Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am ...

Looking for a baby crib for my friend Alysia. Her baby is getting a bit bigger now, and will need a baby crib. She is sleeping in a bassinette for now but as us parents all know that they get bigger and more active. I think she needs to look into purchasing a Emily crib for her precious bundle of joy. The one she should buy is the one that converts into a regular bed, one purchase and she's done. She is that type of person that doesn't want to have to buy a crib then have to buy another bed when they are old enough to be out of a crib. I sent her a link to the website so maybe she can get some ideas.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Havin Fun.

Panda sneeze,FUNNY!!!

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Forgot to mention.

While we were up at the pool, they have a sign saying their air cleaners are working for the pool room. You know how musty and wet smelling they get. Which I thought that was a great thing, as those rooms with pools in them really bother my sinuses. I had to get my niece back to her room and get her air straightened before bed so we had to cut her pool time short. Tomorrow is going to be a blast, as I am heading to Navy Pier for the first time ever. I think we are there from around 8ish to 10ish then its off to play. Before I leave town, I am heading across the street to buy my Son something from the lego store.

We are here.

In Chicago that is, and wow...what an amazing city. We got all checked in and I noticed that there was a box cutter behind the check in desk. I wonder if it was found or what, kinda scared me. I notice every little thing and that totally caught me off guard. Here I am up on the 13th floor and kinda uneasy as it I keep looking out the window and noticing all these tall buildings, lights, cranes...omgoodness so many cranes. The construction ones, not the birds.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not sure.

I was watching a show the other night and of course these girls are famous for wearing sexy boots. I couldn't do it, for one I don't have the body for it and two...anything with the word sexy in it makes me feel uneasy. I am quite shy about my body so I keep things and stuff to myself. I also noticed that a certain girl on a famous channel wears some boots, although not sexy but she wears boots.

Well time is running short, we have to run to Cub Scouts and of course I am starving so we have to grab something before we go. I think a certain fast food is sounding good right now. And some french fries

Still waiting...

The landlord is going to update the bathroom so I am curious on which of the bathroom vanities he is going to choose from. The floor beneath the toilet is giving way....yes I am afraid that I am going to fall thru some night, during the He put on top of the floor where there were two holes in the floor two tiles that don't match. I should take a picture because it looks ridiculous. Then I would be I sure hope he gets it done later when its more warm outside. Its bad enough I go to sit down and freeze my tooshy.

Dear Mother Nature...

I am writing you today, to inform you that you have exactly 30 days to move out. You have caused quite a stir up in the neighborhood. You have been causing stress amongst the neighbors, the streets and my outdoor furniture. Its all frozen to the ground. I simply cannot handle the the coldness anymore. We the people here would like to have some warm weather to enjoy. Our vehicles are in desperate need of a break. My Van is in desperate need of a break from the coldness. Did I mention my Van prefers warm weather? How dare you do this to my van? So please you have exactly 30 days to either A. Move out or B. warm up finally. I may be nice and willing to give you a chance to stay if you also stop with all the SNOW!!!!

I miss my job.

So much, it was a great place to work. I got to work with truck drivers and agents all over the East Coast, especially up in Canada. At the time I enjoyed it most was when I was pregnant with my Son. We had moved into a bigger building and the best part was we got our own cubicles with a new computer and some very nice leather office chairs. We all felt like we were royalty. When I first started we had some chairs that were so uncomfortable and when we moved the President of the company decided us workers deserved what he had and that was comfort. After all we worked hard, and hardly got out of our chairs. And at that time of being was so nice. I never wanted to leave my chair.

Um, I better.

Close one of my two checking accounts. I get into this habit of writing checks and forgetting which bank I used half the time. Last summer I did that and it cost me a lil bit of money. Then overdraft charges were outrageous. One thing I will never do again. I guess you learn the first time. My Boyfriend told me I was crazy but the reason why I got my second checking account was because if you signed up and qualified you got a free mp3 player, a name brand one that was popular back in the day and is no longer available.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

DO you use coupons?

I am the type of person who does. I am probably one of the worst penny pinchers around. I've been around enough to realize that saving every penny you can it helps later on in life. One of the last coupons I used saved me over $20 SOME dollars. I didn't use the Bluefly coupon but I should of. Oh well. In the next couple of weeks I should be getting a coupon in the mail for $35 off my purchase at a local store. I can't wait cause there is a game I want to purchase well actually its a expansion pack for my Sims 2. Yes I am addicted.

I love my BIL.

On Friday night, he and my Sister went to a discount store and found this bamboo plant on clearance. I know in my bathroom it doesn't have the best bathroom lighting so it works perfectly. My Mom had informed me that having disfused lighting will help it grow as she as one at her work that she said is pretty big. So I figured I would open the shutters in the mornings and not have any direct lighting onto the plant itself. I love this bathroom has a window. The last place had no window. It was a cold room, and scary if you were a toddler. LOL.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hope your all spending time with the ones you love. I know I will be. He should be home anytime now and he's bringing dinner home. How cool is that?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Summer!

I am wanting to go back to Missouri, and not just because I am saying I want too. But because I've been to St.Louis, MO. and totally fell in love with the city. My Boyfriend said that I haven't seen anything yet. Because we went to a theme park on the outskirts of St.Louis and I thought it was pretty big. He goes, we need to go to Branson, MO. For me hardly ever getting out of Illinois, I asked why. He told me about everything that is down there, the theme parks, the shows, and all the attractions that I would have a complete blast. I myself am a Thrill Seeker Junkie is what I've been called. There isn't a roller coaster I haven't rode just yet. I like the thrill of NOT being in total control. Back to the subject at hand, I simply cannot wait to get to Branson Missouri this Summer. I hope we can find a nice lodge to stay at, some of them are just beautiful.

I've never stayed at a nice lodge before so it is like going to living in royalty for a few days. I thought the one hotel we stayed at was nice, found out differently. As you can tell, I don't get out much. When we went on our trip to St.Louis,MO., it was a last minute idea and we left after my Son went to his Dad's and made it back home late Sunday. I have to say, its where I fell in love with a famous restuarant/drive inn. Since then we have gotten up here but there is still places in MO, That I want to go visit and enjoy that beautiful state. They don't call it the Show Me State for nothing!

I am wanting to go to Silver City, MO. So I am go to the attend the theme park and possibly take the kids to the museum where they have a replica of the Titanic. To see a part of history is such a education experience. I simply can't wait til' the summer time. I am anxious to get back there. I know the people who live around that area probably think I am nuts, but NO I AM NOT. We actually thought about moving down there. But have since thought to wait til' the kids are older.

Too bad we couldn't fast forward the time, so I can already be down there and it be WARM!!!!

Guess what is coming our way within 24hours?

If you guessed SNOW, then DING, DING, won. Just in time for Valentine's day. Too bad our rebate checks couldn't sent out as fast. LOL. Well guess what else? I bought a new hair straightner for my Niece's pageant, and it seems it works so well that everyone I know is wanting me to straighten their hair. I don't mind because it works extremely fast and your hair can either be wet or dry. Sweet!!!

Almost had too.

Go get a Payday Loan the other day. My Son came running in showing me his loose tooth which was a molar with a crown on it. So I called the dentist to see about getting him in. He had actually knocked it loose by using his teeth to open something. Gah!!! Well the dentist goes, you still have a past due balance and he can't be seen unless it paid off. So she told me to wait a few days and see if it works itself out. Well thank goodness by the end of that day it came out on its own. I was so worried that I would of had to take out another payday loan. It would not been a problem though because that is exactly what those payday loan places are for, especially when your in a crunch. But you should always use caution if you do actually need to use them. Never under any circumstance go above your means when using it.


I am starting to really dislike this cold weather stuff. Makes me wanna move far away to a warmer state.

Well I am sitting here watching a movie....that isn't out...."yet". A friend brought it over and its actually out at the IMAX theaters now. So I am going to watch this and relax, oh forgot to mention I am still sick with a ridiculous cold. It won't go away!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too funny!

Omg you have to watch this.
The Flatulating Bunny

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Why Rocks!

For the couple of days, I've been searching for that perfect gift for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. But this is why rocks!!! One can only learn thru trust, trust is a big word when it comes to my money. I want a company, I know has positive reviews, honesty and basically a place that will back me up. When I went shopping recently for my laptop and camera. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to speak with anyone on the quality of the products I was searching for. For my camera, the salesman was extremely informative and told me basically everything I neede to know, you know the pros and cons of what I was searching for. Granted he steered me away from a high sales product to something that he knew would fit me perfectly. After my purchase I came home and did the same research thru and to my surprise it was the same information but with a more personal touch. Listening and reading what actual customers had said about the one camera I was going to buy, only convinced my purchase was a great one.

Now on the upside of why rocks they have some famous celebrities like this one:

Now that's a Deal!!! I truly enjoy his antics and funniness. I've always enjoyed him. But back to the subject at hand, I am still searching for a gift for my Boyfriend even though he may not receive it right on Valentines day at least he is getting I do want to share my video with you about I sure hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed making it!!! Its amazing how much fun one can have just making a video!!

Last Friday.

While we were out searching for a possible new TV, we went to a store that the gentlemen was so very nice and explained alot of information to us. We were searching for a nice Flat screen TV before the new switch over comes early next year but then I got all confused with all the HDMI splitters and stuff. I think he lost me somewhere in the mix. I have issues with certain TV's, you know the kind where you look at it from a angle and its totally blah. You can't see it. I want to be able to watch tv from any angle of the room. We do need a new TV, the one I have is one I bought from my Sister years, years ago when I first got divorced back in 2000. And who knows how long they had it before that. Another thing too is with everything going HD, I really need a new TV before my Nascar season begins next weekend. After watching the shootout last night, it got my blood pumping really good to see a certain driver win finally. And to have my guy pushing him for his win. Now that's teamwork!!!!

I so can't wait.

When we first moved into this place, the landlord mentioned that he had to redo the bathroom. He mentioned something about going thru directbuy and getting all the stuff needed to fix up the bathroom. Being a landlord he has perks to owning all types of property. I have a feeling that were gonna be without a bathroom for a couple of days. The floor beneath the toilet is giving away. I am afraid one night I may fall thru while doing my business. As for the bathtub...oh gezzz. I can put the hottest of hot water in there and by the time I get in and the water is extremely cold due to the cast iron coldness what comes with it.

Well not much else going on right now, and since nothing can really be done in the winter time we have to deal with the coldness in the bathroom. Its funny in the middle of the night, when you really have to go. You sit down and its an instant..done. Its funny. My Mom has said the same thing.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Knee Deep in Snow here.

I just went out and took some wonderful white pictures of Mother Nature's serious dandruff issue. She needs a serious reality check here. Its been snowing since early this morning and its getting worse. But according to the radar it should be letting up. I am grateful though that we didn't get hit with the tornadoes that hit within the last 24 hours. I would much rather have snow then those twisters. I prefer all who were affected to remain safe and warm. I can only hope that the situation gets better.

Well, nuff said I am going to finish watching The Invisible. Not sure on it right now, I am lost.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I haven't forgot about this place.

I've just been so busy with everything going on. Helping my Sister and my Niece being her Hostess, I love it. Its a wonderful experience. I can't wait to post some photos of what is going on. I've also noticed a BIG slow down in certain online companies with whom I blog for. I sincerely need the extra work, well actually any work right now. But its like I am on a vacation. So lonely without any work.

As for me...I will be ok. I suffered a little trauma yesterday due to the horrific snowstorm we had. I am getting better. Not so anxious to drive anymore.