Sunday, December 09, 2012

Possible Christmas present?

I am trying to decide on what to buy my son for Christmas, he is not the easiest to shop for but he has been getting into listening to music lately. So he truly needs a good music system, something like the bose l1. Its small and compact, so it should work for him as his room is quite small. He doesn't need a really big system in his room. Maybe when he's older he could but not right now.

Its getting cold outside!

Living in Arizona has been definitely a culture and climate change from the Midwest. We do not get snow but we do get cold weather here and it sucks. I do not miss the snow whatsoever and I love being able to walk outside with just a T-shirt on in the middle of December.

Is it February yet?

I am so excited that I will be taking my first trip to Las Vegas alone and meeting up with one of my friends. Who knows what were gonna do while we are there, maybe possibly doing some karaoke music at Ace Karaoke even though I can't sing for the life of me. Who really cares, the old saying..."What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!" Right? I just can't wait to get away and have some fun without kids or men. Selfish? I think not!

Can't wait for Income Tax time.

I am so looking forward to it this time only cause I've been working now for over a year and I should get a nice return back. Wishing time would go a little bit faster now.

Learning computer lingo?

I have been working on the computer for years and years and I still have yet to learn computer lingo and how it works. I do not understand what report engine information is still but I should as I have my own website and all. I am actually thinking about finishing my degree and learning some extra stuff as well in the computer classes. Possibly learning how to program the computer language as well. I guess we will see what happens in the future.

I could be living the title song from Whitesnake.

Cause here I go again forgetting to blog. Someone please remind me more often??