Monday, April 20, 2009

I should.

Really look into those bcbsnc health plans before our move. I need to make sure we have health care. I have it here but not sure how AZ health plans are. Everything is going ok here so far with the packing and getting everything set in motion. I just have to make it thru these next couple of months, save the money and finally move. My Boyfriend is heading out first to find a job, and hopefully a place to live. He will probably head out around the first of July. Its going to be rough, but I know we can do it. And at least I know I have that cushion if I need to move back home, I can. But we will probably be living in AZ for the next 6 years or so. I want to make sure my Son has his Dad anytime he wants, and not having to take a plane to his house. That scares the daylights out of me.

Speaking of packing, I still need to buy some more storage totes. I want to make sure my plates and glassware makes it ok.

I've been really sick.

Its gotten to the point where my computer has been shut off for two days. And for that to happen, is something serious. Its been so bad, that all I did on Sunday was lay in bed all day long. For one, the kids were here and I didn't want to share my sicky germs. Today I finally came out of the cave, sat in the chair...then moved to the couch. So I finally sit with my laptop on. FINALLY!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting my car fixed!!!

I had an estimate done a couple weeks ago and it came to about $1700 worth of repairs. Well, I took it up to a family friends place where he had it on one of those auto lifts and was able to do a more complete job of checking out what is wrong and broken.

So with that new quote of $250...was much better than the other place. I still have to buy a new tire and get a alignment. Then I will be much better and more at peace knowing when we move to AZ and going thru the mountains. I will have brakes!!!!

I have my Nephew..

He woke up again with another migraine. Poor kid, gets so sick and then sleeps for a long time afterwards. He's 100% better now. Now we have to go pick up my Son and my Niece.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Have you ever noticed?

That certain perfumes smell good on others, and then you put it on yourself and its not what you expected. So of course I am searching for the right perfume to fit me. I want something that smells wonderful and leaves a person wondering.

I did come across a site that lists perfume, some that are very well known and some that are new. I think what makes that site so easily accessible and very easy to navigate is how they have the perfumes in alphabetical order. Instead of all over the place. I like that. Oh and too, if you answer a few simple questions you can get a 10% discount code when you finish one your next order. How cool is that? Made it easier for me to find the ones I was looking for.

They have men and womens perfumes, along with gift sets, minis and testers. I am going to buy the testers myself, so I can find out which one interests me. I would dislike spending X amount of money on something that wouldn't work for me. I did find one that I have smelled before in a store but there was no way I was going to spend that much for it. It was LaCoste, and it smells so good. And it works for me. I got lucky and got my Celine Dion on clearance but still looking for something I can wear on a nice evening out with my Boyfriend. I know he would probably like some cologne as well.

Gonna enjoy my day.

I am sitting here in my bedroom looking out my window at the birds. They are waiting for me to fill the bird feeder. I think I spoiled them. All they do is eat. And now I just remember I bought some suet the other day. I think its in the bad next to the door. It seems I am the only one to put stuff away around here.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

While up in Chicago last Sunday.

Its amazing how some people get around. In that town, people walk everywhere. My Sister questioned how does people with babies get around. I don't live there but its obvious. People use strollers. Kids get used to it. I seen this one lady coming out of a Dominics Store pushing a Bob stroller which had multi uses. Plus it looked easy enough to use without running people over with the one front wheel. That woman was walking so fast, and the baby had the biggest smile on its face. So you can tell he loved his walks in his stroller. Have you ever been to a big city like Chicago and try to compare yourself to living there? How would you get around? Would you use the taxis? Which is a way of life there....I learned that the first time I went up. It was great!!

Long day yesterday.

We had to go to Des Moines, IA to fill out some paperwork which in the end, could of been done here in the Quad Cities...someone was just being too lazy. Irritates me. Well one thing. I don't like that town. I couldn't wait to get out of that town. Just glad to be home.