Sunday, April 23, 2006

Had a great day!

I know, I haven't posted but oh well.

Well, I had one of the best days ever yesterday. We went to St. Louis, MO. Let me tell you, its amazing there. I am so in love with that place. I really wouldn't mind moving there. I would not exactly live in St.Louis, maybe one of the smaller cities surrounding it. Our first stop was at Lincoln's Tomb, wanted to show the kids where the president was buried. Then off to St.Louis to go up in the Arch. I took my Son, Makayla and Sean up. They thought it was awesome. So did I. Then off to find the Zoo. That was funny. Not knowing the area it was very confusing. Found it with a few arguments. LOL. I won. I had the map in my hand darnit. Well we finally get to the Zoo and low and behold they are doing road construction on one of the roads. HOLY shitttttts. What a mess. Could not get thru. No parking whatsoever. I was irritated but

thank goodness that Mike has patience. Well after the Zoo by the way is absolutely beautiful, in which I want to return again. We went to Eureka to show the kids Six Flags...of course they want to go. We finally headed home about 5 cause I was beat. I couldn't tell you which way we were. One thing we have decided is to NOT sit at home with the kids on the weekends. I can't stand to sit here and watch video games allllll day. I want to do physical things, like walk and hike. Well I need to get to bed early, I start a temp job tomorrow. Working in the flowers...whooo hoooo. I am posting some pics of our trip....I loved it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

What a night!!!

Let's just say we have made it thru this storm without any bad weather. Iowa City, Iowa got hit really hard. I go there alot to go to the mall well, I don't know if that is gonna happen for awhile. I've been glued to the news for the past 3 hours. This storm also passed thru my Grandparents home down in Muscatine County, In Iowa/Illinois. I called them to tell them I loved them and that I will call them when the storm is gone. They said the tornadoes/storm split around them. I was totally tripping here over that, as they live out in a middle of a field. They went into their basement and hovered down. They had golfball sized hail hit. I am just happy they are ok. This storm went completely around us here. There were three tornadoes in the area of where my Grandparents live. One fatality as of tonight in that area. But the story of the night is in Iowa City, IA. Its a big College town and with tonight being a big party night and holy night. A Church, St. Patricks was hit hard. There were at least 75 parishners that were taken to the basement and then the tornado hit. Everyone is ok.

The last tornado to hit around here, I remember very clearly. Its so devastating. This is the second storm that has went around us here this year. But I think this is the worst one yet. We are still having Hail, from pea size to baseball size going on for over 2 hours. From Iowa City, IA to past Galesburg, IL. Not continuously in the same spot. Well, my allergies have kicked my ass today. I am off to bed. Yay!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

I am so hungry.

But I can't eat til' tonight. Sucks ass. I am having a scope thingy down the old throat this afternoon, so no eating for me. Grrrrr. I want I am not suppose to be drinking right now but I am extremely thirsty. Not much else to say been busy getting ready for the yard sale. I got a lot of crap to get rid of. I am so anxious about getting rid of everything. Good Will is gonna be busy with stuff that is left over. Yay!!! Well, off to watch my soap.