Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My wish...

Is to someday remarry again and possibly take a nice all inclusive caribbean honeymoon and just enjoy life, instead of stressing all the time.  Yes, I stress.  Its apart of life, and not a surprise by any means.  Everyone has it, some deal with it better some worse.  But boy, having a carribean honeymoon would just top off everything I have ever done.  I have never taken a vacation, far away nor have I gone on any flight for a vacation. So yeah, a little fun in the sun would be the icing on the cupcake for me.

About ready for bed!

I am really tired tonight, waking up early kind of sucks.  But at least I can its worth it now.

Its amazing what you can learn.

Today at work, I learned to sit back and listen to others about the computers for once.  I know a thing or two but this I just sat there and listened.  I don't know if I could handle one of those Webmaster Jobs but at least I can say I know more than I did prior to what happen.  I have only been at my job for a little over a month and now have my own company email.  That's a big deal for me!  I've never had that and going to make sure I stand behind and remain strong!

Phew, where have you been?

I can honestly say for the first time in my life, I am now planning for my future.  Its been a rough start to this, and I don't care I am going to make a go of this.  I want it all, not going to stop until I do.