Saturday, October 28, 2006

Guess where I went last night?

My Wonderful Brother In Law got tickets for Def Leppard and Journey. It was amazing. It was my 3rd time seeing them. I saw them for the first time back in 1985, I was only 12 and thought it was amazing then. It was back when Steve Clark was still alive. When I saw them in 1994 after the death of Steve Clark I felt betrayed, it wasn't the same. I was 21 at the time. So now 12 years later seeing them and how they've been thru so much I felt much better seeing my all time favorite band performing and still sounding the same. I love Def Leppard now and always will. The worst part of the whole show was seeing these two couples doing something nasty in such a public place. Made me just sit there cause I could not believe what was going on. But anyhow, both bands rocked. Journey wasn't the same as Steve Perry wasn't there, they had some singer who looked like he needed some ADHD medicine. The drummer of Journey sounded great. But anyhow, I had a blast.

I've been working on ChaCha an awesome Search Engine. I have made some great money in a weeks time. You get a debit card that you can use like a visa card. Right now invites are not open, but once they are I will have 8 invites. The best part is you learn about new websites that would not know is out there and you sit at home. I love it. Working is at your own pace, whenver you want. I usually sit here for a couple hours a night and I can make about $10 a night. I mean where else can you do that? Well not too many places I know maybe I need to ChaCha and find out.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Can you say....DANG THAT HURT!!!

Man I did. I had to be at the dentist at 745am. I've had this awful tooth for two years, it was broken and I got food stuck in it everytime I ate. I hated it. Well finally after putting it off. It was removed this morning. Let me tell you. It wasn't easy. The root itself was HUGE and crooked. The tooth I guess is a difficult one to remove. And Yah...I felt it. My entire jaw is sore as heck. He had to cut my tooth with the saw in three parts. It came out piece by piece, 15 pieces in all. So much pressure. I was afraid he was going to break my jaw. I hurt it pop once, I had tears rolling down my face but I never cried. He saw the pain and decided to cut it out. I have two stitches in my mouth and a HUGE gap. I have gum tissue hanging out, it will eventually heal...I HOPE. The medicine he prescribed isn't helping but good old Ibuprophen is. And an ice pack. I am missing my computer time let me tell ya.

I am having ChaCha withdrawals. So far I have made over $50, I am excited. That is paying for my interenet for the time being ya know? Well, not much else to say, I am hungry too. So I am making some hamburger helper with noodles. I can eat the noodles cause they are soft... YAY!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Alright People wanna make some easy money?

I have been earning some money on a website called ChaCha, its wonderful. All you do are searches for people. I currently have some invites available if anyone would like one. Its honest money and legit. Of course its a new program and there are still some issues to be worked out but overall its been super easy. As long as you enjoy surfing the internet you would enjoy this of course. It doesn't take long to move up the Guide levels either. I went to Pro in less than a day. I have earned over $20 in less than 3 hours. So if your interested please email me with your request and I will send it to you right away.

Not too much else is going on, been busy. My computer went down down down. I totally lost my user partition that had the recovery disks. OH omg. I bout lost it. It took me til' yesterday to get the darn thing to do a system recovery. I took off almost every program that was on there, and tried it.. AND IT WORKED. But before that happened I went and got a new computer. So now I have a DELL, and I love it so much. I have never had a flat screen monitor or a processer this fast. So yes I am reeling in all this excitement. I am finally going to be getting child support again here soon. I had to call and report it, took me an hour cause its a pain in the ass to hold. I am figuring with child support finally coming, I am going to use ChaCha money for Christmas Shopping. I figure I will have enough by November 15th. My goal is $500 right now. Which means I am busting ass on ChaCha.

Well off to watch Deal or No Deal.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've been hiding.

Yes away from alot of things and people. I've been adjusting to a new schedule and trying to get things done. So much has happened. I am tired. I gave myself a blister yesterday trying to rake the yard while trying to do at least 8 loads of laundry. Call me Super Mom this week. We have two extra kids. Yay! Call me excited and slap my ass. I am looking forward to peaceful days again. This week is going to be extra busy. Not thatI have enough time but my Grandma has to have some things done medically, and I am going to try the best I can to be there for her. I have to drop my Son off at school at 7:45am, Run Makayala out to her school by 8:00am, then run Sean to the High School by 8:45am. Then wait for two or so hours, pick Makayla up by 11:30 and Sean up by Noon. I think there was a reason why God only let me have one child. LOL. Then my Son gets home about 3pm. So there is my busy schedule this week. Slap me again if I volunteer this crazy shit again. Sean and Makayla are not my children but my boyfriends kids. Their Mother works during the day so no one is there for them, and their father also works during the day. I guess go ahead and have the person who isn't working do it uh? Oh well. Nice to get out of the house. I seriously need to get my ass motivated right now. So hope everyone has a great day!!!