Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today is my Son's 11th Birthday...

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. I know your growing up. That really scares me thinking that someday he will be 16 and getting his license. What I should do is get a life insurance quote someday for myself. So that way in case something happens to me that he will be ok. He's not getting any younger and someday he will be in college, getting married, having kids...hopefully in that order. But as we all know. Sometimes it doesn't end up like we want. I got married, had a baby, then went to college. How funny and ironic is that. Oh I forgot to mention I got divorced before I went to College. I still wouldn't change anything that's happened in my life. I have enjoyed pretty every day I could with my Son. Some of the things that has happened hasn't been the greatest but we have learned from what we have gone thru. I love life.

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