Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I need discipline!

in trying to lose weight because this playing games on social websites isn't working as I am not working. I just cannot believe how busy I am with school work and my son's school work. I did have some weight loss pills that did work and thinking about getting them refilled again to help me along again. I really want to be healthy, its my goal in life. I want to be thin so I am not judged for how I look.

Learning about life.

And living in Arizona I have found its been one whirlwind of a adventure. I have been learning about a lot of things, I think the one thing I have learned is the value of friendship. When I say the value its learning how to look through the eyes of someone else who lives the life of being in discrimination on a daily basis. It really opens your eyes on so many levels. My heart breaks, but I am learning that we all are so created equally yet some seem to think they are so much better.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please, some day!

I am really wanting to buy a new camera, I am not exactly sure what camera I would like to purchase whether its one of those canon digital cameras or whatever the name is. I really would like to buy me a Rebel, but I need to do my research first and find which one would suit me the best. I really wish I could be a professional photographer but that all takes time. Someday, I will get some opportunities!

Change of pace!

I am now officially in my second year of college, its been a rough and tough first year and more determined to finish what I started. I have two classes now that I hope will be simple enough to learn and keep my grades up.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

In Arizona its a must!

Here in Arizona if you breakdown in the desert your in lots of trouble. Its definitely way too hot to break down and then all of a sudden that its. So for anyone that decides to move here, I suggest purchasing some really good breakdown service so you can get the care you so deserve and will not sit in the desert hoping and waiting for some kind person to stop and help you. Being in the desert here is not the safest place either. There are some weird people here and you want to be safe no matter where your at.