil' bit better I guess. I am not a phone person, I don't want something all cool and crap. Just a phone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It got cold real quick today.

Yes it did. I am glad though, it got pretty warm yesterday. I am not ready for the hot weather whatsoever. I feel bad right now though, I had to go get my Son enrolled in daycare for the summer. I am glad I did though, it filled up real quick. I need to keep my mouth shut about how good the daycare is and quit referring people there. I am excited the trip to Adventureland is on July I have to keep that day open. Whoot. I can't wait. I love that place and the bus ride up is a blast.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Not too much going on, went to my Nerve Test today with my Doc. I wish I could say the news was good but its not. It was confirmed today that I have severe carpal tunnel in my left hand and between moderate/severe carpal tunnel in my right. The test itself was ok, the electricity pulses they send threw your nerves really didn't hurt. It was the needle itself that he put into the muscle of my hand in the palm of my hand is what hurt. He is dumbfounded on how fast my carpal tunnel progressed. Especially with my age, he doesn't understand how it happened. So on June 12th, Dr. V will be performing the surgery on my left hand. I am going to wait on the right hand. Why? Because I need something to be able to write, eat, and other things with while I heal. I can honestly say, I have not been as scared as I was today when the doc. told me about my hands. People take their hands for granted, and yes we use them for everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING. The best advice I have for anyone is to, be careful on what you do with your hands and treat them like gold. Cause someday, something like this can happen and bam, you start dropping things, you can't hold your phone to talk, you can't drive, and the pain that wakes you up at night isn't fun either. The medicine my doc. prescribed doesn't help with the pain.

Onto my Callie girl, her babies are thriving very well. I am still holding off taking pictures of the babies still. Callie is still having a rough time, she got sick this morning but is doing 10 times better now. If she does get sick again, I am taking her to the VET. not going to take that chance with my Princess. I think I am going to go spend more time with her here. I really think she likes me sitting with her and rubbing her tummy and back.

As for work....I am done. I don't know if I can take any more stress.

lauren's strawberry cream cake

lauren's strawberry cream cake
Originally uploaded by nor certitude.

This is a friend from whom takes some great pictures, but this just looks so yummy. And strawberries??? OMG... I want some.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

They are HERE.

Yep, that's what I said. Callie waited ALL day for us to be in the room with her while she delivered. Her labor started about 10ish last night and last until 1:22 in the morning. All five babies are doing great and so is Momma kitty. With it being her first time she totally freaked out with her first two babies. I have some scratches and bloody marks from her but that is ok. Its so worth it.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Birth is imminent now.

Because my little kitty Callie has started labor officially. She waited all day for us to come home and inside. I will post pics of when they are born, and of course write down all the times they are born.

Friday, May 11, 2007

June 12th.....ughhh!!!'s the deal. On June 12th. I am having my left hand done. I asked if I can still work. I can but will of course have limitations. No working with my left hand for 6 weeks. I am sure I can do it. I hope. Please I hope. Since now at my job we are hiring 3-4 more people. Whoot! And guess who has that job.....ME. Yay. I have a responsibility...hiring dependable and reliable people to work under me. Starting tomorrow, we have two new people starting so I get to train them. The two people starting will go to our Davenport store. So I hope they work out ok but with us looking for at least 2 more people, I have one possible and looking for another. I have learned to find people with good track records on their jobs, attendance records, and a good workmanship. Its not hard to do but can be frustrating with stupid people who keep messing up your work. Well I so need a shower right now.

Its Friday, yay.....

And I am home on a break. I am dead tired but I have to head back to work for a little bit. Then home again, but I need to go to the store and do some shopping for the kitties. Well I will be back later folks.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm scared.

On Monday I have to go the doctor for a Nerve Test called Electromyogram to detect how bad my carpal tunnel is. He already scheduled my surgery for my hands. I am seriously scared. I am just curious on how, why and when this happened. I mean I was fine in January and February. But one day in March it started with a sore arm then gradually went to total numbness in both my hands and the pain is horrendous. I can't hold my phone without my hands going completely numb. Driving is even worse, I drive with one hand on the wheel and switch off between hands because of it going numb. Like right now, my hands are killing me sitting here trying to type. One thing, I have to notify my job to see if I qualify for workmens comp., if so I hope it helps out as I am afraid of losing my Van. And all my bills. It totally scares me. The chances of the surgery NOT working is what really scares me and leaving me with total nerve damage and losing the use of my hands. So its something I am thinking about seriously and taking it step by step. The Nurse told me about the testing the nerve part and frankly that scares me even more. Needles + Blood = PAIN LOL. Not sure when I will get the results if its that day or at the doc office, I guess I will see.

Well I am completely worn out, I worked all day and came home and played in the garden for like 3 hours. WOW, where did my time go?

Home again.

I am home, I am really trying my darnest not to get upset at work. After what I heard today from the store manager on how things are suppose to run, its real funny. So I am going to make a call to my company and find out for sure. If someone is lying or not.

Onto better things, I bought some flowers last night that are just beautiful. I am going to take pictures here in a little bit. I am thinking about bringing my one flower bed out a little more for my coleus.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This is Sweet.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

10 Things That People Don't Know About You

1) I can be pretty anal about the way things should be done, it has to be straight.

2) I am a bit of a control freak...some people don't know that yet.

3) I've only dated three people in my entire life.

4) I listen to ALL music.

5) I pawned my wedding band after I got divorced for diapers.

6) I surf my blogroll but forget to comment.

7) I have a difficult time going to sleep.

8) I can sit and play Mario Sunshine all day if I could.

9) I wish I could live on a farm, so I can have all the cats I want.

10) I have a secret crush.

So what are yours?

Since I'm tired..

I went and got a Papa Murphys Gourmet Garlic Chicken pizza. It is my most favorite pizza ever. I can't help myself on how good they are. I get mine without the tomatoes cause I hate them things. We got 9 minutes and its done....Yummmmmm. I will post a before and after pic here when its done.

Oh oh oh, here's a update. My Callie is going to have her babies here very very soon. I tried to get a picture of her and her baby belly but she says she isn't having any of that.

Monday, May 07, 2007

My feet hurt.....

We are going to be busy probably the rest of the week at work. It seems that certain employees at work don't care about the prices of certain plants. What they don't realize that they are putting stuff that shouldn't be in certain areas onto tables that is costing them money. SOOOO, I guess I will take it to the Store Manager. I am working my a$$ off and all I hear is complaining about how stuff isn't out. WELL DUH quit putting stuff in the wrong spot for us to correct. How do I explain that to someone who doesn't want to listen. Oh wait, I will talk to the Store Manager and maybe it will get taken care of. Well, crap. I will post more later I am still working on dinner. Blech!!!

I am a horror movie addict and I..

Just saw the trailer for a new movie BUG, coming with my Favorite Actress Ashley Judd. It totally scared me out of my seat. I am so excited about it. Watching the trailer was oh so gross but still I love my scary movies. I remember the old days when certain movies would come out and we would go to the drive in. Here go check out the trailer here

What did you think? Scary huh? Even though I hate bugs with a passion it might make me think twice about things. But one thing, I have not seen one bug movie like this, so that is what makes it so interesting. Ughh...just thinking about it, the thought of bugs. Its awesome. Lionsgate has some great movies and I really think this is gonna be a hit. On the day it comes out I am going to the movies that night, I will find a sitter because this isn't something I would let my 9 year old watch. And I don't go out to movies very often but this I will definitely go.

You gotta leave me a comment on the trailer and let me know what ya'll think. Would you go and watch it? If so would you go alone....I probably will. And will have the heebie jeebies when I leave. Then again anything with Ashley Judd in it, its gonna be good. I love all her movies. Oh and that guy in the trailer is like really crazy but a great actor.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

This is why I love Nascar.

My Man...Jimmie Johnson DOMINATED the race.....AGAIN. I love him, well at least his driving!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I bought some flowers today.

I bought these really cool looking flowers, reminds me of alien fingers. I will put a picture up here in a minute. I also bought some impatiens and coleus. The Coleus are green leaf with red around the edges, its very unique. My Calla Lilly is sprouting thru the dirt in my pot...can't wait for them to bloom. Oh and I got some moss roses too....not too many flowers as I am waiting for the perfect ones. I am very picky.

A Budding Entrepreneur needs..

Some good advice and someone to help them with a financial plan for their business. While I was in college with my Business Information classes, we had talked about being an entrepreneur and what steps you need to take to be succesful. At Venture Alliance Partners they can give you all the information that is needed. They look at every entrepreneur as a potential partner, that is cool. I would hate to submit my business plan and be treated like a fool. I often thought about designing my own business, submitting it and getting a professional opinion on it. Someday I would love to own my own business and be able to provide a service to the public.

Good Morning!!!

Well I hope everyone is having a good morning. We have cats that are terrorizing the house like mad. Our prego Momma kitty is getting bigger and bigger. She won't sit still long enough for me to take a picture. Poor baby girl.

Today I want to run to a nursery for certain annual plants. Some that my store can't seem to get in just yet. I want my moss roses in multi-colors and some impatiens.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Supper was good of course.

I sure love my round steak with cream of mushroom soup over the top of it with some mashed Ok my hands are hurtin' so I am gonna head to bed. I know what it means and all. That my hands have had enough. So sweet dreams everyone!!!!

Do you need information on a business?

And can't seem to find it via search engine. Well low and behold the ultimate site for all that information. Its so easy to use. Masterseek Is a program that helps you find Information online about business that are hard to find like certain streets, towns or big cities. I used to work for a company up in Rockford and of course I had to try it and see how it worked. It was sweet.

If you happen to own a business and are looking for a way to get it out there, its free to submit your business! That way you can showcase your product and starting making some money for yourself!

What a long, long day that was.

I am home and soooo tired. I got supper cooking and I am going to crash. I am making Round Steak with some Cream of Mushroom soup over the top of it and mashed potatoes...haven't decided on a vegetable yet. Gonna go do that now.

Have you ever...

Wanted a day to be overwith already? I do right now.

Ha ha this is funny, we have a cat who hates our little Black and White tuxedo kitty with a passion. I mean she hates him. Right now she is staring at him with the look of "I'm going to rip you apart!" look. She's funny.

I am at a loss with my Son, he is being so bullheaded its unbelievable. I don't know what to do. I personally think its his Father being an asshat and telling him to be bad.

On with my list of things to do today:
-Take my MIL over to the school for Grandparents day.
-Go to work
-Get organized on what needs to be done
-Go NUTS, its a everyday occurrance there
-Go get Jonathan
-Go to the store grab a few groceries
-Come home and go to the YMCA....Momma needs to relax.

Have you heard of Bloggerwave?

Its an awesome new company that pays people to blog about their customers/donators. At Bloggerwave it was a fast, easy and painless submission for me. Less than 24 hours...whoot! Record time! With Bloggerwave all you do is sign up, add your blog, and hopefully within record time you will get your blog approved. You can start taking opportunities when they are available to you. Its really super easy to do!! And fun too because you learn about new sites or gadgets that are available. Or other services that are offered. You will also need a Paypal account as well! The best part is you get paid to sit at home/work for however long it takes you to write a single post. Head on over and sign up, make some money already!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

OK so I am just stupid.

I am looking a calendar I can use with my google and I came across this and I hope it works. Then I came across this and thought it was pretty cool about emailing someone without them knowing your email address....ha

A friend of mine is in trouble.

Well actually its my friends Brother. He was involved in a car accident that resulted in two deaths. He has had some serious drug and alcohol problems since he was a teen. I feel so bad for him cause he might be paralyzed. Now maybe he can get into drug rehab to finally beat these demons and set his life straight. It will take alot of courage and determination to actually be drug free. No one knows what caused the accident but the assumption is alcohol related. My heart and prayers are with him and his family.

When I heard about the accident it crushed me that it was somebody that I knew. Makes me wonder how someone could let their life get so out of control. Breaks my heart actually...I am not really a religious person but I do thank the man upstairs for letting me live a clean and healthy lifestyle. I have made the right choices and will continue to no matter what....and I don't even smoke either. Whoot!

Back in High School, the temptation was there as I saw it. I thought the people looked funny but I do remember riding the bus home and this person walking around trying to get people to take a hit off a joint...ON A CITY BUS. I really hope that person got the help he so needed.

Look at what we go int at work today..

I don't know who this person is, but we got Purple African Daisy flowers in at work and I want one. Oh and some purrrty Mandevillas in too.

Ok today was better.

Even though I spent most of the day by myself it was really ok. When it was time for me to go, a shrub truck showed up with some shrubs....phew...It was time for me to go...boy did I leave in a hurry. Thank I know bad. Since coming home, I've been cleaning everything knowing that I won't have time tomorrow. I will be working all day tomorrow and I really don't know what time I will get off. I have car insurance to pay for...blah. Oh and a credit card payment. In which I might pay before the 16th. Learning to budget my money even more is getting easier. I am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel on my money. Someday..I will have everything I ever wanted. It seems to distant but right now there are things I would like to have but I know that financially it won't happen. Well, I gotta run lots to do yet...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I had the worst day.

First off let me tell you. I work for a company that is contracted thru Lowe's as a VENDOR. Ok, that means we take care of the plants. Well today I had an emergency and had to leave, I was gone maybe 15 minutes. The store manager had a freaking COW that I didn't tell her I was leaving. Ok. She isn't my boss for one. For TWO. She had no right to ask my co-worker if I was making up my time. That is the beauty of my job, I make my own hours. If she don't like then she can kiss my ass. I work my ass for them. I already have an attitude with them as it is. Here I am trying to put stuff per Plant-O-Gram and their workers are just putting stuff where ever. And for ONE person to say that we are never there is a bold face lie. We were the ones out in the cold rain working our butts off. Yeah, and she had the nerve to say we weren't there. Um...Yes I remember that day very well. How and why? I got sick from being outside but do I stay home and miss work? NO, I go in and work. So from now on, I am going to report to who ever is outside in Lawn and Garden first thing in the morning. When I go to lunch, but I refuse to talk to someone who I can't find. I walked around for 20 minutes looking for the store manager, wasting precious time and time I could be getting plants out. I will not work under these circumstances. I go in, get my work done and get out. I didn't even get my lunch today so that made me a little more crabbier than usual too. But I too am entitled to a break once in awhile. Why is it that I should have to go without a break for them. I so can't wait til tomorrow when I can totally snap. Because I will go off on her for being a bitch. Afterall I am doing my job, I can't help it that she only sees what she wants to see.
I got tagged, so here ya go...and no I don't mind one Thanks Marianne!!!

1. What is the stupidest mistake you have ever made with money?
The Stupidest mistake I ever made was spending it all on scrapbooking supplies when I knew in fact, we needed groceries. Oh I so kicked myself for that one.

2. Do you think taxes are unfair or do you think it's your civic duty?
Oh I think they are unfair but who am I to judge? I like getting my big check in the beginning of the year

3. Do you take risks and possibly turn your life upside down for new opportunity?
I tried that once, and learned a very important lesson. It left me homeless and up shit creek without a paddle.

4. Are you the alpha in your household? (Include pets)
You better believe it baby. I might have 7 cats, a vicious crab, a hyper 10 year old but I sure rule this house.

5. Do you compromise with your significant other or does someone always get their way?
I gave up compromising a long time ago when I got divorced. Now its my way or the highway.

6. What curse word do you use most often?

7. Do you easily change your mind or are you dead set on most issues?
I am constantly changing my mind, hey its a woman's perogative.

8. What famous person would you like to trade places with for one week?
No one, because everyone has issues and problems.

9. If you could go back in time and tell one person off, who would it be and what would you say?
Ummmm. I would go back to when I worked at a certain garden center and the "boss" came out and yelled at me for not watering a friggin' bush. Here's what I would say.

"Take that f*cking bush and shove up your f*cking ass and water it yourself! How the heck do you expect me to water this acre full of plants in a 6 hour day??? You f*cking idiot!!!"

10. Were you a good student or did you do just enough to get by?
I showed up, tried to do my work never got help, failed but then realized I need my GED and got it.

11. If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out on their own, what would you tell them?
Live within your means, don't go crazy with your money and be honest.

12. Are people basically good and honest or are most people opportunistic and predatory?
People are people, some scare me...I stay away from those

13. Is there somebody you wish you could go back and apologize to?
Only one person I would apologize too. Her name was Rhonda, everyone made fun of her and I felt so bad. I wasn't exactly "Popular" myself and I let people put her down. But then I moved and I didn't get the chance to let her know that. I then found out that she has since passed away and I now live with this guilt.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It got warm today.

I am getting the most awesome farmers tan ever. LOL. no seriously, my arms are more tan than they probably ever have been. Oh well. We keep getting tons and tons of trucks in at work. Right before we left, we got some Hibiscus and some Mandevilla in. They are just beautiful plants. And a lot of people have been asking for them too. Why? Because they are unique plants. I like them myself but they can be quite pricey.

Well, I am heading up to Papa Murphys for a pizza tonight. Its going to be a easy night for me, as I am beat again and we have Boy Scouts tonight. Fun!!!!!

Kauai Condos.

Out of all the places in the world I would like to visit, it would have to be Hawaii. Why? Because of all the warmth and sunshine. I know its sounds crazy, but watching all these travel shows on TV it just looks so inviting. What would be better would be a vacation to Hawaii. Maybe I can finally get a real tan. Go and get myself one of those Kauai condos and enjoy life.

One thing I am or was concerned about is the air quality there. I am a worry wart on that type of stuff, especially with the volcanoes and stuff. I would like to plan a environmentally safe trip, because you just never know what is in the air. I really like a place right on the beach if possible and at a good rate. On the Islander its so beautiful and at a decent rate. Sweet!!! There are other places listed, I just noticed this one was a decent rate. The places listed are called Green hotels, in other words it means they are environmentally safe places. Here is their press release on their Hawaiian Beach Rentals with all the vital information needed for your visit and vacation to one of the most beautiful states in the world...Hawaii.

Growing Ecotourism Industry In Hawaii Protects Environmental Assets While Increasing Profits
Ecotourism is nature and culture based tourism that is ecologically sustainable and supports the well being of local communities. Commercial entities have become a positive influence on the environment because they promote a tourism industry that is environmentally and culturally sensitive while increasing profits. The availability of vacation accommodations through online resources such as affords tourists the opportunity to plan a customized, environmentally-friendly vacation.

Maui, HI (PRWeb) December 30, 2006 -- According to the Hawaii Ecotourism Association (HEA), ecotourism is nature and culture based tourism that is ecologically sustainable and supports the well being of local communities. Commercial entities have become a positive influence on the environment because they promote a tourism industry that is environmentally and culturally sensitive while increasing profits. The availability of vacation accommodations through online resources such as affords tourists the opportunity to plan customized, environmentally-friendly Hawaii vacations.

Recent statistics published in dBusinessNews reveal that visitor expenditures in Maui totaled 3.1 billion dollars in 2005 and 2.9 billion dollars in 2004. Maui's tourism sector is sound and growing, as evidenced by the fact that hotel occupancy is well above average for the Hawaiian Islands. Since Maui's economy is tourism-based, practicing ecotourism protects valuable environmental assets while luring savvy travelers to experience the raw beauty of a Pacific Island. Visiting an online vacation site is the simplest way to plan a customized trip to Maui or Kauai based on the principles of ecotourism. Jeff Berzolla of Hawaiian Beach Rentals states that, "We have traditionally specialized in providing our customers with alternative trips to Hawaii allowing them to stay in unique places and helping them coordinate the details of their dream vacation, be it romantic, active or relaxation focused. Also, our staff enjoys living and playing in Hawaii. Time off is often spent visiting the units we rent to our customers, whether they're Maui vacation rentals or condos on Kauai, to better understand the Islands and the beautiful paradise we share with the world."

According to Wayne Nastri, the western regional administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 95 million dollars has been committed to Hawaii within the past year to correct environmental violations while preventing future pollution. Clearly, capitalists and tree huggers are now teaming up as opposed to being at odds, finding it more progressive and profitable to protect the environment rather than exploit it. Environmentally responsible hotels known as "green hotels" use energy and natural resources in environmentally-friendly ways and give visitors a realistic Hawaiian experience without compromising the world around them. As a result, breathtaking natural wonders such as the majestic Na Pali coast can be found just steps away from many Kauai vacation rentals. Hawaiian vacations offer hiking, boating, snorkeling and whale watching in an unaffected, natural habitat. Since it is the incredible flora and fauna of Hawaii that lures vacationers, it is in the best interest of big business to protect the environment to keep the visitors coming back.

According to a recent poll of HEA members, to be considered as genuinely engaging in ecotourism, Hawaii travel operators need to minimize the negative impact on Hawaii's natural environment, cultural heritage and local communities, as well as maximize the positive impact on these factors. Additionally, rental operators must foster an appreciation of Hawaii's sense of place among staff and visitors. The spirit of the land is referred to as "aina" in Hawaii. Kauai condo rentals and hotels are sensitive to this "aina" because they are built with special care to have the least impact possible on the precious local land and wildlife. Securing such accommodations is easy with the online help of informed locals. Jeff Berzolla further says, "We like working with folks that have a passion for travel and want a customized experience that only a local person can help coordinate. Hawaiian Beach Rentals offers accommodations such as vacation homes, condos and hotels, as well as airfare and car rentals to customers wanting to travel to Hawaii. We want to help our customers have a unique experience in Hawaii so we can show them what Aloha is all about. Our services include the most up to date local information about Hawaii and the ability for customers to quickly and easily pay for their vacation online via a secure payment process."

A savvy traveler seeking information about ecotourism-based excursions to Maui and Kauai can visit for additional details. Take advantage of technology to plan the most unique, socially-conscious trip of a lifetime!