Thursday, May 26, 2011

Any ideas?

Last night I was in the restroom and I noticed a age spot on my neck area and I've seen it before but its really noticeable now. I need to find something to blend it away. Its making me nuts because I have two lines as I know its from the sun and the interaction of antibiotics I was on. I did not realize there was a sun sensitivity and I would blister that day. So I have learned to make sure to watch what I am doing if I am ever on antibiotics again.

Not backing down!

We are set to leave on Monday to head back home and someone is being a selfish person by saying they only have X amount of days to spend with their child. Its not my fault they choose to work all those hours, so its not gonna happen. We have to leave early Monday in order to make it back by Wednesday for a graduation. I just may snap!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still trying to lose weight!

I am grateful that the medicine that I have been taking has had no side effects whatsoever besides grouchiness. I have heard of possible hgh side effects but the medicine I am on have very little side effects. The only important thing is to watch what you eat and the amount of food that you eat. The key to losing weight is mind control, and portion control. If you do not have those two, you will fail. It also helps having a positive environment around you and not having an enabler. Having an enabler in the house can make it difficult to lose weight too.

The kittens are ready!

They are now a little over 6 weeks old and ready to go to their prospective homes! I sent a message to the one person who was interested and hoping that she comes and gets her babies soon. They are ready to live in a loving home with new people. We have spent a lot of time with them and they are little characters, let me tell ya!

Don't need it here!

That's one thing about the desert, the lack of cool air! We certainly do not need a infrared heater or any type of heater for that fact. It stays very nice here in Phoenix for about 8 months and the other 4 months are warm and toasty. I am talking swimming weather all day long from sun up to sun down. But people don't start swimming until June here! If I had my way, I would be swimming already! I love to swim and enjoy it greatly!

This song is stuck in my head!

I cannot get it out of my head whatsoever, its the song by Pink...Raise Your Glass. I love the song but not that much that it plays over and over again in my head. Its nuts! All I hear in my head is.."Raise Your Glass!" repeatedly. Grrrrr.

Monday, May 09, 2011

We finally have a one!

A wall that is where we can put our flat screen television, we will need to invest in one of those plasma tv mounts that way we can eliminate the TV stand. For some reason I am starting to dislike clutter in my house. That is my goal to get things done tomorrow that I have been putting off now for awhile. I need to be motivated!!! I am tired of being stuck in this rut in life. So tomorrow, shampooing carpets and stuff on eBay. Yes, it will get done!

eBay will be busy!

For tomorrow that is I am going to add a bunch of stuff to eBay to see about making some more before the end of the month. Its gonna be hard to part with the stuff I have, but I need to do something.