Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yep, its happening!

My son is no longer my sweet faced little stinker pot. He is this growing boy with a crackling voice and in dire need of acne cream. I am wanting to buy him some good stuff, just not sure what one considers good stuff. Right now his acne is not all that bad but he has his bad days and his good days. More good than bad for the most part. But I sure know that will change here in a few years.

School starts up in a week!

I am not ready for it to start again! I struggled through my one class and I have to take the second part of the class. So not ready for this.

If its necessary!

This Christmas season, there have been a lot of people out shopping. With the way the economy is these days it was amazing to see the amount of people shopping. Either they have gotten a payday advance loans or they really make a nice amount of money. Like while at the store this one person bought three iPads. Those things are expensive!!! Which is what surprised me when that person asked for them. Oh yes, I was jealous but someday I will have one but I am in no hurry!

It was good!

My Son got some of the stuff he's been wanting, which was LEGOS. He is stoked that he will be building a few neat things.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our porch outside!

I really would like to decorate the patio that we have here. Its an enclosed area and I would like to have some privacy, so I was thinking of buying a fig tree or two to add some privacy, but I will need to speak with my landlord and see what is allowed here. Since the housing association is strict here, I do not want to overstep my boundaries. So I will ask him what I can have outside and what cannot be out there. Right now we have a table, swing and dirt. Pretty boring!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I sure hope everyone is having a the most wonderful Christmas with their families!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Next Month!

We will be getting new car insurance rates because our six month time period is up and hopefully our rates will be lowered. Or at least I hope it gets lowered. They advertise it on TV all the time about being a committed customer. We pay on time, every month so I don't see why our rates wouldn't drop. It sure would help!

Speaking of rates dropping, I sure wish gas prices would drop. We love to drive a lot and would appreciate the price of gas dropping!

What color is your Christmas tree?

We bought a white tree a couple years back and we need to replace it again. The kitties have destroyed the branches. Not sure if I would choose white again, but we have the beautiful LED lights. I love the color of LED, we had blue but this year we are doing multi-color. Looks so pretty right now!

Not in Arizona!

Well at least not in the summertime that is, here in Arizona the Summer's are quite warm and our pool gets a little heated with the Summer sun. Even the hot tub gets really warm. It was weird when my Ex told me that getting one of those jacuzzi tubs are really cheap in the Phoenix area. I said, it would only be great in the Fall/Winter time because the temperature is absolutely beautiful. I know back home in Illinois, it would be quite cold right about now. Was not happy to hear how cold it has gotten.

Sharing your Christmas traditions!

I would like to know, what are some of your Christmas traditions? Is there a certain day you set up your tree, how do you celebrate? Do you play Christmas music putting the tree up?

I really want to start a new tradition and have it more enjoyable. Something that will live on for a long time and something we look forward too each year.

My son and his rides with his dad.

I worry every time my son's father says they are going riding in the mountains. Not this last time but before it they went riding and my son almost ran over a rattlesnake. Scared me so bad. I also wonder what if something breaks, will they have the polaris atv parts on hand or no. I will never know as I try not to ask too many questions because I don't want to be the nosey ex-wife or Mom. I also try to keep the distance, respect and live my own life.

Missing my Mom!

She was able to spend the week with me and I really miss her. No matter our little spats in the end, I love her no matter what! I know she was worried about being stressed when she went back home. I just wish she wouldn't have to go through all that she does. Its not fair!

Protect your identity!

I have learned a lot in the past year about protecting my identity. Having my bank account used, not once but twice really scared me. I have thought about buying one of those rfid sleeves that can block potential thieves from reading my credit cards. They also make purses to block signals as well. I just may purchase a wallet that has this capability so my boyfriend can protect his cards as well. I do not have a passport which already has this capability but at least when I do eventually get one I know I will be safe!

Christmas is around the corner!

I am so excited and we started putting the tree up today, but we have to find the ornaments. They are somewhere in here. I will probably tear this place apart tomorrow looking for them.