Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everything is closed!!!

Even some of our gas stations are closed around here. So I guess if we need to get any gas, then we need to find one of those gas stations that only accept credit cards. Like at Sam's Club, if you don't have a Sam's card then you can't use their pumps. Its neat set up but then again not really cause what if you run out of gas and your from out of town? Then I guess you kind of screwed if you know what I mean. Well the boys are playing with the Wii, and we need to start getting ready to leave. So not wanting to go right now. Its too darn cold out.

After today...

I really need to think about one of those orlando vacations so I can get away from this cold weather. I simply do not like cold weather, I am ready to move out of here as soon as possible. But will unfortunately have to wait until income tax time. That's when we receive our huge amount and we will be able to up and move, and not have any worries. I am losing track of time here. Oops. I am supposed to be at my Sisters around 1pm..I really don't want to go. I don't like stress, drama or anything that comes along with family get togethers.

Not a tradition I like.

I simply do not like watching Football. It bores the crap out of me. I hate it with a deep passion. I am sad that Nascar is over for another 80 some days. I really wish it was back on.

My Wish.

For Christmas this year, is that my Mom gets the one thing she truly deserves besides happiness. Is she really wants one of those netbooks like really bad. She has been wanting one for awhile, and while I wish I had money I would buy one for her in a heartbeat. But with the way money is going right now. I don't think that's going to even happen. Even for my own family, I don't see me even being able to buy for my own Son. I am so sad right now. I am working my behind off to even try to make it a decent Christmas.

Stressed already..

And I haven't even left yet to head to my Sisters. I really don't want to go. And I think what I am avoiding is the fact that some people like to watch bell tv while others want to enjoy the company and time together. I sure hope that today goes off without a hitch cause I am not in the mood for drama or anything else to happen. I prefer peace and quiet, and the laughter of kids. I am taking my camera to get some good pictures.

Just made cupcakes....

Yes, I did. I made Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting. It was the only thing I could think of to make for Thanksgiving. Actually it was all I had the ingredients for...oops.

Can't wait...

To move that is, I am looking forward to moving here early next year. I am hoping to find a place where I can have my pond, even though I will probably have to buy new pond supplies because our stuff got ruined or is worn out. We definitely will need a new pump. I loved being able to design ponds with beautiful plants and rocks. Its the best part of designing is pick out the color of rock. If you ever get the opportunity to build your own pong, you seem to appreciate it more too.

Going to get all done.

All my laundry that is this weekend. Its not much but the bedding and stuff. I wish I had a water softener to make the clothes a bit more soft but I don't own this house as I am just renting. And I can't purchase anything like that as it would be a waste of money on my end, but a benefit for the landlord but I am not about to make this place any better if the landlord can't invest in his own properties. Its bad enough this place leaks water. And the gutters are broken along with a broken toilet that he just never cared about. So its not my problem.


We just had some leftovers, didn't want to make a meal or anything so we made leftovers. Spaghetti and enchiladas. Nice combination in my book. But at least its making room for leftover turkey.

One question?

Is there anything that you prepare for the day outside of dinner? Do you take any fat burner to help burn off that excess food intake today after eating all that turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes and all that good stuff. I wish I could, but with the way money has been lately, the only fat burner I have is the luxury of not being able to eat as much. Which is cool in a way because most people gain about 10lbs during the holidays. I sure I don't. I don't need that extra weight.

So what is today going to bring?

A lot of food, calories, stress, or what? Probably all of the above. Is anyone watching the parades on TV? The Macy's Day parade is what's on here. We always watch it.

Oh great!!!

I was looking in the mirror the other day, and boy I dislike aging. Its getting to the point that I need to find the best eye cream cause wow...I have some bags under my Eyes that are just gross. I hate it when I take pictures of myself because there smile just isn't there..its the bags under my eyes.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have the stress, lack of sleep and the responsibilities of that I now have. Because someone upstairs didn't allow us to remain beautiful all our

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am wanting to wish all my friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope this day is good for you and that you treasure this time with your family!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oops...I need to.

I need to find car insurance for my Boyfriends car, it kind of lapsed on him. With his jobs ending, starting new its been rough with the income. In fact its getting more and more difficult trying to pay all the bills. So I really need to find cheap insurance so he doesn't get into trouble but not having it. Its okay until the end of the month, but after that we have to get it.

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? We were to go to my Sister's for Thanksgiving but, as usual she gets an attitude and I really can't deal with that right now. I choose not too. So we are enjoying the day at home. I feel safe here!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not sleeping well.

It seems our mattress is starting to cave if you know what that means. It has always had spots on the bed where you can tell people has slept. It bites, but I would love to be able to have a great mattress to sleep on. Maybe sometime in the near future I will be able to get a new one, but they are so expensive and especially for a King Size. Yes, I love my space.


I wished I would of ordered our Christmas gifts earlier, I did not expect that order fulfillment so behind. Oh well, I guess I should start ordering gifts back in February. If you know what I mean. We never really plan for the stuff that happens, were not perfect and maybe just next year. Its going to be different. I know we won't have snow where we are moving unless we go North a couple of hours. I do know that my Son is missing his Father right now, its tough and the wait is the hardest. So let's hope our move goes easy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I will say.

This past month has been a dousy on our lives. Since the passing of my Grandma on October 11th, I've been stressed which means I tend to turn to my comfort foods. I really need some best weight loss pills to help lose the couple of pounds I have gained. Even though I have already started changing my eating habits, cause you can only turn to comfort foods for so long you know.

Well, want to hear a sad thing? We are having pancakes right now. I know its a comfort food but we are short on breakfast foods this week. I can't wait to get paid so I can actually go grocery shopping.

Time to get motivated.

I have just a very little to do, gonna go get it done so I can rest today. Anyone wanna help?

What is today going to bring?

I have the carpets that need to be finished today, I am done with have to get stuff done. I've been cleaning thru almost everything and throwing so much stuff, I even found some wrinkle cream that I had bought like years ago. So when I opened it, it was so gross. The smell was worse but it was a off brand so I am guessing the age of it is what did it. I looked at the date of the was for. Um. 1999...Yah ten years old. What was I thinking?


I do not know why I posted that for a heading, there is nothing EWWW about my day just yet. We did however watch Fireproof last night and it was a really good movie, it goes to show how to Fireproof your marriage and the steps you need to take to make sure your love stays strong for each other. I just may have my parents watch it.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Last weekend was good.

Having get everything done and my van cleaned out, I was looking in the car accessories section at the store for a cell phone holder. I don't like my phone in the console, I would like to see who's calling me. I don't like to talk on the phone while driving as its very unsafe and I don't want to put others at risk.

I've seen that video with the teens who were texting while driving. Boy it scared me. And now that my Boy is 12, he got his first phone and learned how to text...oh I am in trouble.

Anyone play on Facebook?

I do, and I am addicted. I admit that I do play some of the games, but I DO NOT invite people nor do I send junk to anyone. Its what I do in my spare time. Yes, I am addicted to FarmTown, FarmVille, Island Paradise and a couple other games!!

My Friend.

Has started her diet. She is destined and determined to do it this time. She has incentive too. She joined the local gym club, and her favorite exercise are the treadmills and the elipitical machines. I wish I had her will, but I guess I am too worried about our upcoming move to even think about exercise. So for now, I am going to keep myself moving and get this move done and overwith. I am so excited for that as well!!


I got alot done this past weekend, I can now officially say I am about 75% ready for our move. We cleaned out the garage yet again, we now have a HUGE junk pile. I have to call for a garbage pick up sometime next week. I am so excited right now. One just cannot imagine!!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ready for bed.

I am clearly ready for bed and I am about to go their shortly. I started cleaning some more earlier and I am ready to clear out more stuff. I am tired of all the junk. I am not talking stuff like loose diamonds or anything as that stuff I would keep. I don't have a whole lot of jewelry so I cherish what I do have. I don't want to ruin what I have either.

But like I said I started cleaning earlier and decided I am giving myself one week to get the back room and our closets cleaned out. I am really excited.

The day after Halloween.

Is always the best day to get deals at the store. We went over to the store and bought 3 or 4 bags of candy marked down to $2 a bag these are the big bags of candy, its awesome!!!

You learn all kinds of things.

At the hospital the entire time there, they had a new system with their medication. They use these scanners now, I know they were the Symbol LS2208 scanners. They now scan the patient then the medication with the codes that are on the medicine. Its really neat and a better system on keeping the medicine going where it needs to. That way a patient doesn't get overmedicated or to the wrong person as its in the persons chart and if a medicine gets scanned out of the file to the wrong patient, its alerted to the pharmacy. Its pretty cool.

Watchin' the Race.

Our Sunday tradition for another couple of weeks that is. The Chase is almost over, Today its at Talladega...hope my driver does well.!