Friday, August 08, 2008

They are getting to that age.

I noticed last year that my Son started getting some little black heads on his nose. It bugged me. But they sat there on his little nose. So I went looking for some pimple cream to see if any of them would work on his nose. But of course with time being so short lived lately, I haven't had a chance to really get a good look at which ones are good and won't hurt him. I still think he's too young but nowadays our kids are growing up faster and faster.

I just realized, I think I left my heartburn medicine in my pocket of my pants yesterday. I need to go see if I can find it. I have heartburn really bad right now.

OH no...

I just realized that I just had my 35th Birthday and someone told me to renew my car insurance as it will be a cheaper rate. I do need to do that immediately so my car payment will be lowered. But I won't be able to get that done tomorrow as I have to help my Dad with some work. I went and helped him today and wore myself out. I really want to sleep in somewhat tomorrow. If I get to sleep to at least 8am then I would be great.

We have one week and a couple of days left before school starts. And I want to be able to enjoy this time with him. We haven't gotten to do alot of swimming which is unusual for us. We usually go to Adventureland...but that won't happen this year.

Doing some investing

A friend of mine is selling kitchen stuff, and she signed me up. And one of the items I rec'd was a wonderful kitchen knife. I so love it. Its really super sharp. Cuts everything so smoothly. I thought about checking into the Rubis cutlery but then again. I would need to do my homework a little more and find out the best brand and go from there.

Oh my goodness. I am sitting here and just now noticed my Ex now has a FaceBook. I never thought I'd see that day. Good for him. Now if he would just upgrade to a MySpace as well. I just might have to go check and see if by chance he does or not.

At my friends house.

She was showing me all her pictures of her kids, and all her collectibles. She also mentioned that she used to belong to one of them wine of the month clubs so she has this beautiful wine rack and it has a couple of shelves of wine bottles. I myself do not like the taste of win whatsoever as I had some years and years ago. Never again will I do that. Oh and I hate the taste and smell of peaches.

Anyway, I am sitting here watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, I do not know if i missed the fireworks display. I may have to go online to watch it. We were busy playing Wii.

I'm so addicted.

To playing my Nintendo Wii. The platform itself came with a game, Wii Sports. I am not a very athletic person at all. But I've been playing tennis, bowling and golfing. Since we do not know the name of the irons being played on the game, more than lifely they aren't Callaway irons but the kids are actually playing right now as I am typing this. They are determined to see who can play a better game of golf. I, myself enjoy playing the bowling game. My high score so far is 247...ha..will never be able to do that in real life though. As we don't use actual bowling balls but a remote that weighs so much less. I am so addicted to my Wii...that I will never let it go.

Think about...

Today and how I got to help my Dad out with a job. It seems my prior jobs came into play with some of the knowledge of shrubery and stuff. But with one of the companies I used to work for I really think they to redo their corporate performance management because it wasn't exactly the greatest and how they managed their problems and issues that rose. Some of the associates for the other company found pleasure in making our lives hectic, as we overheard them one day talking about purposely moving items around so we would have to fix them the next day. I loved the job itself, but not the associates. I have voiced my concerns with the former company and it seems they are finally listening to the issues that were handed to them. As I told them, you can't cover up a problem...address it and move on.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Totally cleaning my blog up.

Its looking a bit crowded on the left hand its time to remove some stuff that is no longer valid. Whoooot!

Gonna make it look all purdy again.

Friday, August 01, 2008

While surfing online today.

I noticed some comments on peoples websites and how they are offering small business opportunitites and its amazing how people just sneak in their advertising. I could not do that.

Since this is my birthday weekend, I am not sure whats gonna happen. I would like to sit at home and relax. And just enjoy the hot and humid But will probably get the house in tip top shape because of the inspection coming up, they are really picky about certain things and I really don't want to make my landlord mad. So I will also get the yard all pretty and nice looking to impress the landlord too. I don't think anyone has ever taken care of the house the way we do here. I am going to Lowes tomorrow to find some wood trim for the door ways. And maybe a door for my Son's room. He doesn't have a door and I wish housing would do something about it. I am going to ask about windows too. We don't have storm windows at all and it doesn't provide adequete seals for the winter time. I noticed too on the paper that everything must be done and completed within 30 days. I am nervous....yet excited. Maybe some things will get done and FIXED.

So it begins......

August is here and it begins the birthdays for the older kids in the family. Mine was always first...August 3rd, then my Dads...Sept. 7, then my Brother...Sept. 19, then my Sisters on Oct. 24. And of course my Moms on December 15th. Last year my Brother in law came to me to get all the birthday party invitations for my Sisters 30th Birthday. Wow, what a party that was. I remember after that party the domino effect of events that happened to my Brother. I just thank god that things are so much better this year and families are together.

I need to go wake Mike up, I have an inspection coming up and I want to make sure this house is in tip top shape. But I do have to call and reschedule as my landlord is on vacation.

Last night..

I was talking to one of my really good friends who is also one of those great mortgage lenders and she was telling me how stressed she's been lately. With the weather we had last week, power outages and having to let some of her people go that work for her. With the way the economy has been lately, business isn't at its highest for most mortgage companies. I didn't understand how the mortgage companies work and how people become apart of the mortgage business. She said that when they first started out they had to take classes and pass them. And they are extremely hard. She said about 10 that take the class only about 5 of them will pass. I think that's a good thing as it should be that way.