Thursday, September 03, 2009

Should I?

Go ahead and plan for a party this Halloween? I've never had a party so I am thinking I should get some Halloween party invitations and go ahead and plan for it. I may talk with my Mom about it and see what she says.

I wonder what or if my Son will want to dress up too? He's at that age where it could be yes.. or no.

I am still watching Animal Planet and they just rescued a kitten, that has this really bad eye infection. I feel so bad, cause he just passed out. They thought they lost him but his will to survive got me all choked up. I love cats and love taking care of them. I want to do more for them. So I can't to move and see what I can do at the Animal Shelter in Phoenix.

I get to go alone.

Tomorrow I get to go do errands alone. I am not looking forward to it, but have no choice. Our Cats need food. They are spoiled rotten and to the core. They get canned food in the morning and at night. I had to run today and get ear mite medicine for our cat Ben, he gets them real bad and I don't know how he gets them. I need to look into that.

On Tuesday Night.

The Circus rolled into town and they always have a parade of the Elephants and Horses. I can't help but love to watch. Even though I don't like the treatment of how they are handled but I have never seen any type of mean treatment, only heard of it. But anyways, they had the horses and the riders had on their breeches which are very fancy. I love their uniforms. I can't wait to see the Circus tomorrow night. But I think my Son is more excited than I am. Its been a long time since he's been to a Circus.

Do you watch Animal Planet?

I am a animal lover to the extreme. So yes I watch Animal Planet, I love watching Animal Cops in whatever city. Before I went to Arizona, I watched the one in Phoenix and learned something about how they handled their animals. In which came in handy while I was out there, I rescued a cat. It made me feel a ton better knowing this cat was going to get a decent meal that night.

My poor Niece.

She has had some dental work done recently and I am not sure where she goes for her dental work but I thought my Sister mentioned something about southpark dentist or something like that. But she really loves her dentist, they have been really good with my Niece. I've seen pictures of her after she had a tooth pulled, and poor baby looked so tired.

Speaking of Niece, I have some things I need to get done tomorrow morning. I bought a pink T-shirt for my Niece and I am going to put the Princess dazzle thing on the front of it. She's gonna love it...I hope. I need to make another for my other Niece. My Other Sister will get jealous...OH

I'm watching a movie...

Willy Wonka that is...I loved this show as a child. And I still enjoy watching it.

Yes, I'm bored. So while watching my Willy Wonka, I am also farming on Facebook. I know alot of people are addicted to this silly game. But I play FarmTown and FarmVille..I can't help it. And Mafia Wars. I play these games because I cannot afford to buy the games I want. And two, my laptop isn't fast enough for the Sims 3 game that I so badly want.

Can't wait for Saturday.

They have a annual parade on Saturday morning to start off the Milan Indian Summer Festival. I remember the first time I walked that, I sure didn't need a treadmill any time soon after that. Its at least a two mile hike. My Boyfriends Son will be marching in the parade with his Marching Band. Its his final year and I definitely gotta take pics this year. Like I have for the past four years. I am still in shock how fast he's growing. He will be 18 this year, and I simply cannot imagine how fast the time went. Phew!!!

Whooo hooo....

Dancing with the Stars will be returning to TV. I love that show. I love watching the celebrities learn to ballroom dance. Its awesome.

On another note its Labor Day Weekend, its our annual Milan Indian Summer Festival and my Niece will be in the Lil' Miss Pageant. I am so excited. She looks so pretty all fancied up.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Love my pictures.

Last night while watching the Circus animals, which consists of Elephants and Horses paraded downtown I was watching and noticed one of the elephants was a bit chunkier than the rest. Well at least my Son noticed. I hope they don't give that elephant any weight loss supplement because if you really think about it. In the wild, they move alot more than what they do being all cooped up inside a train all day while traveling. They are sure beautiful creatures. Every year we watch them pull in, unload and I always get some awesome pictures. But with it being night...that didn't happen. So yeah, the pictures I took didn't turn out very well. I need to learn how to take night pictures.

What to do today?

I could easily go back to bed, see its weird when I first get up I always tell myself...oh I will go back to bed and get fully rested. YA RIGHT!!! It never, EVER happens. Once I'm up. I'm up and there is no way I am going back to bed. Maybe I should try though.

So tired.

Stayed up late last night for no reason at all. I know I wasn't home for most of the day yesterday but still. We went to bed past midnight! We did however see the circus parade thru downtown last night about 8:30ish.