Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something you do not hear out here.

Back home we would hear all the time on TV about Mesothelioma and how a person can be apart of a lawsuit or what not. Since moving here to Arizona, I do not hear that much on it anymore. Out here we hear a lot about car accidents and hiking accidents, and lawyers galore. Its crazy!!!! But understandable because there is a lot of traffic out here, the busy highways and when it rains, people do not know how to drive whatsoever. I have told people that if it ever snowed here, I refuse to leave my house because it would be total catastrophe! Because people drive like maniacs when it rains because its such a eventful thing to happen because it is the desert!

Had a blast in San Diego!

I finally made it to California for the first time in my life. I will say it was a good time had by all and definitely seeing the Ocean for the first time in my life was a life changing moment for me. I had felt like my life was complete as it was a dream of mine to visit California and put my feet in the ocean. Everyone else around me have done that but me!

I want to surprise my Son.

When he passes 8th grade because it is a very big deal I want him to to enjoy that experience of completing such a difficult grade. I had to repeat my 7th grade, and hated it so I am relieved that my Son did not have to go through that. So I was thinking about getting him one of those trophies with his name and year on it to celebrate such an accomplishment. I will see here in a few months. I just need to find a way to keep him motivated and on the right track to want to finish the 8th grade!

Why Mother Nature?

Do you have to be such a pain in the rear? I hate to deal with this on a monthly basis but at least now I can start getting my body in a regular mode. Who knows anymore, I hate this feeling and the pain that comes with it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm convinced!

That my weight is a unhealthy weight and I am working on it. I know how there are portion sizes that I know will not agree with me but I have to come to accept that it is not about the size but the food itself and how much you eat. I know I may end up at the store to buy phentermine and just maybe I will get that extra boost in losing weight. Who knows it may be a miracle for myself, which I really need right now. It makes me nuts to be overweight and to see so many thin women out there, and it makes me feel like I am not good enough for my boyfriend.

Updated my ringtones!

On my iPhone, I downloaded two ring tones, I got Katy Perrys "Teenage Dream" for my boyfriends phone for when he calls so I know its him and then my basic ring tone is Rihanna with Enimen latest song. I like the song, so I figured I would use it.

I forgot to tell you!!!

While out shopping for my laptop, I stopped in this store at this fashion mall that I had never been too. I felt kind of out of place with how I was dressed but still had a great time with my son. Well this store was promoting wrinkle serums because for one its a higher class shopper area. When I say that, out here in Phoenix there are two shopping types, there are the frugal shoppers and then you have the upper class shoppers who care about their looks and shop without care. For me, I am a safe shopper and smart shopper, I bought my laptop and came home. I feel so much better without buying anything else, some great discipline.

I sure hope..

That the kid upstairs doesn't wake me up like he did this morning. I know he was excited to go to school, but you do not have to run through the house already. It really does not bother me, but I went to bed kind of late last night and wanted to sleep a bit in today. Well that did not happen!

I got lucky!

When my boyfriends parents were here earlier this week, we had to stop at the drug store so they could get some of their medicine refilled. While waiting, I was reading this magazine that had a phentermine review and its funny how people you do not know will start talking to you about stuff. This person was telling me about their use of phentermine and how it helped them lose weight so easily. I was surprised yet, I am weary of putting pills in my mouth that I do not know what their effects are. I remember a long time ago, I took a diet pill and I remember my heart beating so fast that it felt like it was coming out of my chest. I guess that feeling sticks with you.

Did you see that storm?

The one that went through New York City today? I seen the youtube video of how fast it moved through the city, that was pretty intense and lucky only one person was killed. That's still one death too many with a storm death. I hope there was no other incidences.

I need your advice!

My Son is 13 years old and going through what all teenagers go through with acne. I know a friend posted what she used or has used with her Sons but I cannot locate it. I need some advice on the best acne treatment products that are available and that are safe for my young son. I do not want to have his young skin exposed to any harsh treatments as I have seen what it can do to people who have acne, that some treatments are not so safe. I remember a friend of mine used something on her face and it caused burns. I want my Son to have a decent encounter when treating his acne and not be scarred for life.

My Son is doing well.

With his home schooling and I am so proud of him. He has a hard time getting focused and I need to find another way to keep him grounded and focused on his classes. Maybe setting a schedule for each day, consisting of a time to get started and a time to be finished would be the best thing. Maybe I will try tomorrow a new task.

Talking about health!

One of my online classes is a health class, and this week we are discussing differe nt health issues. How some people are so concerned with their weight that they use a form of a Extreme weight loss pill to help them in a pinch to lose weight, and how others binge their foods. But what is with myself and this issue, is that after my divorce I would eat anything that looked good. Little did I know the outcome that would have on my body. I am wishing I did not do that now because I am fighting a battle of the bulge. I may need help in order to lose some weight. I am not happy with my current weight and need a boost!

What to do this weekend?

I am hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend but who knows. I know I have to return my landlords phone call because our garbage disposal is not working properly. But other than that I want to not worry about anything. I know that will not happen because I know with my Son being at his Dads they are going riding on ATVs and that scares me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I didn't get the chance!

For this year, I did not get any gifts for Valentine's Day nor Mother's Day like the ones that are delivered. I have always wished to be surprised on those days with flowers or something. I have hinted to my boyfriend that he should send flower to your sweetie and with a sweet note attached. But the day comes and goes, and nothing. I should be grateful that I have someone so awesome in my life to begin with. He puts up with all my mood swings and family. So maybe I should go and buy him something really special for a just because kind of day! He deserves it as well.

Its been a busy time!

Since around the beginning of August, I had my parents and my boyfriends parents come out and visit us in Arizona. I also made a trip back home to see my nieces and nephews whom I have missed so very much! It was worth the trip and had some quality time with them. Looking forward to seeing family again soon.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Missing my Nieces and Nephews!

I was out and about today and I saw some toys that made me think of my Nieces and Nephews. I miss them so much! This weekend too is usually the time I would get to spend with them because we all usually go out to the Milan Festival for the pageants. I sure hope they have a good time! I wish I was going to be there but we know its not financially possible right now. Plus with my classes I have to participate and get my points in. Right now I am doing really well with my classes.

Going out to eat.

Just as soon as my boyfriend gets home from his two day road trip from Iowa. I know he is going to be exhausted but he is hungry. I don't want to go far from home as there is stuff that needs to get done early tomorrow. For one he needs to get plates for his car so the car will be in his name. He will finally own a car again. Its good for him!

Learn something new everyday.

I am wanting to start my own business but I don't have the first clue what so ever on the first steps. I was told about purchasing Wholesale Insurance but what would I use that for? This is also the reason why I am going back to school to learn the steps of owning my own business. There is a lot to learn within myself of returning to school after a long break, right now I am taking two courses one consists of health and nutrition and the other is motivational courses. I guess they invest their money into something that they know is going to be in the long haul. Personally I think its a lets see if they are crazy or not kind of class.

So much has happened!

Two weeks ago, I took a plunge and decided to get my hair cut. Almost 12 inches to be exact and it feels so good to have that hair gone! I refuse to let it get that long again, but it grows so fast. I also got it highlighted and straightened with a flat iron. I love the way it looks and feels. Sometimes when you do something little for yourself, it makes your self confidence level go way up.