Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Me so tired.

I have been so freakin busy its unbelieveable. I started working only a couple of weeks ago, and my hours went from 20 to 40 hours a week. I am so tired. But its a easy job. When I say easy, its easy. But I am on my feet all day long. I dont take a lunch or break cause I get caught up in the job. Its amazing though, I love it. All I do is put out the new flowers, pull the old and clearance them. Condense like crazy. I mean, people are like scavengers. Last Friday, we got a truck in. And pure chaos broke out. It seems, the PHONE CALL goes out to all the flower people and thats it. All these older people with their canes and shit come in devour the new flowers put out. I never realized how fast they go. I put out a shit load of Impatiens today and the table WAS full. Well, that maybe lasted 2 hours. I swear, flower people make me crazy. Then I came home, planted most of my vegetables, my strawberry plant, melon plant, my Dahlia, double fiesta impatien, and my Stella De Ore Daylily. I am going to take pics on the next really nice day we have to show my little garden. This year my yard will rock. I am making sure of it. Well off to Lala land cause my ass is tired.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Did ya forget about me?

If so, its my fault. I just don't update anymore. I have been way too busy to do anything. And when I am home I just crash hard. My body isn't used to working like this. I am working 30 hours a week and selling BeautiControl on the side for a hobby. So far so good. I haven't sold anything cause I haven't pushed myself yet. I need to take lessons on sales. So here I will be promoting my Products. I confess I do use the product. I am especially taken back by the Show of Hands . Makes my hands feel so soft. So if anyone is interested in the products please feel free to browse my website and ask any questions. I had training on Saturday and boy was I tired by the time it was done. It was very informative though. Well not much else to say, today was a blah day. My Leg has been killing me, I think I am overdoing it. I am going to go cuddle up in bed and read tonight. Hope everyone has a good night.