Monday, June 11, 2007

Someone once told me too...

Stop living in the past as its not gonna change. But see I have a hard time letting things go. I guess once you been burned you have a hard time trusting again. Or loving someone so much and find out in the end it was all a "crush" thing and not true love. Or that you ended up pregnant and stuck with that person for the child. I see that one happen alot. Thank goodness, it never happened to me.

One thing I have learned is, that life is what you make of it and if you choose that road of depression and sadness then that is what YOU chose. Only you can make the choices in your life to change what you want. There is alot I want to change but at the moment I can't. I am not perfect, and neither is anyone else. And I refuse to live with hate in my life. I am choosing not to hate anyone for who they are, what they are or where they live or how they live. Hate will get you no where. I guess what I am saying is on some of the forums I've been reading and all the bashing on people. What good does it do to voice your anger? You might feel better while typing it but in the end, the people who read it can actually see the view from both sides and it really doesn't get you anywhere. That is why I am choosing to not return to a place of such anger and hatred, because I CHOOSE not to be apart of such childish acts. Life is too short for such BS.

This post all ties together into what had happened at my Son's B-day party. For one when its a party, please DO NOT bring your negative attitude to my Son's party. One of my Sisters had a complete attitude over our Grandparents NOT showing up at her daughters recital. She was told that they weren't coming. For one simple reason. They drove up from Muscatine/Illinois City,IL. to her house and she wasn't home. I am sorry but gas prices and being elderly isn't a good combination. But yet she seems to think that everyone should cater to her and oh whatever about them driving all that way to her house that it was no big deal. If anyone knows my Grandpa, then you screw him once...that's it. I am not sticking up for anybody or either side. Just stating the point that you don't come to a party and start fighting. And yet she wonders why I don't go to her house or visit her???? Its always a fight with her and this girl is tired of the crap she pulls and lies. Yes she is my Sister but I see right thru her and the stuff she does. And I am sorry, I don't believe in it. I guess I am just too old for games and name calling because that is sooooo 3rd Grade.

Ok...enough with the b*tching. I have laundry to finish.

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