Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hiya, how are you? I'm good. Just sitting here thinking about what to do next. I came home from work about 2:49pm....yeah...just in time cause the Boy gets out at 2:50pm. oops, I lost track of time. Well, I started cleaning the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and vacuumed!!!!!!! Yes, even did ALL the dishes. I am stoked people...STOKED I TELL YA. It feels so good to finally have some headway here. Now just waiting for the Boyfriend to get home. His Son has Marching Band practice tonight...I think. Um...nope its next week. Cool, not rushing then. I don't feel so bad now. I still have a few things left to do. Like move the chair back to its original place. Well, where the indentations are on the carpet...anyways. Well, gotta run to get it done..

I also sent in another sign up at PayU2Blog, I signed up awhile back and could not find the tax form to send in. So with working, I forgot. Well now that I will have more time at home here in a couple of weeks. I want to keep myself busy, earning money for Christmas. Actually, I need to buy Christmas stuff since it was all ruined in my Flood back in July. I have to start all over again. I lost it all. Its so hard to even look at Christmas stuff right now, to think of all the ornaments I lost. Well, wish me luck, I sure hope they respond back to me....please!!!!


Jill said...

I hope they get you signed up. I can't wait for the first assignment to come in. They sound so much better than a certain other paid blogging company where you almost have to fight to the death to get a decent opp. :(

It always feels so good to get cleaning projects done. Makes me feel SO much better! That's what I need to do today. LOL

Gina said...

Hi! I know this is an old post, but have they contacted you at all? If not, I am going to do a shout out on the forum, if you'd like, so Tony can take a look at your account. There are some others who are still waiting, so there's a thread being created. And when did they call you, initial signup, etc. Let me know if you want me to say something.. :) I'd love for you to be in with them, the work is amazingly easy! It's total freeform, and all you have to do is slip the link in. Let me know! :D