Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do your homework...

I am learning thru people, that people who are wanting to loose weight to make sure you do your homework and really read the ingredients. Someone I know is on weight loss products and this person has been sick. Some of us, are thinking its the pills but not for sure if its stress related as well. I worry about this person, and hope they are going to be alright.

But then again, everyone I know has been sick. I, knock on wood have not been sick. Hoping I don't but for the way I feel right now, its not looking too good.

Oops. Oops.

I have been in such a deep funk, that all I do is cry. And cry. It doesn't ever stop. I don't know why I am crying all the time. Can someone please tell me how to stop being so emotional without telling you all my history and all the drama I am going thru?

I love all of my family, even the people who think we are the enemies. I miss family time. I miss it all.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some people think...

I am too overprotected of my Son, I have good reason. He is my only child, he is my responsibility and he is all I ever wanted since I was a little girl. I go and sit at this school for 40 minutes til' he's out. I hate the parking up there, so I have a designated spot and I even made sure it was ok with the guy who lives on the corner by where I park. He said I was the first ever to ask to park there. I also noticed he was walking with a limp one day, so I asked what happened. He said he had gotten hurt at work. I then said, is that the reason why I saw you at the unemployment office. He goes yes, my boss fired me for having surgery so he had went to talk to them. That was a big, NO NO per state regulations. So they gave him the phone number for a Chicago accident attorney that would then help him with his case. Because of lost wages, pain and suffering he did not deserve to lose his job over a required surgery that would of ended in death if not done. I haven't talked to him about the outcome, cause I don't want to be nosey but I do hope it turns out good for him.

If its nice..

Like they say, I may take my car down to the car wash and get all that yucky salt off. I have tried to keep it clean, but it doesn't help with the negative weather we have had. I would love to move to a warmer state, but with the way its been lately even Florida is not doing so good with the warmer weather.

Its that time of year.

When a lot of weddings happen, there was just a Wedding Expo where they offer alot of different services from lodging, catering services, wedding invitations and other things needed to make that special day happen. I remember going to one, signing up for these goodies, and some not so good. Because people do take advantage of young couples but not this one. I know a scam when I see one, so I always make sure not to put my phone number down. You just never know.

And now that the news is on, I am really excited. We may have another record breaking day with our temps and Tuesday even better. Oh, YES. I am so happy right now. We can finally take down our Christmas lights..YAY!!!


I am sure if your avid laundry person who loves to make their clothes smell wonderful like myself. Yes, I have a OCD when it comes to doing laundry. I think all of us girls in the family does come to think of it. Mostly my Sisters use Downy liquid, and yes some of their stuff smells good. I noticed that Bounce released some new dryer sheets a couple months back. One scent is Awakenings- Renewing Rain and the other is Awakenings-Paradise Thrill and let me tell you. I love both of these. They are wonderful and amazingly the scent stays with the clothes, to the point of putting them away and when you go to put them on, they smell so good. Now that is a good dryer sheet. I think I may have found my new and easier, less messy and wonderful smelling good stuff for my laundry.

At the store..

While looking at the Ipod Touch, yes I was looking and so badly wanting one. But chose not too. I was inquiring about the flat screen tv and plasma stand for the wall. But didn't realize how expensive they can be. I also came to the conclusion that I would have no place for the dvd/vcr, the 360, and other things under the TV. So I left it at that for the time being. Because I also worried about unsitely wires hanging on the wall. I am sure there is something you can hide the wires with. Plus this house isn't big enough for much, bad enough we had to move things around to make room for our freezer. And I just remember I need to go throw the clothes in the dryer before bed. OOOPS.

Out with the old...

In with the new. We purchased new dishes over the weekend and now its time to clean out the oddball stuff. I can't believe all the oddball plates I have. Years of collecting I guess. I have since begun to buy only certain items now like Corelle, Pyrex and Corningware. It looks so much nicer up in the cupboard.

Back to the topic of weight loss.

I went into my housing the other day to have a talk to the director about something, and when I walked in. I bout fell to the floor. She was never overweight or anything but was amazed at the weight loss. I asked what her secret was, and she told me weight loss pills prescribed by her doctor. I honestly didn't think there was something from the doctor that actually worked so well. Well I am so excited that I asked for the name of the pills and her doctor. She also said this doctor is the only one that does it but its out of town. I told her, distance is nothing right now when it comes to my health. I want to be healthier not only for my Son but for ME.

Its late...

And I am eating Taco Bell. Just wasn't hungry earlier, I should of found something less fattening uh? BUT I do have some awesome news. My friend Dawn called me earlier to inform me of a freezer she had just bought from a grocery store. Yah sounded funny but I was curious. So I asked how much, she goes...$149.99 get $150 worth of food for free. How sweet of a deal is that? So sweet, that I went there like almost right away and within 10 minutes was a proud owner of a new 5.2 cubic feet freezer. I am so excited.


While at a friends house, I noticed they had some diet pills on their counter. And of course I questioned it. I was curious on how long and how its working. But they said they had just started it. So hopefully here in a couple of weeks, I can get a good diet pill review from them. My other question is why is this person wanting to try this when they aren't at all fat. Makes me wonder. I could see myself but my NO. I hope they take it easy.


Yes, earlier we were at my parents and my Son took their dog Mariah outside to go potty, his Uncle Raymie gave him a dollar for helping him take the dog out potty. How sweet was that?

My Friend...

Is or was having issues with their Linksys router and not being able to get their laptop hooked up to the internet. Her Brother installed it, and entered a password and now he doesn't remember it. I feel so bad because, I am not a expert on that kind of stuff. I don't use that router because I use the one from ATT. So I told her, she needs to contact them and see what they say. Their computer that its hooked up too, is also running extremely slow. It seems, a certain person is putting all kinds of stuff on their and not paying attention to what they are downloading. And that's...a NO NO. Kids really need to be educated on downloading information and software. My Son doesn't touch or do anything unless, I am right there with him. I watch his every move on the computer. Plus he limited on time, he only gets a few minutes each day.

I haven't been on today hardly.

But I have been checking in on things, checking stats, checking people who are lurking on my blogs and such. Its funny how certain people talk crap about others but yet when you mention one thing, its a big blow out. SO now, I really don't care anymore and I know when something is said or mentioned because...having your own blog means having more information and more opportunity to extended information. LOVE IT!!!!! That's why its called MY BLOG, I pay for it. I pay for ALL of it. Yay!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Super Bowl is over, now we need gear.

My dear Boyfriend whom is the biggest Steelers Fan. So he would like to go to Iowa City to find some sports gifts for himself, just like last year. We went to find a SuperBowl Champions T-Shirt with the Steelers on it. So we are going to have to do it again this year. Then in a couple of weeks...NASCAR baby. OH yes...this little Mama is so stoked right now. Its so close, I can almost taste the exhaust.

I am hoping that this year, will be my first Nascar race experience. I want to go to the Chicago Race but who knows. I guess we will see.

What is your cure for heartburn?

It seems I have it constantly. No matter the food, I get heartburn. I just don't want to go thru that testing again. It bites.

Monday, February 02, 2009

If its not one thing, its another.

My friends car just got fixed and now my other friend, her BF's car broke down. She doesn't think its anything with the wheels and bearings but something with the starter and the oil pan is leaking. So they are going to donate the car to a local youth facility, to work on and repair or to junk out. I thought that was a thoughtful thing to do, especially since this car needs alot of work.

With his car broke down, she is now left without a vehicle and tonight we have a meeting so I will pick her up, cause I really don't mind its on my way anyway.

Well, I just heard a loud noise, not sure what it was. And I see no cats running, so hmm. Its got me stooped.

How you like my layout?

I decided to change the layout from the basic same old, same old. So tell me what you think?