Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just messin' around. Playin with this, wasn't going to have a different blog. So much crap happening in my life and others, that its hard for me to talk about it. I can only hope and wish that things work out for the better. And certain people know what I am talking about that are closest to me.

Off to bed. Night!!!!
Thirteen Things about Christie's 2005

1…. I hate 2005

2. My Settlement never happened still in the process.

3. I got my digital camera...finally.

4. Its been a rough year.

5. Finally moved into my own place, instead of living with others.

6. My Car is still broke...waiting on my settlement to replace my car.

7. Managed to keep my internet longer than 3

8. Waiting to have my knee surgery to fix....therapy first they say.

9. My Cat had her babies, Callie, Peanut, Sinatra, and Sasha.

10. I got to help them be born, Momma kitty was scared.

11. My Friend moved back to California....I so miss her.

12. I went on vacation finally, even though only a couple of days, it was nice.

13. I rode all the roller coasters with my Son at Adventureland this year....YEE HAWWW.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Yep I'm still up

But heading to bed now, wanted to post and say HI....I've had a toothache for a couple of days, found out my source of bitchiness. Nothing I can do about it. Anyhoo, I will post more tomorrow, I promise. Gonna go do something fun with My Son. Don't know what yet. Something to not be here. I hate being home, I hate being without a car. It sucks ass.

I also wanted to say, my previous post had nothing to do with anyone online. It wasn't my family either. So please don't take it the wrong way. I am so sorry!!!!.

I am truly happy to of had the Christmas I did. I got my camera and my electric griddle. The two things I have always wanted. I am grateful for that. And a gift certificate to my fave restaurant...Thanks MOM and DAD. Alright, I'm done. Finshed. Zipped...full of heartburn. (Thanks T*co B*ll.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I know a new blog...shoot me.

Only cause I need a space to vent freely without anyone taking it wrong and making me feel guilty. Now I can speak my mind.

Lately I've been feeling a bit depressed. Why? Cause Christmas isn't what it used to be. Its about family being together and so forth. Then I hear that everyone got this and that. I wasn't one of those fortunate ones to get alot of gifts. I am grateful for the electric griddle, camera, fleece pullover and a gift certificate. And knowing I paid for half the camera just pisses me off ya know. Nice Christmas gift uh? I am a bit snappy and bitchy at the moment, and ya know. OH Well. I must be gettin' ready to start finally. We will see. I am off til' tomorrow, I will change the layout. Its irritating me.