Thursday, June 24, 2010

So excited...

Don't laugh but today I found out one of my favorite games is on my iPhone. I play this game on Facebook constantly, and when I saw that I can have it on my iPhone. I have to jump on it. But its got me thinking I need to have iphone 4 insurance and check for rates in case I drop my phone while playing my favorite games.

Well I have to get the boys in check for bed, they have a tendency to leave the TV on after they fall asleep. I hate having to wake up, and turn it off. Last time that happened, I got scared cause I had to pry the hands off the

Ouch, my mouth hurts.

Was eating a hard shell taco earlier, and took a bite and totally bit my lip. Its a bit painful right now. I will live, it happens.

Well I am pretty much whipped right now, and ready for bed. I think I am going to put my pajamas on and lay under the fan.

The kids crack me up.

The other day we were all sitting here with our ipods and of course we all listen to different types of music. One had country, one was pop and the other was classical. Then of course Makayla and I were listening to the same song singing out loud. We kept getting looks from the boys. The Boys will never understand us girls. But hey, we love Katy Perry.

What a hot day!!

We decided to go to the Zoo this morning, but soon realized that if its too hot for the animals then its too hot for humans. We were only there a couple hours, then left. Went and got something to eat, then swim. Yah for the day.