Monday, September 19, 2011

Gonna miss swimming!

I sure wish the swimming season would last longer, because I just heard of a place that holds lessons for scuba lessons but I would have to rent a underwater scuba mask. But first I would have to get over my fear of water and be able to try something new. I am always up for that, when my body allows. My body has been my worst enemy as of late, this week is gonna a rest week for me. I am stressed with my classes.

Adopting animals.

If anyone can take the time to visit a animal shelter you will see that so many animals are in dire need of a loving home. Granted these animals are not perfect but they used to be someone's pet. Meaning they were loved at one point in time, so with that being said. We tend to adopt around the holidays, we adopted Isabella on Valentines day and then Sable on Labor Day. Too ironic!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Be smart, use a coupon already!

In the past couple of months I have taken it upon my self to begin using coupons more. I am tired of spending way too much money on stuff that I know I can use a coupon, such as a urban outfitters coupon. I mean seriously, how awesome of a deal is that. Most people take what they have for granted and don't use coupons. Learn to save, its awesome!

So much to do, so little time.

When you know that your internet is gonna be down, and nothing you can do about you really start to appreciate what you have. Time is almost running out! I hate this right now.