Thursday, October 23, 2008

One show down..

One more in less than hour. I love my Thursday Night shows.

Now, my Boyfriend will be getting up here in a little bit to go to his third shift job. His job as a material handling is something I am not a fan off. His clothes smell like steel. he handles raw steel bars at his job. He is also a crane operator. But will say, I enjoy having the whole entire bed to myself. Whoot!

Well my Son just made himself some chocolate milk. How sweet of him to make himself some...and he didn't make a mess neither. I bought a huge thing of Hershey Syrup to keep refilling the bottle. I can't believe how long its lasted Well, I still have some things to get done. Like my Guest packets.

Short day tomorrow for school, then no school for a week. Can you say? Sleeping in!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

School is almost out for a week.

I am getting excited about getting to sleep in for the week. I didn't want to wake up this morning but knew that I had too. Right after school we are heading out to the Boy Scout camp for a night of fun four our Halloween weekend preview. On Sunday the Halloween parade will be less than a block away. I am excited about that. Because now I live closer to the parade route and its shorter. Bout time. So tonight, camping, fun tomorrow and parade on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When I...

Got my new cell phone awhile back, the guy told me that the phone I chose has a MP3 player in it. So he said that I have the option to purchase a micro sd card for my phone. So my sweet boyfriend bought me one last Friday cause it was on sale. I was so excited, it was a 2 Gig card and I have put some music on it already and my Son thinks its really cool. He wants me to add some of his fave songs to it so he can listen to them on the way to school. I know he's getting older which means...trouble. He's gonna be a music person like I was. I was always into the up to date stuff.

Ok, I just had a shock to the system. My Son took a bath without being asked. I am happy he took it upon himself to do that. I usually have to beg him to shower.

Well, I just updated my laptop. I took off all the pictures I had on here after I burned them all. I also removed programs that I no longer needed. I amazed myself and opened up over 30GB's on this badboy. So I am hoping now it will run alot faster, even though I have now over 140gbs available. Whoot!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Everyone that reads my blogs knows that I recently bought a new pair of shoes. I am still looking for another pair. I may be the only female in this world that doesn't own more than one pair of shoes. Why? Because I never had the need....until now. Now I need another pair that I can just slip on. I am extremely picky on my shoes. So while browsing online, I found these shoes on a site called BlowfishShoe.

I really fell in love with these casual shoes called the HoBo Surf. They look so comfy and I really want a pair. I have to wait until next week to purchase them. They remind me of Hobbit shoes. I guess that is where they got the name for them. I also found them at a local retailer here in town. So come next Friday. I will own me a pair of these babies.

We will miss it today.

My Son's Boyfriend has a competition up in Chicago today and of course we will miss it. We went to the last one, we will miss the next one as well. I sure hope they do good today.

Well my Boyfriend is making lunch before he has to take his Son to the school. I wanted to make sure he wasn't hungry on that long road trip up there. So he is making some Sghetti. I am excited. I love his Sphetti.

I also need to call my Mom to see how she's feeling. I know yesterday she wasn't feeling too well.

My Friend..

Just found out she is pregnant. Its been a long time since the birth of her first child. Back in the day, they weren't thinking about Cryo-Cell Innovative Stem Cell Solutions and how it can help them in the future if their child made need something. Especially how using the babys cord blood can be a vital piece or tool to saving someone's life later on. Especially if its within the immediate family. Its always a 100% match for its mother of course. I wish I had known about it back when I had my Son. We never know the outcomes of our lives and for how many transplants that have happened, I read it was around 8000 to treat over 70 different diseases.

Using Cryo-Cell's "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" term and using it wisely can save your life. Its a must have nowadays with the diseases that are coming out of the woodwork.

"Protect Baby, Protect Mom" Special Limited-Time Introductory Offer right before you are due they can send you a kit overnight or next day in time which I think is awesome. I am sending this information onto my friend. So maybe she can think about it and maybe one day end up saving someones life.

Going to be a busy day today.

We are going to the Apple Orchard with the younger kids. It will pretty much be our last year doing this. They are 11 years old. So we all know what happens after that. They tend to get moody and don't want to do anything with the family. I sure hope we can keep them interested.