Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Monday Morning to you on a Tuesday Morning!!!

Well maybe happy for you...not me though. We are short two people at work. One says she's tired and the other is pregnancy related. I can understand the pregnancy one. I guess I am having a hard time dealing with people and their excuses. I am going to start talking to my boss and ask him for advice on how to handle it. Or I just might inform them that this is just like any other job and that it isn't fair to the people who do show up that they end up with all the work. I can't even take a day off without something happening. I did inform the one girl that it is necessary to show up on the days scheduled as its the actual company that is wanting the people. Also too, that they should take advantage of the time offered because we are over our hours allowed and that it won't last very long. I am nervous about going in today because I have not been there for two days. I know its going to be a mess and alot of fixing things. I can't stress myself...I really can't. Its soooo not worth it. I think this is how its going to work today. Assign the girls the easy stuff and I will deal with the shrubs. Honestly, I am a nice person and I can't have someone messing with the Barberry with the thorns at work. Unless I am mad at them...then guess what. You betcha I am. No I am just kidding...lol.

On another note, I found out that I am sweating alot at work. Which is cool, which means losing weight and that is really cool. BUT that I am having a allergic reaction. It seems no matter how many times a day I change clothes, or shower. That my body doesn't like sweat. I am on three different meds. for the skin irritations...and the medicated powder is some pretty strong stuff.

My goal is to lose weight, get better body tone and fight whatever this is. Cause its sucks!!!!

I sure hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and remembered our soldiers that have fought and died for our country....and also the ones that are still fighting for our freedom. I will never remember Bush has he is the one putting us on backburner and not thinking about our families with the troops. Let's enlist Bush to go to Iraq and see how long he lasts, and see how his family likes to sit at home and wait to receive that "one" phone call.

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