Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have something to say..

But can't say anything just yet. I want to make sure I have it in my hands before I say. Karma is a bitch and I don't want to mess it up. I got to see it today and let me tell you. I am EXCITED. The happiest I've been in a long time.

Wow I haven't posted.

Its been a rough week, let me tell ya. I got my State income tax back last week. On Thursday to be exact. Well I knew how much I had, well I went to dinner with my friend Alysia and our bill came up to $26.74, no biggie. Well I didn't think nothing of it, came home went about my business and I checked my online bank account and it said it was overdrawn. HELL NO. Well I called the bank first thing Friday morning. They said that the restaurant charged an extra 20% on my card. I said, no way. I didn't authorize it. The lady at the bank goes it will post correctly after three days and it should be ok. I said until then my account is in the negative and your charging me a $30 fee. I don't think so. They said they would look into it. Well yesterday my account was a negative -$147.91. Four additional checks went thru so that meant $30 for each one. I was at my limit of being pissed off, I went into the bank and demanded they fix my account or else I am taking my business elsewhere. If you do the math, 5 times 30 equals out to be $150. Ok now minus $147.91 from that you will get a positive balance. So the moral of the story is becareful when you use your credit/debit card. Some places tend to overcharge your card. THEN, I found on MSNBC, it was exactly what I went thru. That most places are overcharging your credit or debit cards over the amount to make sure they are getting their money. In my eyes that is fraud. I don't trust places now. Now I ask if they charge an extra percent before they ring it thru or I tell them exactly how much is on the card. I don't want to me overcharged again.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

State Tax came today. Whoot!

It came just in time too, man I was worried about things. Its been a rough week. We go thru light bulbs here in the basement like crazy. So we needed those, then My Son goes. Mom I need glue sticks and pencils. Little stinker!! So went and got him some more school supplies today. Its a never ending thing ya know?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am getting impatient.

I wish February 2nd was here. I can't wait. Finally a vehicle. Finally freedom.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oops. I didn't post yesterday.

It was lazy day/ChaCha day. I had some sewing to do, and laundry. Then Income tax stuff. I love it, love it all. Today, I am sore and worked on ChaCha all day since about 1130. Gonna do it tomorrow too. This is a short post cause I hear my bed calling me. So hope everyone has a good night. Tootles!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Income Tax will be here soon.

Yes, I can't wait. I am getting a Used Vehicle with my Income Tax, I can't wait. I have to make sure its under a certain amount due to me being on Assistance. When I bought my Taurus, they told me that the value amount is $2000 and under, it might have changed since then. So I can't wait til' its here. Finally freedom. Finally being able to have my life back again. I am also paying off some bills, and returning my computer. I got the final amount and its way too much for a computer that I can turn around and buy for half that amount. I am also paying off my furniture, I can't wait. I don't owe that much on my furniture which is why I am paying it off. Its going to feel good knowing, that its mine and still brand new. I am 33 years old, struggling day to day, have a 9 year old Son and I am just now getting new furniture. To me, life is what you make of it and I haven't been able to do much. But I can now say, I am doing it now. With the money I am earning from ChaCha, I am going to be paying off my Student loan so I can go back in the Fall. Its my NUMBER ONE Goal. I want to finish getting my degree in which I started and took a backseat to my Son's education. I can also only earn so much money so much without Assistance jumping down my throat, same with my housing. I just wished they understood things a little more. Oh well. I know I have probably shocked some people on how my life is. I hope you don't judge me for how I am living my life, I do have a story but don't know if I am willing to share it just yet. Somethings still hurt.

Well My Son had a great trip up to Chicago over the weekend, I am so happy for him. They went to Museum of Science and Industry. He took some pictures of some chicks being born. He says it was the neatest thing he's ever saw. So I can't wait to get them developed. I was worried with the weather and the Bears Football game today that it was going to be a madhouse.

I uploaded my Flickr badge but I am strongly thinking of setting some of the settings to more private. The people who I have for my buddies are already added so you know who you are.

I am off to bed, I didn't get much sleep. Super bad headache last night, Mike up sick and coughing. Let's just say, NOT MUCH SLEEP for the past week. Can you say..IRRITATED?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Its cold outside.

I can't wait for Spring to get here.
I can't wait for the flowers to start arriving.
I can't wait to be able to sit outside and enjoy the warm summer air.
Maybe I should move to a warmer state?
Living in Illinois has been good, well I don't know any other state. I lived in the current city where I am at now til' I was 19. Was stupid and got married, moved to Rockford for 5 years to be exact. I got pregnant around our 5 year anniversary, he was a jerk for the first part of my pregnancy. Had to hide it, didn't want people knowing. Then all of a sudden he was happy! It was weird. After our Son was born, he didn't want the responsibility of our Son. He didn't like having to get up. I did it, everyday. He expected me to go back to work as well. HA HA funny! I was off on disability from my 6 month on being pregnant. My Son sat on a nerve which hurt, I couldn't sit, lay and nothing helped. Once he was born everything was ok. But I suffered PPD and lost alot of weight, couldn't sleep. So we decided to split after a nasty fight. I moved back home and the rest is pretty much history. But now I am wanting warmer weather all year round. I would like to be able to look outside and see pretty flowers. Not all this fluffy white stuff. And if you walk outside with a wet head you turn into a popsicle.

Anyhow, its Friday got lots to do today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday sure comes fast.

I am sure that is what my Son is saying right now, but there is no school tomorrow. Tomorrow should be a good day. Mike is off so he can spend more time with his kids. That is what they need.

For me, I need to earn lots of money today. So I am going to be on ChaCha if possible. Wish me luck.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Its movie day here.

I got the kids, so we rented Snakes on a Plane and the first JackAss. My Brother is bringing me a copy of the the second Jackass. I will not let the younger kids watch Jackass only cause I heard of some of the things that our on there. SO after watching the deleted and extended scenes I finally get the see the movie. Not much else going on today, just a lazy day. I am going to be working later today. SO I will be back.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Me sick.

I woke up with a Sinus headache, took some medicine and guess what? I forgot to eat something with it and now I am feeling the after affects. So I am going to rest for a bit, I will definitely be back on later tonight. I have so much to do.

Oh and on my Sims, my Girl is the bomb. Her business is booming, I lowered the prices and everyone is buying left and right. I have 5 employees, gettin' paid well I might say and in the green. I am lovin' it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Since today is National De-Lurking Day, while visiting Kat's Blog, I decided to stop being so stuck up and start talking. I am making a pact today, I am going to start leaving more comments on my favorite blogs that I love to visit. I am tired of living this lonely old life, I want to meet new people and enjoy life.

And yes today, I am going to be playing my Sims again. Since I bought Open for Business, I am determined to run my own little business. I have a Single Lady running her own Furniture and More Store. So far, she is such a little flirt. Every guy that walks thru, she offers them a cup ole' joe. She finally earned her Bronze badge. I need to find some hints because she is wearing herself out. She hired two people, and finally made it out of the red in earnings. So off I go to ChaCha to find some help. Yes I said ChaCha, I love to help my ChaCha friends.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am slowly losing my patience.

I can't really post about it but I am slowly losing my patience. I am trying my best to get thru this. Someday it will be ok.

Other hand, I am still playing the Sims I bought the last expansion pack with our Christmas gift card from Best Buy. So now I am waiting for the next one to come out on Feb. 27th. Yay!!!! I play when ChaCha is down or not running its best. Lately there has been alot of glitches. I know they are doing maintenance.

Speaking of ChaCha, we now have toolbars that are awesome. They are customized with our names, its so cool. I wish I could share with everyone but that isn't possible. But I do have some available if anyone is interested. I enjoy ChaCha alot, I really do. But when the "BAD" trainers come in and say you did great, blah blah. Then you find out they rated you bad for reason is just plain wrong and inmoral. Karma will come back around and get you in the ass. Excuse my language. I will continue to boost ChaCha's moral because it is a great place. I've been there since October, and have earned a pretty shiny penny. I am determined to stick with this place. I feel priviledged for being apart of this great opportunity. (Thank you Gina)!! I am off to earn some moolah. So have a good day!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

RIP Bobby

Yesterday was a sad day for Nascar. Bobby Hamilton passed away from Cancer. Yes I am quite sad, I just saw him on one of the races and he looked so good.

On another sad note, Benny Parsons is in ICU for his cancer. What is up with all the cancer?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Its so quiet here.

I am feeling a tons better now. Somethings have changed. I am going to have a quiet day.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Me not happy.

I am unable to access certain sites, I cannot PING certain sites, and I am pissed. I am not blocked or anything and do not understand what is going on. If anyone has an idea can you please help me out.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Its Wednesday!!!!

Yay, My Sweet loving Son went back to school. Why I hated the thought of having to get up early, its so quiet here. I love it. I do get lonely though when he's been home for awhile. Just get to look ahead to Spring Break already. Not much else goin' on, I have to work today. So hope everyone has a good day!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is it Wednesday yet?

Oh I can't wait, School is back in tomorrow. I am soooo excited. If you know what I mean. Two weeks is long enough for me Man. Well wait, one week is long enough for me. He spent pretty much the first at his Dad's. Well I will update tomorrow when there is peace in the house.

January 2, 2007.

Been pretty busy already today, had to run to the doc and get my Son his meds. He understands how it makes him feel when he doesn't have it and I will never let him go thru that again. So we went to the store and got a few groceries, my Son wanted his Go Tarts and his 60 Second Cinnamon Rolls. He likes to have his little breakfast in the mornings before school. Yay they go back tomorrow. I am excited. I know he's ready as well. Well today I am going to be focusing on ChaCha again, even though its acting goofy with the pages not fully loading. Oh well as long as I get paid for the trainings that is fine with me. I kinda spent too much money on some necessities today.

The Forum I belong to GuidesHQ is awesome, the people there are great. They always let everyone know if there is any problems with the appl. on ChaCha. Hope everyone has a good day!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Well was the New Year a Bang for you?

I kissed my Sweetie at Midnight last night, and went to sleep, after watching DirecTv special from Las Vegas, was watching the All American Rejects sing their songs. Then off to LaLa land. Not much else going on, been trying to work on ChaCha to earn some moolah. I have less than 24 hours to earn 15 I should be ok, unless by some fat chance that ChaCha shuts down training. It shouldn't happen though. Right now I am in a training, so I don't want to lose my train of thought with the Guide in Training. As with other things in life I am looking for ways to earn money from home. So any ideas or sites, please feel free to send me an email.