Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After last night...hmmm.

While at the ball diamond, watching the Quad City River Bandits beat the Peoria Chiefs. I noticed my Son being flirtatious with these two girls. Well not so flirty but hanging around them. He was enjoying their company. It was so cute. One of these days, when I get him a cell phone I am going to have to have a gps tracking unit installed on it. I know that probably isn't practical but it is on his soon to have vehicle. He is so like his Mom...loves to drive and explore. I can just see his gas bill when he's out driving. He will need at least two jobs.

Speaking of gas prices...Why does it keep going up and up? Its so not fair to us. I've been having to go to the E85 station for my gas, its only $2.89 a gallon about a $1 cheaper but hey it works right?

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