Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strongly thinking.

I bought my laptop over a year ago. And I clearly need to learn how to use it in power saver mode when not using the power cord. The battery tends to run down so much faster, I would like to purchase some more laptop memory but the thing is, is finding the correct kind for my laptop. I have a HP which I love dearly. I take it with me where ever I go when traveling and will be taking with me when I go to Arizona in two weeks. I am so excited about seeing my Son finally. I miss him so much right now!!!

A very long day.

And I should be in bed sleeping. For some reason, I can't make myself get into bed. I guess I keep thinking about some of the things that happened today and while with my friend at the doctor for her baby. How close I was to hitting the doctor who wasn't very personable as it was. Her screams of being poked and prodded will be with for awhile. Oh poor thing, I felt so bad for her.

Monday, July 20, 2009

At work today.

I was telling my friend Monica about my Sister's Dog Macy who is no longer with us, how she affected everyone in the family. How Macy was like a family member to us. I told her that they should of gotten some whole life insurance on the dog, but we all know that isn't feasible. Macy was so very loved and is so very missed every single day. I spent some time with her before she was put to sleep. It was rough hearing her breathing, the hard time she was having. But we all know she's now pain free and running free with all the birds. She was so sweet!!!

Getting organized is so much fun.

Lately, I've been so busy with getting stuff packed, organized and getting rid of stuff I no longer need. The store I went to had totes on sale for $3.50 with some cool colors as well. When I move, I want to make sure stuff is all in totes. If you know what I mean, NO boxes.

Yesterday, was good.

I was a bit moody, but I think its a lack of sleep that is affecting me. I went outside, and something snapped within me. Maybe it was the look of the garage and how messy and CLUTTERED it is. I started moving the outdoor furniture around and then all my Dad's junk. I just may load up my van tonight when I get home from work and take to my Dad's house. Along with my Mom's tables. I am simply tired of mess right now. With us moving, I emptied out the garage once, had a yard sale and then boom. Its full of other peoples stuff. Grrrr.

I hate being alone.

And without my Son being around. It kills me to be without him. I am looking forward to August 7th when I finally get to see my Son again. I am so blogging about my trip, first trip by airplane ever and going alone at that. I will be taking tons and tons of pictures. Because I know its a new thing for me. And I am just so giddy right now thinking about seeing my Son again. I miss him so much!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Got me thinking.

Pretty soon, is the anniversary of a friend of mine's Husband. Its wasn't a easy time for her when he passed, she had found out that he let the life insurance lap which meant she wasn't going to get anything from his death. So soon after she learned of that, she knew that she would need to purchase some mortgage life insurance so her Son wouldn't have to worry about the house. Its a huge house for two people and if anything would happen to her, she wants her Son to be covered. She's a good Mom and she is one of the strongest people I know.

We've been cleaning fools.

My Boyfriends Parents are coming down tomorrow bringing the kids back home, and he doesn't want the house to be a mess. Which I can understand as I don't want it messy with my own parents here. So we've been busy cleaning like crazy for the past hour. Its amazing how much dirt and dust collect.