Monday, September 18, 2006

I found it.

Last Tuesday we went to Wal Mart in Iowa. Just to kill time, and we came across a Smoothie Maker. OMG, I love it. I love it. And the best part it was on clearance. For $12 could not pass it up. I am terrible. We have been on a Smoothie Binge. Healthy ones that is. No alcohol in mine. I love my Strawberry Banana Smoothies. But anyway I found it online for the picture of so here IT is.

New day

I am sitting here with Big Block on my lap. He is so loving. He likes to climb on my desk and crawl up to my neck. He is so affectionate. He is helping me with my stresses. I look at him and think about his life. What it was like before he was saved. Was he mistreated? Was he loved? Is he a hunter? Where is his Mommy? Why was he left to fend for himself? Since being brought here by Steffs Dad, he has gained about 2 pounds. He is getting bigger. His furry coat is shiny glossy. And he's spoiled rotten. He's been treated for worms and fleas...they were bad on him. Anyway, I now have goals for around here.

My to do list

-get all laundry done and put away.
-finish dishes
-dust on mondays

I have managed to finish one thing and that was my Son's room. He is such a boy. So messy. I managed to clean the room, shampoo the carpets and the mattress over the weekend. He's had so much crap in there its unbelieveable. Well I think about going to post some stuff on eBay today. Not very much but So later!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am so sad.

We were walking along the river today and found a baby bird. Poor little guy was just staring at us, like we were his momma. I called every single Wildlife Rehabilatator in the Quad Cities with no such luck. How is it that they advertise they take all wildlife then don't? This poor little bird needs special care or else it will die. So one lady told me what kind of bird it is and what it will eat. So we gave it some strawberries and some water. Not very much water though. We are suppose to keep it in a box, and quiet. Tomorrow morning we are to let it go. The lady basically said it would either sink or swim. I feel bad but there is nothing I can do with all my kitties here. He is so cute. I hope he survives.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Day to NEVER forget.

My heart goes out to all the familes today for the ones they lost. Tragedy is amongst us on a daily basis but when its another human being with a heart doing the killings its the most unbearable pain one can put onto another person. I still remember what I was doing exactly 5 years ago, where I was at, what I was wearing, what I ate that day and the fear I felt. Its not something I want to go thru again, so I pray everyday for us to remain safe.

Life is too short to be playing games. So I have realized that I am going to live my life as much as I can. I honestly have to otherwise, what is this life worth living? I could live my life everyday being mad at someone, or doing harm to someone, or just plain being a bitch. But why should I? What use is it going to do me? I want to live my life, and have people remember me for being a happy person, not a BITCH. And I am living my life for ME, not for my Mom or Dad, or my Sisters or Brother but for ME. I have a Beautiful Son who has been my life. He deserves the best out of life. I may not agree with people on My Son visiting with his Father on his designated weekend, I feel he deserves to know who his Father is. No matter what has happened NO CHILD deserves to be away from their Fathers. I mean unless they have done something absolutely wrong and inmoral. I know my Son's Father isn't perfect, but you know what? Who is? Absolutely NO ONE is perfect. At least I know my Son will not be mad at me when he grows up he will be looking up to me and seeing how I raised him and how I didn't keep him from knowing the one most important person in his life. His Father. After all, he is my Son, I gave birth to him. This post isn't intended to anyone in my family either or against anyone. These are my personal thoughts and opinions.

Now my life isn't perfect, and I would not want it to be either. But at least I try to remain neutral in lifes obstacles. I always look back, see where I have been and where I am going. Right now, my Life is ok. I am not the happiest but that will come with time. I have been dealing with alot of stuff within my family. I pray and hope it all works out. Its hard NOT to talk about it so out of respect for my family, I choose not to discuss it. I love my family, no matter what. My Mom has been my best friend, I have always been a Daddy's Girl, and I would not change any of that. Now my Sisters....whooooaaaa. I love em' too. For my Dear Brother....we prayed and prayed for a little brother and we got you. Then we all wanted to kick your butt. Tough little shit you were. Be strong, life is tough and so are you Raymie!!! For all My Nieces and Nephews don't grow up too fast we all want to enjoy you.
Enjoy the pics above. One is of Kelcee and the Other is Big Block Gus, Pain in the Ass, Lil Monster, Robby, Tennesse Tuxedo and F*cker (When he claws our backs climbing). He is such a cuddle bug...omg. So freakin' loveable.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

This picture made me cry.

I am posting some pictures from Friday and Saturday Night from the Milan Indian Summer Festival Lil' Miss Princess. My Little Cousin Alexis won on Friday night and my Niece Kelcee was 3rd Runner up on Saturday. I cannot post a pic of Alexis but will post one of Kelcee. I am proud of both of the girls. The little girl that won on Saturday was my Cousin's little Girl Katy. She is so beautiful. I am proud of her too. Here are some pics enjoy. Well hopefully blogger gets there crap together where I can add pics.