Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wish I had the money.

I would go and buy Mike an awesome Father's Day gift. He deserves so much but its so hard nowadays with the way money is. I found a nice AP Royal Oak wristwatch online. And simply loved it. But he is more the old fashioned type of person. He loves the time pieces that hang out of your pocket. You know the old fashion pocket watches?

Well, if I can find him a decent watch this weekend I am going to buy him one for Father's Day. Which reminds me, I need to take Jonathan to the store and let him buy his Dad card for Father's Day. I don't want to be stuck up about it like he is with me. He used have Jonathan buy me something little. So maybe we can find something that he can purchase for his Dad. Just to be evil...he he he.

While living in the South.

My Son's Aunt...Ex Sister in Law was telling me about these Outer Banks rentals that she had heard of while living in North Carolina. She said that she would love to find a place to rent and enjoy some peace and quiet. This was before she got married and had kids. She was a traveling type person who loves to travel.

I could never do that alone, too many weirdo people in this world to travel like that. I know sounds funny but I don't trust too many people. I've seen stuff happen to people and like what happened to my friend who traveled to New York. This person she met online kept her locked up and beat her. I told her she was nuts for going in the first place. Why do people put themselves in harms way?

I want to say something.

A couple of years ago when my Grandma was having chest pains, it was hard to see her go thru the pain. Especially when the doctor was telling her that it was heartburn. It really irritated me to no end. This little old lady who deserved to be treated by her physician failed her. It happened one night when my Grandpa was sick, so they rushed him to the emergency room. Well, my Grandma was having pains as well and she just brushed them off as heartburn. Well. The doctor wanted to see her as well when it was time for a follow up for my Grandpa. He ordered all these tests, one test was a treadmill test and such. That night after the test, the doctor called and told my Grandma to get to the hospital ASAP. The next morning she had some more testing done, and found out she had blockage. Within 24hours she had open heart surgery. My heart was broken. Seeing my Grandma lay there in the hospital bed that close to death. It really made me appreciate life more. Now she wears a medical id bracelet. She has too. She's been thru way too much stuff for them not to know.

Someday, Someday...Right now..

Oops sorry I was thinking about that song. Can't remember who sings it but I like it. But what I was thinking about was a family vacation. The only thing stopping me is my kitties. Who would take care of them? They are demanding little creatures, on a tight schedule of being fed. And they sure let you know too. One little guy likes to sit on your chest and paw your face til' you wake up.

But I would love to take one of those Orlando vacations and just go and relax. I would love to go to the beach, put my feet in the ocean and run because a crab is chasing I've never been to the ocean and someday, I will make it there. I just wish we had lots of money to go. But with me going to be off work here in a few weeks. Its just not allowed right now. That's why I was singing that song in my

Can't wait for this weekend.

We are having a Birthday Celebration for my Son. I just wish we had some nice patio furniture for the backyard. We have a table...yep a table. I got some plastic chairs from my Dad. I still have to find out if my Mom had found her gazebo yet. Otherwise its gonna be hot outside. I seriously do not want people in my house. If they don't like then too bad. We don't have enough air conditioners so the ones we have are running. We need one more for the living room. Then it would be great in here. So now we have fans running throughout the house and circulating the cooler air. I made sure my Son's room had a air too. He is in the back of the house where the sun hits directly. I am so not wanting to see this electric bill. Thank goodness for budget billing.

After last night...hmmm.

While at the ball diamond, watching the Quad City River Bandits beat the Peoria Chiefs. I noticed my Son being flirtatious with these two girls. Well not so flirty but hanging around them. He was enjoying their company. It was so cute. One of these days, when I get him a cell phone I am going to have to have a gps tracking unit installed on it. I know that probably isn't practical but it is on his soon to have vehicle. He is so like his Mom...loves to drive and explore. I can just see his gas bill when he's out driving. He will need at least two jobs.

Speaking of gas prices...Why does it keep going up and up? Its so not fair to us. I've been having to go to the E85 station for my gas, its only $2.89 a gallon about a $1 cheaper but hey it works right?

Was talking to my Sister.

And this year if she is still in competitions again, I would love to attend at least one of them again. I totally enjoyed the Chicago one at Navy Pier. It was nice, so when the time comes I will have to prepare myself with a Chicago travel plan. I was so confused when I was up there last. And when we first arrived it totally scared me. All the traffic, the cab drivers and all the other good stressful stuff to happen. I have to invest in a swimsuit this year. The one I had was from 2000...yah like over 8 years old and it was showing its age. Hopefully this weekend I can find one I like and can afford. Nothing like having to shop for a tent ya know? Just kidding,just a small tent. Someday I will have a itty bitty

Today is my Son's 11th Birthday...

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. I know your growing up. That really scares me thinking that someday he will be 16 and getting his license. What I should do is get a life insurance quote someday for myself. So that way in case something happens to me that he will be ok. He's not getting any younger and someday he will be in college, getting married, having kids...hopefully in that order. But as we all know. Sometimes it doesn't end up like we want. I got married, had a baby, then went to college. How funny and ironic is that. Oh I forgot to mention I got divorced before I went to College. I still wouldn't change anything that's happened in my life. I have enjoyed pretty every day I could with my Son. Some of the things that has happened hasn't been the greatest but we have learned from what we have gone thru. I love life.

You should see my baby.

My little white kitty Samson, he is sleeping inside the tv stand at the moment. Oh it is so cute. He amazes me. He is one lucky baby. We found out early on he was deaf. Like most white kitties, they are either blind or deaf. We are lucky so far. We often wondered if he needed pet supplements thinking maybe it would help it out. But the doctor said no matter what we did he would still be deaf. He is such a lover. He loves to snuggle next to me at night, but will not do it when my boyfriend is in bed with me. Its like he's a bed hog or something. Well, actually....he is. But when he was little we had to give all the babies some de-worming meds. Well little Samson didn't handle it so well. He didn't eat for 3 days. Finally he ate, and he hasn't stopped yet.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Miss my old house.

Up in Rockford that is, it was such a wonderful little house. It had a HUGE living room, with plenty of space. We also redid the kitchen because it was a absolute mess. The walls had wallpaper from 19 Really old. We replaced the counter, the sink and redid the cupboards. I didn't get the one thing I truly wanted, and that was one of those old fashioned farmhouse sinks. I simply love the single sink. They are just unique and easy to do dishes out of. I mean, a double sink is ok. But please. I love being able to only clean ONE sink instead of Someday, I will get my little farmhouse, with the farmhouse sink...

My friend...

That I work with has lost some weight recently. I've seen some pics of her back before and wow...she looks great. She's been exercising, eating the right foods, and basically taking care of herself. I envy her. Her self esteem is thru the roof. She is very confident in herself. I wish I could be like that. She didn't mention having to take any diet pills like Phentermine or anything, which I am sure she would of said something. I, myself am weary of anything like that to help lose weight. I think I did it once, back in the day of "Pre" diet pills. It sent my heart racing thru the roof and I didn't feel right. I know they have changed things since then. I just remember it being the most scariest feeling in the world. Sure hope times have

So happy.

I am sitting here, finally at home. I can sit down and relax. I've been on the go all day long. Is what it seems like. I rec'd my package today from Pampered Chef, which I love, LOVE their products. Tonight I went over to my Awesome friend Dawn's house to discuss the business aspects, the do's and don'ts. She also suggested to carry a briefcase like that can carry my laptop. I should look into the Zero Halliburton briefcases because they are more sturdier and stronger than a laptop bag. The one I have isn't the best one on the market, it will do for now. But I am assuming with all the accumulated paperwork that you fill out with becoming a consultant, and orders. You need a place to organize all your information. Wow, I have so much to invest in.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Its getting HOT outside.

And this Mama isn't too happy right now. We moved from a central air duplex to a non central air house. Ok there are Pros and Cons of moving into a house but good gosh almighty. This little house, is like a little oven. I went and bought my Son a air conditioner for his room today. His room gets the hottest because its in direct sunlight. Well his blinds are the room darkening and supposed to help keep out the heat. That is what's in our room too. I would like to find some window tint or something to darken the windows. That would so help in keeping our house cool this summer. Its gonna get bad...I can feel it already.