Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So not good!

I have been so behind on my work its not funny. I didn't realize that while doing my work, its posting at a later time. Here I am hoping that I didn't need to go to a rehabilitation center to get better as I thought I was going to lose my mind trying to get better. I know last night, with how bad my head was throbbing I was almost in tears to just feel better again. At least the meds are finally working and I feel like 110% better!

Had wake up call!

My neighbors next to me were raided by the sheriff last week, it was a terrible sight to see but in the end to me it seemed like a waste of tax money. All they did was take some items from the house like a big screen tv, a blackberry phone, some other cell phones, some religious items and papers. The person living there had no clue that the person they were seeing was involved in some things that are illegal and now sees it, while I feel really bad for her its better to find out now then later.

I've been sick but getting better.

As I posted on my other blog I have been really sick for the past week. I finally went to the doctor and was put on medicine. I feel so much better today and almost like the energizer bunny. I am surprised on how well I feel, almost like its too good to be true.