Sunday, January 24, 2010

Once we move.

We are going to be busy. Actually going to be extremely busy with setting everything up from home insurance quotes, to utilities to getting my Son into school right away. I hope to find a nice place to live and not a small place. I am so tired of living in a matchbox. People don't realize how tight it is to live here and for my Son to finally have a nice size room. I have to do something and do it right for my Son, he deserves a big room. He's going to be 13 this year and he is getting older and needs his space.

Congratulations to the Saints and the Colts!!

Goin' to the SuperBowl....I could not asked for two better teams. I have a personal reason behind it. The Colts has a player Hank Basket and the Saints has Reggie Bush, they are both Husbands and Boyfriends to Kendra Wilkinson and Kim Kardashian!!!

I made my list.

I have a list of things to get done and places to go. I have to go to Rockford and get a copy of my Son's Birth Certificate. I then have to go down to the Social Security office and get another one for him. I misplaced it and I know I will need it for when we move. I want to make sure we have all documents needed before our move. I also have to get a copy of my divorce decree. So that I have all papers needed. I also have to call and get some free insurance quotes before our move. I have to make sure everything is good. I am sort of a worry wart, so I guess I need to stop worrying when I know things will be okay.

Trying to relax.

I've been so busy around here, trying to get rid of stuff and pack other items up, its been really stressful. Now its getting to the point where we have boxes stacking up. In my living room and I don't like clutter. I can't wait to get moved.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Out and about.

We were out and about today, and while at this discount store they had a few point of purchase displays set up to buy on the spot laptops, cameras and tvs. I had never seen that before but thought it was a great idea for the people who are interested in purchasing just those specific items. But this store is known for having good deals all the time.

I know I am deal hunter. And now I have to search for a Xbox here next week. We have been renting one, and the pay off amount is $263...ummm that sucker is going back and I am buying a brand new one.


I love when the news shows come on for another season. I have missed my First 48 and so many other new shows. I can't get over Operation Repo...that show freaks me out.

Very Valueable lesson learned.

I want to say, I have learned a valuable lesson. Once we get moved and established, I am going to looking into some online life insurance because I do not want my Son to have to pay for anything after I die. Its not fair to him to have to pay for me. My expenses are going to be included. After watching and learning what my Mom went through with my Grandma, it scared me outright.

I really wish I could invest in some life insurance now, it would be the smart thing to do. But I do have to make a doctor appt. before we move. Just to get a check up.

I woke up happy!

This morning, it was strange but weird. And while I was out driving, I had this burst of happiness come over me and getting excited about our upcoming move. I am speechless about the move though.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

While at the Gym..

Last year my friend and I were walking on the treadmills, totally enjoying our time. When all of a sudden we heard some weird sounds. As it scared me, oh goodness it scared me as I thought someone got hurt. When in fact it was these big huge muscle guys lifting weights, I don't know if it was the dip bar but it was oddly shaped. There was no way in heck I could lift that bar thing. It looked very heavy from where I was standing. My friend and I hurried up and got out of there, I was afraid the guy was gonna break something.

Learned something new.

Off Rachael Ray, on making spaghetti she uses some of the starch water from the noodles to add to the sauce. But today she made Leek, Bacon and Spaghetti. That doesn't sound good to me, but it sure looked good.

Forgot to mention.

While updating my websites and stuff, I noticed there was some new software to update. I need to get that done, I have a lot to do before we move and I have to make sure too that all my work is caught up before we move. So that means making sure all the software that needs to be updated is done, I do not know if its the seo software but I know there might some new stuff for their templates.

Well not much else going on, just a tad bit stressed with the move and all. I am so excited to get out of this area though. Its too cold here.

Its all coming due.

All my domain stuff is coming due here in a couple days. Well my hosting dues anyways. I do not know if my hosting company has a free web directory but I will have to inquire about it. I too also have to add the privacy block on my other blog. I don't trust people at all. But with the move, I am wondering how to change all my information over when I do move. I have to inquire too about setting up a PO Box in the city where we are moving. I don't know if I have to get there first and set up a Box or if I can do it here.

I love Rachael Ray!!

I am sitting here watching it and the Spider monkey just loved Rachael today. It was so cute, I can't say the same for the bird though, the bird was nipping at the Animal handler...

Doesn't sound appealing to me.

Lately there has been some talk about some famous people who are using some products with colon cleansing benefits. But the controversy is that some of what they are doing isn't healthy. One I heard is doing vinegar drinks. Why would you do that? To me that doesn't sound good at all. I would much rather put something safe into my body than something that we have no clue is safe. Some will argue that we put much harsher things into our bodies now as it is.

My Son Growing up so fast!

He's been doing things that I have to now sit back and watch him grow into a Handsome Young Man. He's got all that natural testosterone so he's good with everything happening naturally. His hair is starting to get thicker on the top of his head. He has done went to his first dance and from what I heard, he has a Girl Friend at school. I don't want to make him feel its wrong to have a girlfriend so I really don't push the issue with him. I am trying to be more understanding to what his needs and wants are. I'm just not ready for him to grow up too fast.

Went and got my Son.

The weather is now officially getting back, and with the State Police are advising NO TRAVEL...I made that choice and now I feel 100% better that I did. We are home safe and sound, and now I am about to make lunch.

Weathers gonna get back again.

Its one reason why I cannot wait to get moved out of this area. I really dislike the weather here. In my neighborhood alone its a rough area to walk around and get any exercise whatsoever. I know while out in Arizona, I was able to walk around with no issues. It was great, now if I could only find a diet pill that works would be great!

Did I mention that I dislike this weather? We are supposed to get a ICE storm today. Totally bites my behind.

Looking into the mirror..

And not liking what I am seeing. I need to find out a good way to at least look my age. I am looking older than what I really am. I think its all the stress. Tomorrow while I am out and about I am going to see if I can find some anti aging face face creams that way I can at least start a everyday process of making myself look good. I think too, I may change my way of life period. Change my eating to healthier foods and once we get moved start a exercise program at home.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

While channel surfing.

We came along the travel channel. They had on all the fabulous hotels with these huge swimming pools. I don't remember where this one hotel was, but it had a man made swimming pool. I don't think it was the panama city beach motels but maybe a Cancun one, but it was absolutely amazingly huge. It had sailboats and paddle boats all the while you can also swim in that huge pool. The place that they featured, the ocean was not safe to swim in due to the salt factor I think.

I don't know but my eyes lit up and I really want to go there. I could use a nice warm vacation right now. Its below zero here, and its for the birds...literally.

I don't want too.

Buy too many plastic totes for our move. I know I already have bought too many. So now I leaves me to with having to eliminate more stuff. Or I am just going to figure out how to pack them better.

Doing my research..

I will be returning to learn my Business Information Technology degree, but attending college is not in my future. So I was given some information about Western Governors University. Which is a nationally accredited college which happens to have an online degree courses available. Where you are able to finish your work in the comfort of your own home even in your pajamas. Sounds good huh? I would say so.

I also like the idea of being able to transfer my credits to another school if I chose to continue my education at a college itself. But what's even more important the one difference between Western Governors and a College itself, is getting the support or mentoring. Most colleges you have to wait til' the next day to get the help. But with Western Governors you will have an assigned mentor who will help you until you graduate. So basically its a safe system, and your not switching out people every year or not knowing who is going to help you. You have ONE person the entire time. To me that seems better.

Now too, Western Governors offers a teaching program too, as I know quite a few people who want to teach. Most people would think you need to be in a classroom. There are so many colleges that offer, but only a couple online universities offers great courses.

I am very impressed by what Western Governors offers and very pleased with all that I have read from their website. Go check it out and see for yourself all the benefits from them.

It is surely Sunday!

Its been long and cold. I can't believe its already January and almost income tax time. I am so excited about everything right now.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Hair is like wire!

I've always had hair that is coarse and feels rough. It doesn't matter how much conditioner I use, I have the worst hair I think. I have to shop at Sally Beauty Supply for my hair needs. I have purchased some hair vitamins and now I am using this Diamond Dust conditioner. It works perfect! I have no choice because I was spending the same amount on another brand but for some reason I don't have a reaction to this conditioner. It seems every brand I have used for conditioner, it gives me a bad case of dandruff but this new stuff I'm using doesn't. So all I have to say is...SCORE!!!!

Happy New Year!

I know its a few days late, but hey at least I got it in right? This year is going to be great, I see a uphill battle but I know we can do it.