Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm up.

Kinda, sorta, maybe. I woke up to a instant message on my computer from a friend. She had asked me if I remembered Sandee. Right then and there I went immediately to her site. What is it with all the cancer crap going around like a rabid disease? I really hate it. Its affected so many people in my life that its making me cry. So if you can, go give her your thoughts and prayers. The news isn't good for her, and for my friend who sent the message has the biggest heart that I know. She has been a inspiration to me, she just graduated and is a great photographer. I want her to know to remain strong for Sandee and her self. And two, Ms Mollie please be positive don't let yourself get down. No one plans these sicknesses and sometimes it takes more than doctors medicines and hands to heal.

So this also goes towards my Grandma, she has so far beat this evil demon with two types of cancers. I think she's too stubborn to let anything get her down. I love you Grandma.

And for Kim, my Mom's are a Strong Man. You might not feel it now but you have been an angel in my eye even though I don't really know you like my Momma. For the babies and kids you have fostered, it takes a real Dad to do that. You have so much support behind so remain strong for yourself.


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