Sunday, December 28, 2008


Since the holidays are over with we still need to buy one more item for one of the PSP's that was purchased for the boys. Since I had a extra memory card we still need to buy another flash memory card for the other boy. I mean he is using a small size card for the time being its still not what is needed for his handheld system.

The Boys loved their gifts and so did the Girl. She's been playing hers non-stop. We did put ground rules with their new handhelds. Grades must remain up and must help with house work. Or else it gets put up. No if's and's or but's about it.

We did manage to take the tree down this morning. I really got tired of the cats destroying the tree. Yes we will have to replace it next year. And we also moved the fish tank to where the tree was. The kitties love it there because now its pretty much at their level. Yay!.

Want to share a poem.

This poem is written my both of my Nieces. For Christmas this year we had some differences on what Christmas really meant. One Niece was jealous of the other because they so much under their tree and the other didn't even have a tree. SO yes it was difficult listening to them. Not sure who spoke to them but whoever did they girls decided to write a poem. So here it is....I took a picture of it because its written by them and it makes it even more beautiful.
Christmas Poem from Kelcee and Mady

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Once the holidays are done.

I am making it a necessity to lose this excess weight like everyone else in this world who tends to overeat for the holidays. I just need to find the right diet pills to help aid this loss of weight.

I am wanting to get the energy back, to run, walk, and enjoy life without losing breath. Or my back killing me from walking too much. And for me always being so tired. If I could sleep all day, I could. But I make myself stay awake otherwise I don't sleep at night. I think I am suffering from insomnia. The last couple of nights its been crazy.

I guess I am worried too much about Christmas, and buying gifts for the kids. Even though we got the kids their *********** and ********. I am blanking that out right now cause Makayla, my BF's daughter is being nosey...She thinks I am going to slip on what we got her. She thinks she knows...but wow. If she only knew it was really

Oh Christmas tree.. Oh Christmas tree....

Christmas Light...

I like how this picture turned out. I am not the best at taking holiday light pictures but I am working on it.

I need a dentist.

Lately I have been noticing my teeth are more sensitive to food and drinks. I need to find me a dentist that will accept my insurance. I wish I could find a Washington DC dentist because I hear that they do good work. Or at least move to Washington DC.

I am hoping my weekend gets better, we went to Waterloo for Christmas with my BF's parents and the kids to open their gifts. They had fun, my trip wasn't so fun when my van decided to give me a stress attack. I didn't get much sleep because I depend on my van so much to get my Son back and forth to school, doctor appts. and his Boy Scouts. Yes, it left me in a world of stress.

I need a repair man.

Yesterday, ws a day from hell. That's all I have to say. My Van broke down while we were just a block from home. We pulled in and it went kaput. The serpentine belt decided to melt to the pulley. So here we are sitting here. Looking at Sean while I type. I know that came out of nowhere, so anyways. I have laundry to do.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting frustrated.

I keep talking about wanting to lose weight. And frankly I need some type of appetite suppressants to help me right now cause I am not going to lose any weight this month. I keep getting the munchies late at night, and what I need to do is just go to bed. I have been drinking water before bed instead of anything else. I figure water would clean out my system a little bit. I just hate getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

I need to go find a box because we are going to trick my BF's daughter with her gift this year for Christmas so I need to hide the box its in now. Well, I am going to do that now before I forget.

Wonder if we can help this guy?

Here in Moline, there is a road that usually has houses all lit up for Christmas. I mean this guy would go all out and crazy, but now this year that isn't going to happen due to his health. I wish there was something we could do to help him at least decorate something.

Why am I so tired?

I am completely worn out, ready for bed but yet I won't make it bed here any time soon. Because I have some stuff to get done before tomorrow like finishing up the laundry. My Son is going to his Dad's this weekend and he has no clean clothes. Gah!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wish the season was over.

I am frustrated at the thought of Christmas this year. We put the tree up and of course the cats are having a hay day with it. They have somehow managed to turn the tree entirely around. How can that happen?

Had a good time.

Went to my boyfriends company Christmas dinner last night. Wow, is all I can say. I have never, I mean NEVER seen a crowd so wild and dancing to almost every song. Something told me that alcohol had a bit to do with Everyone was pretty lit by the time we arrived. These peope were doing the ChaCha slide, Ice Ice Baby songs, and we decided it was time to go when everyone started getting really loud. Glad we made it home safe and sound.

Friday, December 05, 2008

We may put the tree up tomorrow.

My Son is desperate to put the tree up. I am too but then again afraid of the cats destroying it...again. Makes me crazy how they climb the tree. But we have to figure out this living room how we are going to arrange it and have the tree. Its so small. I wish there was a cleaning house is a mess!!!

RIP Travis.

Last night we got the news that one of our local football player had passed away. He was paralyzed two years ago during a game. It was so devastating watching him on the field. Then to see how the team was by his side every step of the way. This young man was truly a inspiration to everyone he encountered. This young man had so much spirit he often went to football games and sit on the sidelines in his wheelchair and watch the games. Him and his family were selected to have a house built thru Habitat for Humanity to build a house to suit his needs. What makes that story even more amazing is how fast they built this house. The entire city along with other Rival High Schools helped build this house within a 24 hour time frame. How amazing is that?

RIP Travis...may you play on your field of dreams forever buddy!

It's gettin' cold...

Why oh why does it have to get so cold? Granted I know some people really wish for cooler weather and snow. I honestly can't stand it but would miss it if I ever moved south. I guess you can't win or lose uh?