Thursday, May 31, 2007

The last nail in the coffin for me.

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Has been pushed today. I come home from getting my Son's medicines and realize my backyard...the one that I work sooooooooo hard in to make look nice has been turned into a f*cking store aka garbage sale from the neighbors upstairs. OH I AM SOOOOOO P*SSED. I don't care about my language at the moment. Frankly it sent me over the edge, my heart started beating fast, I got sweaty and started to hyperventilate. The part that makes me the maddest is its not just part of the yard of where they said, but my ENTIRE BACKYARD. I swear to GOD that if anything gets broken I will seriously hurt someone. I removed my gazing ball and some lawn ornaments but I couldn't get to my other stuff. I will remind them to remove everything by Saturday Night because its my yard too and I don't want f*cking garbage in my yard AT ALL. I hope all works out with this house that M is looking into. If so, three bedroom farm betcha. And in the middle of Iowa somewhere. I am out of this fucking hole. I've enjoyed it here, I've enjoyed the school being so close. But this is what I can't enjoy. Its one thing to share a backyard, but to share MY STUFF is not my way of living. I am going to take a picture of it just to show everyone how gross this stuff is. I can't help but worry about my yard. Most people say, its only a yard blah blah blah. Ummm NO...its my yard too and I've worked sooo hard to plant my perennials and other pretties in the yard. Stuff that only blooms once every other year is also blooming this year and OMG...if some little brat f*cks with my stuff. I am going to have a major fit. I am having a hard enough time just sitting in here thinking about MY stuff I have outside.

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