Saturday, July 23, 2011

What are the crazy kids doing these days?

Its crazy on what these kids are wearing these days, with their pants around their knees. What they needs are some new urban clothes to update their looks and to finally show some class. I know I wish my son would wear some nice spiffy clothes but that would only happen if I had lots of money but with the way money is this week, its gonna be a tight week and I am stressed a bit. I sure hope that it all works out otherwise I'm gonna be nuts!

Got Season Passes!

To a waterpark here in Phoenix, actually its in another city connected but its not far from where I live and its about 15 minutes away and its all highway. I Love it and we have had a blast so far!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

The ONLY way I will..

Ever have a home theater system is if its wireless. I simply cannot stand have all those wires all over the place and looking ghetto, so I told my boyfriend if he ever wanted a wireless home theatre system then I would be happy as long as its wireless. I know we live in a mobile home park and I love it here, just stil have to have a nice place with good taste. I will be redoing the house again and rearranging some furniture. I want it to look nice in here.

Still working on the weight!

I am determined to lose weight and to become even healthier than before. I've been through some stuff in the past couple of weeks that has really put a lot of stress onto me. And I have been using food as a comfort, so now I am working on my mental thoughts of eating correctly and watching my limits. Even though I found the Best weightloss pills ever I just wish I could keep continue taking them.

Bought a tablet!

To edit pictures on, and that's what I will be working on today. I am excited and actually love working on it. Its so cool and easy to work with.

Love it here!

I love living here in Phoenix, there is so much to do and so much available from multiple water parks to places that carry restaurant equipment. I've never seen places with so many places available. And the amount of outdoor activities available as well, but a majority are done in the winter time because of the heat of the Summer. People tend to think that Summer is a perfect time to do things here, when in fact the Winter time is prime time. I love Winters here they are so very pleasant and cool. No furnace needed anymore!

Editing pictures today!

I am working on getting my work done and then have a ton of pictures to edit, and get ready to burn to a dvd for a friend of mine. So much to do, and so little time!

Today's technology is awesome!

A while back I was at the store looking for a new vacuum and found that the one I was looking at had a barcode scanner and I could scan it with my phone and it would give me information right away on the product. I thought that was extremely cool! I was able to get ratings on the product, any recommendations and price information for price matching so I could get the lowest price. That is something was not available ten years ago and something that I would recommend.

Massive dust storm hit here.

And it made national news for three days straight, kind of ironic but it was really cool but scary at the same time. It sound like our roof was trying to rip off. Then it sounded like someone was walking on our roof too.