Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lovin' my job!

I love working with the people I work with and all the different personalities. I had no clue what my job would consist of, as I only knew it was wire. Thank goodness its something simple like wire, as I know very little about hydraulic pumps and that would leave me in a state of confusion. Now to change the subject, I do have to say, yesterday while out shopping we came across a puppy Pa pillion and oh my goodness he was the cutest thing ever. I love my Jasmine as she is my sweet baby girl and I am thankful everyday that she came into our lives.

My Son's Birthday is tomorrow!

I cannot believe he is going to be 15 years old tomorrow. Where has the time gone?

Not a fan of gas heat!

I love living in the desert and enjoy not having to worry about having a furnace. I say this because we do not have a working furnace in here but if we did get anything it would have to be one of those electric fireplaces that way it does not affect my gas bill anymore than it needs to. I am a penny pincher and feel the need to save on my utilities as much as I can. I also think too that it would make this place look so much nicer having a fireplace in it.

Sunday? Already?

Um, excuse me...where did you put my weekend?

Saturday, June 02, 2012

It doesn't matter!

Where one goes, there are always job applications being taken at almost every business. Nowadays companies are switching over to all digital and computer technology ways of handling job applications. I am not sure how the grocery stores do it, but I know one store here does only online accepting of job applications and I have heard about the publix job application form but that is pretty much all I have heard. I was lucky enough to find my employment through a friend of mine and have been working there now almost 7 months. I absolutely love my job and I hope that it lasts a long time, well at least until I find other employment anyways.

Less than 30 days.

Until I graduate from college, its been such a long time coming for this moment and I honestly cannot wait until its done. So much time has been invested and I am so ready for this.