Monday, February 20, 2006

I am here...

Just not used to having to share my computer with someone who is a e*bay newbie...ya know. Its kinda funny though...anyhoo. Still feelin' tired. I called my Doc...ok...and her nurse called me back and said...oh you need to call the pharmacist. I am so erked right now about it. On my papers with the medicine info, it says. If you feel overtired, not your usual self to call your doc immediately. Now I don't know what to do.

For where I've been...Sorry Steff, I haven't been around uh? Last weekend had a baby shower to go to on Saturday, was very nice. Then right before we were to leave, my Aunt got a phone call. Her MIL passed away in her sleep. Its been basically her life taking care of her and being her friend, and just being there. And she took it incredibly hard. Tomorrow is the visitation. I am going to show my Aunt my support for her and the kids. I knew her MIL, when I didn't have a dryer I would go to the laundry mat where she worked and I would wash and dry my clothes there. She was always there. Always had a smile on her face. We would talk about the kids and my Aunt. She was a popular lady in the town she lived in. I think the hardest part about Saturday was seeing my Aunt cry and then my cousin finally break down and cry. That broke my heart. I am worried about my other cousin who is due April 5th. I hope, and pray that she will be ok.

For some reason today, I haven't felt all that good. Sneezing, spurts of a cough here and there. Having bouts of diarrhea. Then I feel a tingle on my lip. It means my immune system has been invaded by a bug....GRRRRRRRRR. So I will probably end sick here in the next couple of days. My eyes are already watering. This sucks ass.

I will update more often I promise.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I am still here. Been way too tired. I am calling my doc today, this being tired isn't right. I fall asleep on a drop of a dime now. Then if I get woke up from like a phone call or something, I am all leery. I yawn all the time. Way weird. Not much else to say. Had a nice Valentines Day, my BF got me some flowers...they are soooooo pretty.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Christie

1. I've been pre-occupied.

2. Been spending alot of time with my Son.

3. Playing Harry Potter on GC.

4. Been sleeping alot lately...sweeeeet.

5. I am thinking about a online friend today.

6. She is to have surgery today.

7. I am nervous for her.

8. My house is actually clean.

9. My laundry is caught up, and put away.

10. I don't eat as much anymore.

11. Due to the new meds I am on.

12. I am about to skin my cats....lil' monsters.

13. They are crazy right now, running around.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

No I didn't forget about you.

I've just been really busy, helping out my friends and family with their income taxes. Something I like to do this time of year. I love making someone's day on how much their gettin' back. Not much goin' on, will post more later today when I have more time. Just trying to get past certain things in my life.