Friday, January 21, 2011

Need to let my sister know.

Since my sister is expecting her third baby in May, she has breastfed her first two babies with no problems. She found it easier for her to do that, so I need to let her know about a website that I heard about. A friend of mine said, to go check out as she would probably find it useful after the baby is born. I cannot wait to go back and visit and meet my new nephew! She will probably breastfeed the new baby as well because she has this thing, of being all natural with the baby.

Need to make an appt.

I need to call back my doctor and make an appointment for my weight loss pills so I can begin to lose this excess weight that is bothering me! Its crazy, I cannot wait but I had to get my blood pressure under control before I can start the diet pills. It can cause a rapid heart beat and I don't like that feeling so my doctor said he wanted my blood pressure under control and then after a month he will prescribe me the weight loss pills. I am just so excited and cannot wait!

Our girls are fixed!

Finally our two female kitties are fixed. Ugh! It was about time and now no more flopping around on the living room floor. I am so excited for the peace and quiet. No more howling at night time, nothing!

Looking in the mirror!

Last night right before I went to bed, I was looking in the mirror and noticed how old I am starting to look. I need to find some anti aging products to try and prevent from further aging. I know its a process that will continue on no matter what! People try to stop the aging process, some succeed and some fail, like myself. I guess I just want to live life and have fun! My grandmother aged beautifully and even on the day she passed away, she was absolutely beautiful!

Income tax time!

I usually love this time of year but since I did not work all last year, I will not be getting a refund at all. I will miss that extra chunk of money I usually get. I need to find a part time job to compensate and be able to get a refund if possible.

I can't believe he's only got 4 years left.

My son will be graduating in 4 years, so I guess I better start looking for the best offers in graduation stuff. I would like to buy some photo graduation invitations and have something different to share with friends and family. Especially living so far away and home schooling him, I can also share with a lot of people but mostly within the family and friends. Its a moment I want my son to enjoy and be proud of!

Keeping my son at home!

I do not like the schools here in Arizona so I have been home schooling my son this year. I really want to make sure that he gets the education he needs instead of being set aside with other kids that end up not learning stuff.

Missing my shows!

Its been such a busy week that I have been missing my daytime shows. I'm kind of depressed not getting my Maury in everyday. You just got to love the shows where they have paternity testing to prove that someone is the daddy! I love the drama they have on there and how fake it seems to be half the time. Then some of the cases they have seem real so who really knows what is real or fake. Keeps me entertained for the time being.

Nope no garage!

All we have is a carport for our vehicles, no biggie so we don't have to worry about needing any garage door parts anytime soon. Its not that bad because our parking spot is very long, almost the length of our home. I still need to finish sweeping the driveway because when there was a hail storm it busted out windows and there is still evidence of broken glass in places.

Before and After pictures coming soon.

I took some pictures of our kitchen before my son and I painted it. It was a ugly color of red brown on the cupboards and it was gross. I hated it. So I picked out this color called Bohemian Earth for the cupboards and a White Gold for the walls. It turned out so pretty! I am loving it!

Getting stuff packed!

And I am finding so many things that I knew we had but have been packed away! I even found my boyfriends steiner binoculars that were sitting up on the top shelf. I think I put them there when we first moved here so they wouldn't get broken, well it worked! They have been there now for almost a year! Oops. So now we get to move them again in the next couple of weeks!

Wow, we have been so busy!

We have spent the last four days painting and fixing broken things at our new place. I am so exhausted right now its not even funny. So I am home to get caught up on some work, grab a bite to eat and hopefully sleep.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Checking reviews!

Because I am so sincere about losing my unwanted weight, I have been reading reviews on all of the weight loss pills like phentermine reviews and misc. others. Because like I have said before I don't want something that isn't FDA approved and end up hurting myself even more. I already have high blood pressure so I already know that must be under control before even thinking about taking anything else. So I started my new blood pressure pills and so far, everything is going great!

Love watching Days of Our Lives!

Granted I missed shows here and there, but I have managed to find updates and what not. But I am not happy with how the little guy Johnny is sick! With all the tragedies that are happening this just breaks my heart.

I got a new tattoo.

A while back that is, we decided to get a new tattoo for the heck of it. Granted I really wish I could eliminate one of the tattoos that I have. I may invest in some of the best tattoo removal cream and try to get rid of the tattoo that I dislike. But its attached to the main tattoo and I don't want to eliminate something that I do love. Who knows I guess we will see what happens.

The shooting in Tucson!

I have been affected by the tragedy in Tucson for the reason of the little girl that was taken so violently from her life here on earth. The hatred the shooter had that fateful day is beyond anyone and he will forever have to live with what he decided to do. But my heart aches for the family of the 9 year old little girl

Can't wait for May!

My new Niece or Nephew will be here and I am getting excited. I am not sure if my sister is taking the best prenatal vitamin out there but I know they do wonders in helping get all the much needed vitamins to unborn babies. I remember back in the day when I was pregnant they were literally horse pills back then, I sure hope they are much smaller by now. I just can't wait til' May when he/she is here!

I shouldn't be watching it anymore.

Every time I watch Animal Planet it just makes me sick to see how people treat animals. Its disgusting! People should not be allowed to have animals unless they are trained to take care of them.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I'm torn!

I was able to get a new phone last year, May if I am correct and I thought I was going to be extremely happy with my apple iphone but my boyfriend got his new phone and it happens to be the new Windows Phone. He loves it! I like it, but I am so partial to my iPhone its not even funny. Since having already own a iPod touch previously I already knew the ins and outs of the phone itself!

Thinking on a color for the bedroom!

We were out last night looking at colors to paint our place. I was wanting a green color like a sage color for the bedroom. I am thinking of going to the home improvement store and looking at those paint samples. And getting some quotes for other things as well!

Goodwill here I come!

I have so much stuff to go through and tons of stuff to take to the second hand store. For instance I have some books to take over and some clothes. We only have a short amount of time to get things packed and settled. But we have some things we want to do before we move in. Like painting because its so much easier not having anything in the way when your painting.