Sunday, July 08, 2012

See all kinds of things.

Here in Arizona and some things should not be seen. At least here you cannot smoke by any businesses and in some places you cannot have open alcohol. One thing I have not seen though are people smoking those cheap cohiba cigars and they have a distinct smell from them and I would know a mile away. On another note, sat outside in the pool and didn't realize how sunburnt I had gotten and now I am paying for it. Story of my life.

Done with school!

I am so excited to be finally done with school and to be able to breath, and NO HOMEWORK. Two full years of consistent homework has been crazy and overwhelming at times. I am just glad to be done for a little bit.

Watching the making of The Walking Dead!

And I am noticing that the wardrobe of the characters are wearing actual street wear and clothes that are popular today. Its amazing far advanced television has become and to have stuff that is being used today and not years ago. On another note, I smashed my finger Friday at work and its still tender today. All I did was smash my middle finger on the nail bed between some plastic hats. I figured it would be bruised by now but all it does is hurt if I put any kind of pressure on it.

The Walking Dead is on.

I absolutely love these shows and I so can't wait until October when the new season begins plus the weather will be cooler too. I hate the hot, hot weather and tomorrow is gonna be the pits, literally.

The importance of insurance!

Especially here in Arizona, this state can be a high risk state and that is depending on where you live. Its crazy cause all you see on TV are the insurance ads. I seen one the other day for an commercial property insurance quote and couldn't believe the amount of insurance ads on TV here. But when you live in a city of a million or more people your gonna get a lot of ads for insurance as its a busy audience they are playing for at all times.

So much has happened!

I am failing at keeping my blogs updated big time, I really need to make time for my blogging. Now that I am done with school, maybe just maybe I will have time again. I sure miss my blogging.