Monday, February 28, 2011

Pretty soon!

I am excited that pretty soon my new nephew will soon be here and so it is going to be great! I wonder if my Brother in Law will have a cigar for the birth of his third child, since hopefully it will be their last for my sisters' health. She has a tendency to have fast deliveries and in the bad part of that is that it has put a strain on her baby holder. I feel bad that her chances of having anymore kids is slim but it is wonderful knowing we are having a beautiful baby boy here in May/June!

One more week and I'm done with my hard class!

I am so excited right now its not even funny! I am not fond of my communications class. I'm in my second one and I am ready to be done with it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finding the right stuff!

My son is currently suffering from acne and its only going to get worse from my experience. I am not sure about tretinoin because I have not heard of it by that name. I will have to do some research on it and see what the outcomes are and if there are any before and after photos available to show what it can do. Who knows if I can use it myself because I am still getting acne at my age, so not fair!

Losing weight and feeling good!

I really want to lose weight and feel good about myself but I know I cannot do it on my own. I will need some sort of appetite suppressant to help curb the hunger pains that I get. I try to eat healthy but its so hard to choose the correct foods and limit what I eat. Like right now, I am starving because I really have not eaten in the past two days and I am starving like crazy right now! I need food, I need sustenance, and something that will kill my hunger!

I'm hungry!!!

And it seems no one can bring home food to eat...grrrr!

Love watching House Hunters!

I like watching other people find the home of their dreams and how huge some of these homes are. It really makes me want to find diet pills that work because some of these women on there look fabulous and with sometimes four kids. Makes me jealous! I have dreamed about being thin again but I know it will come with time!

I am in tears!

I am watching the Rosie O'Donnell special on her background and finding out her past. Its heartbreaking but its a reality that we all have these stories. And sometimes finding out your past is a hard pill to swallow.

Not needed here!

Loving life that is and how happy I am with my boyfriend. We certainly do not need any male enhancement just yet! I give it time when it may happen but hopefully not too soon. Its never been that important to me to always have that access but it is a nice treat!

Now I cannot say the same for someone else I know but not personally but a certain playboy needs help once in a while.

Love my Isabella!

She is such a beautiful Chihuahua and I love her so dearly. I am learning more and more about her each day. Today though we had a little issue with Ben our big white kitty he wasn't being so nice!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

So many offers!

Have you noticed how many cards are available at our discount stores that are for local restaurants and stores itself? Oh I have but I have found to look for ones that offer reward cards because I am a shopper and always looking for the best deals when out shopping. I love rewards, prizes and other neat deals. It will only help the company itself in their business if a person shares their experience it makes for good business. It will only continue on as positive attention.

We adopted a new family member!

Her name is Isabella and she is a Chihuahua, she is he sweetest thing but she strongly dislikes being alone. So now we have to set up the kennel because she literally ripped through three layers of carpeting and padding.

Loving our new place!

I am enjoying the new place further more I am enjoying the decorating and even the lighting! We have went to a local store here and bought some really cool lights! I absolutely love the lights and it brings character to the place big time. With the room being a dark red color we bought floor lamps with off white shades which match the curtains and the chair we bought last year. Its all working out for the better in our color scheme and its better to keep what we have than to try and change it. It can get quite expensive.

Not feeling up to date!

I feel like my stomach is in knots, not sure if its what happened last night or if it was the food. OR if its the stomach flu going around, let's just say I feel overwhelmed right now and hoping this goes away.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Going back to the doc.

Its been a month and I know its time I go and check my blood pressure checked. If all is good I will finally get some help in losing weight with a diet pill. I can't wait, but will have to read the apidexin reviews and make sure I will be okay. I am sure I will but when taking any type of pill double check with your doctor and follow a strict regimen and you will succeed in the end!

Its so cold here!

But I know its nothing compared back to home in Illinois. So I will try and take it with a grain of salt that its still cold here and try not to complain.