Sunday, October 14, 2012

Learning new things.

In the schools out here they are teaching the kids all kinds of things, especially in music class. They teach trumpets, clarinets, flutes, and even the electric ukulele at guitar center. Which is really neat to have that still involved in today's school. Kids these days are learning how to understand where music has originated and all the different instruments that are out there for them to learn. One never knows the skill unless they apply them.

Busy week!

These next three weeks are going to be really busy at work and I am worried that I am gonna be so exhausted beyond belief. I dislike being really busy and hope that the days go quickly.


No matter where I go, I am constantly listening to music. The way I like it is, the louder the better and I love to feel the music! So having those THD Amplifiers really brings the music to life. Then we went to a party, and wouldn't you know the host has them installed around the pool area. He had a custom pool built and wanted a nice sound system to go with it. It turned out wonderful so while your swimming you can feel the beat of the music. Pretty amazing if I might say and very impressive!

Got a lot done

This weekend has been extremely busy with us, we cleaned out my son's room and threw away three bags of trash. Then steamed cleaned the carpets and wow, let me tell you the difference it has made. I love how they turned out and if we ever buy a house with carpeting, I will invest in a Rug Doctor.